Friday, December 5, 2014


I can't believe it is December.  Somehow I think that every month, don't I?  Well, time has a way of getting away from me.

As it is getting colder out here, my arthritis is not a happy camper.  It isn't too bad right now but I can tell that it isn't happy about being cold.  I will dress warmer and make sure that I am wearing weather appropriate clothing especially if I need a hoodie or not.  I love my hoodies.  They are the best.  I have several that are just so cute.  Three are from Disney.  One is white and says Flirt.  It is a Tinkerbell one. Another is Red and has Mickey on it.  Lastly is gray and says one world, one mouse.  I love that one.  I love my hoodies!!!  The other ones go with different jeans and outfits.  They are different colors and are really cute too.  i am definitely a hoodie girl.

I was taking some pictures of Peony yesterday.  She is my favorite subject, I think.  I have so many of her.  I am sure there are days when she is like, seriously?  Do you have to take my picture yet again?  don't you have enough of them?  I would say poor doggie, but I don't feel bad as I am the one who takes the constant pictures of her.  My new phone plan lets me post directly on to facebook so I don't have to do what I used to, so that is good.

I have been really enjoying the chair in my room at night for reading.  Peony has been coming in and vegging in my room with me.  She plays with her toys and then sleeps a bit before bedtime.  It is such a neat thing.  She is such a cute dog.  Peony will go between me and my housemates too, which I find interesting.  I love how she does that.  She also knows that I am partially deaf because when I don't go to the door to see who comes in and she does, she comes back to me to make sure I know someone came in.  It is very reassuring to know she will not let anyone in without me knowing.

I am working on puppets for my students for their Christmas gifts.  Tomorrow I will be heading to friends to work on them with them.  It will be fun, I think.  They are good kids and I think we will have fun making them.  I never realized how much pinking material really hurts my arthritis in my hands, but  boy oh boy, does it.  I was going to finish it tonight, but now I am not.  I will do it tomorrow.  I need 29 puppets.  I have 29 pieces of cloth, 30 balls for the head, and 100 sticks for the arms, so I am all set.  I have the one puppet for display to show me what I want it to look like.  I am very excited about this craft as it is totally different from anything I have ever done before and with the kids helping me, it should be lots of fun too.  A few, I am only making kits for because on Christmas Day we will be making them together.  That would be Kathy's children.  This will give us something fun to do on Christmas Day besides play play play together.  The kids are such nice kids.  The Ellers, as we call them, are the ones helping me so in fact, they are making their own presents but they won't mind as they are wonderful children.  I am excited to see them tomorrow.

I feel like my fibro is finally a bit more under control, pain wise.  I am not so sure fatigue wise, because some days I am fine, others I am not.  It all depends on the day.  It really does.  Adding in the one medicine in August when I was in the hospital really made a big difference to my headaches too.  The Gabapentin seems to help a lot with the nerve pain I didn't even know I had.  I do know now since I feel better, but I didn't then.  My neck doesn't seem to hurt as much, which is a big relief.

Well, kids will be home soon and Acer will need his lesson.  Calli and Acer are working on a duet for the concert so we will be practicing that too.  I can't believe the recital is next Saturday!  I feel so behind!

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