Monday, November 30, 2009

It is Monday!  The last day of November.  This month really flew by, I don't know how, but it did.  Time is no longer crawling along (Thank God for that!!!)  I have had one student and have two more later.  Tomorrow is a new student.  He is a scholarship student that I used to have, so I guess it is actually a student coming back rather than a new student.  He is a good kid.  Both his parents are out of work, and really, I would rather teach a lesson than not.  I have other kids on scholarships due to these tough economic times so why not him?  That's what I said!  He should.  He sounds excited about it.  I will be giving him Christmas music, he will have 17 days to learn his Christmas songs for the concert.  He can do it, I know he can.

I remembered to send in my Michigan Music Association dues on time this year.  Last year I didn't, but not because I forgot, I just didn't have the money until February.  This year one of the parents offered to help with it, but I could do the dues myself.  I was thankful they offered, but I didn't need the help.

New Moon was really good, I thoroughly enjoyed it, so did Kathy.  I not only got her for a movie, but for dinner too!  I was soooooo happy about that!  I miss her when she isn't around, and since she lives so far away, I don't get her as long as I would like.  I have thought about moving closer to her, but my luck she would be moving right after I moved, so I will stay here.  I will see her at Christmas too so I am glad.  Mom liked the movie too.  She got a little agitated at the restaurant and I wanted to yell at her, but I didn't.  I know it isn't her fault she gets like that, but sometimes it is irritating when she does.  She did better Sunday and today she is doing well.

I added a sign on the door that tells her I am upstairs so she knows where I am in the morning.  It seems to help some.  As long as she doesn't go out the door!  

Anyways, my wonderful student should be here any minute!  I hope you are having a great day like me!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

We are going to see New Moon this afternoon after teaching!!!!!!!!  I can't wait!  I have been waiting forever (it seems) to see this movie.  Now only if my headache would go away.  If it doesn't I will be miserable and that won't be any fun!  I have had this bad headache for several days.  It needs to go back down to normal, so I will be fine.  I have a headache everyday and have for about 5 years now so I need this one to calm down to the normal headache.

Tillie came over for Thanksgiving!  I was excited about that.  I could stand up normal by thanksgiving so I was very very grateful for that!  I cooked dinner and it came out good!  Yeah me!  Mom and Tillie ate a good dinner so it must have been alright.

My one student just called to say she just woke up, so she is coming at 1:30 instead of 12:00 noon.  Kind of hard to be in two places at one time!  Silly girl!

I hope you had a great holiday and are doing alright!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!  Hope it is a great day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The costume is finished and with the student.  She was here for the final fittings (the elastic for the top) and took the costume home with her.  There is some question on when the play will now be as something has come up for the original date.  If they have it on the date they want, she will not be able to attend.  I hope she gets to be in it.

I have the turkey breast in the fridge thawing ready for tomorrow.  We are having Tillie over for dinner.  I am cooking it.  Mom will help.  My right side lower back has been acting up again, I can hardly walk and can't straighten up very well.  I hope it clears up tomorrow or it shall be interesting.  We shall see.

Mom is dozing next to me in the dining room.  Our TV sits on our kitchen counter because the downstairs is so cold that we don't use it much.  It is just too cold for Mom.  She has been up a lot today instead of her usual dozing.  I hope this translates to a better night sleep for her.  I am very tired because I got up earlier than usual today.  I am trying to get up by 10:30 in the morning now because Mom is up by herself just too long in the morning and she gets a bit confused and I don't want her going outside like she did yesterday while I was sleeping.  Fortunately, our neighbors found her outside the house and brought her in and woke me up.  This is the third time she has done this.  She does this after 11 am when I sleep in later than that so I am getting up earlier so she doesn't have the chance to do it again.  She stayed upstairs most of the time this morning.  I was pleased about that.  Since tomorrow is a holiday, I will be getting up earlier than usual to make the dinner.

Kathy will be in town this weekend for the holiday.  I get her on Saturday after I am done teaching.  I have two lessons for the day, as usual.  I am excited to see her.  We are planning to go and see New Moon.  I can't wait to see it.  It looks so good and I loved the book.  I hope it stays close to the book, I don't like it when movies go too far away from the books they are from.  The one exception was the princess diaries which I didn't really like the books at all.  I thought they were not as good as the movies.  I loved the movies.  They are some of Mom's favorite movies too.

This past year has been a better year than 2008, but I am looking forward to 2010.  I don't know what the future will be, but I am hopeful it will be bright and hopeful and better than this year.  I don't really miss the store too much anymore.  I pretty much have gotten over the fact we lost it.  I try not to dwell on that anymore.  I am hoping to have a few more students in the new year.  I spoke to a young woman yesterday at the little cafe we go to often about piano lessons.  She asked for my name and number, so I am hoping she calls.

I hope this finds you well and ready to enjoy Thanksgiving!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am almost done with the costume!  I just have to hem the vest and hem the sleeves, and put the casings for the elastic in the top.  I am glad to be almost done because the play is getting closer!!!  She will look adorable as a fairy.  She is a great kid that is growing up way to fast.  I can't believe she will be 12 soon.  It seems like yesterday she was turning 7.  Wow, how time does fly.

I pulled out the turkey breast to thaw in the fridge.  I am actually getting excited to make dinner.  I haven't cooked in about a year!  At least since last march, the night Mom went into emergency for chest pains.  Ended up not being anything, thankfully, but you never know.  I haven't cooked since.  I have everything ready that we need so Mom and I will be up early on thanksgiving getting the turkey breast ready.  It has the bone in it.  Don't really know what the difference is, except this was the type the store had.  If I do this well, I may cook a bit more often.  It is the standing I have problems with, but Mom can help with that.

I have some Christmas crafts to do after I finish the costume.  I make ornaments for my students every year and Hannah helped me cut them out and basted them so all I have to do is sew them together and stuff them.  We will do that next Friday, our next sewing day.  Their little sister, Sarah, wants to sew to because I bought this beginning sewing kit for her and she did real well with it.  She told her mom she really liked sewing.  So I may start her on some easy stuff for little ones.  She is only 6.

I almost have my Christmas cards done.  They are mostly addressed except a couple.  I will finish them this weekend and mail them out early next week!  I am so proud that they are almost done.  I haven't done cards in several years so this year is cool!

I hope this finds you doing well.  Mom and I are fine, almost healthy (well, healthy for me anyway, just still have a bit of a cough).  We are thankful for our friends and our families!  I hope this season brings you much joy and happiness!

Monday, November 23, 2009

I found the shampoo!  It was in the freezer.  I don't know why I didn't look there in the first place.  I took them out of the bag so Mom would know what they are.  She said she doesn't know why she put them in there but said she believed she did it.  I know she did, but to hear her say it was interesting.  The freezer is her favorite place to put things (like milk and apparently bananas), so I should have known to look there.  I will from now on when I am missing things.  I am not sure if the shampoo is harmed in any way, but I am using it anyways!

I have two students today, so I am happy about that.  I got up really early for me for Mom doctor's appointment.  I am trying to make sure I cover all my angles with her now so I know what is happening.  She answered a few of the questions, so that was good.  I answered the rest.

I hope you are having a great day, and for Agatha - get well soon!  She has the swine flu!  Poor girl!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The shampoo disappeared in our house somewhere, magically, somehow between Friday and today.  I know Mom moved it, but I don't know where.  She has been randomly taking things out of the back room and putting them in my room.  I just empty my room afterward.  I had to use some other shampoo that doesn't work as well on my hair.  Oh well, I hope to find it by tomorrow or so.  It was very expensive so I won't be buying it again any time soon.  Sometimes the little things she does can be frustrating, but I can't really complain to her because she doesn't know she does this stuff at times.  She forgets after she does it.  Considering what could be happening, I will take this, but I will try have more patience with all of this.

Thursday is Thanksgiving, Tillie is coming over.  I am actually going to cook the turkey breast!  Shocking, I know.  I was going to order our dinner and then just finish heating it, but when I added up how much it would cost to have what we would like, it was a lot of money.  I mean a lot of money, so I went to Walmart and bought our dinner.  I bought pre-made mashed potatoes because while I can cook the potatoes, mashing them would be too difficult.  The rest of the stuff will be a piece of cake (or pie! Tis the season!)  The hardest thing will be cleaning out the microwave, I don't want Tillie to see how bad it really is.  So Mom and I are going to clean it on Wednesday afternoon.  

I have managed to keep the dining room pretty clean and emptied of newspapers and magazines and junk mail since Tillie and I cleaned it last Sunday.  I will do a sweep of it on Wednesday afternoon to make sure the dining room is just so for Tillie on Thursday.  I want everything to look nice for our holiday.  I know Tillie wouldn't care what it looks like, but I do.

Speaking of holidays, we may see my brother on the Christmas holidays, if I get my back disability by then.  I have been waiting for months.  I am hoping we will be going to my older brother's for New Year's because we are going to Tillie's on Christmas Day.  It should be a fun holiday.  I haven't seen my older brother in over a year, and my younger brother in about 3 years.  We shall see who we see at Christmas.  It would be a good time for them to spend time with Mom as she is doing mostly well right now.

I am almost done with Lily's costume.  I have to do a few adjustments, and the hems then I am done.  I am glad.  She will have her whole costume then.

I hope this finds you doing well!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Went to the arthritis doctor for a follow up this afternoon.  After waiting for an hour, I saw the doctor.  I really like her, but the waiting is so frustrating.  Just drives me nuts waiting all the time for the doctors when we go.  I feel like I need to schedule a whole day just for a doctor appointment.  Anyways, I can get the cortisone shot after my next blood test in December.  It should help my shoulder move better.  It is somewhat better so I am happy about that.  I can at least move it higher than I could last month.  Mom sees her on Monday.  I have to finish some paperwork for her, then she is ready to go.  I feel like this month has been more doctor visits than anything else.  I can't wait until December when I don't have any appointments.  Mom has her last test Saturday and then we will get the results when we go see the doctor next week.

I bought our dinner for Thanksgiving last night.  I decided that I will cook it myself after all instead of ordering from Boston Market.  I compared the cost, and cooking it won.  It is about $50 cheaper and with Mom's help, I can do it.  The hardest thing will be cleaning the microwave.  It soooooo needs to be cleaned.  I am planning to do that this weekend.  I bought a nice turkey breast, mashed potatoes (Bob Evans pre-made) corn, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and cornbread stuffing.  The day before thanksgiving I will go to Boston Market and order the cornbread loaf that I love, that will be the only item I will order.  I have to find the thanksgiving table cloth, I may just buy a paper one with matching napkins.

Tonight we have a subdivision meeting at one of our neighbors house.  I am on the board and have enjoyed the meetings so far.  We missed last months because I forgot to write it in the planner.  Silly me.  Mom goes with me.  Then again, Mom goes everywhere with me.  She gets too frightened to stay by herself at all.  In the morning it is sometimes hard for her when she is down stairs and I am in bed.  So far, she doesn't get to upset, usually she finds me upstairs to ask if I am ready to get up.  This morning I got up a little later than usual so when she came in to ask I was like, "what?"  Then I looked at the clocked and was like, oops, guess I am getting up.  She is used to me getting up around 11ish.  She knows I am not a morning person, although some days she is in my room asking me if I am getting up every 10 to 20 minutes and that does get annoying, but I can't do anything about it because she doesn't remember that she already asked.  I am working on patience with that.

Pain isn't too bad considering I was at the arthritis doctor and she had to test my tender points.  Yup, they were sore when she touched them.  The arthritis hasn't gone away either, darn.  I keep hoping they will go away and never come back.  I know, wishful thinking.  I think all of us would like fibro to go away along with all the other problems we have with it.  That would be a dream.

Anyways, I hope this finds you doing well and having a decent day.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It has been a few days since I wrote.  I didn't mean to neglect the blog but it was slightly crazy in the house.  Sunday was a nice day with my cousin Tillie coming over.  We cleaned out the dining room and that took all day.  Hard to believe, but we have some space now.  Thank God for that.  We had a nice visit as she helped me.  She came over in the early part of the day and stayed until about 8ish, then went home.  She will be back next week for Thanksgiving dinner.  I am excited about that.  We are ordering from Boston Market so all I will need to do is heat up the dinner.  Much easier for me than cooking as standing is an issue and it tastes good too.

Yesterday, Mom had her colonoscopy, and she did well.  She came through with flying colors.  Her colon is in good shape which is good news.  She has her scope on Saturday, then another visit with the doctor to see what the results are.  Her swallowing acted up again yesterday, but is okay today.  The nurse told me to expect her to be dehydrated because of the procedure so I was expecting swallowing to be an issue.  She is fine right now and as usual, dozing in the chair as I watch Murder She Wrote.  I love that show, even though I have seen almost every episode at least 2 times each and we have 10 of the 11 seasons on DVD.  Season 11 should be coming out before Christmas.  I am planning for Mom to get me that for Christmas.  

Speaking of Christmas, I have almost finished all my presents.  I am just working on the ornaments I need for my students and I need to get 3 gift certificates for the girls, then I am done.  I will be mailing Abby and William their gifts the day after Thanksgiving.  I also will be mailing my Christmas Cards the day after Thanksgiving too.  I am buying the stamps this week though because I expect the post office will be busy.

I am working on Lily's costume this afternoon.  I love sewing and am glad I have had the opportunity to rediscover the love of it.  Lily will be an adorable fairy in her school play.  Mom and I are planning to go and see it.  Mom loves going to see kids in things like that.  I hope to see my student Grace in her musical that she will be in soon.  Rachel and Rebecca are also in plays right now too.  So we have a busy social life coming up.  I am glad about that.

Pain isn't so bad right now.  My shoulder is getting more mobility in it again.  I am soooooo grateful for that.  I have an appointment with my rheumatoligist tomorrow.  I will get the results for all the x-rays I have had taken.  

I hope this finds you having a great day and enjoying the week before Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It looked like today was going to be a boring day, but we ended up being rather busy.  A nice surprise.  I found some elastic I need for Lily's skirt so I just have to put the casing on and the elastic in the casing.  So that is almost done.  Monday, Julie and I will work on the top and the vest.  She will be one adorable fairy for her play.

After we stopped at the JoAnn's ETC store, we went to walmart to pick up mom's prescriptions.  She has the stuff she has to take before her colonoscopy and then her new medicine.  The new meds are cheap though, so that is good, as long as they work.  She has two tests this week, a colonoscopy and a scope.  I have a doctor's appointment somewhere in there too.  Busy week for us.  In between, I will be working on Lily's costume, so I am happy about the coming week.

We didn't get tickets for Jessie's play after all.  I am a bit disappointed with that.  Well, better luck next time for that.  I have seen her perform before and she is awesome.  She has grown into such a beautiful young woman.

After walmarts I took Mom to Olive Garden for dinner.  She has been getting very tired lately, so I have tried to do things to keep her awake during the day, because she sure wakes up early in the morning!  I wish she would sleep in more, but she has been a morning person her whole life and that doesn't really change when you get older!

Tillie is coming tomorrow, I think.  I will find out before I go to bed.  That was the tentative plan as of Friday, so unless anything changed, she will be here all day.  I am looking forward to that, I enjoy her visits.

Head is slightly bad tonight, not like the other night, but bad enough.  Arm and shoulder are a little better.  I could even reach with the arm higher than I have been able to!  I was happy on that!!!  Knee is alright today too.  Let's keep it up!

I hope your having a good day too.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Part two of today's post:

I have decided against having weight loss surgery, too many possible problems, with blood clots at the top.  I have a blood disorder that causes blood clots, so that would not be good.  Also, there is a long list of possible problems and none of them sound good.  So, we are back to the basics, trying to exercise more, and watch what I eat, by eating more healthy.  I have a lot of weight to lose so I am starting now.
As usual, it was sewing day.  At first, I thought I would have to cancel because Tillie was going to come over, but she can't until the weekend so it worked out well.  The two girls are almost done, Hannah helped me with Lily's costume.  I am almost done with Lily's costume, I have the petals gathered and ready to be attached to the waistband.  I should be finishing it tomorrow afternoon and the final touches by Sunday afternoon at the latest.  I love sewing these projects.  I don't particularly like sewing clothes for me right now, but I like making things for others.  My clothes are just too big to enjoy sewing.  If Mom helps me, she makes the clothes even bigger so that they fall off, I know I am big, but not as much as she seems to think.  

No teaching music today, just sewing.  Not much going on now that sewing is over.  We just finished dinner too.  I hope this finds you doing well and in less pain if you have any!!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Can't believe it is Thursday already!  I meant to post last night, but I got a really really bad headache.  I am sure some of you know what that is like.  Head still hurts, but not quite like yesterday.

Yesterday started off as a good day.  Julie was here to work on her daughter's costume.  I am helping her re-size the costume and make it.  She sews, but mainly quilts.  Her quilts are beautiful.  Then my cousin, Hayley came by to pick up the stuff she ordered.  It was wonderful to see her.  She was on her way to go visiting friends for a few days.  I hope she has a great time and really enjoys herself.  

I worked on Lily's costume this afternoon.  She will be here for a fitting after she gets out of school.  I am looking forward to that.

Mom went to the tummy doctor early this afternoon.  She has to have a scope and a colonoscopy done next week to find out what is wrong.  She has hardly been eating and drinking and I am not sure why.  She also has trouble swallowing, although that isn't as bad as it was.  She has lost a lot of weight again too, even with the ensure I give her everyday.  I am upping that to two a day.  She isn't in the stage of dementia/Alzheimer's where she forgets how to swallow, so I don't think it is her memory issue, it has to be something else.  I really like my tummy doctor so that is who she saw.  I know she will get to the bottom of the issue.  

Mom has been falling asleep all day again, she has no energy, or very little of it.  The tummy doctor told me to have the family doctor look at her for the dizziness issue.  When she lays on her back or her right side, she gets dizzy.  Has been for about 2 years now.  We have some medicine for when she has a dizzy spell, but not to fix the issue in the first place, so I will make an appointment for her.  Other than these small things, she is pretty much fine.

Pain is medium today, except for the head.  That definitely rates as high.  It is beautiful looking out right now with the sun shining in the dining room, where I am at.  I love the sun!!!!!!!  Well, so far it has been a good day, and I hope this finds you having a good day too.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bon Jovi released their new CD today!!!!  So far, I have heard the first 3 songs and they are awesome.  I just love bon jovi.  I have seen them about 7 times in concert.  I hope to see them again someday.  I was hoping this coming march when they will be in town, but with it being March, I don't know what the weather will be like and if it is snowy, then I can't use my scooter and I can't use it in the snow.  There is no way I can walk from the parking lot to the inside of the Palace.  it is just too far.  Kathy is keeping track of their tour to see if they will be coming back again soon.

I have decided to look into the weight loss surgery.  I know I always thought I wouldn't do it, but I can't seem to find another way to lose the weight.  I am so tired and sore that I can exercise anymore without not being able breathe.  I am not sure what will happen, but I am looking into.  I have to lose some weight or soon I will be unable to do much at all, and I can't do a whole lot right now.

Pain is medium today.  My arm is a bit sorer than normal, but the shoulder is okay, just the now normal pain with it.  My knee comes and goes.  I see the rheumatologist next week so I will get the results of the x-rays that were taken of both the knee and the shoulder.  I know what the knee results are but I don't know what the shoulder results are.  I am not expecting much.

I hope this finds you having a good day.  I have one student tonight and then no one until later this week.  I definitely need more students.  6 is not enough.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's Monday again.  I had my two students as usual, so it was a good day that way.  Mom kept waking me up from about 4 am on.  She kept opening up the front door too.  I don't like that at all and I can't seem to get her to stop.  She remembers to open the door but not to close the door.  She is sleeping in her chair at the dining room table right now.  She does that more and more now.  It is getting closer to her moving to a home.  I figure between 6 months and 1 year and she will need 24 hour care that I won't be able to provide.  Of course, I am praying that it is longer than I think.  That would be great, but I can see her failing and so can everyone else.  I hope that in the next 6 months my cousins will be able to see her while she somewhat knows who they are.  She knows their names, but may not recognize their faces because it has been 5 years since she has seen anyone except Tillie and Hayley in the family.  I hope to see my older brother for New Year's this year.  We are going to Tillie's for Christmas and she is planning to ask my younger brother Andrew to come too.  That would be nice, we haven't seen him in a few years since he moved to Canada.

It has been okay so far this day, my right back hip is a bit sorer than usual, but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.  I hope this finds you doing well, and if you have pain, less that usual!!  happy Fall!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wow!  It's Sunday already!  Ugh, how did that happen?  I must have slept through from Friday.  Actually, yesterday was pretty busy with 2 lessons, book club, and going out to dinner.  Book club was fun, short, but fun.  We picked a Christmas book for next time and we are doing "Elephant" Christmas presents.  I had never heard of it, but it sounds really cool.  I am sure I have lots of things that I don't need or want that I can give.  I am going to look at my ornaments collection, I have sooooooo many.  I just love ornaments, only we don't have a big tree right now because there is no room in either the family or the living room.  We just use a small one that is about 3 ft high.  I am not putting up the little houses on the piano this year either, just the tree.  Mom wants pictures on the pianos, so that's what I will do.  She is doing okay today.  Yesterday, she had trouble eating her steak from Outback.  I told them no spice please, and I guess with the way they cook it, some spice is already in the pan, so it had some on it.  She can't handle spices at all.  She liked the potato and the salad though, so that was good.  I get the steak tonight and the rest of her salad.  She hasn't had too much trouble swallowing lately, so I am happy on that.

Bon Jovi is coming to town in March.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow.  I am dying (not literally) to go.  I love Bon Jovi.  They are my favorite band ever.  I am waiting to see if Kathy is going to be able to come to town for it.  I doubt it though since it is in the middle of the week and well, she does have those adorable little ones.  It would be difficult for her to get here for the concert.  She is checking to see what she can do, but like I said, it would be difficult and I know it.  When I called her I didn't even think to look to see what day it was or I would have known it was too hard.  They are playing in Chicago this summer, but that is way too far away a place for me, but only a couple of hours for her so maybe she can see them then.  I will be checking on tickets tomorrow when I get up.  Their new CD is coming out soon too.  I already have their new book, When We Were Beautiful.  

Well, that is enough gushing on BJ.  Pain level is rather low for a change, and my knee is behaving again.  I hope it stays this way.  I am tired of doctors and medicine.  I am sure some of you know exactly what I mean!!!  I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying the nicer weather for a change.  Have a great afternoon.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sewing day!!!!  I love Fridays!  I truly do!!  They are so fun and exciting.  Little Sarah got to join us with sewing this afternoon.  I bought a little kit for her and she made her first stuffed animal and stuffed flower.  She really did a great job.  I was very pleased with her work.  Hannah help me (she did most of it) cut out bells and basted them for me.  Lydia and Natalie will be done next week with their new tops!  Such exciting news.  Then they had to go and do some math (they are home schooled and didn't do their math in the morning!)  

Rachel had her lesson after sewing this afternoon.  She was so cute when I gave her her Christmas songs.  No choice this year, just handed her two songs and said here they are.  She said, OK.  It works.  She has already sang almost all the other Christmas books I have that are more of the classically arranged, everything but this book so that is how I made the decision for her.  She is so focused on competition, that it doesn't seem to matter to her.  

I am heading for bed.  I thought I would stay awake through law and order, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen.  Mom keeps waking me up during the morning so I am not as well rested as I need to be.  Of course, I don't sleep really that well with the pain either, so it isn't helping.  I am hoping it will get better.  

I hope you are having a great day.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

We went to the eye doctor for Mom today.  She is getting reading glasses.  She needs cataract surgery sometime in the near future.  Not immediate, but soon.  she picked really cute glasses that look so nice on her.

After that we went and got our hair cut.  Nothing to exciting there.  Mom is sleeping next to me right now.  It is kinda cute.  I wore her out.  Poor Mom.

My knee is better tonight than yesterday and the day before.  I hope it continues on this track, not up for more pain.  My arm and shoulder are the usual.  Not much happening now, just have to go and heat our dinners so Mom and I can eat.  We're watching Oprah right now.  I love the show.  They are doing the karaoke show.  it is very interesting since I am a singer and a teacher.  I love watching people do their music.

I hope this finds you doing well and having a good day.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mom had her test this afternoon.  She had no problem swallowing whatever it is they gave her.  So, we are back at the beginning.  This week she hasn't had too much problem.  Maybe it was a phase, I don't know.  So at least there isn't a problem, that is a good thing, I guess.  I hope she doesn't get a problem.  

I did get a call from the doctor's office last night.  Apparently, the knee is swollen (I knew that) and lots of arthritis.  Ugh.  It isn't as bad as yesterday, thank God for that.  My shoulder and arm are a bit sore today.  I didn't do anything to them this time.  

Not much else going on.  Frank and Bob had their lessons this afternoon.  Both are working on their Christmas music for the concert.  I found my favorite Christmas book that I thought was missing, and I still have one left.  I was so happy about that.  I thought both copies were gone, but they aren't!  Yeah!  Most every student has their Christmas music now.  The rest will get them this weekend when they have their lessons.

I hope you are having a great day!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My knee is so sore today.  it is excruciating.  I haven't felt this much pain since the blood clot a few years ago.  I am waiting to hear from the doctors office to tell me what the xray says.  I don't think they will find anything.  It has got to be fibromyalgia because it comes and goes.  If it was something else, it would stay.

I managed to jam my arm with a door again (yes, the sore one, of course.)  Mom is doing alright today.  She has her swallowing test tomorrow.  She so doesn't want to go, but I am making her.  I am tired of her not being able to swallow food and you never know which ones she won't be able to swallow.

Hmm, probably won't hear anything until tomorrow, it is now past 6 pm and the office closes at 6 pm.  I don't want to wait another day!  Guess I have to.  I could go upstairs right now (well, if I could go up the stairs) and go straight to sleep.  I am so so so so so so tired again today.  It has to be the extra pain in my knee.

I hope you are doing alright and not freezing to much!  It is getting rather cold outside!  Bundle up!

Monday, November 2, 2009

We had a good day today.  I had 4 students.  Three Muglia's and Grace.  Peter decided he doesn't want to play clarinet anymore so he is finished with lessons for now.  The three older girls love piano and aren't planning to quit.  I will at least get to see Peter when I go for sewing, so I won't be deprived of my Peter.  He is a good kid.  The four girls picked out their Christmas music during their lessons.  The Muglia girls each gave me a Reese's peanut butter cup.  So I had three.  I love those!!!!  Definitely my favorite candy.  Not that I need candy, I need to lose weight, not gain it.  Speaking of that, I am starting to think that maybe bariatric surgery might be a good idea.  We shall see.  Depends on so many factors.

I had to get a new wheel for my car and two new tires.  ugh.  So expensive.  Tires that came with the car didn't last all that long, only 39,000 miles or so.  I should think I should have gotten more out of them, but I didn't.  At least these tires weren't bald like the front two were.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!  (a reminder for my American friends.)

Pain is high today.  My knee decided to be dumb and hurt while we were waiting for the tires and wheel.  It still hurts now.  My arm and shoulder aren't so bad, just the knee.  

Okay, putting laundry in the washing machine is very painful on the knee and the hips.  I hate fibromyalgia and arthritis!  I know many of you know what that is like.  I think I will ask Mom to put the stuff in the dryer.  I will turn it on, but she can put it in.  She said she would.  thank God for Mom and her help.  Even with her Alzheimer's she can still do so much.

I hope you are having a great day!  Happy November 2!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What a weekend!  yesterday we went out to dinner for Halloween.  It was cold here so I refused to let Mom pass out candy.  She got so sick two years ago from similar weather.  Just not going to go through that again this year so we went out to eat instead.  it was lots of fun because we didn't have to wait for a table.  I thought it would be a bit busier, but not too busy because it was a family restaurant and most of the families would be trick or treating at that time.

Last night I went and changed all the clocks back, only for mine I forgot to make sure the am and pm were correct.  So needless to say, we missed church because I slept in.  Mom kept coming in my room after 9 am every 15 to 20 minutes to see if I was getting up.  It makes me mad, but she doesn't remember that she was just in, so what can I do.  Nothing.  

I met an old friend at Tim Horton's this afternoon.  We ended up spending 4 1/2 hours with her.  It was great.

Pain isn't so bad right now, but was worse a little earlier.  I am very tired.  I am heading to bed shortly.  I hope you are having a good day.