Wednesday, November 4, 2015

a headachy way to start the month!

It is November and we are enjoying some beautiful weather.  Unlike last year when it was 18 degrees and snow, it is 75 degrees and simply beautiful out.  Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything to take away the headache I now have.  I have 3 more lessons tonight but that will help distract me from the pain, I hope.  Nothing is worse than teaching with a bad headache.  It isn't too bad, yet, but it will get worse as the night goes on.  It is one of those types today.

Earlier today, Peony and I went visiting a friend.  We had lunch and a nice visit.  I am so glad we got to visit before the head got worse.  Donna is a nice lady.  She has so many health problems, wayyyyyy more than I do.  She is waiting for surgery again on her back.  She is older than me too but we get along very well.  Donna enjoys Peony too.  Peony loves everyone so she loves Donna.  She will sit on Donna's lap while we are in the car going to and from places.  You can see the joy on Peony's face as she does this.

I am so glad for Peony because much of the time at night, she comes in my room for a while to see me before she puts herself to bed in the other room.  She even let me pet her for a very lonnnnngggggg time on Sunday.  I think I was petting her for about 30 or so minutes.  We both were in Heaven.  Then she wanted me to read for a while, so I did.  I like to read before bed at night because it relaxes me and gives me a chance to focus on something other than pain.  Sometimes, though, I can't because the pain is too much but usually, I can, even if for a tiny bit.  Peony also gives me a good distraction and helps me to relax.  She is just the best little dog ever.  I love her so much.  I really do.

We are getting ready for the Christmas Recital around here.  Most everyone has picked their songs.  We plan on one song but just in case I am having everyone learn 2.  For the Spring Recital, we really could have had everyone do 2 songs but I didn't know that until it was too late.  This time, I am prepared.  We have about a month before the recital.  I have that long to make all the Christmas Gifts.  I am making candy sleighs.  I saw a picture on Facebook and saved it.  They look so adorable.  It is completely made with candy (candy canes, Hershey's miniatures, and I am not sure what other kinds of candy yet).  It will be fun to make too.

We are having corned beef for dinner tonight.  One of my favorite foods!!! I love corned beef!  I could eat the whole thing, possible in one sitting.  I am not sure as I have never done this, but in theory, I think I could.  Bill puts it in the crock pot first thing in the morning and C just added the vegetables.  It will be a nice family dinner.  We usually eat together every night except band night, if we can.  It is something I really appreciate.  I try to be done with teaching by the time Bill comes home from work so we are all eating together, then after dinner, C and I do the dishes.  I enjoy the time we have doing the dishes, no so much doing the dishes, although they are a piece of cake since we have a dish washer and have very little hand washing to do.  We just enjoy each others company.  I enjoy everyone's company in the house and treasure the time I get with each of them one on one.

Well, my student is here!!!!  Yay!!!!!