Monday, September 30, 2013

The last day of September 9-30

Maisy and I are sitting here in the dining room relaxing or we were until a few minutes ago when she went to see Bill and Will at the door, then she went downstairs to see Heather BT.  She is still barking.  Goofy dog but I do love her so much.  She has finally stopped barking at Will.  He is visiting us so she doesn't know him very well yet.  Maisy is doing better with him.  When he first arrived a week ago, she barked whenever he came near her.  I will say that there is never a dull moment in the house around here.

I forgot to take my medicine first thing today so I am really feeling the effects of it now.  I am shaky, I ache everywhere, and I am lightheaded.  I took them at dinner time, which was around 7 for this evening.  Yup, not a smart move on my part.  Ugh, I ache so much right now from not having pain medicine all day.  I also didn't have my anxiety medicine either until dinner so I am feeling very anxious tonight too.  I will be back on track tomorrow.  Thank goodness tomorrow is a new day to start all over with.  You can go to bed from a bad day and wake up with a new day to be a good day.  That is my hope for tomorrow at least.

I had my lovely Muglia girls today!!!!  Yes, my beautiful Sarah and Hannah!  They have both picked their Christmas songs although Sarah would like to switch to something from the Nutcracker.  Hannah is playing 2 small pieces from the Nutcracker so I think the 3rd piece that Hannah isn't playing will work for Sarah.  She no longer wants to play Jingle Bell Rock.  That is fine.  She is the one who has to perform, not me so I want her to play something that she loves.  Both girls are doing so well on piano.  Hannah is finished with the Chopin Prelude that she was working on and is now working on a Waltz.  She is still working on a piece out of the Baroque and Classical book though as it is much longer than the Prelude.  Hannah is really playing the piece well.  Sarah learned a new hand position today.  She knows her notes so well now.  I am really pleased with how she is playing.  I think Hannah and her other sisters better watch out for Sarah!  She is really coming along with the piano and will be catching up to them in no time.  Natalie and Lydia are not taking lessons right now and that is okay.  It is up to them if they want to be in the concert or not.  If they do, they can, if they don't, they don't have to.  I don't want to push them into it.  I just love to hear them play, that is all.  So far, all but Natalie and Lydia have their songs picked.  My 3 that need 2 songs each (one for piano and one for voice) have chosen both of them.  I will be spending the next week pulling the rest of the music out for the students and passing it out.  I will also ask Bill to sign us up for the concert at his church.  That is where we have them.  It is a beautiful venue and they are so very nice there.

Tomorrow I am taking the last of the string instruments to be sold.  I am selling 2 violins, 1 viola, and 1 cello.  I am hoping that I will get a bit for them.  I don't expect too much, but something.  I have a figure in mind.  I checked on eBay to see how much they are selling for and that is what I am asking.  I know he gets a lot of his instruments from eBay so that is why I researched it.  This way I know about what I should get for them.  It will be a relief for them to be gone.  I am also thinking of adding the guitar that was mom's.  I have no need of it and truly, I am not going to learn how to play it.  I will decide that tomorrow.  I just don't know tonight.  I plan to be at the store by 1 pm so that I will be back in time for my lessons tomorrow.  Tomorrow is my big day with lessons.  I teach until about 7:30.  I do have some breaks in there but I do have more lessons on that day than any other day.  Tuesday and Wednesday are my busiest days but other than those two, every other day is okay and much lighter.

Acer was teaching me how to make orange juice tonight and how to prep yams to cook.  I have never made orange juice before because I always bought it in a carton.  Mom used to make it out of a can, but not me.  I also do know how to clean yams, same as potatoes, but he was so serious that I just watched and helped.  He is very serious about me learning how to do some of this for in the future when he and Calli are not here to help with the cooking.  Both kids no that I don't cook very much and well, I am not that great at it either.  I can microwave pretty well, but that is about it.  I do make a mean cup of tea that is for sure but a gourmet meal?  Not so much.  I can follow a recipe and have things come out pretty well and I do cook with the crock pot well too.  It is just Acer and Calli really want me to learn how to cook very well so when they are grown up and gone, I will not starve.

Well, I got the written results from the hospital about the CT scan.  I just need a doctor to interpret it.  Basically, it hasn't grown so that is good news.  What they will do about the clear cells that are on the kidney, I do not know but I hope it isn't anything major.  I have a lot of pain in that area.  I have lost weight and I have no appetite as well as swelling in the legs and ankles.  All are symptoms of cancer.  yes, I could be totally interpreting this ALL wrong, I know, but these are the things that flow through my mind.  I have the appointment next week so I will know next week but I am worried because of the clear cells that are there.

On to watching Castle then to bed.  I am tired since I didn't take my medicine properly today.  I will do better tomorrow.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

oh my! 9-28

Wow, it has been almost a week since I last posted.  Last night was a fun night with Star, Tasya, and Lydia.  We met up at Barnes and Nobles and had tea, well, I had tea.  I am not sure what all they had but they had some type of drinks and food.  We laughed and had a really good time.  Star and I discovered that Lydia has never seen any of the Harry Potter books!  We were so surprised!  So sometime this fall, we are going to sit down and watch them and not only that, but Calli will be able to watch them too!  Talk about how cool!  I am very excited about that.  I really want to share my love of Harry Potter with her.  We have shared several books together already.  I have read some that she wanted me to read and she has read a few that I wanted her to read.  We both love reading.  I am so glad she loves to read.  Acer is beginning to love to read but he still likes being read to best.  I will admit that I love when he wants me to read to him.  I don't do all the voices like Bill does, but I do okay.  Acer doesn't seem to mind how I read to him.  They both are the light of my life.  They really are.

There was a funny incident tonight in our house.  Calli and I were doing dishes as we always do.  For dinner we had bacon, pancakes, and homemade applesauce (talk about the yummiest ever!).  When Calli went to get the bacon pan to wash, she forgot about the grease in the bottom of it and well, she spilt some on the floor.  Now, normally that wouldn't really be funny because well, it just isn't.  The funny part is, she got some on Maisy, the little dog.  It wasn't hot, it was cold, but Maisy was baconated.  She was not a happy camper that I told Heather BT that she felt really greasy when I was petting her.  Maisy had her bath and did very well with it.  She does well for baths.  She really does.  Now she is downstairs being dried by Heather BT (her mama) and snuggled with.  Maisy doesn't really like being wet.  Not that I blame her, I don't like it either.

I had Maisy for some of the day so off we went to errands.  We went to the bank.  I did a fibro fog thing.  I forgot to make sure that I had all of my cash for the deposit so I was $40 short for the deposit.  At first, I couldn't understand how I counted wrong 4 times.  Well, I didn't.  I just didn't pick up the last $40 off the table before I left.  It isn't a problem.  I will take it in on Monday.  Some days I just wonder about me.

Maisy and I went to get gas after that.  My low gas light didn't come on.  I am not sure at what mileage it should, but it was very low and I thought it should have.  Well, it is full now.  Maisy does so well with the car rides.  We also got soup at Tim Horton's.  I am not sure I liked it.  They seemed to have changed the recipe for the potato bacon soup and it didn't taste as good as it used to.  Maybe I have just had panera's too many times and theirs is fantastic so Tim Horton's isn't so good anymore.  I don't know.  I just know I won't be getting the soup again for a long while.  I do like their muffins a lot especially their chocolate chip muffins.  Maisy likes to sit on my lap when we are sitting in the drive through lanes.  She goes back and forth between her seat and my lap when we are on a trip.  We I am driving, she is in her seat, when I am in a drive through lane, she is in my lap.  She knows what she wants, that is for sure.

I had a couple of lessons today too so that was good.  Then I had to take a nap as I had gotten a really bad headache.  Maisy was with me for part of it and then everyone else came home so she went downstairs to greet them.  I didn't even feel her go.  Maisy likes to greet everyone at the door.  I think she feels it is her duty.

Pain wise, I would say this isn't my best day.  I have had a bad headache this afternoon and while it isn't so bad now, it isn't so good either.  My back is a bit more sore than usual, but I don't know why either.  My right hip seems to dislike me intensely today.  Sometimes it does, other times, it doesn't.  It all depends on it mood or so it seems to me.  I am really hoping that soon I will be feeling better in the early morning enough to go to church.  I have to be at church at 7:30 in the morning and for the longest time, it just hasn't happened.  My head just hurts too much to try to get up.

Well, on to words with friends.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday 9-23

I have scheduled my CT scan for tomorrow evening.  I have to be there by 7:10 for an 8:40 pm appointment.  I had to reschedule one lesson to Wednesday.  Thankfully, this family is very flexible and was able to switch to another day.  I was very glad about that.  I am nervous about the CT scan in finding out if the mass has grown.  With the presence of clear cells on the mass, I hope that it hasn't grown.  If it hasn't grown, then that is a good thing, if it has, then indeed it is cancer and we will have to take it from there.  I am just nervous and will be until October 7th when I have the appointment.

Today was a nice day.  My Muglia girls, Sarah and Hannah were both ill so I didn't have their lessons today.  I was bummed since I really enjoy the girls a lot but since most of the kids have sore throats, well, no lessons.  I did have a new lesson, her name is Faith and she is taking voice.  We worked on 3 pieces, an Italian song, 1 pop piece, and 1 Broadway song.  She did very well for the first time singing the songs.  Faith seemed to like all the pieces I gave her so I was happy about that.  The only thing I was unhappy about was that I did not have sheet protectors to put her music in.  I was at the store yesterday and I forgot to get them.  I rode right past them in the scooter too.  I mean, seriously, it wasn't on my list so I forgot.  I tried really hard to stick to my list and well, I did, trouble was, I didn't have sheet protectors on the list.  I will get them this week.

I ordered new boots today.  I need to cancel the order because I don't think they will fit.  I am disappointed because they are really cute boots and I ordered a double wide pair.  They have a wide top too and come from a plus size catalogue but I still don't think they will fit.  I also ordered a new pair of leggings so now I have 3 pair for winter.  I am all set in the legging department.  I haven't really found any skirts or dresses I like for winter so I haven't ordered any.  I only need a few because the dresses I have will work and same with the skirts.  I have 2 more skirts that Nancy is fixing and I hope to have them back soon.  They are really pretty and they are lined too so they will be good for winter and fall.  When I can, I will make a couple of skirts for winter.  I just haven't really been in the mood for sewing and right now our house is not sewing friendly yet as we are still getting things moved around.  It will soon be settled and then I will sew.  For now, it is all okay.  Star wants to sew too so we will sew together.  I like sewing with Star.  She is a good friend.  I am so glad we reconnected together.  I really am.  She has become a rather close friend too.

I do have a bit of a sore throat tonight.  Calli seems to have one too.  I hope it goes away in the morning.  I don't want a cold.  Nothing else is wrong, just a sore throat.  I don't get them very often.  Usually, when I get a cold, my throat is not sore at all so I am not sure what is up.  The hot tea I had really made it feel nice.  I am going to have another hot tea before bed to take my bedtime medicine with.

We are getting the bookshelves up in the family room.  They look nice in there and things are getting in order.  The dictionaries are on the dictionary shelves already.  Calli put them where they belong today.  Will has put the other shelves in place.  The family room is getting shaped up.  I am pleased with the progress.  In the living room, the filing cabinet that was in Acer's room is now empty and in place ready for me to put stuff in it.  I have about 4 boxes of office supplies that need to go into it.  I will work on this during the week.  I am going to ask Sam if she can come over this weekend to help organize the cabinet and some music with me.  I also have the box for the students now.  I just now have to organize it.  I think with Sam's help, I will have it done in no time.  She is such a helpful girl, she really is.

I have a bit of bad headache tonight besides the sore throat.  My pain level is normal, which is good.  My chest isn't so bad as it was on the weekend.  I am so glad about that.  It is just so weird how things come and go with us, isn't it?  I mean, how the fibro pains rotate and move around a body is the strangest thing ever.  It really is.  It is the same with my headaches.  One day, it is on the right side of my head, another day it is on the left side of my head.  Sometimes, it is in the back, sometimes, it is in the front.  It just jumps all over.  I just never know what to expect.  I guess that is just the way it is with all of us.

It is time for words with friends for the evening.  I am hoping to watch Castle tonight.  I am not sure if it is the season premiere or not, but as I enjoy the show and only recently started watching it, I am not picky on what season or episode it is.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Has Arrived 9-22

It is a beautiful fall day here at the H2 house.  The windows are open letting in the fresh air and things are getting done.  I have finished up my putting together the package for the Fibro Fighters swap.  I am quite excited to mail this to my partner and to see if she likes what I have picked for her.  I hope she does.  I picked everything with careful thought.  I have pick some things that I think should comfort her.  It was so fun picking things out for her.  It was nice to get to know Stacy (my partner) too.  We have so much in common, not just fibro, but we like the same TV shows, like NCIS!  Which, by the way, Tuesday is the season premiere and I am so excited to see it!!!  I am sad that Ziva is leaving because I love that character so much!  We both discussed the show on face book last week when I first saw the season finale from last week.

I do hope tonight is a game of thrones night.  We are on season 2 episodes 9 and 10 and then we are done with season 2.  Will also likes game of thrones.

Will, a friend of Heather and Bill's, who is visiting us for a bit, has brought down a filing cabinet that I will be able to use for office supplies in the music/living room.  It will really help clean up that room a lot.  I have boxes of office supplies that will be able to go into it so that is good.  It will help with the organization of the room and my endless supply of office supply.

It has been a rather quiet day.  Maisy has barked a lot at Will because he is new to her.  She is doing better but she is still rather weary of him.  It will take some time for her to get used to him and not be so afraid.  She has been clinging to mostly Heather BT and a little bit to me.  Will is very nice and he is going to help fix a few things around here right now.  We need the help and I am glad he will be able to help us.

We having hamburgers for dinner tonight.  Bill and Heather BT have a really cool grill that they brought from the old house.  We gave my little grill to Heather BT's brother and he is happy with it.  I like it when Bill grills dinner.

In October, the 13th, I believe, I am going to my cousin, Luana's house for Canadian Thanksgiving.  It will be fun, I think.  Andrew should be there too so that will be good.  Since he is such a busy guy, I only get to see him every so often, usually on a holiday.  We text in between times.

My littlest cousins, Esther and Elizabeth turned 3 and 5 respectively this month.  I can't believe Esther is 3 and Elizabeth!  5 already!  Elizabeth is in senior kindergarten and she loves it.  Esther loves books so I will be getting her books for her birthday.  I won't see either of them until Thanksgiving so that is when they will get their presents.  There was a party yesterday but I was unable to attend.

We have found some interesting stuff in my mom's files.  My mother was what we call a box lady.  She saved everything.  I, too, must confess to being a box lady.  I don't save as much as my mother did, but I did save a lot of stuff.  I am hoping that as time goes on I will be able to let go of some of the stuff.  I am doing pretty well though with what I have gotten rid of or donated.  Some stuff has gone to friends who wanted them, others have gone to donations.  I have some more stuff I need to sell because they are worth some money.

Pain wise, I am doing the usual today.  My headache is only the average headache for me today.  My hands aren't too bad.  My new leggings came in so my hips are nice and toasty warm so they aren't hurting like they did yesterday.  My leggings even have lace at the bottom.  I think they are adorable and they fit nicely so that is the important thing.  I will be warm for winter.  Socks, well, I am having issues finding good socks for me as I have very, very, very swollen feet, legs, and ankles.  There is so much water there that the socks I have leave red marks so I can't wear them but for winter, especially at night, I will need some socks.  I am looking into speciality socks for diabetics to see if that will help.  I don't have diabetes but those socks may help.  I have poor circulation so anything that will help the little chubbed feet is good.  Fortunately, since I have stopped wearing socks, my feet have stopped hurting so much.  They still do sometimes, but very rarely now.  I am glad it is fall as my asthma does much better in this weather.  I can breathe better in the fall.  I saw some really cute decorations and centerpieces at the store today.  I like looking at them but for us, they really aren't practical and right now, I can't really spend the money on them.

Well, it is almost time for dinner.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Favorite Season 9-17

Fall is my favorite season.  No, I am not being sarcastic.  I am being completely serious.  I have always loved fall ever since I was a tiny child.  My mom said I was a better baby in the fall too.  Hmmm, I wonder why?  She said the heat of summer did not suit me at all and as we didn't have a/c as a child, I can only imagine the crying I must have done as a baby.  I know I cried a lot as I have been told by my older brother and it sadly, had been confirmed by my momma.  In my defense, though, she would say I had so many tummy aches that it isn't surprising how much I cried.  Still, I cried an awful lot.  Anyways, I digress.  I love fall.  It is simply a breathtaking season with the changing of the colors and the cooler weather.  It is breathable weather and I ache less in this weather too.  I tend to ache way more in extreme heat and extreme cold so fall and spring are my best seasons with fall being the best.  I do also enjoy the Indian Summer we get in the fall because it is not as hot as summer.

Maisy had a haircut today.  Heather B-T did it.  She looks cute.  It wasn't too bad for the first time.  She really needed a hair cut because the hair over one eye really grows fast and then the little one can't really see, which makes her bark even more.  Now she can see again.  I love that dog.

I have finished printing out the info for competition.  I have passed it out to a few students already.  Nick will get his tonight.  I am also going to give the info to Diana as I think she may enjoy the experience.  It could be fun.  One never knows.

Samantha and I had her lesson today.  We giggle so much during the lesson.  She is my Disney, game of thrones, and my medieval type of stuff pal.  We have much in common.  She loves Disney like I do and she loves game of thrones like I do.  Since I am only on season 2, Sammy likes to know what episode I have just watched and what I thought of it, then we both chat a bit after the lesson about it.  It is a good show.

My back is really sore right now in places.  I am not sure why.  It could just be plain, old Fibro or who knows.  Right where my right kidney is hurts.  I am not sure if it is my back or my kidney that is hurting.  It has hurt in that spot for a while now.  I just don't know since I am worried about my kidney.  I do need to make an appointment for the CT scan of my kidney.  I need it done sometime next week since the appointment is October 7.  I half want and half dread the appointment.  I dread because I am afraid that the mass has grown and I want it over with because I want to know if the mass has grown.  I also want to know what are they going to do about the clear cells on the kidney.  It bothers me that there are clear cells are there.  Clear cells are cancer.  I know that.  I know that the mass hasn't grown much in the last few years but still, cancer has grown.  How fast does this grow?  Is it easy to remove?  What happens if we just leave it?  These are the things that plague my mind.  With the history of cancer in the distance family, I now worry about cancer.  It just adds to the worries on my mind.  I do try to not take the worry back from God, but it is hard to do and I often fail at this.  It is one of my failings that I often fail at.  I am trying to be more faithful with this.  It is something I am working on.  God has been so good to me that I am working on other things to work on.

I have been rather extra exhausted these past few days.  I went to bed at 9 pm last night was in bed, no reading by 9:30 pm.  I just couldn't stay awake last night.  I then woke up from about 4 am to 7 am before I fell back asleep.  I read for a bit at 4:30 and then I just rested after that.  I wasn't really thinking about anything, just resting.  It was nice not to have to much on my mind for a while as my mind often races.  I didn't hear Calli get up but I knew she was up because of what time it was.  She gets up around 7 am to get ready for school.  Acer is up shortly after that.  I was back asleep after they were up.  I got up at about 1 pm this afternoon.  I didn't have a little fuzzy dog in my room this morning because no one left the house without her today.  I usually have her when Heather B-T and Bill are both gone then she comes to my room.  It is kind of neat how our schedules are in the house with Heather B-T.  I get up and that is about when she goes down for her nap.  We are both night owls, although you wouldn't know it by what time I have been going to bed lately.  I have moved my effexor to bedtime since lunch and dinner are so close together.  I have also moved my tramadol to bedtime to for the same reason.  I think this is helping me fall asleep at night and helping me sleep a few hours before I wake up.  I usually start waking up around 2 to 3 am and then wake up every few hours from there until I get up and start my day.

Well, my students, Dan and Mary, should be here any minute now so I am going to get ready for them.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday 9-15

I had 2 unexpected lessons this afternoon.  I am glad but it did tired me out again.  Heather B-T pointed out it is because I rarely have a day where I don't teach at least one or two lessons and she is right.  While I enjoy teaching, I do get tired rather easily so I just nap a lot and that helps.  I took a nap before dinner and when I woke up, dinner was ready.  Heather B-T and Bill went out to eat to celebrate their 12th anniversary.  I plan to get them a card tomorrow when I go out.  I only have 3 lessons tomorrow so it is an average day.  I finish early though so if Star can, maybe we will go for tea or something like that.  It is possible.

Becca has chosen all of her music for competition now.  We picked it all today.  I am very pleased with all of the choices.  Her mom had a great suggestion for the inspirational category.  We tried it and both agreed it was a good choice for Becca.  I can't believe she is 12.  She is getting taller too.  She is such a petite young lady.  She and Natalie want to sing a duet for competition.  Becca has chosen hero, so I am hoping that Natalie will like it too.  I will find out this week.  I have to work on the competition stuff tonight when I am done here.  I just remembered that.  Ooh, good thing I did since I need it for tomorrow for Isabella's lesson tomorrow night.

Pain wise, it is a normal pain level day.  My headache was a bit worse earlier but now it is back to the normal headache.  I can't wait until the day when a headache is not a normal thing.  I am trying to be patient about it.

On to the letter about competition!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday and Saturday 9-13 & 9-14


Tonight is a game of thrones night.  We have a skunk somewhere nearby our house because we can smell it in the house.  I sure hope it is gone by morning since I really don't want Maisy or Q having fun with a skunk.  That would be just a mess to clean up.


There seems to be no sign or smell of the skunk from last night so that is awesome.  I am really glad about that.  Skunks may be cute but they sure do smell when they are frightened or in danger.  Yucko on that.  It has been a quiet day mostly as Heather and kids were gone to an activity and Bill at work.  Brandon was here but he is so quiet, you would almost think he is gone so Maisy and I hung out together.  First I had 2 lessons and she sat right near me during the lessons.  She seems to really like music and the lessons as she sits through quite a few when it is just her and I and rarely does she bark during a lesson.  Then Maisy and I took a nap.  I am still quite exhausted today.  I am not sure why, but I really am tired tonight.  We both napped for a while.  She woke up when Heather B-T and kids came home but I slumbered on.  I didn't even really feel her move off the bed.  She loves my fleece blankets on my bed.  She loves to rub her face into the blankets and boy is it cute to watch.  Maisy is a ninja dog too.  Apparently, she got up on the dining room table again today.  This is not being a good girl and the thing is, she KNOWS this!  This is not a secret but she does it anyway!  She knows she is not allowed up on the table but too bad, if no one is looking and a chair is out, up she goes!  Brandon caught her and then she went off the table with her head down.  Heather B-T has caught her too.  I have also but when she did it, I was right next to her.  So we have to all make sure that we push in the dining room chairs so our ninja dog has no way to ninja herself to the table.  Maisy was a good girl when we went to get something to drink.  Generally, in the car, she is a good girl.  She will stay on her side of the car and not come to my lap unless I am ordering something at a drive through.  Then she does until I get my order and then back to the other side she goes.  Overall, she can be a very good girl.  As far as snuggling goes, she is such a good snuggler.  We have a snuggle every night after dinner in the living room.  Right now she is lying down beside me in the dining room as I type.  I had to pause to pet her.  She is looking at the dining room chairs and wanting to get up on one to sit next to me.  I have had to pause a few times to pet her.  Such an easy thing to do.  She is very playful tonight.  I love when she gets so playful.  It is so fun.

There isn't really anything on TV tonight.  I didn't really think so but i checked just in case.  We did watch the last episode of disc 4 so we are on the hold list for disc 5.  I don't mind the wait because it makes the game of thrones stretch out and that is a good thing.  I haven't started the book yet.  I am still finishing a trilogy that I have read before but for some reason, this time it seems harder to stay involved like I was before.  it is really weird because before I liked the story and this time, I am more like ho hum with it.  Strange, I say.  I do have a few new ones in my library that I have gotten either free or really cheap that i am anticipating.  One is about Catherine the great.  I don't know much about her except she is a fascinating character in history.  I also have another book by the author I really like so that will be good too.  I love how I will not, anytime soon, run out of things to read on my nook.  I am a bit behind on my words with friends though.  whoops!  What can I say?  I don't play it at bedtime anymore because it isn't really relaxing.  I do enjoy the game, it is just at night, I wish to be reading as it is more relaxing than thinking words for words with friends.

I have had some pretty bad headaches this last week and I can really feel my hernia in my chest.  It is my stomach pushing through my diaphragm muscle where the esophagus and stomach connect and I really can say it has been rather painful these last few days.  Not painful enough to go to a hospital, just painful.  It is really annoying.  It makes breathing difficult when it is bad, now it is not bad on a continuous motion, just comes and goes when it pleases and that is when it hurts.  Right now it hurts a bit, not as much as earlier so I am hopeful that it is on the way out for hurting.  It would be nice NOT to wake up with it hurting tonight.  I wake up enough in the night, I don't need to wake up anymore.  I have changed when I take my tramadol at night.  I am now taking it at bedtime so that maybe my head won't be so bad when I go to bed.  It gets bad in the middle of the night and drives me crazy.  I want to just sleep without the bad headache!  I know, we all want no pain when we sleep.

I don't particularly have any plans tomorrow except for one lesson with Becca, whom I haven't seen since last year.  I have to look to see what songs I want her to do for competition this year.  I have some ideas for classical but other than that, I am not sure.  I think I may have an idea for inspiration but I don't know if she will like it.  We will try a bunch of things tomorrow to see what she wants.  I believe she is 12 now so no more little kid songs for her.  It is time for her to do a few more grownupish type songs, not completely grown up of course, just a bit more grown up.  I am thinking of a folk song or an English classical piece for classical, a nice hymn for inspirational, and I have no idea for Broadway or pop.  I know that Natalie would like to do a duet with Becca.  Both girls really hit it off last year when they met.  I will have to copy her music for her because my scanner is not working very well so I can't do it here.  Maybe after class we can go to Kinko's and get it done.  We also need to look at Christmas music.  It is the beginning of the busy time of year for me.  I don't mind at all.  I feel like I have been waiting for this all summer to start.  Now it is here.  I also need to type out the info and print it about competition tomorrow.  With everything due much earlier than usual, I need to let the parents know earlier.  I am not sure how turning everything in earlier will make a difference in who can go or not with the fees due the week before Christmas, but I hope it doesn't.  We shall find out, I guess.

I am hoping my Sarah will also be going to competition again this year.  She totally rocked last year and received a 2nd place.  I was thrilled.  Sarah said she wants to do even better this year.  She is such a good piano player.  So far I have Natalie, Becca, Aubrey, Brooke, Jillian, Brooke Ann, Nick, Isabella, and possibly Acer going to competition this year.  I am really happy about that.  We will be playing games in my room at the competition on Saturday night.  I have to pull more music for everyone this week.  Isabella is the first one I see on Monday who is going so I have some ideas for her.  She is interested in the pirates of the Caribbean or lord of the rings or Disney music to play.  We have to choose her classical piece too but that won't be too hard.  I have some ideas about that one too.  Aubrey has picked her classical piece.  Jillian has picked her classical piece and Brooke has picked her championship piece.  As Jillian and Brooke are twins, they are going to be in 2 different categories because I do not want them competition against each other at the age of 6 and it being their first competition ever.  That would just not be good for any of us.  Fortunately, their mom, Michelle, is so supportive of my decisions and totally agrees with me.  It is nice to have parents who support my decisions.  Nick is looking at some pop music.  He knows my guidelines and his mom is in total agreement with them so that is good also.

Well, time for more tea!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday 9-10

My cousins, Tilley and Luana came over this afternoon and took me to lunch.  They picked up a lot of books that I am getting rid of so they have plenty to read for themselves now.  It was a nice lunch.  I miss having lunch with Maia though.  I even wrote Tilley and Maia at first and had to erase it.  I know it takes a long time to get used to this new life with Maia in Heaven with Momma.  Anyways, it was a nice lunch and we had a nice visit.  I probably won't see them in person until Canadian Thanksgiving, which is in October.  We are having it on the Sunday so that I can come and it leaves the actual holiday for them to be with the significant others family too.  This way they all can spend time with both sides of the family.  I like it when they do that.  It is at Luana's this year.  Last year it was at Danielle's.  I hope my brother, Andrew will be able to attend too.  I only really get to see him at family get togethers. Darrin was teasing us and asking us if we see each other any other time of the year and I had to say, no, because Andrew works a lot and doesn't have scheduled days off.  That is just the type of work he does.  I am not sure about Christmas because it depends on my aunt and my uncle and whether or not they are having Christmas or going to be going somewhere for Christmas.  Last year, I drove to London to see Andrew.  The last few years I have spent it with Kathy and her family at her parents house.  It is nice because other than that, I don't really get to see her since her schedule is so busy with her work plus the kids so I enjoy spending Christmas Eve with her and Christmas Day.  Last year was the first Christmas Day I had spent with Andrew in about 4 years and I did have a good time.  He wasn't feeling so well though, poor guy.  He made an amazing meal though.  Andrew is an awesome cook, and I mean awesome!!!  With everyone here, I am not sure what will happen with Christmas this year.  I will have gifts for the family so I don't know if we will open them Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or around that time.  It is hard to say and something I certainly don't need to worry about at this time, thankfully.

The Rizolli and Isles season finale is on right now.  I am not sure if I will stay awake for the whole thing, but that is okay.  Tomorrow is when Jen is coming over.  We are going to lunch.  I have decided that I want us to go to Chipotle for lunch.  I don't know if Jen has ever been there but I will find out.  I love that place.  We are going to sing a bit first and then to lunch.  Jen is singing at a music meeting on Friday so she wanted to make sure she knew what she was doing.  I have known Jen since the 7th grade.  She was one of the ones who was always nice to me.  I am glad that face book has brought a lot of my school friends and acquaintances back together again.  It is so nice to see them every few months. I think I have more free time during the day than many of them do.  I know my evenings and afternoons are as busy as theirs are.  I teach at 3 tomorrow since Bob needed to change days because he couldn't attend on Monday.  I don't mind.  It works out.  I do have my lovely 3 girls tomorrow night too as well as Elli and Allison.  I have the cutest piece in mind for Allison.  It is from the "I Love You You're Perfect, Now Change".  It is the Bridesmaid song.  It is also the one that Jen is going to sing.  I just think Allison will just love that piece a lot and since she is at that age where friends will start getting married!!!  Well, how could it go wrong?  I think she will have fun with it.

I am hoping tomorrow will be another Game of Thrones night.  I really wanted to see Rizolli and Isles tonight so I didn't ask about it.  I am really enjoying the series a lot.  I plan to read the books too.  I told Hannah about it but I said that the show was not something she could even watch because it was so graphic.  I said that they would like the story but the graphicness would be an issue.  They would not do well with that at all.  I said I haven't read the book so I don't know how it is as far as graphicness goes but I told her I would let her know.

Today is a bad headache type day.  I don't think I need a shot but I have them just in case.  I know that I have a habit of waiting until it is too late but these shots are break through medicine not for everyday.  I have 3 of them right now.  So far, it seems I take about one a month, sometimes 2.  It all depends on how bad the headaches get.

Calli and I banged heads today.  Wow, it hurt but surprisingly, it didn't seem to completely increase the headache since we banged heads on the opposite side of the headache.  I was really happy about that it didn't make the headache worse.  She was standing up and I was bending down and bam!  We banged heads.  She and I did giggle a bit about it later today.

I didn't finish playing words with friends today.  I usually play in the afternoon now and not before bed.  It is more relaxing to read before bed instead of playing that game.  I enjoy the game but it isn't exactly restful and I need to be restful so I can sleep better.  Since sleep is something we don't do well, I am trying to make a more restful routine for bedtime.

Monday, September 9, 2013

the ups and downs of fibro fog 9-9

A blog post got me thinking tonight.  It was on the ups and downs of fibro fog.  It is true that there are ups to having fibro fog.  You forget bad things that have happened, at least, I have.  I no longer can remember some of the abuse I suffered as a child from relatives (not my Momma but some relatives on my father's side of the family).  For years, I suffered with the haunting memories and how they made me feel.  Momma would try and try to help me (once she actually knew what had happen - because as with most victims, I lied to her at first and it was years before I could face her with the truth).  I went to counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists, to no avail.  It wasn't until I almost tried to kill myself at 22, that I finally found the help I desperately needed.  I went to a treatment facility for 3 months and it really helped a lot.  It was there I faced what had happened to me and how I did nothing to deserve that type of behavior.  Anyways, the bottom line is, that thanks to fibro fog, I no longer remember the incidents for the most part of which I am very glad about.  I can look back in my childhood of the good things I remember.  Now some of them I can't really remember, Momma or my friends or my brothers would tell me the stories and that is what I mostly remember.

I was the annoying friend who used to be able to tell a friend, for example, Kathy, where we were when something happened, what we were wearing, and who we were with.  Overall, I drove her absolutely bonkers.  I used to smile and laugh at that.  She said she couldn't remember much.  Well, I can't know so we both laugh and talk about what we are doing today, right now and not focusing on the past like I used to.

One thing I have noticed with not only fibro fog, but fibro in general, I tend to focus on the today and not anything else.  Because I don't know what I will feel like day to day, I don't plan too far in advanced but when I do have something I want to do, I rest up for it.  That is definitely something I have learned to do.  I look at the important things in life, friends, family, relationships, and not the rat race that many others are focused on.  Yes, when it comes to the financial world, i will never be on top, but I am able to live and do things for me.  I have made adjustments in my life to make sure I can pay bills and stuff when it comes up.  Sometimes, it is easy, sometimes, it is hard.  I look for the joy in everyday, even when I am in a lot of pain because I know I could easily be in worse pain or in worse condition.  With the tight rope of my health, not just with fibro, but all my other health issues, I have to make sure I eat right, lose weight (down 31 pounds so far!!!), and sleep as much as I need in order to function from day to day.  I am lucky with the friends that I have who live with me.  Never have they ever made me feel bad for sleeping too much or anything like that.  If I sleep until 2:30, they are fine with it.  They may get concerned if I am still asleep at 3 in the afternoon and check on me, but they are supportive of me.  If I am sick and need a shot, they give me my shot.  If I have to go to the ER and cannot drive myself, one of them takes me.  Overall, the household arrangement has been working out wonderful.  My family is pretty much supportive as they can be.  Andrew was getting very worried about my constant weight gain and is thrilled with the weight loss.  He was really flipping out, I guess.  I had no idea.  He said he was ready to call my housemate and discuss it with her because he thought I was going to die from all the weight gain.  I was concerned too but I had no idea how concerned he was until he told me last week.

My headache isn't super bad right now.  I took my bedtime medicine and I am trying to see if the really bad headaches are caused by one of the nighttime supplements that I was taking.  I am hoping that they weren't caused by that because they did help me sleep some.  My neck and back were aching pretty bad last night too and for all last week.  It was just not my week, I guess.

Tomorrow, my cousins, Tilley and Luana are coming to pick me up for lunch.  They are also coming to pick up some books because I am getting rid of all my books except for the LM Montgomery books and anything to do with Harry Potter books.  With my nook, I just don't need that many books.  I am also keeping my sewing books.  For some things, you just have to have the physical book for and crafts and sewing are definitely one of those things.

Well, onto words with friends and relaxing before bed.  I have a bit of a tummy ache right now so I am hopeful it will go away rather shortly.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday 9-8

Today is my Emily's birthday.  She is now 10 years old.  It is hard to believe but she is already.  Emily is a sweet young lady who plays piano and does very well.  She is one of the sweetest girls I know.  Next to Calli, Emily is definitely the sweetest.  I was so excited to see her 2 Fridays ago for her first lesson since she went to Poland for the summer.  I am very blessed because I have the best students.  i really do.  Today is a no lesson day.  Sometimes on Sunday I have a lesson or two but generally, I don't right now.  It is okay, whatever works for the student generally works for me.

I have a pretty busy week this week as far as appointments go.  Tomorrow is just a couple of lessons and that is it but on Tuesday I am having lunch with my cousins, Tilley and Luana, as well as my busy day for lessons.  Wednesday, my friend, Jen is coming over for a lesson and then we are going to lunch.  I have a few lessons on Wednesday too.  Tuesday and Wednesday are my busy days as far as lessons go.  Thursday is my light day too as well as Monday.  Friday is an in between day.  Same with Saturday.

This whole weekend on ABC family channel is a marathon of Harry Potter movies.  I love these movies a lot.  I am sure I have mentioned that before.  My only wish is that my favorite actor was in them.  No, I have no idea what character he should have played as everyone who was in Harry Potter so suited the roles, but still, he is my favorite actor.  Anyways, I turned off number 6 because Acer was down here but I am not sure where he is right now.  He goes to bed rather early so that is okay.  I should be able to watch the 7th movie part 1 tonight or Game of Thrones, depending on what Brandon and Bill wish to watch after both Calli and Acer head for bed.  I plan to get ready for bed early and then watch the movie or tv show depending on what they decide.  I have all the Harry Potter movies on DVD so it isn't horrible if I miss them on TV.

Pain level is normal today but exhaustion level is extremely high.  I woke up at 2:30 pm.  I usually sleep until about 1:30 on days that I don't have to get up at a certain time, but today, I slept until 2:30 and really, I could have slept even longer.  I am just so tired all the time.  I have been getting super bad headaches at bedtime for the last few months.  I am wondering if it is the melatonin.  Tonight I am going to try the Valerian root just to see if it is the melatonin.  I am not sure, I usually have the really bad ones in the middle of the night, but this has been happening way too often.  Just way too often and they are getting worse.  I need to print a new medicine chart out for me for when I go to the doctor but I keep forgetting.  I will remember eventually.  The nighttime or middle of the night headaches are getting so bad that I am afraid that eventually, I will end up in the ER with them and I am really trying to avoid that.  I have been in the ER way too many times in my life that is for sure.  I would like to keep my record going of not needing the ER.  That is what I want.

Star and I are texting back and forth.  I can't believe I waited so long to get texting.  That is just insane that I did.  Now I text all the time and boy is it much easier to do.  When you need to leave a quick message or you just want to say hi or I love you, they are so much more convenient to use than anything else.  Speaking of which, I need to message Andrew shortly.  I have a question for him.  There, I am done.  See what I mean?  Why did I wait so long to join the 21st century as Andrew calls it?  I have no idea but I have joined and that is that.

I finished reading Where the Red Fern Grows.  I cried so much at the end.  I will not read it again nor will I read a book where the dogs die ever again, which yes, means, I will NOT read Old Yeller.  I remember that the dog dies at the end and how sad I was when I read it as a child, to read it now with maisy in my life, nooooooo way.  I can't handle that much sadness.  I just can't.  I am sad enough.  So I have a book by Lois Duncan called "Gallow Hills".  I just got it in my nook library.  I so love my nook so much.  I don't know how many books I have in the library but many of them were free or very low cost.  This was a low cost book.  I have read many of her books as a young teen and I remember I enjoyed them a lot so I am expecting that I will like these ones a lot too.  Tilley and Luana are coming over with boxes on Tuesday to take a lot of my books back home with them since I am getting rid of my paperback books.  I am keeping some books, but not a whole lot of books.  Many of them are going so they would like them.  I said no problem, come and get them.  Both Tilley and Luana read a lot like I do.  I find it much easier to read with my nook as I can change the size of the font if I need to and sometimes when my eyes hurt, I need to, other times, I don't.  I love reading.  I am so glad that Momma taught me how and well, she rather forced me to learn to read since I wasn't learning how in school.  Boy was she mad at that!  Momma was not a happy camper when she found out I really couldn't read.  Of course, now I can read and I read an awful lot so that is all well and good.  Momma did awesome just like she always did.

It is a nice and quiet evening now.  Everyone is home and relaxing.  It is a pick up dinner tonight.  I am not really that hungry so I had instant breakfast while Acer and Calli had burgers.  Of course, now I want a burger because they are having one but I am not really hungry so I will not have one.

Well, it looks like it will be a Game of Throne night tonight so I am headed up to shower now so I am ready to watch the show.  I love this show so much.  I know Star would love it too but she has a rougher time than I do with graphicness.  I wish she would watch this though because it is right up her alley just like mine.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Harry Potter Weekend! 8-7

Right now Harry Potter number 6 is on family channel right now.  I love the Harry Potter movies.  I know there are major changes from the books in some parts, but overall, they kept the story close enough where it no longer bugs me.  I love the 7th part 1 and part 2 movies the best besides the first movie.  The first is my favorite all over but after that the last two movies are my next favorites.  My all time favorite movie ever though is Beauty and the Beast.  I simply adore that movie so much.  The library in the movie is amazing.  Simply amazing.

I had to cut back on my melatonin because it can interfer with the coumadin that I take.  I have made some other changes so I hope it helps me sleep better.  Tomorrow, I get to sleep in and boy am I glad about that.  I am really tired now.  I took my medicine earlier than usual to see if it helped my headaches that I get at night but I succeeded in making myself more tired than usual at this time.  Whoops, what can I say?  I will try it again tomorrow.  I may get this right someday.  It is always a hit and miss thing with us fibro girls.  Lack of sleep is one symptom we all have issues with.  I am so glad I am not alone with this problem.

Maisy and I are enjoying a quiet night together.  We went for a short ride to Panera for dinner.  I got a salad with shrimp.  It was super good.  I love shrimp.  She is such a good rider when we go.  Tonight she did have a barking episode but then she was just fine.  Maisy barks at things she think are coming near the house.  Sometimes she barks at nothing.

Well, I am super tired so I am going to be heading for bed rather shortly.  I just can't stay awake for much longer.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday 9-5

Yesterday was my older brother, Richard's birthday.  He lives in Washington State, very far away from me.  He is married and has 2 children that I haven't seen in 5 years.  I haven't seen him in 3 years.

We are having some deconstruction done in the house this week.  Heather B-T is pulling up the carpeting that is on the upstairs.  Our plan is to have no carpet on the stairs, upstairs hallway, or the bedrooms.  Acer is helping by cleaning up the foam that is stuck to the stair.  We have beautiful wood flooring underneath the stairs and I am glad that she is doing this.  It is something that I have wanted to do this for a long time but I don't have the strength or the energy to do this.  This will be done in stages.    It will take awhile because there is an awful lot of carpet.  The family room and living room will both keep their carpet as neither has hard wood floors underneath, they have plywood and that just isn't really pretty.

I met with the person who is helping me with the hearing aids today.  I have been approved for their program and they will be letting my doctor know.  I have the appointment on September 27 so I am a bit excited about this.  I am nervous too because I am afraid that I will get more headaches with the hearing aids but I will try them.  With the new technologies, I am sure they are much better than the older ones.  I will find out soon.

It has been a good day today overall, I think.  The sun is shining really beautifully and the clouds are puffy white.  I had a good meeting and 2 good lessons.  Tomorrow, I have to get some music for Sarah and Alyssa.  Both need the music by Monday.  If I can't do it tomorrow then I will go on Saturday after my lesson.  Either way, it will get done soon and in time.  Kids seemed to have a good day at school.  Acer and I played bop it pinball on the computer.  He loves playing that game.  Then again, he loves bop it games in general.  I don't think he has tried one he doesn't like even bop it smash, which is used by lights.  He does very well with it by sound.  At first, we thought this game would be useless for him, but he can actually use sound on it so it isn't useless after all.

I don't know if Robin and I are going to meet for tea or not, it all depends on her but it would be nice to see her.  If not, there is always the next time she has a day off.  She works full time so it is not always easy to see her with her busy schedule.

Robin wasn't feeling too well so we aren't going to hang out after all.  Maybe next week.

I am watching my usual Thursday show, Project Runway.  I also had my nightly snuggle with the Maisy girl.  We usually snuggle after dinner when I finish the dishes.  I did dishes earlier today so since it was just Brandon and me for dinner, I chose not to do them again.  I will do them tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The first day of school 9-3

I can't believe it but it is true, today was the first day of school.  Calli is happy with her classes and Acer is happy at his class.  We have a 3rd grader and 7th grader in the house.  They are happy that school has started.  Both kids are at a new school this year so they will be making new friends.  I think both kids are very outgoing and awesome so making friends shouldn't be too hard for them.  Acer is very outgoing and so is Calli.  There was an ice cream social at Acer's school tonight that they all went too.  Acer also likes to go to the high school marching band practice too.  He is a pretty good percussionist and musician all around.  Acer sings and plays the piano too.  There are other instruments that he plays too.  I don't think there is an instrument that Acer hasn't wanted to play that he has met.  He wants to try and play every instrument he can.  I think it is awesome.  Calli also plays piano and sings.  She has a beautiful voice that is 4 octaves, which is very unusual for a child her age.  We discovered her range when she was 12 and started taking voice lessons with me.  She is very happy to be in choir again this year.  I simply adore both children.  They bring such joy and happiness to my life.  The whole family does.  They are such good friends to me and I am sure by now you all know how I feel about Maisy!  Yup!  I love that dog so much!!!!!

I had all my students that I was supposed today.  I was surprised, pleased, but surprised.  Usually, the first week of school, I don't have them all because it is the first week of school.  Sometimes, parents like the first week of school to be empty so they kids can get used to school and homework again.  I don't think Acer or Calli had homework today.  Acer only had a 1/2 day of school while Calli had the full day.  Tomorrow my 3 little Richards' girls will be absent.  They need another week of practice for their lessons so no lessons tomorrow.  Sometimes it just happens that way.

Tonight is a tiring night for us so no Game of Thrones.  It is okay as we have another week to watch it plus Bill brought home the last disc of season 2.  I am glad about that so now we can watch the last 4 episodes without a break.  His library also has season 3.  I hope his library has season 10 for NCIS as I missed most of it.  I also hope they have the last season of NCIS Los Angeles as I missed a lot of that one too.  They are good shows.  I have missed a few Rizolli and Isles but that is okay.  I can catch up on that when they come out on discs too.

My goal for the week is too work on putting the books that I don't want in plastic bags for Bill to take to work for the next library book sale.  I have quite a few, and I mean quite a few.  There are some books that are not going such as anything by LM Montgomery or JK Rowlings or anything about Harry Potter.  I have some really cool books about Harry Potter and the movies that I don't want to give up.  It was funny, the other day I was talking about the bookshelf that is in my room.  Heather B-T was like, what bookshelf.  I said, the one next to the chest of drawers.  She had no idea there was one there. That tells you how much stuff is in my room next to my bed.  I really need to do something with it, I just haven't figured out what I want to do with it yet.

I am getting ready to pull some of the Christmas Music out now since it is almost time to start practicing for the concert for some of the students.  Some of the younger ones and the beginners can wait until later in the fall, but the older ones and the more advanced ones have to start early.  Bob started today with his and Karen picked hers on Saturday.  I have most everything I need for Christmas so I shouldn't have to purchase anything new this year.  I may have to put some stuff in finale to make CDs for the singers but other than that, I should be set to go with music.  Some of the kids have their own books too so that works out really well.  Hannah, Lydia, and Natalie all use Natalie's Christmas book so I don't have to bring one for them, just for Sarah.  I also have to get Sarah her lesson book and her theory book as they can't find the lesson book.  The theory book I knew that I would need to get because everyone has to use their own but I had hoped that they still had the lesson book.  Whoops, oh well, I can easily pick it up.  It isn't a problem.  The problem is just going in to get what I need and coming straight out without other music!  That is the problem.  I tend to start looking at other things and then I want the other things, then I find myself buying other things!  It is not good so it is best if I just run in and run out.  I will do that either tomorrow or Friday depending on what time I get out of bed.  I am really tired tonight so I am not sure what time I will get up.

I am adjusting my nighttime medicines.  The neurologist upped my nighttime headache medicine from 100 to 150.  I also take 20 mg of melatonin and 3 Tylenol PM.  I am going to go down to 2 Tylenol PM because it was really hard to wake up this afternoon when I got up.  Yes, I often sleep late, but this was crazy.  I could have slept for several more hours and that was not normal for me.  I generally have to get up and take some Tylenol in the middle of the night because of pain too.  Ooh, I just remembered, I need to go and get my wrist splints and my walker tomorrow.  I am getting a walker with rollers and a seat so that I will hopefully be able to move from using a scooter to a walker for some of the time.  That is the goal anyways.  I hope so.  I also hope that eventually, I will be able to walk a bit better and for a longer time than I can right now when I lose all the weight.  It is so cool because I don't even think of if I lose all the weight anymore, it is when I lose all the weight.  I just know I will.  I am on a roll and I don't plan to stop.  Yes, I will hit plateaus.  Everyone does but since I don't weigh myself daily or weekly, they won't seem to be so bad I think.  I only get weighed when I have to at the doctors office, otherwise I just go by how my clothes feel.  Right now, they are getting really big and I am happy about that.  I have to stop wearing my favorite purple pajamas now because the pants are really too big. My other two pair aren't as big even though they are the same size because those two pairs have shrunk and the purple pair have not.  I will find out how they fit tonight when I switch to either the red or the green pair.

Well, I think I am heading to bed.  I will play words with friends first and then off to la la land!!!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day 9-2

It was a nice day today.  I went to lunch with Maggie, whom I haven't had lunch with in a really long time.  It was fun.  After that I came home and Calli read the rest of the story she was reading to Acer and I.  It was a boxcar children mystery book.  She is such a good reader.  I enjoy listening to her read to her brother.  Bill barbecued hamburgers and veggies for dinner.

It is a game of thrones episode night again.  We are on episode 6 season 2.  It is such a good show!  Arya is my favorite character and Tyrion is my second favorite character.  He is such a clever character.  He gets away with so much too.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for all the kids around here.  Calli will be in junior high in 7th grade and Acer in elementary school in 3rd grade.  They are excited to be starting a new school year.  It has been a really busy summer for them.  They have had overnight camps, day camps, and play dates all summer long.  I can't wait to hear about their first day of school.  Acer has a half day and Calli a full day.  Acer will probably be home from school by the time I get up.  It is hard to believe that it is September already.  Ugh, another month bites the dust.

I figured out tonight why my right inside part of my knee has been so sore.  There is a huge (4 inches in diameter) bruise there.  It is deep purple and ugly not too mention it really hurts.

Well, I am very achy tonight so I am heading for bed shortly.  I am also really tired now.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday 9-1

I went to the Celebration of Maia's life party.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I was nervous.  Danielle was in tears at first, which I expected.  I just tried to comfort her as best as I could.  I stayed for a few hours and then I came home.  I hung out with my younger brother, Andrew and caught up with him.  He is so busy that he doesn't get a lot of days off right now so I have to spend time with him when I can.  He is thinking of buying a house or a townhouse.  I am excited for him.  He is doing really well so I am glad for him.  He has a new friend he is hanging out with but they are just friends right now, they aren't dating.  She is 25 and they have a lot in common.  I hope to meet her if they do start dating.  It was nice to see my uncle and aunt as well as many cousins I haven't seen since my momma's funeral and burial.  It is awful, we see each other after someone dies and not in between.  I mean, where we all get together, not just a few at a time.  Everyone brought food and there were some musician friends there playing some good music.  Some of my cousins and their friends were drunk and I am nervous around people who are drunk so that was partially why I left.  I don't stay long at parties where I have a long drive home because I get so exhausted so easy so I have to leave early.  Nicole and her stepdaughter left earlier than I did, but it was nice to see her.  Andrew is pleased with my weight lose.  Apparently, he was getting very worried about the gaining of the weight when it wouldn't stop no matter what I did.  He did comment on how he is glad I am no longer taking the medicine that causes me to gain weight.  I am glad too.  I hope to be down the rest of the 130 pounds I want to lose by next fall.

Maisy and I are snuggling together today.  She had to be crated and well, she was so thirsty when I let her out.  It didn't even faze her that I had her dinner out for her too.  She kept on drinking and drinking and drinking.  I did take her out and she did her business so she won't be doing any in the house, thankfully, but I was so worried.  I texted both Heather B-T and Bill to ask what I should do since it seemed like she was overheated.  both said she would be okay now that she had some water and that she just needed lots of snuggles so we did lots of snuggling.  I am getting tired so we will be heading upstairs soon to go to bed and she will be snuggling upstairs with me too.

I am going to change my face book picture to Maisy's picture.  Now that I have learned how to get the pictures off of my camera, I have a whole bunch to pick from!  She is such a good girl!  I love that dog!!!