Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday 1-30

I had the initial consultation for the physical therapy for the carpal tunnel.  I am fortunate because there is no nerve damage because it is rare.  Maybe we caught it early enough to reverse the damage.  I did have moist heat for 15 minutes on my wrists.  I am going to get a new heating pad.  I don't have one at this point.  When I get paid I will buy one this weekend.  Lydia's 16th birthday is coming up.  I am planning to attend her luncheon for girls only.  She is such a beauty and a gentle soul!  Of all the 3 older Muglia girls, Lydia is the shyest one.  Lydia is very quiet.  Hannah is the somewhat quiet and Natalie is the chatterbox, or at least with me she is.  I just really like those girls!  I am blessed to have such good friends, family, students, and students' family.  Sarah wants to see Wreck It Ralph.  I told her that we were going to do something just the two of us.  She has had to miss a couple of movies that the older girls and I have seen.  The first time, she was ill and we when saw Les Miz, she was too young.  As beautiful and wonderful the movie is, it is not for a 9 year old.  I also would not take a 9 year to the live stage version either.  Sarah and I will, of course, stop for ice cream after.  It is a tradition you know.  I love these traditions that the girls have created.  Sometimes the girls and I go just for ice cream and talk.  They are such sweet girls.  Patrick is also a very sweet boy.  He had his 1st piano lesson on Monday.  Because the older 3 will not be taking lessons anymore, Patrick and Sarah will be able to have every other week lessons instead of once a month.  I am pleased with this.  A month is a long wait for the little ones.  For the older 3, it was okay because their music is much harder.  Patrick did really well.  I have to pick up his new theory and note speller book before his next lesson.  Sarah and I are reviewing some of the music she has already played.  I do think that the Christmas Music with a new hand position really confused her.  Sarah is doing very well and I think with some review she will feel a bit more confident.

My headache is about a medium today.  I am not sure about trying anymore Alsuma because my stomach was so upset in the middle of the night.  I am not sure if it was the medicine or just my IBS acting up.  It is probably a 50/50 toss to say which one caused it.  My legs are a bit stiffer tonight.  I am not sure really why, they get that way sometimes.  Next week I will be seeing the chiropractor.  I hope to learn a new way to help my headaches and losing weight.  I am working really hard on eating healthy.  I am trying to eat a lot more vegetables and fruits.  I sometimes have trouble with the fruit though.  Vegetables are easier for me.  I like salads so I get lots of vegetables in that.  I need to add the fruits to my meals too.  That is what I am working on these days.

Castle is on TNT tonight.  I have recently discovered this show and I can't believe I never ever watched it.  It is really good.  Bill says he can get the DVDs for me to borrow from his work.  I may have him do this along with the books that are available.  That could be great.  I have so many books on my nooks now that I cannot complain that I don't have enough to read, believe me, I do.  The thing I like about the free books is that it introduces me to so many new authors.  Well, time to spend some time with the nook before bed.  I have to get some music tomorrow for a student.  I will have to get some on Friday too but I need the one set of boxes for tomorrow and I don't have enough money to get them all so I will have to go again on Friday.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Strangest Weather Ever for MI 1-29

Sunday night we had a snow storm.  By the time I got up (yes at noon), it was raining and slushy.  All the schools in the area were closed.  4 of my students wanted to have earlier lessons since they were out of school, so naturally, I said of course, come earlier.  I don't have a problem with that.  The temperatures were in the mid 40s.  Today also the weather was in the mid 40s.  Most of the snow has turned into slush.  I just hope that it doesn't turn icy.  That will be dangerous if it does get icy.  I have to put more de-icer if necessary.  I have a huge bag of it so it won't be a problem.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with physical therapy.  It is just the consultation so I will find out what my part of the payment will be.  I am actually thinking that I probably will not be able to afford it. I did have occupational therapy this summer and that helped so I don't really think I need the physical therapy for carpal tunnel.  I do keep my hands straight as possible when I sleep and when I am doing stuff.  I still haven't found exactly a good position for when I am reading my nook, but overall, I am doing alright.  Things are shaping up around here.  Sammy is going to come over and help put the music away.  It really needs to be done at this point.  I will keep a small pile out for things I use all the time, but the Christmas music and other music needs to be put away.  I also need to start going through a file cabinet upstairs.  I really don't know what all is in it, but I have to go through it anyway.  Going through these boxes and cabinets are so hard because it feels like I am invading Mom's privacy.  I know she doesn't need the stuff up in Heaven, but it is still her stuff.  It isn't mine, it is hers.  I can't do this at all when I am alone, all I do is cry.  I just miss her so much all the time.  I have to take the sign off her door.  It still says "Mom's Room".  I remember making them for her.  She was having trouble remembering what room she is in so I made us signs.  I wish I could have done something and had her be here now.  It is so hard sometimes to see people my age with their mothers.  I want mine back.  She was a good mom.  I don't want her stuff, I want her with me.  I am glad that I know some day we will be together again and never separate again.  I just wish it was now.  I wasn't ready for her to go.  I don't think I would have ever been ready for that.  

I have a new student on Thursday for piano.  Antoinette will have her last lesson until May on Friday.  Antoinette is doing very well, it is just that she will be teaching dance for a few months so she will not be able to practice as much and she works a lot at her new job.  I look forward to her coming back for lessons.  Lessons are going well.  There is a new pay structure now.  It is in steps now.  It depends on how many lessons each student has.  I am fine with it.

Competition is coming up fast it seems.  Sarah is doing very well with her songs.  Rebecca will have her lesson on Sunday evening.  Sunday will be Lydia's sweet 16 birthday Luncheon.  I am so excited about this.  She is such a sweet girl.  I am not exactly sure what to get her for her birthday.  I know it will be something for sewing.  Lydia loves sewing a lot.  I have given the three girls the 2 portable sewing machines and their mom has a sewing machine so she doesn't need a new one.  Okay - I would not have bought her a new sewing machine all by myself, I would have given her a gift certificate towards one but since they have plenty it is a moot point.  I am going to the store on Saturday afternoon to pick something.  I love that Joann Fabrics now has a scooter.  That of course means that I can spend lots of time in there and lots of money.  Although right now, I am being very careful with my money.

Well, NCIS Los Angeles is on.  I am going to make some tea and relax before I head for bed.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The beginning of a new week 1-27

There will be some changes made in a little bit.  I think they will be good chances.  I can't go into specifics at this point, all I can say is prayers will be very welcomed.  So if you would, please pray for me and the changes.  Thank you for the prayers.

We have the timings for competition.  I am very pleased with this as we have never had the timings so early.   I am glad about that.  Sarah will be playing 2 piano pieces.  She is really doing very well.  I am really thrilled with how she is progressing.  Rebecca, Breanna, and Natalie are doing very well too.  Natalie seems to be less nervous about competition so that is good.  I do hope that she and Star will get together and talk about competition.  Star has competed before when she was Natalie's age.  I was worried that Natalie and Rebecca would be competing with each other as Rebecca is 11 and Natalie is 12.  Sometimes they have to put the ages together.  I am one thankful teacher that we won't have this issue this year.  Even though Natalie and Becca don't know each other, it would be rather stressful for all of us.  I am thankful that it is not happening.  Natalie will also be going to the luncheon with me.  I am happy about that because I will have someone to hang out with while we have lunch.  I will know more for Sarah and Breanna this week.  I am glad this year that my job was so much easier than last years.  I am in charge of the pianos!  Yes, I called stores to see who would rent us pianos for the competition.  I am in charge of having the logistics of the competition pianos.  I just have to send an update of where the pianos will be in the hotel.  I have that info now.  I will also submit the bill to Pattie for the competition.  All in all, I think this will be a good competition.  It is a month away now, at the end of February.  I am also happy that it is near home.  I will be staying overnight, because that will be easier for me, but it won't be such a long drive home at the end.  It usually takes several days of rest to recover from the weekend.  I also rest a lot during the weekend when I need to.  I have been to enough competitions to know how to pace myself, but sometimes things happen that are unexpected.  You can't  plan everything but I do try.

So far, the healthy stuff is going pretty well.  I have some more things to change and improve upon in the next few weeks.  After I see the chiropractor, I will make the rest of the food and supplement changes.

Well, Rick had his lesson today.  He is doing very well.  He is working on a Beatles song, Music of the Night, a Sonatina from Clementi (my favorite composer), and Fur Elise.  He is doing very well.  I do agree that parts of Fur Elise are very hard and a huge challenge for him, but he likes the main part pretty well.  Rick admitted today that 2 of the sections were probably a bit more of a challenge than he can do at this point.  I am just happy that he is playing piano and doing so well.

Tomorrow Patrick (Hannah, Natalie, Lydia, and Sarah's younger brother) will be starting piano.  He has done some fiddling around with it for the last few years.  I am excited about this.  He is a very nice little guy.  Sarah will also have her lesson tomorrow.  Hannah, Natalie, and Lydia will not be having lessons right now.  They wish to learn some things on their own, which with the level they are at, they can.  I did say they needed to still be in the concerts because I need to hear them play.  The Muglias are such a nice family.  I really like all the children.  I hope to spend some time in the next few weeks with the girls and watch a movie or two.  We do like a lot of the same movies.  I am not sure what movie is out that I would like to see.  I do have a couple of DVDs that I wish to see that I think the girls would like.  I want to see the "We Bought a Zoo" movie for a while now.  I have it.  I hope to see it soon with them.

I have so many books on my nook now.  I can no longer say I have nothing to read.  Trust me, I sure do have plenty to read.  The nice thing about the nook is that with getting the free books, I am getting introduced to new authors that I have never heard of.  this is definitely a good thing.

My headache isn't so bad right now.  This morning it wasn't too good, but it is better now.  The weather is a bit warmer (I can't believe that I consider 22 degrees F warmer) so my hips are not as bad as they were earlier in the week.  The hallucinations that I had with the higher dosage of headache medicine are gone so I no longer see things in the dark that are not there.  Thank goodness for that.  I see Dr. R near the end of February.  This will be after I see the chiropractor so I will have started some of the new supplements.  We shall see what is going to work better for me.

I am going to read for a while.  I am in the middle of a good book.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

at the end of the day! 1-26

I love the song "at the end of the day" from Les Miserables.  I love all the music in Les Miserables.  It is simply a beautiful movie and show.  It has been a good day.  The pain level is the normal pain.  The weather is warmer so I don't ache so much more than usual.  Kirbie had her saxophone lesson.  She has also chosen a solo to work on.  Kirbie picked "Chim Chim Cheree" from Mary Poppins.  I love that movie too and the music also.  Acer had his lesson today instead of yesterday because he was busy last night, he had a fundraiser to attend.  He and I picked Scales and Arpeggios for the group song at the Spring Concert.  Natalie was here and Bill (Acer's Dad) help with the editing of her song that she needs for the Junior Idol.  I am very excited about that.  I know she will work very hard and practice a lot so that she does her best performance.  I can't wait to hear how she does.

So far, 2013 isn't so bad.  I have had some major headaches, but overall, it has just been a normal pain month.  I received a beautiful note from my friend, Andrea wrote me.  She wrote that she prays for the day that I will have no headaches and that it won't be normal to have a headache.  She is such a sweet friend.  I am thankful we have reconnected through face book.  I am thankful that I was encouraged to get on face book because I did reconnect with many school friends and some friends that I didn't know very well in high school are good friends now.  It is also a good way to stay in contact with family too. It is easy to send messages to Andrew.  It is harder to call him because of the cost.  It is very expensive for him to call me because although we are only 2 hours apart, it is across the border to another country so it is best for him to write messages here or email.  I do hope to visit with him soon.  I did enjoy Christmas Day with him.  I like being with him just talking and watching movies.  His girlfriend, Angie, also invited me to come and see her whenever I can.  I am looking at my schedule to see when this would work.  I don't teach a lot but there is a lesson or two everyday or most days of the week.  I like that they are spread out because otherwise it would be too difficult for me to teach.

Outside of lessons, I don't have any solid plans for the week.  It will just be a regular week.  I am hoping to be able to visit with Star.  I also would like to discuss with her about the sewing club we are creating.  I think that would be really fun.  I can do a bit of sewing, I just have to be careful not to do too much at one time, that is when I get into trouble and then the pain really hurts.  As long as I pace myself, I am okay.  That is the key, of course, we all know but there are times when the pacing is off and well, that is not a good thing.  I am getting much better at pacing myself.  I also have very good friends that help me pace.  Several of my good friends don't mind if I have to cut something short, or cancel because of the pain levels.  I am thankful for that!  I think I am one of the luckier ones because most of my family and friends understand the kind of pain that I do have.  They also help remind me that while the pain is awful at times, I don't have a terminal condition.  I do try to keep that in my mind all the time.  I also have learned not to care what people think if they believe me or not.  The people that are important in my life do and that is what counts.  I am also glad that I don't look sick.  I know for so many that live with people or the people around them judge them and don't believe that they are ill that they do wish they looked sick because then, maybe they wouldn't have to defend themselves a lot.  I have always been lucky as far as the fact that my mother never questioned whether I was telling the truth about the pain or not.  She believed me and she really went with me through the journey of getting a diagnose and a doctor to help me.  I am very lucky because so many do not have this.  I had such a good mom.  She was behind me and when I was in too much pain, she did whatever she could to help. I do miss her a lot but I am happy knowing that one day we will be together again and we will never be apart.  I will meet my great grandmother that mom loved so much too.  I think they are waiting for me.  Sometimes it seems like I can feel her with me.  It is strange but true.

Well, I am getting a bit chilled so I am going to make some hot tea and read for a bit.  I hope that this evening was a good one for you too.

Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Friday!!! 1-25

This afternoon I met up with my friend from high school, Wendy.  We do this about every 2 to 3 months.  She also had the left behind series she was loaning me.  I am super excited about that.  I only have Emily tonight as Natalie had hers last night and Acer will have his tomorrow.  Natalie auditioned for her school districts' Junior Idol.  25 students from all the schools in the district were chosen.  I am so excited that Natalie was chosen.  She is a beautiful, talented young lady.  We have picked the song and now we just need to edit it to 2 1/2 minutes instead of the full length.  Fortunately, Bill knows how to do this so we will be enlisting his help with this project.

I don't really have a lot of plans after teaching a few lessons this weekend.  Rick will have his on Sunday but a bit later than usual.  It is not a problem for me.  His is the only one on that day so outside of church, I don't have set plans.  I do need to go do a couple of errands after his lesson, but before that I will be taking my after church nap.  Speaking of my sleeping schedule, Wendy and I had a good giggle when we were talking about getting up for the day.  She gently reminded me that I don't even get up in the morning.  I had to agree, because it is true.  I go to bed late and I get up late.  I am usually in bed anywhere from 11 pm to 1 am and I get up around 12 noon to 1:30 pm, it all depends on how I slept, how much I woke up, and how exhausted I am.  I don't have to get up early so I don't (except for Sundays for church).  I am not really a morning person and I never really have been.  Mom used to tease me and say she never did manage to completely fix my reversal of day and night.  When I was a baby, I mixed them up so Mom had to try to change my natural schedule.  I believe I now do live with my natural schedule.  Wendy also said that is she didn't have to get up for work, she would do exactly what I do, sleep until noon.  So see, it isn't just me!

I have discovered the show, Castle (yes, I am aware it has been on for a few years) and fortunately, TNT shows the re-runs of the show.  Now I watch it on Monday at its normal regular spot and the re-runs on TNT.  In the last few years since about 1 year before Momma died, I have watched little TV.  Mom became afraid TV so we started watching HGTV.  She wasn't afraid of that and liked to watch it.  Since then I have added back into my schedule Law and Order SVU, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, and now, Castle.  I also like re-runs of Law and Order.

Emily had a good lesson today.  She is a delightful young lady who really enjoys piano.  She is such an easy going girl.  Emily has played for almost 2 years now and is in level 3.  She is really getting notes down pat.  She still has some trouble when her hands have to move but overall, I am very pleased with her progress.

Well, it is time for dinner.  I had noticed that I was having chipotle a bit too much so I have once again focused on more vegetables and fruits.  I am in a bit of a battle because my headache medicine makes people to gain weight so I don't want that to happen to me.  It is an uphill battle but I am working on it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday 1-23

Today was not a good health day as far as headaches go.  I am thankful that I have a good friend, Heather B-T to come and give me the Alsuma shot.  Looking back on the day, I should have had her come earlier before I taught, but no, not me, I have to wait until it is almost unbearable.  I called her after Allison's lesson.  She was able to come over right after she dropped off Calli for an activity.  I am so thankful.  The headache is back to the normal one so that is good.  I now do not have anymore but I will ask the doctor for another sample since they are way too expensive for me to buy.  I am going to see if maybe I can get one at a time at the pharmacy this week when the weather gets a bit warmer.  It is just really cold out right now so if I don't have to, I do not want to go out.  Next week is supposed to be  warmer.  I sure hope so.  This Arctic type weather is not good.  It is normal for this time of year, true.  It doesn't mean I have to like it.

I did have a few lessons this afternoon/evening.  Antoinette will be stopping lessons for a few months.  I really like Antoinette and she is doing very well.  She says she will be come back and I hope she does.  I do also see her on face book from time to time.  Aubrey had her lesson tonight.  She is an amazing pianist.  She has played for just over a year at this point.  She started between Christmas and New Year's Day in 2011.  Aubrey has finished the 1A, 1B, 2, and almost 3 levels in that time.  It is very unusual as most children her age are generally in their 2nd book and since she was 6 when she started, I usually use the prep series.  I did not with Aubrey so that is even more spectacular.  Aubrey has 2 songs left in her lesson book and is working on the last song in her repertoire book.  I am so pleased with her progress.  I am planning to have her play a duet with one of the older students because the students her age are not in her level.  The only way to have her play a duet with someone in her level means I have to have the teenagers play with her.  She is very excited about this too.

Well, I think I will finish watching Castle and then read for a bit before I crawl into bed tonight.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Super Cold Day 1-22

The high for today was about 10 degrees F.  I had to go and get my protime blood test.  I also had to get another handicap card.  It cost $10 to replace.  I think tomorrow I will stay inside.  It is supposed to be cold all week so I think I will be staying home for the week.  I will only go out when I absolutely need to.  I have soups, bread, lettuce, fruit, and milk so I have plenty to eat this week.  I also have enough tea and hot chocolate to stay warm.

Today, before Sammy's lesson, I texted Sam and asked her if she wanted tea or a hot chocolate.  She send me back a text saying her choice was hot chocolate.  I heated enough water for the both of us.  Sammy is such a sweet girl.  Her aunt Lorrie signed her up for lessons.  Sammy has a lovely voice and she is such a help.  I really enjoy her lessons.  We are also both Disney fanatics so that is even better.  I would say at this point, all the students are a lot of fun.  Natalie, Lydia, and Hannah are finished with lessons at this point.  The twins, Hannah and Natalie, wish to play for themselves and to focus more on art, which is what they want to do when they grow up.  Lydia is working very hard on sewing as at this point she would like to be a fashion designer.  All three are very talented.  I have some music that I will be dropping off when Patrick and Sarah have their lessons.  I was so excited because the piano solo music for Les Miserables came in today.  I had to call the girls and let them know.  I also posted it on face book.  They are very excited about it and the other music I will be bringing them next week.

NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles were re-runs tonight so I watched an episode of SVU that I hadn't seen yet.  I tried to watch Dance Moms, but I just am not in the mood for it.  I can't watch the insanity of that show tonight.  It got too old for me.  Yes, I like that the girls dance well, but I really don't care for the other part.  I don't miss that from dance that is for sure.

I am really learning a lot from one of the Fibromyalgia Groups I belong to about supplements, vitamins, minerals and what our bodies need.  I don't believe you can be cured with these things, just help control the pain, fatigue, and maybe the brain fog.  Yesterday I copied a list of symptoms to Fibromyalgia.  It is very, very long.  Some of them I have, some I don't as Fibro is as individual as we are.  Everybody has different things that bother them and how to treat them.    I am really hoping that the chiropractor will be able to help me with the nutrition.  I am seeing him for controlling the pain, helping the headaches, and also to lose weight.  I am learning how our bodies need different hormones to function properly and be in optimal weight.  I am reading a book that is very interesting and that is what they talk about, hormones.  I am about 1/2 way through.  I sent a message to Kathy telling her about book.  She can borrow it when I am done.  Kathy is doing well with her running 5k.  I am so proud of her.  She likes to run and she does decided to join this club.  This will be her second 5K run.  Sometimes, Kathy has Matthew and Jacob run with her.  That has to be awesome.  Matthew loves basketball and running.  I know this week has been tough for running since it is so cold out.  She had to stop running one day this last weekend since her toes were very cold and numb.  I hope she will be okay running in this weather.

It is girl scout cookie time.  I will not get cookies as I know what happens when I have them.  I mean to only eat one or two, but well, that just doesn't happen.  Mom could do that, but not me.  I will end up eating the whole box.  They are so addicting to me.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Cold Weather Has Arrived. Ugh 1-21

It is supposed to be super cold tomorrow.  It is about 12 degrees out right now.  With the wind chill, ooh, I have no idea.  I am thankful that I have a warm place to sleep.  I hope everyone who lost their power in these last few days have their power back.  It is not a good night to be out in the cold.

Several schools will be closed tomorrow because of the weather.  So far, it is a couple of the private schools.  It is just not a day to be out and about.  I will be home too.  I do have to go out for my blood test, but other than that, I am a home bound girl.  I have a couple of lessons tomorrow.  Bob didn't have his lesson today so he is coming tomorrow.

It is so quiet here now that my wild boys are gone.  Rahul and Samuel are so cute and lovable, but oh so wild!  Rahul can imitate anything I play (one hand at a time, of course) but to get him to read the notes is a challenge.  He is doing well for not practicing.  Neither Rahul or Samuel practice.  They come once a week and we do what we can.  They seem to really like lessons so that is a good thing.  I am hoping that when they are older, they will practice on their own.

I have a new slow cooker.  My old one only worked on low.  This new one is a bit bigger and I like it a lot.  I am planning to make some potato soup tomorrow for dinner.  It is really good soup and I have chicken to put in to the soup as well as some other veggies.  It will last for several days so that is a good thing.  I like their soups.

Today was a slow day.  Time seemed to drag a bit.  I think it was because my only 2 lessons were in the evening and not earlier in the day.  I am reading a new book about hormones and how they interact with the food we eat.  It also talks about eating healthy and losing weight along with staying in a healthy weight.  I am really looking into these holistic type things because I think it should help some of the pain level and other symptoms.  I saw online a list of symptoms for fibro.  Wow, there were about 60 something.  Sometimes I forget how many there are.  It is also a rather long list of the co-existing conditions that go right along to keep fibro company.

Well, I believe it is time to read before heading for bed.  I also need to find the paper with the blood tests Dr. A would like done.  Ooh, I hope I have drank enough water today.  I am a very hard poke.  I am hoping that when I am thinner, it won't be so bad.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Beginning of a New Musical Week 1-20

It has been such a quiet day.  I went out to get some lunch (I was in the mood for Chipotle) and then came home.  I do not plan to go out again today.  I did have a small issue from yesterday.  I lost my handicap card.  I don't know how but I did.  It was super windy out so maybe it fell out when I got out of the car.  Either way, I don't have it anymore.  I should be able to get a new one on Tuesday as Monday is a holiday.  I am not to worried, but it is annoying that I did lose it.

I have just the usual week planned for the coming week except for the protime blood test.  I think I missed the last test so I called and made an appointment for this week.  I also have some other things that need to be tested from the arthritis doctor.

I love my nook.  It has opened up a world of new authors for me.  A lot of the books were free so that is even better.  I wish I had gotten my nook a long time ago but I have it now.  I also am now addicted to the angry birds game.  I have the regular version, space version, star wars version, and the seasonal version.  It is a fun game.

Sometimes, I just wish I had the library like the one in Beauty and the Beast.  I would have a lovely fireplace with big comfy chairs and tea.  That to me would be the best thing ever.

I have just discovered Castle this season.  I am a few seasons behind, but I do like the show.  TNT do run re-runs of it several days a week so that is good.  I also like their "Rizzoli and Isles" show too.  I do hope they continue with that show.  I really like the actresses that are in it.  Anyways, I am not really up on what some of the new shows are or even some that have been on for a few years, like Castle.

Well, it is time to make some tea, watch a little TV, sometime in there eat a salad for dinner and eventually, go to bed.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday 1-19

It was a lovely day.  I had a few lessons early in the afternoon followed by a much needed nap.  Sometimes, I think I sleep better during these midday naps.  I am not sure what is up for tomorrow.  I have Rick's lesson in the early afternoon, but other than that, I don't have any solid plans for the rest of the day.  I will need to get stuff together for what I need for the week done and I should possibly vacuum the living room.  I haven't done this yet since the tree came down on Saturday last week.  I also need to get all of the christmas stuffed animals in a box and put in the family room.  I am not sure where all of the Christmas stuff is going to go.  I don't know if it would be best to put it in the crawl space or in the attic.  Acer and Calli both want to go in the attic and in the crawl space.  What sillies.

Natalie, Hannah, and Lydia will be stopping lessons for a while.  They want to work on some stuff on their own.  Patrick, their 7 year old brother, will be beginning lessons.  I am excited for him to be starting.  Sarah will be continuing her lessons.  I have some music for the girls to play.  I have ordered the music to les miz for the girls and for others too.

I would have to say it is a missing mom evening.  Not in the crying and upset kind of night, just a I miss Mom night.  I want to get out some pictures of the little lady and put them in one of the multisize photo frames.  I have some pictures of when mom was about 3 and she was so adorable.  She really was.  Then I do have some other pictures of her as a pre-teen and a young teen.  I love the picture of Mom when she was in the air force at 18 years old.  It is simply very very very very very very beautiful.  I am not sure how many pictures I will need for it as I have not purchased the frame yet.  I am not sure, but I may have one in the spare room.  I will look later.  It is just one of the projects I plan to do this winter.  I am so much like mom it is scary at times.  Now I am the one with projects instead of Mom.  Momma always had a project going on in the house.  I also am planning some new clothing choices for summer and next fall.  I am hoping that I will be well on my way with the weight loss.  I am looking into making sure that I have the vitamins to help control the pain and perhaps work on weight loss.  I am doing pretty well with eating healthy.  I do need to do a bit better, but over all, it isn't bad.  I am very interested in learning all about holistic healing and hope to merge the two.  I don't think I will stop going with the traditional medicine, but combine the two and work in concert.  No, I am not expecting anything like a miracle, just help with some of the headache pains and brain fog.  The exhaustion and headaches are what get me the most.  I do hope for some relief with the exhaustion.

It is time to read for a bit before bed.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday 1/18

It has been a few days since I posted.  Sometimes, it seems that time is drifting away from me.  I am often a bit foggy during the day sometimes.  I do have trouble with concentrating at times.

Today has been a medium to bad headache day.  I hope tomorrow will be better.  I don't have too many plans for the weekend.  I plan to just have a good, low keyed weekend.

Acer had his lesson today.  When he was working on his piano music, we talked about block and broken chords.  He got the concept immediately, which does not surprise me as he usually only needs to be told once when it comes to music.  So then we switched to his vocal lesson.  He was warming up when he said that when I change the key of the warm up, it is a block chord and when he does his he he he exercise, it is a broken chord.  He was right.  That is exactly what we do.  I should not have been as surprised as I was though since music is something he does understand right away.  He is a very musical young man.

I am in the middle of rearranging the dining room.  The desk is now on its way to the Muglia residence.  I also had an old but still working scanner.  Because I have a mac and I use the operating system 10, it is no longer compatible with the scanner.  I am glad it went to a good home.  My dining room table is slowly moving into the spot it belongs.  I had the small folding table brought down from a bedroom upstairs so that my printers and DVD player would have something to sit on until the office is ready for them.  I think that the girls will really be able to use these things so they can continue to create their artwork.  I think they are very talented as does Star, who is their art teacher.  I really I want to help my students reach their goals in life.  I am hoping that I will have a movie marathon soon with the girls.  On Monday, the girls brother, Patrick will be starting piano.  He is very good at figuring out melodies on the piano.  I am anxious to hear what he will be able to do.  I also think that Patrick and Acer would be good to play duets together.  We shall see how well he will do.  Natalie will not be taking lessons right now.  She would like to learn some stuff on her own.  I told her it is not a problem.  Hannah is not sure if she is going to or keep going.  She and Natalie are at the point where they can play a lot of really hard songs.  I do think that maybe they should do a bit more in theory, but overall, it is completely what they would like to do.  I will still bring them music to play.  We saw Les Miserables and I have ordered the music for them.  I hope it is a piano solo version.  I will find out when I get it.  One has been sent so I should get it hopefully tomorrow.

I am going to read for a bit and then head for bed.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday 1-14

It has been a good day for visitors.  My Aunt Michelle came over to see me and to pick up some packages.  I had 2 lessons.  Rachel and Isaac are doing very well.  I am thankful that I can teach a bit.  It gives me something to look forward to each day.  That one hour or one and a half hour where the students are here really makes my day better.

My head was a bit more sore than usual today just like yesterday.  I have noticed that the dry mouth I was having has stopped.  I think it is because I dropped down the dosage of the headache medicine.  I am also not having the visions that I was before so it is better all around.  Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to do more than what I can do right now.  I am not sure, I don't focus on this, I just wonder every so often.  I am trying to manage the symptoms better with vitamins and healthier food instead of just medicine.  I take so many that it feels like I take a pharmacy of pills.  I know that they help, but I would rather not take so much.  At this point, I cannot stop taking any of them.  I had thought about not taking the anxiety medicine, but then I realized that my anxiety is not as bad since I do take the medicine twice a day so it would not be in my best interest to not take it.  I guess that is the same with a lot of people who take medicine.  They think they are doing well and won't need the medicine.  I have started taking vitamin D, a different dosage of iron (since the old one was not doing it's job enough), a vitamin just for eyes (I have macular degeneration), and calcium.  I am looking at more natural supplements that may make it easier for me to take less medicine.  I also am working on losing all this excess weight.  I need to work on balance too since my balance is not so good.  I get good giggles when I think how I used to dance everywhere.  I was a very serious dancer when I was in my late teens and early to mid 20s.  I loved dance so much.  I was headed to Broadway until I got sidetracked with Fibro.  Fortunately, my dance teacher started me teaching.  Without that, it would have been worse.  When we lost the music store, I wasn't sure I would ever be able to work again.  I was a train wreck.  I had stopped teaching for a while because I just couldn't do it.  I know I will never be able to work retail again.  However, as time passes it no longer bothers me. I am happy with what I do.

Well, time to read a bit, have a tea and then head for bed.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday 1-13

My living room looks soooooo empty without the big Christmas tree in it.  Acer and Calli came yesterday to help take everything down.  They were here about 3 1/2 or so hours and we got the entire tree and many other decorations down and put away.  Calli did most of it.  Acer wanted to take down the garlands on the railings and he did a very good job doing it.  My job was to cut bubble wrap so that Calli could wrap the ornaments and put them in the boxes.  She did so well.  The garlands and beads are all put away.  I just have to vacuum the living room.  I haven't done this yet.  I will do it before lessons tomorrow.  I was so wiped out last night after the kids went home.  I went straight to bed.  I was also really sore from it, which surprised me.  I didn't expect that.  I was really sore but after a night sleeping somewhat okay, I am back to the regular soreness.

Today was a quiet type of day.  Rick had his lesson and is doing very well.  We worked on adding pedal to one of the songs he is working on.  After that I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a refill.  I also needed to pick up some vitamins and nighttime pain medicine.  I think I got everything.  I also picked up a few bananas for this week too.  I am trying really hard to eat mostly fruits and vegetables instead of grains like bread and things like that.  I am working very hard on this.  I am also looking into alternatives for pain management and controlling the symptoms of everything I have.  There has to be something out there that will help.

I really like my nook.  I am so glad I have one now.  I have about 80 or so books on it already.  Many of them were free but I also received a lot of Barnes and Noble Gift Certificates for Christmas from both family and friends.  I still have a really long wish list but hey, I can get to those after I read everything else.  I have my favorite authors and some new ones that I haven't read yet.  I love reading.  I do have to wear reading glasses now (this is in addition to the lovely contacts I already wear) but since I didn't want bifocals, I will take the reading glasses.  Kathy was right, the nook really expands the books that you read.

My Aunt Michelle and Uncle John will be coming either tonight or tomorrow to pick up a couple of packages and their Christmas presents.  Because of what happened to their puppies right before Christmas, I have not seen her since.  Peanut has come home and seems to be healing well.  At this point, the vet is unsure whether or not that Peanut will need her little leg removed.  Her pelvis is healing properly so no surgery needed to fix that.  Peanut is so cute and so was Poppy.  It seems that both Peanut and my aunt and uncle's other dog, Raven miss Poppy.  Raven keeps looking for both of them.  I do hope that 2013 is a much better year for them.

I have had a bad headache all day today.  It doesn't seem like it is going down so far today.  I can only hope it does by the time I head for bed.  I hope tomorrow it won't be so bad tomorrow.  I am not as sore as I was last night so I am really glad about that.  Right now the boxes are in the family room.  I will figure out where to put them later.  I am not sure if they will go under the house or in the attic.  It works where they are right now that is what counts.  I am really pleased with how festive my house was for the Christmas Season.  I still have to take down the pictures in the dining room.  I forgot yesterday and I will do it tomorrow.

Well, I think it is time for a lovely tea and reading right now.  I hope your evening is good too.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

midweek! 1-9

I am getting back into the swing of things (well, sort of).  I have 2 lessons tomorrow and I believe that is all.  Faith is such a good student.  She lives down the road from me and her family are very good neighbors.  I would say that many of the neighbors in my subdivision are very good neighbors.  I also do get a small thrill to just go down the stairs to the living room to teach.  So much easier than going out to a studio or people's house.  With the health issues, it wouldn't really be possible to do that at this point.  It is easier also because if I need something, I have it in the house.  Also, if students are absent or don't show up, I am already home so that is good.  Although, I don't have too many just not show up.  Usually, all my students let me know they are going to be absent.

I am doing pretty well with the eating healthy.  I really feel better, not necessarily physically better, but a better frame of mind when I eat better.  I still have been having a problem with the lightheadedness.  I get light headed so easy.  I know part of it is the medicine.  I am hoping that in the future that I won't need so much medicine.  I am looking at trying to control pain with vitamins and such.  I have read that when we have vitamin deficiencies that it can cause more symptoms of fibro and everything that goes with it.  The bruise on my calf is getting better.  The red spot isn't too hot anymore so I know it is not a blood clot.  I think the danger of the blood clot is over.  I am hoping so at least.  The center of the bruise is still hard like a lump.  I don't really know how long it will take to go away, but it does get better everyday.  It just feels weird and is still swollen.  Then again, my legs, feet, and hands are often swollen.  I don't know why, they just are.

My headache is doing about the same.  It is bad in the morning and in the evening but during the afternoon it isn't so bad.  At this point, I expect when I see Dr. Rossi again we will probably change to a different medicine since at the higher doses caused me to hallucinate and the lower dose doesn't work too well.  I mean, it IS better than nothing, but not as well as I know she would like it to work.  It is nice to work with a doctor who's goal for me is to not have an everyday headache.  I look forward to that day too.  I can't remember what it is like to not have a headache of some sort.  Yes, sometimes I am able to ignore it because I am so used to it.  I used to think that it was just a part of fibro and I had to just learn how to live with it like everything else.  Maybe I won't have to just learn to live with it.  I have noticed that when I am sitting or lying down, I don't have a problem with light headedness, only when I am standing or walking.  I am not sure what that really means except that I am light headed when I stand or walking.  I do know that one of the side effects of some of the medicine is light headedness or dizziness so I don't really think it is anything to worry about.

I am hoping that this weekend, I will have some help taking down the Christmas tree and the decorations.  Acer has expressed interest in helping.  He wants to take down the decorations that are on the railings in the hallways.  It depends on whether or not Calli has homework or goalball to know if she can help too.  I think if I just do a bit everyday, then it won't be such a huge job.  The tree is about 5 or so feet and completely covered in decorations and I mean completely.  I don't think there is any branch that doesn't have at least 1 ornament and some even have 2 or 3 ornaments on the branch.  I would have to say that the kids did an amazing job decorating.  Everything looked so festive and beautiful.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday 1-8

I had a new student tonight, Nick.  He is in 8th grade and very musical.  So far, I have had 3 new students.  Of course, this balances out the 5 that have stopped lessons at this time.  You have to be super flexible for teaching and realize that changes can be made from one week to the next.  Nothing is written in stone, so to speak.  I am thankful that it usually evens out eventually.

Kathy's birthday will be on Thursday.  She will be 45.  I will be 45 in April.  It is so strange at times, this passing of life.  I don't feel 45 or even have a clue of how a 45 year old even feels.  My spirit hasn't gotten any older than how I felt when I was young and much more carefree.  However, I must confess that my physical body feels very, very, very old at times.  I think everyone has moments with feeling old and feeling young.

I have no memory of actually meeting Kathy, none at all.  I also cannot remember a time when we were not friends outside of childhood arguments and such typical behavior.  However, our friendship has lasted the test of time.  From what our parents have told us, Kathy and I met in our church Sunday School.  Both my mother and her parents say that we met around 3 years old.  When I was 5 and starting Kindergarten, Mom said that it was thanks to Kathy being in the same class as me that saved her from a major meltdown from me.  Mom had talked to me about Kindergarten and what I would be doing, she neglected to tell me I had to stay in school all morning.  See, I thought you went to school, got your work and then went home to do your work with Mom.  I was about to start the meltdown when Mom pointed out that Kathy was in my class and there was an empty seat right next to her.  I sat next to her for the rest of the day and for the rest of the year.  It was good that we ended up at the same school since we saw each other a lot.  We had many play dates as children.  Kathy and I would play games, read, listen to music, and everything else two young girls would do.  I remember in 6th grade I got very angry at Kathy, I remember a bit about it but not really.  I do remember that in band she and I were sent into the practice room to work our disagreement.  I think it took a while to get over it.  I don't remember too much about it but I do know that talking to Mom made it okay and then Kathy and I were fine again.  I think that was the longest time we were upset and angry with each other.  I also remember when she got married.  I was so excited for her.  Kathy was so exhausted by time the wedding day arrived that I think I was a bit more bouncing off the walls than she was.  It was a glorious day.  I also remember the day I met each of her children.  Being an aunt is a great thing and I am glad that she considers me a part of her family.  Her children are the light of my life as is many of my students are.

This afternoon, I was checking facebook and I suddenly couldn't remember what day it was.  I was totally freaked for a few minutes as I thought I missed Kathy's birthday.  I quickly checked my planner for the date and realized that no, Thursday will be her birthday, not today.

I am watching NCIS.  Oh my, this was a really good episode.  It is a very sad one too since Vance's wife dies as well as Ziva's father.  NCIS Los Angeles will be on after this one.

My leg hurts more today than it did on Tuesday.  The bruised parts are a bit better as in they are not bright red like they had been.  It just hurts all up and down the leg.  I hope it will be better tomorrow.  My headache is going back down to the regular one.  I am also more light headed today than usual.  I am sure it isn't anything serious.  I am not up for anything serious with everything that is going on.

Ooh, it is time for NCIS Los Angeles.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Start of the First Full Week of January 1-7

I turned in all the competition stuff on Saturday.  I mailed the checks from the parents on Saturday too.  I have to mail my dues tomorrow.  I sent in the form, I just need to mail the check.

I had new songs for Isaac all copied and put in sheet protectors.  I was looking through the Musical Theatre book for young men and I found a couple of songs that I thought were perfect for Isaac.  I got the music ready and when he arrived, his music was ready for him.  My wild boys, Rahul and Sammy, had their lessons and boy were they both a bit too much on the wild side.  I hope next week will be better for the young men.  Rachel did very well at her lesson today.  She is one of the sweetest girls EVER.  She works very hard and she seems to really like piano.  I am pleased with her progress.

A couple of my students are stopping lessons for now.  I have a few new ones starting this week.  It sure balances out the ones quitting with the new ones so it works out well.

Other than a few lessons, my day was rather quiet.  I have several books on my nook.  I received several Barnes and Noble gift cards.  Of course, at this time, they have all been used.  I love my nook.  I like some of the games that is on there too.  I really like the angry bird ones.  They are crazy but I do like them.

On Sunday I saw Les Miserables again.  I wanted to see it with my lovely girls so I called earlier in the week to see when they were available to see the movie.  I also called Star and asked if she was interested too.  When Natalie had her lesson, I asked if she was interested in going also.  Natalie said yes so we had 2 Natalies on Sunday.  The six of us then went to get ice cream after the movie.  It was a lovely way to spend the day.  When I dropped the Muglia girls off and Star off, I came home and relaxed before heading to bed.  Natalie Z seemed to really get along well with the Muglia girls and with Star.  I hope there is another movie or event that we can do together again.

I am planning to start taking the decorations off the Christmas tree this week.  Acer would like to help.  He said so.  Maybe on Saturday Acer will be able to come over and help me take them down.  I also have to remember to take the decorations off of the top of the other piano too.  Somehow, last year, that didn't happen.  Whoops!  I will take them down this year.  Rahul and Sammy want to use that piano next week.  Acer also likes that piano better than the one we are currently using.  I have to get both pianos tuned sometime this winter.  They are completely out of tune, not at all, it is just it is time to tune them so they won't go out of tune.

I am watching Castle right now.  I haven't seen too many of them yet, but I do like them a lot.  There wasn't anything else on the TV one night so I put TNT on and Castle was on.  I watched a couple of episodes and discovered that I liked it.  So on Monday nights on ABC are the current season episodes and the episodes shown on TNT are re-runs.

I hope tomorrow is a less pain day for everyone!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Blast from the Past 1-5

I received a call a while ago.  It was from a friend who I have not actually seen or talked to in about 20 or so years.  Her name is Amy.  She and I danced at the same dance studio.  We were both teachers there as well as her twin sister, Andrea.  I spent about 9 years at the studio both as a teacher and a student.  I didn't start dance until I was 16 right after I had my surgery and recovered for a year.  I could not dance or twist or anything like that until I fully recovered.  It took a year and I finished my year on December 8.  I began taking dance the next month.  I loved it right away.  I took dance because I wanted to be on Broadway and you definitely needed to learn how to dance.  I started teaching vocal at 18, right after I graduated from High School.

I went to the studio that day to sign up for the dance classes.  Karen, the owner and director of the studio handed me a schedule.  She said that these are the people who are signing up for voice lessons.  I was like, what?  I had a few students later that week.  I think I floated from week to week until about Christmas.  I was so stressed about teaching that I want to quit.  I never wanted to be a teacher in the first place.  I was talking to my mom and she asked me for my lesson plans.  I looked at her and said, what lesson plans.  Mom was shocked so she taught me how to write lesson plans.  This helped a lot.  After the first year, I got a better hang of teaching and that helped.  It also helped that I was learning how to teach and things like that in school.

I am now very thankful that Karen did what she did as I got very sick and had to drop out of a national tour.  Unfortunately, I have never been healthy enough to do any professional performing.  I was surprised that after I learned how to plan lessons that I really did enjoy the lessons.  For the first 2 years of teaching voice, mom would help me go over what the goals were for each lesson.  When I was about 20 or 21, I was hired to start teaching piano.  I was very nervous because I had only played for a couple of years.  However, the lady at the store who hired me had much more faith in me than I did.  I got the beginners books and went through them to see how to approach the music.  I think I was the only music major who was excited about taking piano.  We didn't have one at home.  I had to go to school to practice both piano and voice.  It was like that when I went to Macomb and also when I went to Wayne State University.

It really is thanks to Mom that I didn't quit teaching.  Now, I know all the piano books so well that I no longer need to write down a lesson plan.  The closest thing to that is to write what other music the student will be learning.  It is the same thing with the vocal students.  Mom was so proud that I was a teacher.  When my brothers would ask mom if I was ever going to get a "real" job.  Mom's comment was she has a "real" job.  It used to drive my brothers crazy for some reason.

Once I started buying music for students and for myself, Mom decided that I needed to organize my music better.  She spent Saturday mornings for several months creating my data base.  She not only would put the name of the book in, but also listed all the songs that were in the book, who wrote or arranged the songs and what level the music was in.  I am so grateful that she did that.  On Sundays, Mom would ask me what songs I would need for the week.  Yes, I know, talk about spoiled!  All I had to do was write the name of the song, who composed it, and the level and she would pull them for me.  She would also check back in all the books that I had received back.

It was such a great system.  Yes, I still use it.  I am not totally up on all my music being listed but I am close.  I no longer loan out a lot of the original music because I have had many pieces disappear over the years.  Students quit and never return my music.  Now, I copy a lot of it for the student and then they use the original for competitions and concerts.  Because I am a teacher, I am allowed, by law, to make one copy per student to be used as a teaching tool.  I bring all the original music to the events so that we have it.

 Sometimes it makes me sad to see her handwriting on the tags and most of the time it makes me smile.  I think one of my worst fears is that I will forget mom.  I know that it is not a reasonable fear, but I still do worry about it.  I am not as organized as my mom but I am learning to be.  I am also working on being a better money manager like mom was.  I am a lot like my mom except to when it comes to money.  For some reason, I used to be so much more materialistic than I am now.  Now, I want to have the relationships instead of the things.

Well, it is time to read for a bit.  I am hoping that Amy will message me back so we can go and hang out.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday 1-4

It has been a pretty quiet day.  I had 2 lessons, Emily and Natalie.  Emily is in level 3 now and she is doing very well.  She is a very sweet girl.  Natalie is 12 and will be going to competition for the first time.  She is very nervous about competition.  3 of the Muglia girls (Hannah, Lydia, and Natalie), Star, and Natalie will be going with me to see Les Miserables.  Star and I have already seen it but we both loved it so much that we will see it again.  After that we will go and get ice cream for the girls.  I am hoping that Star will be able to calm so of the fears that Natalie has.  She is very nervous.  I think at times that Natalie is so hard on herself that she sets herself up for failure.  I am hoping that after she speaks with Star that she will be okay and not so nervous.

Calli and Acer will most likely have their lessons tomorrow.  Acer is working on the Minuet in G by Bach for piano and Be Kind to Your Parents for singing.  He is a cutie.  I had hoped that Calli would have been able to join us, but there is a family event so no Calli for the afternoon.  I hope to have her come with me and keep me company while I pick up a few things at the store.  I don't have too much, just a few things, but we have a good time when we shop together.  It will also be the first time Q would be coming with us.  It should be a good time.  I am looking forward to it.

I am getting pretty tired so I am going to read for a bit before heading to bed.  I have 3 new students tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I have met my ER quota for the year 1-2

After I wrote my post for yesterday, I just relaxed and read for a bit.  My leg was a little bit sore and a whole lot swollen worse than usual.  I touched the spot on my calf that is hard and it was warm to the touch.  I was unsure what I should do, do I go to the ER, do I wait until the next day and see the doctor?  I messaged my friend, Robin and asked what she thought I should do.  She did not message me back, she called, almost immediately.  With the history I have with blood clots, Robin said I should have probably gone on New Year's Eve when I noticed it.  She pretty much confirmed what I thought. I called my neighbor, Barbara Jean and she came to take me to the hospital.  I was there for a few hours.  I did have the Doppler test for a deep vein blood clot.  The test showed that I didn't have a deep vein blood clot.  At this time it is a hemotoma.  It is like a big bruise in a way.  The swelling should go down and the skin will go back to the regular color (it is purple and blueish right now).  I do have to keep an eye on it in case it gets bigger or hotter or if my foot turns blue, then I have to go back to the ER.  I don't expect any of that to happen but I will watch it anyways.  Basically, I think that this visit should be the only visit this year or at least I am hoping so.  Last year, I went 2 times, 1 for the headache and the other for the infection under the skin.  I have a good neurologist so I shouldn't have to  go to the ER for any headache issues.  I would just call her.  I really like her and I think my headaches are getting somewhat better.

Today is back to normal.  I have a few lessons, Ellie is sick so she won't be here until next week.  It is time to work on the competition entry forms.  I have to have the payments sent in by Saturday.  I will have the entry forms ready to be emailed.  I also have to send in my teacher dues at the same time.  I have Sarah, Aggie, and most of Natalie's info down.  I just need Nina's and Breanna's info and them I can send them all in!!!!!

My student, Antoinette should be here in a few minutes.  She will be taking some time off from lessons because she was asked to teach a few dance classes.  After the dance season is over, she is planning to come back for more lessons.  It will be just too busy for her.  I will miss her but we are friends on facebook so I will still get the scoop on how she is doing.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Beginning of a New Year 1-1-13

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a good New Year's Eve.  I certainly did.  Bill and Heather came over with Acer, Calli wasn't feeling too well so she stayed with her grandmother.  Three of Bill and Heather's friends came over also.  It was a lovely way to usher in the New Year.  We decided to move the event from Bill and Heather's to here.  It was nice to spend the time with them.  We played games with Acer, we chatted, and we had some food.  Everyone brought something.  I bought the cutest Christmas cups for the party.

After we ushered in the New Year and everyone went home, I couldn't sleep.  About a half hour later, my head got worse.  I finally got to sleep in the wee hours of the morning.  I just have the regular headache right now.

I don't usually make new year resolutions, I just pick something I want to work on.  This year I plan to keep working on eating healthy and looking at alternatives to control the pain of Fibro, headaches, and everything that goes along with it.  I have been eating healthier since about Memorial weekend.  I will continue to do this.  I got some yummy berries yesterday at the grocery store.  I also got those little cutie oranges.  I like those a lot.  I am focusing on eating more vegetables and fruit.  I think this will help me lose the weight and hopefully the headache medicine will not make me gain weight.  It is an uphill battle at times because of the many medicines.  I am hoping that as I lose the weight, I will be able to be off some of the medicines.  That is the goal of the year though.

I am watching a marathon of Law and Order: SVU.  It is good.  Right now they are running season 13, of which I missed most of it.  I don't really know why, I just did.

I do hope that you are going to have a great year and that 2013 is a less pain and more energy year!