Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I think it has been a week 11-20

Wow, I am not sure how long it has been since I have posted.  I am sure it has been at least a week though.  I have not been very good on this lately.  My head has been in a major fog for a while now.  I am not sure why.  I have done some very goofy things because of it.  Fortunately I haven't done anything too goofy around students.  That would not be good.

Next week is thanksgiving.  I can't believe it.  I am actually having it here with Will and his Mom with possibly Star and her mom, Paula.  I am not sure yet.  It should be rather interesting.  I am not sure what exactly I will cook or what I will order, but I will know by Friday since that is the day I have to put the order in by.  I know I want corn bread so that will be from Boston Market along with some of their veggies.  I love their veggies.  Paula and Star are vegans so that will be an interesting mix.  I will have some salsa stuff for them to put on their potatoes.  I won't mash them because I put milk in that and they don't drink milk and for some reason soy milk doesn't sound good with mashed potatoes.  I will get a small thing of soy cream for Star's tea since I know that is what she likes.  Heather BT and family will be going to Bill's parents as their usual for the holiday.  On Friday, I will trod to Kathy's parents' house to have another Thanksgiving with her parents.  All in all, it should be rather good.  I think it will be.  I miss Kathy and her family.  I only get to see her parents on the 3 major holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter these days since they live about an hour away now.  I used to see them more often than that.  Of course, I don't see Kathy that much either.  We have a Murphy bed for her now when she comes to visit.  I am very excited to see her.  We always have a good time.

My right hip and lower back have been giving me lots of pain lately.  I am sure it is because of the weather and the redistribution of the losing of weight.  When it gets chilly like this, it starts to hurt.  It isn't as bad as two years ago because it isn't so cold yet but hopefully when it is, I will have lost even more weight.  I am very tired now after helping Acer with his homework.  Keeping him on task is harder than anything when it comes to doing his homework.  I think I am in for an early night tonight.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Amazing What I Can Now Hear 11-6

I got hearing aids today.  To say that I can hear things I never heard before or haven't heard in years, is amazing to me.  I was very nervous about these because I get headaches so easy that when I had tried them before, I got such bad headaches.  I took them out right away and vowed to never try them again.  So far, so good, no bad headaches.  It is rather weird to describe what I sound like.  I don't like how I seem to echo in my head, I am hoping that will stop or I will get used to this.  The pianos sound weird right now too, I am also hoping that will change too or I will get used to it.  This hearing through a computer is so very strange.  I am at 70% of where I should be because the hearing aid will gradually move me up to 100% percent.  They are run by computers now.  I can have my hearing aids hooked up to a computer and then they communicate to each other.  It is so strange to me.

When I was in the office, a truck drove by the window I was sitting near, I HEARD the truck go by.  I have never heard that before.  Last night Will was teasing me about being able to hear the background noises in the TV shows and movies.  I had to actually ask what background noises was he talking about?  I have never heard them.

Heather BT said that it also has changed my speaking voice a smidge.  We didn't expect that.  She thinks it is because I have to speak so loud so I can hear me and that raises up my squeaky little voice but now that I can hear me better, my voice has lowered a bit.  I also don't speak as loud since I can hear myself much better too.  I even heard Acer when he was talking to me from upstairs in the hallway when normally I would have to say, Acer come down to talk to me.  It was amazing to me.  I have been nervous and anxious about this for no reason.  I have the other two appointments for the check ups scheduled now.  i totally forgot that I needed a total of 3 appointments so I only made the 1 appointment.  Now I have the other 2 so it is fine.  I just have to check and make sure that it isn't on a day I already have an appointment since December is a busy month with appointments.  I think I have 3 in December and 1 in January so far.  They are all just check up ones, but I just have to make sure that I don't double book myself like I have been known to do.

I think it will be an adjustment with singing too.  I haven't done much singing since I just got them this afternoon so tomorrow will be a test with the singing I need to do.  Natalie and Isaac will be singing with me so it will be interesting.

I had planned on watching Law and Order but I think I am just too tired tonight.  I do need to get up early tomorrow and go to Sarah and Hannah's tomorrow so I think I will just go to sleep.  I am almost ready for it.

I think I have a really loud computer keyboard too because when I am typing, it is loud, really loud.

I also hear Maisy snort more now than I did before.  She is such a cute dog.  I could just hug her forever if she would let me.

Next to take care of are my eyes as I need new contacts and need to get my macular degeneration checked out too.

Friday, November 1, 2013

ugh. 11-1

My right leg, from the hip all the way down the back of my leg to my toes hurt.  It doesn't hurt as bad as yesterday, but it still hurts.  I don't know what I did to it.  I really don't recall doing anything to it, but it hurts a lot, and I mean, a lot.  Fortunately, it is more of a quiet day than not.  I have a couple of lessons but that is about it.  I can rest more than anything today and that is what I need.

My throat is a bit sore on the top part of it, but it isn't too bad yet.  I am hoping it isn't going to get too bad.  Acer, Calli, Heather BT, and Will are all sick.  Yup, that is 2/3 of the house.  So far, Bill and I have eluded the cold/bronchitis that is floating around our house.  I am hoping that we will not get this thing at all.  Like I said, I have just a small sore throat, which I have had for about a day or so now.

Maisy and I have been enjoying the quiet.  I plan to catch up on a couple of DVDs this evening and then head to bed early.  I have to be up for a 10 am phone call that is really important so going to bed early will be good.  I only have 2 lessons tomorrow so if I get too tired in the afternoon (like I often do), I can take a nap.  Generally, by the time Saturday rolls around, I am exhausted beyond exhausted and usually sleep the afternoon away.  There is a family get together that I am planning to go to but it will depend on whether or not I get this cold.  I am hoping I don't so I can go.  I will be able to take a brief nap before I have to leave.

I was so excited last night because I got to have Maisy in my room with me.  The only small problem was that Maisy likes to sleep right in the middle of my bed where I sleep.  I gently moved her over and crawled in.  She is such a sweet little dog.  Around 3 I had to get up for some pain meds so she came down with me.  Maisy was thirsty.  Then we went back upstairs to bed.  I did get up around 7:30 am to feed her and to let her out for doggie business.  After that, we both went back to bed.  Right now she is sitting on the big stool next to me.  She is looking out the window so she can see if anyone is coming.  I must say that Maisy has barely barked since it has just been the three of us here in the house.  She did really well with all the commotion of Halloween last night.

i didn't get to go to Star's party last night.  I wasn't feeling well enough.  Stupid fibro and throat.  Will was feeling really awful too so neither one of us could really go.  I was really looking forward to it too. We were going to watch some Harry Potter movies and Practical Magic but no, I had to not be feeling well enough.  I hope that I can see her next week and be feeling much better.

I think for dinner tonight I am going to go and get some chicken soup for Will and a salad for me.  Chicken soup is supposed to be very good for a cold and he is feeling really rather miserable so I will go get it for him.  Maisy will come with me because she is such a good companion when driving.  She is such good company.  I will have her to myself until Sunday when the rest of the family comes home.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.  I will get to see Kathy and family!!!!  I usually spend the holidays with her and her family.  It is so much fun to do that.  It really is.  I don't know if Kathy is going to be at her parents on Thanksgiving Day or the day after or the Saturday after, but one of the days I will see her.  I just can't believe that it is almost Thanksgiving already.  Then before I know it, it will be Christmas and New Year's!  This year is really going by so fast.

Well, it is almost time for the little good girl and I to go and pick up some dinner.