Monday, August 31, 2009

Katie passed out 100 flyers.  We have 400 more to pass out.  I was nervous to pass them out in the evening, but people who we handed them to were really nice.  I was happy about that.  Rachel is coming over some time this week to help pass out more.  I am very thankful they are helping, I can't go up and down that many steps.  I hope to get 20 students out of this.  We really need it.  With the Citibank incident we are out $609 and no way of getting it back.  I am hopeful that it will work out for us.  25 regular students would be great.  Mom and I would enjoy that many.  Perfect amount for us right now.  I don't know if I could handle more, being tired all the time and feeling sick all the time too.

My chest is still hurting every so often, then it stops.  I think it is stress, I am very stressed right now.  Because of the Citibank incident, I had to take my name of the checking account right now and my disability check probably won't go through so it will get sent back to the treasury which means they will send it by mail and that will take about 10 days, so we won't have any money until the 13th.  I will have some lessons between now and then so we should have enough money for food, plus we have a little in the saving account.  Thank God I did not put my name on the saving account or we would be in huge trouble.  

My arm and shoulder are high in pain today.  It wasn't so bad until about an hour ago.  I'm glad it was okay while we were passing (well, Katie) out flyers.  My head is bad again too.  We are heading for bed soon so I will be taking Tylenol, I won't be able to get my darvacet until we get my disability.  I haven't had it for a week now.  The Tylenol doesn't work too well, but it helps some, better than nothing.

I hope you are having a great day.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mom is obsessing with toothbrushes this afternoon.  She is obsessed with wrapping everything in a paper towel, and I mean everything.  She is now wanting my toothbrush wrapped.  I don't.  She is very confused about this.  Little things like this drive me crazy about the disease dementia.  It isn't her fault, but oh my when it kicks in.  She seems to be finished with this one now.  I hope it doesn't surface again today.  She gets so upset over these type things and then she cries.

Anne was in town this weekend and I got to see her!!!!!!  I would have been able to spend more time with her if I had my phone not on vibrate.  After lessons yesterday I forgot to turn the volume up.  Ugh!  I missed 45 minutes with Anne.  She lives in NYC now and works at a Oxford Publishing.  She says its alright.  Her grandmother turned 75 this weekend so they had a party.  I wanted to have a party for Mom this past March when she turned 75, but we were flat broke. 

Monday, Katie is coming over after lessons to help pass out flyers for teaching.  I printed 500 of them and bought rubber bands for the houses that don't have the doors we can slip flyers into.  I am very grateful both she and Rachel are going to help me out.  I am hoping for at least 10 students, 20 would be better! 

My arm and shoulder as usual are burning.  My chest isn't hurting today, but it hurt again in the middle of the night.  I am really getting annoyed with it!  Stop hurting already!  My head isn't too bad right now.  Was a little worse this morning.

It looks real pretty out with the sun shining, however, it is a bit chilly.  I don't mind though, it is better than the 90 degree heat we had for a few days.  I ache so much more in extreme heat and cold.  To bad there is no utopia in temperatures.  I can't wait for fall to arrive.  I love fall with the changing of the leaves.  They look so nice.

I hope this finds you having a good day.  Not sure if we are scootering today, depends on Mom.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I thought bankruptcy was supposed to protect from this stuff, but since I haven't filed yet, only hired the lawyer, I guess not.  We got a bad bad surprise from the bank when we went to our Tim Horton's this morning.  Our card was declined.  Now I check my bank account everyday and couldn't imagine why it was denied.  So we went to the bank.  Apparently the lawsuit from Citibank is over and they have garnished my bank account - only I didn't know anything about it so I wasn't prepared.  Not that you can ever prepare for something like this.  I know am off of the bank account.  It is better this way - no one can touch our money now.  We lost like $600 to this incident (they were trying for $3900 - if I had it, I would have paid the bill!)  Ugh!

Other than that, we fortunately have a savings account in mom's name only so I removed $100 from it for food!  We are completely out!

Pain level is high since the money incident this morning.  My knee is at least back to normal.  I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital last night since I was having chest pains, but they went away and I stayed home.  It has been happening on and off all week.  I'm not sure it really means anything - so I will wait and see if the pain stays - if it stays I will go otherwise, I won't.

It is a raining day so no scootering today.  Maybe tomorrow!  No students today - but Katie and Rachel are going to help me pass out 500 flyers about lessons.  I hope to get more.  We all know what will happen sometime this year if I don't.  We will lose everything.

Try to have a good day.  

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My dreams have been dashed.  No new studio.  I will be staying here at home to teach.  It was false advertising on the potential new place.  I am mad about that, but, hey, life goes on.  I will just take the marketing plan I was working on for the new place and change it for here at home.  I do have to call Alicia and let her know about no new place.  She will be sad too.

My knee has decided to join my arm and shoulder in pain.  Can't believe how bad it hurts.  Worse than the arm and shoulder.  It kept me up most of the night.  It is difficult to sleep now.  I need my pain killers!  The doctor needs to call the pharmacy back fast!

Hallmark channel put 7th Heaven back on!  Yeah!  I love this show.  It is a Christmas episode today.  I haven't seen this one.

It is raining out so unless it clears up, no scooter this afternoon or evening.  Mom will be bored again.  I don't know how to entertain her anymore.  She can't play games or do puzzles anymore.  It is sad.  So we sit and watch TV.  If I get more students, she will be busy.  She likes checking them in before their lessons and chatting with them.  She comes alive with children.

I hope this finds you doing well and well, not in pain, or less pain if you have any!  Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I made an important decision today.  I will open a music studio again.  Not a store, or band and orchestra rentals, or selling anything besides lessons!  Just lessons.  I already have one teacher ready to join me and I have called a couple of others.  I hope to hear from them soon.  I plan to open on September 14, 2009.  I have two pianos here at home (what is left of my store!) that I will transport to the new studio.  I am just waiting on the owner of the building to call me.  I hope she calls me soon.  I've left a message.  If not, I will call other places along Van Dyke to see what their rents are.  Somehow, someway, we will open on Sept 14.  I am going to ask some of my students to help me pass out flyers in the area.  I can't afford newspaper advertising right now.  I hope to be able to put something in the paper by October/November.  I won't need any employees because the teachers will be subcontractors and take care of their money and pay me for rent.  That seems to be the easiest to do.  That way, I don't have to deal with payroll and taxes and such things.  Mom can answer the phone for me while I teach and she can check students in.  She is able to do that much I think.  It will keep her busy too so she will be happier.  We won't be staring into each other here at home for much longer!  Yeah.  I feel so much better since I decided this.

Pain level is high today with my knee joining in.  I know that it is the arthritis kicking in.  It has been doing that for 2 days.  Yuck, oh, and my pain killers are out and the pharmacy is waiting for the doctor to call back.  Oh well, it will be soon (I hope!) The doctor can take up to 5 days to call a pharmacy back, I forgot about that when I called in the refill.  My other refill, I have to call the doctor on because they won't refill it over the phone.  I don't understand why, but oh well.

I hope this finds you doing well and having a good day.  The sun is finally coming out!  Yeah!  No more rain?!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It is definitely better today, however, I am soooo tired because we don't have milk and Mom was hungry so I had to get up and go with her Tim Horton's to get her breakfast.  I was an unhappy camper about this.  I am not a morning person especially when I don't get enough sleep at night, so to be woken up early, well, it wasn't a pretty picture.  The problem is, Mom gets her money TOMORROW, so I get to get up early tomorrow too, at least I am anticipating that since we don't have money today for milk.  So I feel cranky right now because I am sleep deprived.  I did try to take a nap, but Mom kept interrupting me.  I can't seem to get any sleep!

Pain is high today.  My arm and shoulder are not doing well.  My head seems to be joining them.

I have one student this afternoon and that is it.  I am glad that I have Charlie for his lesson.  Frank has cracked his wrist, so no lessons for at least 4 more weeks.  I miss him already.  Poor guy.  A cracked wrist.  That has got to hurt.  For everything I have done, I have never broken a bone.  Oops, wait, I cracked both collarbones as a baby.  I forgot about that.  Apparently, the first time I rolled over I rolled right off of the changing table.  The second time, I kicked myself out of Mom's arms and right on to the floor.  Fortunately, I don't remember the pain.  So I must amend my observation, I haven't broken my bones, just cracked.

I already scootered with Mom earlier.  I don't know if I want to go again.  I hope you are having a great day!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I was supposed to meet Donna at Tim Horton's this afternoon.  She didn't show up.  No phone call or anything.  After 1/2 hour I called her.  She was still at home.  I understand that she was waiting for her granddaughter who was supposed to be dropped off by 11 am and it didn't happen.  However, that is no excuse not to call me and let me know she wasn't coming.  That makes me so mad!  I freak if I am going to be 5 minutes late and I call.  She knew she wasn't going to make it and didn't call to tell me so I am of course worried that she is smashed on the road somewhere.  I hate when people do that to me.  (I mean that not calling, I would have totally understood her not coming)  She was mad at her daughter for not being on time, yet it was okay for her not to call me?  I don't think so!  Anyways, it is over now and I am glad Mom and I didn't wait to order food like the last time she did this.

Pain level is high today, I got very little sleep last night.  I think I was awake more than asleep.  My left arm and shoulder are just burning.  I hate it!  I think it is making me crankier than I already am.  Poor Mom, she has a very cranky daughter today!  I think we are going to go for a scooter and buy our winning lottery ticket!  (Okay - so I am very very very optimistic about that!)  that would certainly help solve our lack of money situation and we wouldn't be in danger of losing the house or car!  It would so help us a lot.  I would even split it with the big brother since his job (the contract one) will be gone in September and he will be out of work again.  I don't know if his children really understand what all this means.  I hope not because Abby would freak out about no food.  (She did that one day last winter - it was the day before Jennifer went shopping for groceries and Abby melted down about no food in the house)  She is older now though so she is probably catching on.

Mom is doing alright today.  I gave her two tylenol PMs last night and I think she slept better until I had to wake her because she hates me going down stairs on my own.  I am more than capable of walking down the stairs, but because one time I nearly fell down the stairs, she wants to be with me when I go down stairs to the kitchen.  So I had to wake her up (my luck she would hear me and have a hissy fit).

I hope this finds you having a better day than me!  Enjoy the sunshine!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yesterday was not a very good day.  Mom asked me if I was Heather first thing in the morning.  Kinda killed my day.  Today she is much better.  She knows who I am.  Her memory is going fast right now.  I hope it slows down since I am on my own for figuring out what to do with her.  Both of my brothers live far away.  (I wonder if this was planned that way - so they won't have to see Mom decline) Anyways she is better today.  

I worked a bit on my copywriting course yesterday but just couldn't get my mind wrapped around what I need to do.  I have already done the first assignment, so it should be easier to do this time.  Only it wasn't.  I am going to work on it this afternoon too so I should have it ready to post tomorrow.  I have to call them and get the rest of the assignments after I post this one.  I am anxious to return to writing after 3 years of a music store.  I was doing well at my job at the time when I bought the store.  I feel like it was an interlude now and going back to writing will be good for me and Mom (she feels like she's helping because she reads everything I write and checks for spelling - not that she can spell these days, it will just help her feel important again)

Pain is high in the head and arm today.  Not happy about that.  My hands are too bad with all the typing I have done so I am happy about that.

I hope to scooter later this afternoon for a break.  Right now we are heading for Tim Horton's.  I hope Donna already got Samantha back and will meet us there.  

Have a great afternoon!!!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sewing went well as usual today.  Only Natalie and Lydia were able to pick out their new top because Hannah was sick.  She had a booster shot yesterday and reacted badly from it.  Mom is alright today.  Woke me up early though and kept coming in my room so going back to sleep was impossible.  She gets lost in our house now in the morning.  She is fine the rest of the day, just not when she wakes up.

Pain is medium today.  Had another doozy of a headache last night again and am getting a bad one again right now so I am going to lay down.  This will confuse Mom even more of what time of day it is, but I need to go and lay down.

have a great evening!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I have one student today and then we are going to a movie.  We're meeting Katie to see My Sister's keeper.  I haven't seen the movie yet.  Mom just woke up from a nap, I finally got her to sleep!  She sleeps so poorly at night now.  She is freaking out over fire, (believe me, you would think that our house would have no scraps of paper in it because of her fear, and it is the opposite!  We are covered in paper - especially her room!)  She now leaves a light on at night when she sleeps, I don't know why.  I guess she is afraid of dark?  Maybe.  Last night she was flipping out over the light but wouldn't turn it off, she wanted to sleep in my room with me.  Not happening.  I toss and turn way too much and my bed just isn't big enough for both of us.  I finally got her in bed about 11 pm, we went up at 8!  This is what we go through every night now for the last week.  I hope it ends soon!  She and I need our sleep.

Pain is medium today despite the rain.  I started working on my copywriting course again.  I have now read up to part 4.  It is very interesting how the sales letters are put together.  I did copywriting for a few years at Dale Corp and enjoyed the writing.  I plan to get involved in it again as a freelancer.  You can make a lot of money doing this.  Writing is about the only thing besides teaching I can do to make a living especially because I can't leave Mom at home by herself.  Goodness only knows what could happen then!

Try to have a good day even though it is raining!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Feeling pretty tired today.  I had a doozy of a headache this morning.  I hate those (okay - so I know absolutely no one who likes them!)  I think I am going to take a nap because it wiped me out.  Mom is doing much better with her cold.  I think it is actually gone.  Mine is almost gone.  Lucky her.  I'm glad it didn't last too long for her, she is a terrible patient and hates taking any type of medicine.

Pain level overall is medium, the weather is pretty nice out today, rain tomorrow and high humidity.  Yuck!  I am glad summer is almost over.  

I found out yesterday that I can work a bit with disability, so that will help with the money situation.  I can't work full time because I am not well enough, but part time would be good.  That means I need more students!  Yes, about 8 more!  I haven't decided how to advertise for them yet because it costs money.

Richard emailed me back!  I was very excited.  I told him about the day center for mom and he thinks it might be a good idea.  We are going to look at it early next week when my cold is completely gone.  I don't want to get anyone else sick.

I think we might scooter tonight.  Have a great afternoon!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I gave Mom my cold.  Oops!  I didn't mean too, however I knew that the chance of her not getting it were pretty slim to none.  I mean, she drinks out of my cup a lot because she thinks its hers.  It's been three days since I last wrote, a record except for the time we didn't have Internet in the house.  I have been mostly sleeping the last few days, trying to get rid of a cold.  You know how that is.  I have one student today.  Yeah!  a student, a real live student!  How exciting!

Not much going on except for the student.  I hope to be getting my back disability soon, I could really use it.  I am going to email Richard today and hope he answers, he doesn't always anymore, but it has been a while since I emailed him.  

I hope tomorrow to take Mom to the day center.  I hope she likes it.  She is afraid that I am going to desert her.  She told me so this morning.  She thinks I leave her at home and go out.  I had to remind her that I take her everywhere with me.  She was happier after that.  

My arm is hurting more again.  Stupid arm.  Wish it would stop hurting.  I had a hard time sleeping last night with the arm.  My leg was sore too.  What I wouldn't give to have a good night sleep!  Oh my!  What a dream.  

Well, I am off for a small nap before my student arrives.  Mom needs one too.  Have a great afternoon!

Friday, August 14, 2009

I am feeling better today, even with the cold.  Thankful it hasn't turned into something worse like it has before.  Having a compromised immune system, colds can quickly turn into lung infections, and worse.  I was lucky this time, it is just a cold.  Hopefully almost finished cold.  

Mom is alright today, she was a little out of it this morning, but now she is fine.  She is upstairs doing who knows what, but something to keep her busy.  We are going next week to check out the day program.  She did real well while I took a nap today.  She is a bit mixed up on what time it is, but that is okay.  She just ate breakfast (again).  At least she isn't hungry now like she was.

Tomorrow is book club.  I couldn't finish the book, it was dumb and pointless.  I couldn't like the main characters at all, and I couldn't get past the swearing, even the fake swearing.  This is the first time I really disliked a book we are reading.

Pain level is low again today, probably again due to the cold medicine I have been taking.  Whatever the reason, I'll take it!  I like this low level pain, back to a dull roar.  If it stays like this I will be able to go to the gym again with mom and exercise.  Not that I like it, I just need too.

I hope this finds you having a good day and enjoying the rest of your summer.  It is almost over.  It is now too hot outside to go scootering.  I overheated Mom last night by going.  I won't do that again!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I have a cold.  I hate colds.  Then again, I don't know anyone who loves colds!  Mom doesn't have it, I hope she doesn't get it.  She is a terrible patient.  She has agreed to check out a day program, however, this morning she was very upset thinking that I was going to dump her somewhere.  I quickly fixed that one!  I just want her to go once a week to a day program to socialize with other people, she is very dependent on me and only sees me.  I think it will be good for her.  She said she would try it, so I am glad about that.  We will check it out next week when I am feeling a bit better.  I don't want to pass my cold on to anyone.

Pain level is low today, thank goodness for that!  I think my cold has taken over my pain level, either that or I just am taking more medicine which kills the pain.  One or the other.  I am sleeping a bit better thanks to the cold medicine.

It is hot out today so I am not sure we will take a scooter, Mom melts in the heat.  We shall see, depends on the humidity level.  I hope you have a good evening!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mom is tired today.  I don't know if the Tylenol PM I gave her last night helped her sleep at all.  I can't tell.  I am going to need to call and make an appointment with her doctor, she hasn't seen her in almost a year.  I think she is suffering from depression as well as dementia.  She doesn't sleep well either, I think she is awake most of the night.  She is interested in a day program.  She said she would go, I think it would do her good.  They have financial aid available too.  I think being with other people would help her a lot.  It would help me, maybe they have different things that will help her.

Pain level is medium today since it is not so hot.  I had a blood test today too.  The nurse got it in one shot, unlike Thursday when they couldn't get it at all.  I am sick of these blood tests, and well, of being sick in general.  I am tired of it and right now I am really tired of it.  I want to work, I want to live and be healthy.  I don't feel like I do much except sit around.  A lot of good that does.  I teach a few lessons a week, I used to teach so much more.  I miss my students and my store, life was interesting then.  It is so dull now.  At least I have two student today.  I feel like I live for the few hours I teach and just exist the rest of the time.  Mom and I have become bumps on a log, just two bumps, nothing else.

Storms are coming again, just like my mood.

I hope your day is better than mine.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A boring day, we went to see the new GI Joe movie.  It was alright.  A lot of action like I expected.  For those who like action, they will like the movie, it was non stop.  Of course, Mom fell asleep during the movie.  Don't ask how, I have no clue.  There was so much noise and blowing up of things that I don't know how anyone could sleep through that I don't know.

It is so hot today, as anticipated.  Hot and muggy, super muggy!  I knew this was coming, yet I am not ready for it.  I hope it doesn't stay.  It smells like rain too, not that I mind that.  I'd rather the rain then the heat.  Of course, I would prefer what we had the last few weeks.

Pain level is high today, apparently Mom has it too.  Her chest is sore.  I think it is gas again, but I will watch her in case.  I don't think she wants another trip to the ER, I know I wouldn't.  I think she is as tired as I am of that place.  My arm is sore and so is the shoulder.  I wish my arm would just go to a dull roar instead of burning.

We are not scootering today, that is for sure.  I hope this finds you doing well.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

It is raining.  Cats and dogs.  It is better than what is supposed to be tomorrow though.  I'd much rather the rain.  It will be high humidity and hot temperatures tomorrow and Monday.  Ugh.  I will hide in the house.  Mom is having a much better day today.  She is very tired though.  She has been tired a lot lately.  It is almost like she is fading away on me.  She doesn't sleep well (I think) at night.  I think her mind keeps going in circles and it keeps her awake.  Lately Mom has been forgetting to turn her light off, that keeps me up at times, but when I reminder her the other day she cried.  I let her leave the light on.  It is better than her crying.

Pain is high today, both my leg and my arm are sore.  I have a bit of a headache and am tired too.  Mom kept waking me up this morning.  She came in my room hungry.  She doesn't remember how to make sandwiches anymore.  I wonder if I should make some and leave them in the fridge for tomorrow.  Hmm, I will think on it.

We are not taking a scooter tonight.  Not with the rain, nor Sunday or Monday either.  Probably not at all this week until it cools down, then we shall go but not until.  Mom fades fast in the heat too.

I hope this finds you doing well.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My day started off extremely early today.  Mom woke up at 5:30 am and was crying.  She wants to die.  That's what she said.  She wants to die.  We have gone through this twice today.  It is not her day that is for sure.  I keep trying to remind her how important she is to the family and friends.  I hope we are done with this for a while.  At least I got her to talk about it, usually she hides and doesn't talk about what is bothering her.  Actually, with her illness, this is a normal symptom.  Hard to believe, isn't it?  Many people with dementia want to die because they can't do what they used to.  Unfortunately for her, she is more aware than I think most people are.  I could be wrong, but she seems very aware of her memory loss.

We sewed with Muglia's this afternoon.  Lydia finished her skirt and next week we go to the fabric store to pick out material for the tops to their skirts.  I am also going to make Sarah (the little sister) a skirt so she won't be too left out.  She gets something to.  She is only 5, a little too young for sewing.  I will look for some kits for little ones.

Pain level is medium now, but was very high all night.  Hence the reason I was awake for Mom's meltdown.  I could take a nap right now.  I think I might.  I know it is only about 5 pm, but I am exhausted!  I don't think we will scooter tonight.  Murder She Wrote hasn't come in yet.  I hope it arrives tomorrow!  I will be hiding in the house due to the heat this weekend.  I may even skip Tim Horton's!  Wouldn't that be a shock?  I think it all depends on the heat.

I hope this finds you doing well.  I have to go and lay down now, I can't handle the sitting up anymore, I am very tired, medium sore, so I should get a small nap.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last week my cousin, Tilley, offered us her old house.  She has moved into a new house and doesn't want to sell the old one until the market improves.  I will be telling her no thank you tonight.  The house is in Windsor.  She really wants us to move, but mom and I have made the decision to stay.  I am very pleased with this decision, I figure, that I just have to hang on to the house until Mom no longer lives here.  I think at least one year.  Then I don't know what will happen, but we shall see.  Tilley will be disappointed, but we will visit her more often so it will seem like we live near her.

I met with Donna and Sam today and had a blast.  We had such a good time.  Mom smiled the whole time so I know she enjoyed herself.  She doesn't speak much except to me much anymore, I don't know if that is a part of Dementia or not.  It is something I will need to look up and research.  She is sleeping in her chair next to me again tonight while the world news is on.  Every so often she wakes up and then falls asleep again.

Pain level is medium today, it is getting harder to get a good night sleep, I can only sleep on my right side most of the time, and my leg gets so sore.  But when I turn over to the left, my arm aches right away and my back is just as sore.  It is really beginning to annoy me!  I want to sleep!  It is supposed to get very hot and humid this weekend, I will hide inside all weekend.  I hope my Murder She Wrote season 10, arrives tomorrow!  I still have Jag if it doesn't.  I expect to have high pain levels this weekend because of the weather.

I had to get a blood test this morning.  I have to go back on Monday because they couldn't get any blood, apparently it started and then stopped.  Both times.  Since I didn't want to get a third attempt (both arms ached already from the two tries) I elected to reschedule for Monday.

I think we will go for a scooter tonight although I am very tired.  I am getting up earlier tomorrow for sewing with the Muglia's.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It is so nice out right now.  It is absolutely beautiful out.  Nice and cool and sunny out. We went to our usual and then took a nap, my head was so sore and so was my arm.  I still am very tired, we will probably go to bed a little earlier than normal especially since I have to get up early for a blood test.  I am meeting Donna and her granddaughter for a Tim Horton's tomorrow.  I had one student today, my Katie!  She is so awesome.  She is 16! (yes, that is 16).  She is singing some really nice songs and is excited to learn.  I love teaching kids that are interested in learning.  No more lessons until Saturday, well music lessons anyway.  Friday is sewing with the Muglias day.  They are great kids, so nice and well mannered and loving sewing.  We got the new Mary Maxim catalogue, (a crafting one) There are some nice kits I would like for Christmas.  I start shopping early because we are on such a limited budget here, like so many other families.

We are heading out to enjoy the evening!  I hope this finds you doing well and having a good day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It is very hot and muggy right now.  Yuck.  Not my kind of weather at all.  We bought a lottery ticket for tonight and I am hopeful!  Yes, I know the odds, it is hard not to, but still, someone has got to win and why not me?  That's the attitude we need around here.

Pain is high today, because of the weather.  I have only one student, a make up from yesterday.  I'm thankful she is making it up.  Both of my boys are absent today, :(  :(  One will be here next week, but the other will be on vacation.  I hope he has fun.  We haven't been on vacation for a year, although, it isn't like we work hard around here, I want to go and see my brother and his family.  Unfortunately, I may not get to go until Christmas.  I am saving money for it now.  It was much easier when he lived in North Carolina, we could just drive in one day, not now, not in Seattle, Washington.  His contract job is almost over, so he will be out of work again.  He will move anywhere he gets a job, I just hope it is near by.  I miss him and the kids a lot.  I haven't seen them in a year.  Hard to believe it is been a year, seems like yesterday some times and others several years.

It is too hot to scooter so we aren't going to go.  I hope you are having a good day despite the heat.  I don't miss this heat at all!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I taught four lessons today!  Yeah Muglia's!  There are a total of 8 children in the house and the oldest 4 take lessons, 3 piano and 1 clarinet.  Bob is absent today, and Kayla will  have her lesson tomorrow, so I will have at least a few lessons for the week.  One is on vacation, another at band camp and another is ill.  Three absences in one week!  Yikes!  Oh my!  Next week will be a better teaching week.

It's looking like rain right now so we aren't going for a scooter.  Tomorrow is supposed to be hot and muggy, not my kind of weather.  I'll just stay inside for the day.  Suppose to rain too.  Definitely not my kind of weather.

Pain level has been high again, I didn't sleep well at all last night.  If I lay on my right side, my leg aches, on my back, my back aches, and on my left, my arm aches.  Just couldn't win last night.  I am pretty tired today, so I should be able to sleep tonight.  I have been taking pain pills all day so that should help.  I don't know if we will be able to exercise tomorrow or not.  We haven't gone in a month and I need to go but my arm has been really sore this month.

I got my one month back pay for disability so I could pay bills today.  I paid 4 of them, one being the rest of the house payment.  The bank has a new program we may qualify for so we should be getting info soon about it.  It will help us a lot if we qualify.    I also am not as far behind as I was on my car so that is good too.  We are finally catching up!  La!  I just need to save the house long enough for mom, then the bank can have it.  But until then, I need to keep the house.  Where I will go, I do not know.  I will worry about that later.

I hope this finds you doing well!  Try to enjoy the night despite the weather!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's Sunday!  It was a good Sunday so far.  We met with our friend, Donna, for a Tim Horton's and stayed visiting for about 3 1/2 hours.  Yes, that is 3 1/2 hours.  Just talking and drinking diet coke and coffee (for her).  She had an accident about 15 years ago and is a miracle, I mean a real miracle, for being alive.  Right now, doctors are discussing with her on rebuilding her spine.  She is in extreme pain every day of her life.  More than me, that is for sure.  She had a rough winter and we didn't see her for several months this past winter.  I met her through the store.  Her granddaughter took trumpet lessons from one of our teachers.  

I have Muglia's tomorrow for their lessons!  I love teaching them.  All four are excited about music and want to learn.  Right now they are into the Pirates of the Caribbean music, they just finished star wars and harry potter.  I am making their brother some harry potter music for the clarinet.  I have some for the clarinet, only it is a little too hard for him.  It is all in the upper register and he isn't very comfortable up there yet.

Mom is doing well today.  She is smiling away and a happy little camper.  Right now she is reading the newspaper as she likes to do.  She will read the same one a few times this week since she won't remember that she already read it.  I keep several on hand for that purpose.

I called Richard, but he didn't answer.  I left a message, but I told him it was no big deal, because it isn't if he doesn't call me back.  I know right now he is near the end of his project that he is consulting on and is working an insane amount of hours.  I miss his kids the most.  They are so adorable and wonderful.  I sent them a I miss you card last week from Mom and me.  I want them to know that we think of them often.

We are going for a evening scooter later after dinner.  It has been the nicest summer for me to be outdoors.  I don't do well in heat. (or cold for that matter!)  So Mom and I have really enjoyed our scooters/walk.  She is wanting to go every night and I don't mind a bit.

I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying the nice weather we are having.  Have a great evening!