Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Night before my birthday musings

Tomorrow is 52nd birthday.  It seems weird to me to be this old.  I don't feel different except physically where everything is falling apart. It is a different birthday as we are all quarantined. We can go to get grocies, meds, and doctors.  That is about it.  All my lessons are online.  My students and I often went to get ice cream for my birthday.  I believe we will have cake.  Bill said he will see what he can do.  We are all getting alone for all six of us being home. 

My pain hasn't been horribly bad not has my nausea.  I have been going to a chiropractor.  I have finally found one that didn't flinch when I told him about the hardware attached to my spine. At the first evaluation, he checked my neck and thinks that my daily headache that I have had for 17years is from my neck issue.  He has been working on my neck and adjusting it.  I am pleased with the results.  It hasn't helped the head much but if has helped some of the back issues.

I have, unfortunately, added a new diagnose, cyclical vomiting syndrome.   I now take two anti nausea meds.  One is there times a day and yes, I have to wake up in the middle of the night to take.  The other is twice a day. Despite this new issue, I have in the last year gained 35 pounds of the 70 I had lost.  Party of it was a med.  If you are on protonix for a lo g time you can gain weight, however the majority is due to cookies and bad food choices.  I have improved upon that now.

Peony is doing so good as usual.  She is looking super cute.  I never knew I could love a dog so much. First there was Maisy and now there is Peony.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Change profile picture

Does anyone know how to change the profile picture on the blog?????

Reading a good book

I love to read. It took a long time to learn how and once I did, I never stopped. One of my favorite authors is Kay Bratt.  She writes simply delish books.  Every one I have read has been wonderful.  The newest one is called True to Me.  It is a journey of self discovery for the main character, Quinn.  She goes to find out about her mother and discovers herself along the way  I found it a magical journey of hope.  It was beautiful from beginning to end.  I wish I had the words to describe exactly how I felt reading it.  With fibro, like so many of us, it is so hard to concentrate. I did not have this issue with this book. I know, can you imagine??  Being able to focus on a book??  It was that captivating.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

A new kindle

I have a nook for reading. It is the nook color.  I just love it.  I now have a kindle fire seven.  I can do so much on it. It is like a computer to me.  I am quite happy with it. 

I went to see the Ellers this past week.  I do so enjoy my time there with the kids.  Hayden had his birthday on Monday. He is now 15.  They grow so fast.  When I came home it appeared that I didn't get the explosive tummy like I have gotten every single time I spend more than a day there.  However, I got a mild case Thursday night.   I was most unhappy.  At least this time was mild. 

My cousin, Danyelle, is getting married in March.  I am so happy for her.  She is very nice.  She is the one I am giving the family locket to.  She is very sentimental so I am glad.  I don't think it is worth much money but it is from my mom who got it from her grandmother who got it from her brother in her 16th birthday.  There are a multitude of reasons why she is getting it over others.  I won't go through that here.

Pairwise these last few weeks have sucks.  My lower back especially.  I don't know what is up but it can disappear any time now.  If I am mindful of how much I stand and where I sit, it isn't so bad.  If I am not well, let's just say I am reminded to pay more attention.

I have been trying something new for anxiety.  Hypnotherapy. My friend is a therapist.   I have had one session.  She recorded a session for me to listen to. I have listened to it three times already.  I slept better last night  than I have in a long time.  I think maybe it will help.  I will keep you posted.

More Peony cuteness.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A Day From Hell

So today sucked, really bad.  I had a test on Monday to see if this flap worked during the digestive cycle. Whatever it is they gave me has caused things from immediate tummy cramps which were extremely painful to this morning lovely gift of explosive diarrhea.  Yes. The joys in life. I will say I believe it is now over but I must be cautious because I don’t want a repeat.  The worse part is that the two lessons I had were actually absences instead of reschedules.  Nothing I can do about though.  Just continue on with the week.

My car is in for repair.  The front brakes and rotors are being fixed as well as the left wheel bearing and left tie rod.  I hope it is done tomorrow so that I have it back before Friday.  I actually didn’t mind not having it because I was sick so I wouldn’t have gone anywhere anyhow!!!  

I have been having issues with my right knee lately.  I am not sure why but if I don’t put cream on it I can’t sleep because of the pain.  Sometimes I just hate my body.  When I am ready to go to sleep and the knee starts in, that is one time I do.

I accidentally stepped on Peony’s paw tonight.  I didn’t mean too.  I picked her up to say sorry and she growled at me.  I understand I stepped on her.   My poor puppy.  We just celebrated her birthday.  She is now six.  Since we don’t really know when her birthday is we picked the Canadian Thanksgiving Day to celebrate.  I wanted to get her a boatload of toys but I can’t right now.  Eventually I will be able too.  Just not right now.

Friday, October 11, 2019

A Friday Night

It is Friday night and I am just relaxing in my chair in my room.  Peony is lying next to my sleeping. She is such a good little doggie.  I love her so much.  She calms my anxiety which can be so overwhelming some days.  I have tried to explain it to my family but they don’t get it.  In some ways that is good in others that is bad. My anxiety has improved in some things. I did panic this past week though.  We got a letter from the township saying that the shingles need to be picked up from the yard.  I thought our roof, which was completely redone in 2008, was falling apart. I called a roof company that was advertising on Facebook.  I set an appointment for today at five.  I was very anxious about this because I don’t know how I would pay this off.  So Bill so the letter and told me that he would put the packaged up shingles in the shed.  I asked if they were from our roof.  He said no.  They are for the shed we are going to build in the spring.  I was like so relieved.  I cancelled the appointment.  I talked to the other Heather (yes there are two of us with the same name in the house) and she said that next time just ask Bill first.  I said I would.  So our roof is doing really good so I am happy.  Now I do know that our furnace will probably be the next big thing to deal with.  Anyway. I am not thinking about that one right now.

It is supposed to be a bit chilly here tomorrow.  I have warm clothes now in the closet so I am ready.  Rose and I changed out all the summer stuff to fall and winter.  I have a few short sleeve tops incase it warms up a bit but mostly it is longer sleeves.

I am hoping to go and see my aunt next weekend.  I am not sure but we may possibly see the Downton Abbey movie.  I have seen it but she loves the series so I would love to see the movie with her.  We haven’t celebrated her birthday yet.  We just haven’t had our schedules lined up to celebrate or when we do, I don’t have the money to get there.  I think she will really like it.  Apparently no one expected it to be such a hit movie. They are making a sequel. I am glad.  I did so enjoy the series and the movie.  It was so fun to go with Jennie and Kathy.  I just know it takes days to recover from such an outing.  

My nausea hasn’t lessen yet.  Even with the latest additional med.  so I take zolfran every eight hours like clockwork.  Then I take this other stuff twice a day.  Generally at five and 11 pm.  In between the zolfran hours.  I have a test Monday to see what may be causing this.  So far the doctor is just saying it is cyclical vomiting syndrome.  She wants to see if there is something not working right since my gallbladder has been taken out.  It happens sometimes.  The scan is later in the evening.  Can’t eat or drink after 2pm.  I can live with that.   It will mess up some meds but not much I can do about that.  I will bring them with me to take as soon as possible.   I just want to not feel so nauseous all the time. That would be beautiful.

I have been trying to read a lot.  Sometimes I can sometimes I can’t. It depends on the pain level for what kind of concentration and focus I have for the day.  Sometimes, I am lucky I can focus on teaching the one student I have for that day.  If I can’t I have to reschedule them.  Fortunately I have very flexible students. They also know I can be flexible back. I wanted to go back teaching full time this fall. Yeah. After having three lessons in a row, I couldn’t focus or concentrate on anything and I had a really bad headache the days I tried to teach more.   I guess that is not happening anytime soon. It bums me out. I used to be able to teach 60 students in one week.  Now I have 10 and it is all I can handle.  It makes me really sad sometimes.  Other times it doesn’t bother me.  Because I really wanted to go back full time, it is bothering me that I can’t.  I think I am stuck in a rut and need to figure out how to get out.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

A Resting Sunday

it has been a slow fall as far as lessons this year. I have 12 students so I am happy for that.  I have room for about three more then that is it.  Everything will be full for me at that point.  Christmas music is being pulled out at this time for students as we have a Christmas recital every year.  Other than that, no new news on the teaching front.

I got to see Kathy very briefly yesterday and three of her children.  I was happy to see them.  Matthew, her oldest came to my car to get the guitar books I told him he could have, the girls, wanted to see Peony as I brought her with me, and I needed to have some paperwork signed by Kathy.  I have updated my power of attorney and patient advocate papers as well as my will. So she signed the two that she needed to sign. She was visiting her mom so I met her there.  It is about 45 minutes away.  I didn’t mind the drive at all.  Much stress was lifted because those papers were signed.  It was so needed.   I am now covered incase something happens to me.  I am rather pleased with myself that I am.   On the plus side of this, I did get to speak to Kathy and her children!!!!!

Not much going on today.  I watch the latest episode of NCIS New Orleans. It was good.  I also watched another episode of law and order Los Angeles.  I don’t care for it.  I will stick with the shows I have.  Tonight the NCIS LA is on so I can watch that tomorrow on cbs.  The rest of tonight I am just resting.  I have two lessons tomorrow.  One is a make up from Saturday and the other is a regular Monday lesson.  I may potentially have another, it depends on his work schedule   We have it scheduled but sometimes we need to reschedule for another day. Anyways, C is here for the weekend.  I have enjoyed her company so much.  I got some nice quality time with her yesterday. She is with friends today.  She is just amazing.  A seemed to really like having her help him with his geometry homework.   I thought it was cool.

That’s all for now!!!!!