Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Tuesday 2-28

Tomorrow is Leap Day!  It is also the birthday of a composer.  I just don't remember which one!  Some musician I am.  I really don't remember.  I wonder if I can look it up.  Be right back.  It was Rossino, the composer of the Barber of Seville.  I should have remembered that but I didn't.  Music History was 20 years ago and it wasn't exactly my best subject either.

It is NCIS and Dance Moms night.  I found out that several of my facebook friends like Dance Moms.  Yesterday, I had to hide one of my facebook friends posts.  I just couldn't take them anymore.  There are always negative and nothing, I mean nothing, is ever her fault, her kids fault, her sisters fault, or anyone she knows fault.  I know she is having some problems, but some of the things she posts are really inappropriate.  I just hid them all so I won't have to see any of the inappropriate things again.  I like the option of being able to hide some posts if you don't want to see them.  Over all, I like facebook a lot.  I check it once a day so I know what is going on.

I had a lot of absences today.  Just as I expected, Lindsey didn't show for her lesson.  I marked her as a missed lesson.  Today would have been her last lesson.  Sam was absent.  I don't think he is feeling very well today.  His brother won't have a lesson tomorrow because his mom doesn't have anyone to watch the other two boys.  Charlie was also absent.  For the first time, he actually forgot to call me and let me know.  I asked if he wanted to come Thursday or do an hour next week.  He will let me know.

My friend, Jennie is coming over tomorrow to help with a few things.  One, putting up the drapes and curtains in Mom's room and taking some boxes downstairs in the furnace room.  I am thankful for the help.  There are just a few small things that I can't do by myself to have Jennie come and help is great.  This spring, Tony and Kathy are coming to go through the attic and see what is up there.  I know there is some camping gear and some toys along with some Christmas decorations.  Some of the decorations I want, and some I don't.  There are some really cute decorations that Mom had that I want.  I don't want the trees that are up there because they are old and falling apart.  I am hoping to get a new tree for the living room next year.  I just want a slightly bigger one than the one I have.  After we do the drapes and boxes we will go to lunch.  It should be a fun time as well as getting some jobs done around the house that I need help with.

One of my friends has a 6 cm mass on her brain.  It is in the frontal lobe.  She is married to a classmate of mine.  She and I went to college together.  She was in the same music fraternity as I was in.  As a matter fact, she was my big sister when I was a pledge.  I met Kelly in my 2nd semester at Wayne State University.  We were in the same Music History class.  We sat near each other.  Kelly is one of the nicest people you could ever meet.  I hope that the mass is either able to be removed or shrunk into nothing.  She and Greg have 3 (I think) children and they are not adults yet.  They need their Mom and Greg needs his wife.  We are all praying for her and the rest of the family.

There is a wrap up meeting about competition in March.  These meetings are not always well attended by other teachers but the board of directors.  I am glad competition is over for the year.  We had some real problems this year with how some things were done.  I was actually at the point where I didn't really want to go.  I really didn't.  I didn't want to participate at all but I did and I am glad it is over.  I know that the problems we had won't happen again because next year I will be doing a different job.  That makes me rather happy.  I also decided I have no desire to ever be president.  I know some teachers do wish to be, I am just not one of them.  I like being the assistant secretary/treasurer.  That works for me.

We are supposed to be getting snow, freezing rain, and sleet sometime between tonight and tomorrow.  If Jennie's kids don't have school tomorrow, we will have to reschedule our visit.  She just messaged me.    If we have to reschedule, we will.  It isn't a problem.  The temperature is supposed to be about 50 degrees by the afternoon tomorrow.  This winter has been a really warm one.  I can't say that I am upset over it because I don't ache as much as I usually do in the winter.  Especially when I am out of pain pills.  I will be calling the doctor tomorrow to refill the medicine.

I missed my bi-weekly blood test this afternoon.  I thought I was resetting the alarm, but apparently, I didn't so I slept right through it.  I was just so exhausted.  It was more than usual.  I think I should be okay tonight though.  I am getting up a bit earlier than usual because Jennie is possibly coming over.  She will call around 10 to let me know if she is coming or not.  If she doesn't come, I will see if I can go and get the blood test then otherwise I will reschedule it for next week.

I paid a small payment on the 2011 property taxes this after noon.  Starting on March 1, the back taxes from 2011 will go to the county.  At this point, I am a month behind in my 2011 tax payment schedule that I set for myself.  I will be opening a savings account this month to save for property taxes.  I should be getting a letter from the county about the taxes in June with the totals of how much I owe.  Once I get the letter I plan to send in the money that I have saved and then begin sending in payments every month.  So far, I am learning how to stay on a budget and stick to it.  I doing okay.  I am also working on being thrifty and not use credit cards as a means of additional income.  I am not perfect on the credit cards and I must admit there are times I have used them when I shouldn't have.  They are meant for emergencies only and well, 2 of them have not been used for just emergencies.  I have bought teaching music with them as well as food, both at the grocery store and at restaurants.  Yes, I need to improve my credit score, but I have not been doing the "pay off the balance at the end of the month" plan like I wanted to do.  It is something that I am going to continue to work on this year.  This year, I chose to work on my money issues.  It is something I will work on everyday until I am at a point where I am as good as my mother was at this.  My mother had very little wants, material-wise.  She was more into relationships with people.  She did collect a few things, but over all she would rather save her money and see the world.  She was an adventurer and she took us on her adventures.  When we would go on vacation, we saw as much as we could in that area because you never know when you would be there again.  By the time we came home from a vacation, you needed a restful vacation to recover from it.  I have seen many places with her both as a child and as an adult.  Mom also loved to take us camping.  Believe or not, this girly girl who hates to get dirty, LOVES camping.  I just can't do tenting anymore.  I would have to stay at a cabin because I can't sleep on the ground anymore.  It just hurts too much now so my camping is often done in hotels these days.  I used to take my 2 cousins (when they were young) Celia and Samantha camping in the summer.  Then I got too sick to go and they moved to Niagara and we stopped going.  Perhaps one day I will be able to go again.  You never know.

I do hope you are having a good day.  I am looking forward to tomorrow with my friend, Jennie.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday 2-27

I had my girls lessons this afternoon.  They are all doing so well.  Natalie is debating between 2 songs for the concert while Hannah and Lydia have chosen theirs.  Sarah will pick hers next month when she has her lesson again.  I just love my girls.  They are so sweet and wonderful girls.  Okay, I admit, I have the best students in the world and I know it.  Isaac had his lesson tonight too.  He has chosen his piano solo for the Spring concert.  He is playing Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter.  I have a feeling that Harry Potter will be very well represented during the concert along with Star Wars music.  I love when we are have themes. Natalie suggested a Classical theme next time, for example, music from the Baroque Period or the Classical Period.  We have done Renaissance and Baroque period music before.  The kids wore costumes for the Renaissance concert.  It was wonderful.  I have told the students that if they wished they could wear costumes.  Ria also had her lesson.  She just started this month and has really worked hard on the first 3 songs she has been assigned.  I asked her if she wanted to be in the trio of Double Trouble from the 3rd Harry Potter movie.  The song is by John Williams one of the best composers ever.  His music rates right up there with Clementi, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven.  He is also the composer of all the Star Wars Music.  I love his work.  Bob had his lesson too.  He has picked Beyond the Sea for the Spring Concert.

It has been a busy day, first with the Muglia girls and then the 3 lessons.  It wasn't too much though, some days I think I may have too many students because I am so exhausted before I am done teaching.  I am in the process to spread the schedule around a bit more.  That will work.  Thursdays are a lot plus I have choir practice.  I love choir so I am not going to give that up.  It is really nice to be in such a good choir.  There are some really good singers in the choir.  Everyone is very nice too.  It is a very friendly church.  I haven't met too many members except for the choir as I sit with choir members after we are done singing and before the final song that everyone sings together.

I am almost out of my Tramadol.  I called in the prescription a week ago but it needs doctor approval for the refill.  If I don't hear anything tomorrow, I will have to call the doctor on Wednesday.  The office is closed on Tuesdays.  I have enough for tomorrow mornings dose but that is it.  I am not looking forward to not having any tomorrow night.  Maybe I will have some tomorrow.  I can only hope that it will be refilled by then.

I haven't been dizzy all day so I am glad about that.  I don't know why I get dizzy.  I have gone to the ER when it was really bad but they couldn't figure anything out either.  I am not sure if it because of my anemia.  It is possible but I don't know.  If I keep having this happen I will have to see my doctor.  I have both the arthritis doctor and the tummy doctor next month, two days in a row.  I have to talk with the tummy doctor about having an upset tummy in the middle of the night.  I sometimes have thrown up in the middle of night for no reason.  I just don't know.  I also wake up with some major sour stomach and have to go down for Mylanta in the middle of the night.  I also am looking for a new neurologist.  My friend, Robin, is going to a new one that she seems to like so I may try that one or I may call Dr. Takakoshi, the doctor Mom had and see if she can help me.  I will just wait and see.

I do hope you are having a great day!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday - a Day of Organizing 2-26

My girls came over this afternoon to help put the music away and the CDs.  I have only a few books that need to be in the database.  I have several CDs that need to be numbered.  I have a couple of newer books that I haven't numbered nor have I copied the CDs.  I plan to do that this week.  I have also discovered that several of my favorite books for students are missing.  Yup.  Missing!  2 of them are my Harry Potter Books!  I love my Harry Potter books.  I am hoping that maybe they are just misplaced right now and I will find them when I organized the office.  That is my hope anyway.  Music in this house does have a tendency to show up in the weirdest places.  In a couple of weeks I am going to ask my girls to come over and help start the office.  I am hoping we can get some stuff done and at least clear the table up as best as possible so that I can put up the other computer.  I love the other computer a lot.  Right now it is in its box and has been for the last 3 years, ever since we closed the store.  I used to use it in my studio in the store.  There are a lot of Finale Files on that computer.  It is much easier to create a spring concert program on that computer because it has a much bigger screen than this laptop.  I bought it when was working on the cook book that Andrew and I wrote.  It was much easier to edit with a screen that could show 2 pages at a time and since the recipes were divided into 2 pages, I could read them both at one time.  I am hoping to run the cable to that room soon after we set up the computer, but if not, that is okay.  I have the laptop for Internet use.

There is a NCIS marathon on right now.  I have seen all the episodes that they have shown but I don't mind.  I like the show a lot.  Mom liked it too.  I pretty much have seen every episode of NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles.  I may have missed a few of NCIS Los Angeles because it is on at the same time as Dance Moms, but I try to watch it online when I miss it.  I am thankful that they show them online as well as TV.  I don't miss Mom as much as I used to when I watch TV or see a movie.  I can see movies by myself although I prefer company as it is nice.  I am also going to see if the girls would like to play games like Monopoly or sorry.  I think the 5 of us would have a good time.  Hannah asked me to borrow them more often so I am going too.  After we finished with the sorting and putting away the music and CDs, I took the girls to chipotle for dinner/late lunch as a thank you for helping me.  I really appreciate the help and anytime I can spend time with them is great for me.  I actually will get to see them 2 times this week!  They have piano lessons tomorrow!  Yeah!  I have the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 piano solo music.  I should the girls there new books and the HP book.  Of course, Natalie put the other books aside and flipped through the HP piano book.  I was not surprised about that though.  It was totally Natalie.  Sarah was the only one who had left overs from lunch/dinner.  I hope she liked it.  I think Hannah, Natalie, and Lydia did although Hannah got hot sauce and said next time she will get milder because it was too hot.  Natalie got hot stuff too.  Not me, I get mild and so did Sarah!  We are not totally crazy like her sisters.  I just love those girls.  Then again, I don't have 1 student that I don't like.  I like them all.

Today was Rick's last lesson until mid-May.  He will be in Hawaii until then.  He will be home for a week or two in April so he said if he has time, he will call for a lesson.  I said that would be completely fine.  I have asked Bill to see if we can have the summer concert the weekend before Memorial weekend.  I am hopeful because Rick will be back by then.

I have the new Easter tablecloth on the dining room table now!  I put the books away and then I put the bills in the bill folder so I could clear the rest of the table to change cloths.  It is now done.  I like my choice of table cloths.  I also got a spring tablecloth too.  I like it a lot too.  It is a blue background with flowers on it.  It is very springy and very me!

I am going to start working on some Christmas Ornaments this week.  With the new medication, my hands aren't as achy as they were last year.  Last year at this time, my hands would ache something awful but now I have the meloxicam and that really helps a lot.

I am a little bit dizzy again today but I think it is because I didn't take my meloxicam until about 5 pm.  When I don't take it when I normally do, I can get dizzy and it can take a day or so for it to go away.  I put my medicines in a little container but I accidentally left it on the counter when we were out.  I didn't get back until after 5:30 from eating with the girls, taking them home, and going to Walmart for new blank CDske my meloxicam until about 5 pm.  When I don't take it when I normally do, I can get dizzy and it can take a day or so for it to go away.  I put my medicines in a little container but I accidentally left it on the counter when we were out.  I didn't get back until after 5:30 from eating with the girls, taking them home, and going to Walmart for new blank CDs and CD sleeves.  I used many of the sleeves today when the girls changed the original discs from the big blank CDs to sleeves.  I was having a problem with fitting all the original discs in the container so that is why I changed to sleeves.  I may eventually change them all to sleeves in the original disc box.  I will have to start using sleeves for the copies also because there isn't any extra room for even the slim disc covers.  I have been using sleeves for copies since before Christmas.  It certainly allows me to put more in the 2 drawers for CDs in the living room.

I only have the regular headache today, nothing bigger, thank goodness.  Last week I have had about 5 bad headaches.  I know some of them is because I was so exhausted from the weekend in Kalamazoo.  It always takes about a week to recover from a weekend like that and this year I had wayyyyy more stress with the competition than usual.  Usually, I am not super stressed just a little from being nervous of how my students would do but this year with the problems with the judges, well, stress was super high.  I even had a bad headache on Sunday when I woke up in Kalamazoo.  I went back to bed shortly after I got up and slept for a couple more hours.  I didn't feel well for the rest of the day but I did my duties like I was supposed.

Anyways, I do hope you had a good weekend and that your week goes great!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

last saturday of the month 2-25

I did not wake up with a bad headache or dizziness today.  Woo-hoo!  I am soooo glad about that.  I just have the regular headache.

Camille had her lesson this afternoon and she did wonderful as usual.  She wanted an hour lesson so we spent the hour going over key signatures and scales as well as her regular assignment.  She did very well.  She got key signatures right away.  I am so proud of her.  Her younger sister might be starting singing lessons in the fall.  Apparently, she sings all the time.  Since she is only 5 and just beginning to read, I felt she should wait until fall when she is first grade.  I think having a full year of learning to read under her belt would help her most with singing.  She has been invited to sing with the group for the group song at the end of the spring concert.  Ella is very excited about that.  I ordered the music today.  I also ordered Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 piano book.  I ordered Hedwig's theme both in the 5 finger level and the big note level for Isaac.  He wants to play it for the spring concert.  I have started passing out the music for the spring concert.  I have a long list of music that needs to be pulled tomorrow.  It is kind of funny, the girls will be putting music away and I will be pulling the music out.  I have a long list of books and sheet music to pull.  All of them are songs from movies.  I have several Disney books, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and of course, Harry Potter!  I have a list of 30 pieces of music to pull.  Wow.  Thank goodness Momma put my music in a catalogue.  I am very happy that she did although at first I couldn't see why she was doing it.  Fortunately, my mother had much more foresight than i did.  I think she was just as tired of music going missing as I was.  Some of the music she bought me.  Mom often bought me some music for birthday or Christmas presents.  Mom was very protective of my music, just like me.

I am watching a marathon of SVU.  Most of these ones I have seen before, but that is okay.  I have some CDs to burn so it is just on.  I bought a couple of books a few months ago that I forgot about.  I need to catalogue them and to burn the CDs.  I also have to burn a copy of a CD that I only made one copy for.  I need a couple more of them for next week since we are starting spring concert songs.

Well, on to copying music.  I hope you have a good night.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday! 2-24

I am very thankful it is Friday.  I had the brakes fixed this afternoon.  It was a very expensive afternoon, that is for sure.  $407 to fix the front brakes including rotors.  I was really hoping that the rotors wouldn't need to be changed, but they did.  They also recommended new struts and shocks.  I can't do that anytime soon as I don't have the money right now and not quite enough room on the emergency credit card.  Once I pay it down I will get the struts and shocks.  Ugh, I didn't anticipate the little car would cost so much money this year.  I thought I had some time before anything needed to get done, well, she is all taken care of as far as the breaks are concerned.

I am watching an old Law and Order SVU episode.  It is an interesting one.  Of course, most of them are really good and interesting.  Mom and I have watched this show since it started although i didn't watch in in 2007 to 2011 because I felt it was too scary for mom and I didn't want to frighten her.  She was scared enough.

I have often thought about Mom and her fears.  I can't even imagine losing your mind to Alzheimer's.  I really can't.  Not remembering the people in your life, the place where you live, the ability to make good decisions, paying bills, remembering anything about your past.  How frightening it must have been for her. It was hard to watch her cry a lot and shake but it was difficult to calm her except with some medication.  I was her person.  She knew I would take care of he.  I remember the morning she came into my bedroom and asked me what was going on with her.  Momma said she knew I knew.  I said yes, I did.  I started to cry as I told her what was going on.  I showed her some info that I printed on the computer.  Momma said she wanted a binder made up with the info so she can read it when she wanted. Fortunately, I never had to do this because after I printed it, she forgot about it.  It was a hard morning telling her that one of her worst fears have come true.  Momma always said that if she got Alzheimer's she would kill herself.  Momma said this more than once in my adult life too so that is why I wouldn't let anyone tell her that she had it because I was afraid she would kill herself.  I don't know if I should have taken her to the doctor when I first noticed her memory problems.  Ultimately, it doesn't matter at this point because God took her home so she wouldn't suffer anymore.  I miss her so much all the time.  I have time on my hands because I used to spend my time with Mom, taking care of her, talking to her, hanging out with her.  I do have more students now than I did when I had Mom with me.  I am thankful for the extra students.  Not only for the lessons themselves, but for the students.  I have really great students right now.  I really like them from the littlest ones to the retired ones.  They are all wonderful and anxious to learn.  I don't have any who are being forced to learn and boy is it nice.  Momma used to listen to all the students' lessons.  I would help her into the living when it was time for a lesson.  She would smile a lot during the lesson.  Her face would light up more when Lily would come.  She just loved Lily.  Lily is the daughter of one of my very good friends.  Mom had spent a lot of time with Lily during Lily's young life.  We would take her and her sisters to movies and play games with them.  Julie, Lily's Mom, really liked my mother and spent time with her too.

I had to go to Walmart to get a refill of my Meloxicam.  I am waiting for the refill of the tramadol.  I have enough for the weekend so I am hoping at the beginning of the week it will be refilled.  After I got some new window clings for Easter and a few necessities (milk, bread, Advil PM, etc) I then went to JoAnn's for a new Easter table cloth.  They didn't have any for my size of table at Walmart.  I also got a general spring/summery one for after Easter.  All my other table cloths fit my old table not the new one so I have to buy new table cloths for the season.  What an awful thing to have to do!  Buy cute table cloths!  he he he!

Well, it is getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow for a new piano student.  the new student is a 24 year old male.  I do hope he shows up.  Often they don't when they are adults.  I shall find out tomorrow!

I hope your day is good.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

dizzy day!!!! along with some brain fog 2-23

I woke up dizzy again today.  I don't know why I was dizzy, I just was.  I didn't wake up with a bad headache, just the normal one but I have a bigger headache tonight.  I actually missed choir practice because of it.  I just couldn't go and sing, not tonight.  I hope to be better on Sunday.  I am not sure what song we are singing on Sunday, but that is okay.  I will figure it out.  Carolyn will pick up any new music for me if we get some.  She is such a nice girl.

I was looking online for some books that I saw at competition.  I am not going to be purchasing them because many of the songs I have in other books.  The other songs are not songs I like or they are unfamiliar to me.  So far, I am just wanting one other book, the Kids' musical theatre collection vol 1.  I have volume 2.  There are a couple of songs I like that I don't have in other books or if I do, I don't have a CD to go with it and now I did.

I am very tired tonight, much more so than usual.  I will probably go to bed in a bit, earlier than usual but I don't mind.  Anytime I get to sleep works for me.  I just hope I sleep.  Tomorrow I am taking my car in to be fixed.  I do hope it is not very expensive.  We shall see tomorrow!

Well, I am so tired so I am going to watch the rest of the show I am watching and then head for bed!  I hope you have a good day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mid week! 2-22

I am slowly catching up on my sleep.  I didn't sleep as late as I did yesterday but I did sleep a bit later than usual.  I had a lot (for me) of students today.  3 were make ups from earlier in the week.  I am a bit extra tired but I was fine during the lessons.  My little ones (the twins) had their birthdays today.  They are officially 5 years old now and their sister will be officially 7 on Saturday.  I wished them all Happy Birthday.  I hope they have a good one.  Aubrey (the soon to be 7 year old) has no school this week as it is winter break for her school.  The schools around me have no school for the week.

I haven't gotten the brakes fixed yet.  I am going to take it in on Friday.  It is doing alright.  The grinding didn't happen today but I do know it needs to be taken in.  I just hope it isn't too expensive.  That is why I am taking it in before I lose the brakes.  That would not be good so I will take it in on Friday before teaching.

Seeing Kathy this past weekend was so awesome.  I am hoping that sometime in March she may be able to come for a couple of days.  I so miss her when I don't see her.  I had such a good time with her.  I also did enjoy seeing the kids on Saturday night.  The girls were watching some cute kid cartoons.  I didn't mind at all because I like kid cartoons.  After watching a few, it was time for them to go to bed.  On Sunday, they had new bunk beds to sleep in.  Tony picked them up from Kathy's parents.  Her parents are moving to a condo and there isn't room for them there.  Fortunately, it was just about time to move the girls into twin size beds from their toddler beds so the timing is great.  Tony went to pick them up and brought them home.  The girls are so excited about their new bedding.  They picked out their own.  Alicia's was mostly pink and Samantha's was different colored hearts.  They were very cute.  They are very excited to be sleeping in bunk beds.  I think one of the best sounds in the world is a child's laughter.  It is more than music to me.  I love when the girls giggle with me.  We have a good time.  After the girls went to bed, the boys went downstairs to play video games so Kathy and I had the TV to ourselves!  A miracle!  Poor Kathy, part of being a parent, I think, is to never get the TV for yourself.  I know my mother rarely did.  Fortunately, my mother, like Kathy, like the children shows and the family shows.  Mom, Andrew, Richard, and I would often snuggle on the sofas in the family room watching TV together.  On Saturday nights, Mom, Andrew, and I would watch the Love Boat and Fantasy Island.  We would either have popcorn or a float.  I no longer can have popcorn.  It upsets my tummy a few hours after eating it so I don't eat it anymore.  I do like floats though.  When I was small, regular pop upset my tummy (too much sugar does that too me) so when they invented diet coke Mom took me to a McDonald's to try some.  I really liked it and it doesn't bother my tummy!  When she would make my floats, I always had less ice cream than they did.  I didn't mind because I knew if I had the same amount I would have major tummy pain that night which would mean no sleep for mom or me.  Mom was so very careful with what I could have and what would upset my tummy.  Little did we know that when I was a baby she was right, my tummy does not digest properly.  She asked a doctor about that but they dismissed them.  Well, when I was in the hospital in 2008, the doctor said that my tummy does not digest properly.  Mom was shocked and told Dr. T that she had asked about that when I was a baby.  He said, you were right.  I take reglan to help digest my food.  It also helps with my constant upset tummy.  Until reglan, I would have upset tummies at least 4 to 6 times a week.  Yes, I do have IBS, but this is above and beyond what my IBS is like.

Anyways, I would like Kathy to come and see me next month.  If not, I will see her (most likely) at Easter.  Easter Sunday is also my birthday.  I will be 44 years old.  It seems kind of strange to soon to be 44.  It seemed so old when I was a teenager, but now it seems young.  Strange how time does that to a person.

I did not wake up with a bad headache today, just the normal headache.  However, I have a bad one now.  I took some medicine some I am hoping it will go back to normal by bed time.

I have to come up with a book for Maggie and I to read.  I did buy a new one that Star suggested, but I haven't started it yet.  There was one I wanted her to read but I can't remember what it was about at this point.  I loaned it to Kathy so I can't re-read it right now.  I figure that once Kathy reads it and I get it back, then Maggie and I can discuss it at that point.  I am not in a hurry to get it back.  I wanted to get the new Kristin Hannah book but I haven't ordered it yet.  I need to do that.  I just ordered it along with a Danielle Steel book.  I like Danielle Steel a lot too but Kristin Hannah is one of my favorite authors.  My absolutely favorite author is LM Montgomery, next is JK Rowlings.  Both are such great authors and their books are so amazing.

Well, it is time to end this post and read for a bit before bed.  I do hope you had a good day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NCIS night 2-21

The month is more than 1/2 over.  Wow, it has gone fast.  I don't mind though since it made competition come faster and now it is over.  I really slept a lot yesterday and today recovering from competition.  It always takes a few days to recover completely.

My brakes are going on my car.  I have to take it in tomorrow.  I just can't wait anymore.  I have a friend who could do them, but they are out of town until Monday and I don't want to wait that long.  I am afraid of how bad they would be if I waited.  Right now they grind right before I stop so I don't want to have to get new rotors if I don't have too.  I am hoping it is just a simple job and nothing to serious.  I will take it in tomorrow afternoon before teaching.  I am also hoping that it won't take too long either.  Since I am not an expert, I will leave it to the mechanics at the shop.  This is only the 2nd thing I have had to have fixed.  The first was new tires 2 years ago.  I sure hope I don't need any of those soon.

I have a lot (for me) lessons tomorrow.  Isaac is making up his lesson from yesterday and Charlie is making his up from tonight.  I am looking forward to tomorrow because I have my 3 littlest ones.  They are so adorable and cute.  The twins, who will be 5 tomorrow, are doing really well.  They have learned their bass clef notes quickly and their soon to be 7 year old sister is also doing amazing.  She learned her notes so quickly.  I was astonished at how fast she learned them.  I am very happy with how well the 3 of them are doing.  I really am.  I am hoping that next year they will want to go to competition.  I think they would do awesome there since they all play so nicely.  Apparently, Aaiyana wanted to go this year. Well, I asked and they never got back to me so she missed it.  Oh well, there is always next year.

I should be back to my normal self rather soon.  It always takes a few days to get back to my normal self.    I woke up again today with a super bad headache.  That makes 3 days in a row.  At least by evening the head is back to the regular pain.  I am hoping that tomorrow I won't wake up with it.  Although, should I do that, I am going to get up and take something for it instead of just rolling over.  Perhaps, that would help it go back down faster.  I am getting up a bit early tomorrow to take my car in for repair.  I am getting tired now.  That is a good thing since it is only about 9 ish or so.  I am really hoping for a decent night sleep, only waking a couple of times for pain.  The last couple nights since I came home, I seem to walk up about 6 to 7 times each night.  I am tired of waking up so much.  This morning, the phone kept on ringing though and that kept waking me up.  I am putting it on silence tonight so I won't hear the phone ring tomorrow morning.

I just saw a commercial for the 3D version of Titanic.  Are they making 3D versions of all movies now? first there was Lion King, then Beauty and the Beast and now Titanic?  I won't be seeing it though because I don't really like that movie.  The music is beautiful that is for sure, but I won't be seeing the movie.  They are re-releasing the Star Wars movies in 3D too.  Fortunately, they will be re-releasing them in 2D also because I just don't particularly like 3D.    I did alright with Beauty and the Beast but I am still not a fan of 3D.  I prefer 2D.

I hope you are having a good day.

Monday, February 20, 2012

after competition

I am so exhausted from this past weekend.  I was able to spend a lot more time than I thought with Kathy and I loved every minute of it!  My 2 did well.  I expected Aggie to do very well because she was so prepared, my other wasn't as prepared.  She did get 2 3rd places so we were glad about that.  I am hoping next year to have a few more students compete.  Ria seems to be interested and so does Selma so that is a good thing.  I am thankful it is over that is for sure.  this year was rather stressful, more than usual.  I had the job of getting the judges and believe me, I will NEVER do that job again.  It is very hard and with all the opinions from others, that makes it even harder.  We had judges and I think the ones whose comments I have already read did a good job.  I am just glad that it is over.  I didn't get to sleep a whole lot while I was in Kalamazoo.  On Sunday, I woke up with a super bad headache.  I went downstairs to the judge's meeting and Diane told me to go back to bed.  She would take care of the meeting.  I slept until 11:40 am.  I got up and packed to check out of the hotel room.  Unfortunately, I accidentally left me winter coat in the room.  I noticed it after the awards ceremony.  I was lucky though because someone went to check the room and found it.  I was so happy about that because winter is not over and I love my winter coat.  It is so nice and warm.  It should last a long time.  I simply love it so I am glad that it was in the room and not lost.

I did sleep a lot today.  I got up late like I expected and then took a 2 1/2 hour nap about 2 or so hours after I got up.  I was just so tired, I couldn't stay awake.  I know it was from this weekend and if I didn't take the nap, I may have had another crash and burn episode.  I think I may have missed it by taking the extra sleep or at least I hope so.  I did have another bad headache today, but now it is just a little bad headache.  The extra sleep really helped.  When I have a bad headache it is like having a headache on top of another headache because I have a headache ever day.  I have had one for over 7 years now.  I can't remember what it was like not to have a headache.  I really don't.  I know that at one time I didn't have daily headaches, but now I do.

I am watching Dance Moms.  It is the episode I missed a few weeks ago and it is a good one.  I do like this show.  I admit it.  I don't so much care about the bickering Moms, I love watching the girls dance.  that is the part I really like, the girls dancing.

Tomorrow I have a few lessons.  I am going to also going to clean up the kitchen.  I have to empty the dishwasher.  I kind of haven't done it since I last washed the dishes.  when I need a clean dish I just get it out of the dishwasher.  I need to fix that.  I also have some laundry to do too.  It should only be one load so that will done quickly.

Kathy gave me some books that I loaned her on Saturday.  I only brought one book to competition so I ran out of reading material.  This is awful!!!  I did buy a book, but it is an author I have never read but I know many who have so I hope it is good.  I am glad Kathy gave me the books back because she had a book I thought I had donated!  It is to the O'Malley series that I simply love.  I had thought I donated the entire series but as it turns out, all but 2 were in my drawer in my room.  Now they are downstairs on my bookshelves.  I love the library part of the family room a lot.  It is so nice to go downstairs and pick a book off the shelf or put another one away.  I just really like the way the family room looks.  This weekend, the Muglia girls are coming to sort music and put it away.  We are also going to put the CDs away too.  I am very thankful that they are going to help me with this.  They are coming on Sunday.  Saturday, Lydia is getting a perm as a part of her birthday gift.  She will look even prettier than usual with it, I think.  They are such wonderful girls.  All of my students are.

I am going to read for a bit and then head to bed.  I am still very tired from the weekend.  It was exhausting.  I tried to prepare for it, but it really isn't something I can prepare for.  I try, but it is difficult to do.  I hope you have had a good day too.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I love this show.  I didn't know it was on TVland but it is.  I know it runs on lots of stations.  It is such a good show.  I think I have seen every single episode.  I remember when it ended.  I was in high school and we had a band event that night.  We were all really bummed about it.  Fortunately, it was right around the time VCRs came out so several parents taped the show to make sure we would be able to watch it during band the following day.  That was how we spent the next band class, watching MASH.  We all laughed a lot.

It has been a nice day.  The weather is warm so the pain is not as much when it is super cold.  Peter and Carolyn came over for a few minutes to help put my scooter in the trunk of my car.  I did let them each have a couple of turns riding it.  It works beautifully now that the batteries have been changed.  Both of them love riding my scooter.  They now want one.  I am glad I have one although I am NOT glad that I need one.  I use it not only because of the Fibro, but also because of the arthritis.  I have arthritis in my lower back and hips as well as my hands.  I am not sure where else but definitely in those places.  So between the two, my walking is not super good.  I can't walk for any amount of distance, which saddens me because I used to go for a 2 to 3 mile walk every day.  I would put my headphones to my CD player on  and listen to the CDs I made just for walking.  Now I use my elliptical machine as much as I can.  (I think I am up to a few minutes now - but it is a start).

I can't wait to see Kathy tomorrow.  I will also see her Saturday night.  I am very excited about this.  We will have a really good time.  No, we are NOT going to party.  Neither of us are party people.  We are going to go to lunch and then probably go back to her house and talk up a storm.  Saturday night we are most likely going to watch the extras on Harry Potter 7 part 2.  There is a special disc that only Target Stores were selling so each of us got the Target Harry Potter.  We are both BIG Harry Potter fans.  We will get the TV after we put the twins to bed.  I am so excited because I will get to spend some time with the twins and the boys as well as Kathy on Saturday night.  I am not bringing any games to play with her kids because I gave them most of them at Christmas.  I am glad that I did because they have such a good time playing them.  It makes me smile to see them have fun and play together.  Kathy and I played with the girls on Christmas Day.  That was such a good time to me and a wonderful memory.  It made my Christmas so nice when it had potential to be very sad.  I couldn't be sad with Kathy and her family.  Her parents are so nice too.  They have known me most of my life since Kathy and I have been friends since we were 3.  We met in church Sunday school.  We also went to the same schools, which really strengthened our friendship.  I am so thankful for our friendship.  We will most likely be friends till the end.  Then we will be in Heaven together.  I am so sure of that.

Project Runway is on now.  There was no choir practice tonight because we are doing combined services on Sunday so practice is on Saturday instead.  Carolyn told me but I did receive a phone call during my last lesson for the day.  Either way, I did get the message of no choir tonight.  A combined service will be interesting.  I attend the Traditional Service.  That is when choir sings.  We don't have any praise team for that service because of the choir.  The other 3 services are Contemporary Services with praise teams leading the singing.  During a combined service, all the praise teams and choir will sing together and each of the services will be exactly the same.  We do sing at all the services about once a month.  I haven't done one yet because I was sick for the first one of the year.  I really am enjoying the choir.  Because I can't stand very long or well, I sit on a stool.  I really wish I could reach the ground but I can't.  I am getting a stool made for me for that purpose.  They think it would be safer for me too and I agree.  I am glad that I tried this church.  While there are some things that are different, the message is very similar from what the church I grew up in is the same.  I really like this choir because there are some really good singers.  I am good, but there are singers who are better than me and it is nice to be one of the crowd, very nice.  It is a good change.  I like to be a member and not a lead member at this time in my life.  It really is a good thing.

I do hope you had a good day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday mid month 2-15

It is mid month already.  It was a quiet day today with a few lessons.  My last lesson's mom accidentally left her keys in the car.  Whoops!  She called her husband so he can bring his set to let them in.  The girls played with some of the toys that I have.  They were so cute.  It didn't take anytime at all for him to arrive at my house.  After that, I had to go and pick up my refill of 2 medicines.  I also saw that they had the Fox and the Hound and the Fox and the Hound 2 together on a DVD on sale.  I picked it up.  I love the Fox and the Hound first one but I have never seen the 2nd one.  I am sure it is just as good.  I love most Disney movies.  They are usually so good.  I have only seen a few that I didn't care for.  Mom liked them a lot too. You might say the apple didn't fall far from the tree when it comes to liking most Disney stuff.

I have laundry I have to do tomorrow.  I have been putting it off long enough.  You know me!  I hate doing laundry.  It is just the worst job ever.  Next weekend Mariela comes over to clean again.  I am having her come once a month to help me out.  She did a really good job last month.

Teaching is going well.  All the students are doing pretty well.  I do have 4 students who don't practice at all except at a lesson.  They are rather small and their parents just don't seem to mind that they don't practice.  Two of them are very good despite not practicing.  Imagine what they could be doing if they did practice?  It would be unbelievable but they don't so I just going along with it.  They are all very cute kids.

I have 2 students going to competition this year.  I am thinking I will probably have more next year when it is in Dearborn.  I have so many beginners that they just wouldn't be ready this year so I am thinking next year if they are interested.  Both of the students are singers.  Usually, I have more singers than piano students competing.  One is 10 and the other is an adult.

Well, it has been a quiet day.  Pain-wise, I am doing alright.  I have just the normal pain level today.  I hope it stays that way for the rest of the week.

I hope you are having a good day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A definite Brain Fog Moment 2-13 and 2-14

Talking about Brian Fog!  I started this yesterday and totally forgot I started it!!!!!

It is the day before Valentine's Day.  I actually like Valentine's Day despite being single.  I wrote out the Valentine's for my students on Friday.  So far, I am remembering to pass them out.  One never knows with me because I forget things so easy with this lovely Brain Fog I get.  It can get so frustrating!  I have two cousins who joke around about Brain Fog but they don't understand how it can really impact my life and those of us who truly have it.  It is no laughing matter and it really bothers me that they do this like it is some kind of joke.  I think it is just rude that they do that.

Okay,  now it is Valentine's Day!  Happy Valentine's Day!!!  I hope it is a great one for everyone!  So far, it has been a very good day for me.  With the exception of my first lesson (she didn't show up), all did very well.  I just emailed her mom to find out why she was absent again.  I am really tired of her just not showing up.  A phone call would be really nice or an email saying that she won't be here.  That would have been nice.  The rest of the lessons were good.  I already knew that Charlie would be absent because he told me last week.  Next week he will have an hour lesson to make up for this week.

Since it is Tuesday, it is NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles night.  NCIS is on right now and it is a good one. I love these shows a lot.  It was one of the shows that Mom didn't get scared of.  Of course, I didn't turn it on in the fall just in case but if we accidentally watched it, she wasn't scared of it.  It is kind of weird, but hey, if she wasn't scared that was a good thing.  This was a really good episode of NCIS.  I would highly recommend this show to those who like crime type dramas.  It is NOT for young children, that is for sure, but it is a good show.  I would not say this is a good family show because unless you have older teens, I wouldn't want younger people watching it.  I like that the good guys always win.

NCIS Los Angeles is on and so is Dance Moms.  I switched to Dance Moms because tomorrow I can watch NCIS Los Angeles.  There aren't that many episodes of the Dance Moms left so then I will be exclusive with the NCIS shows.  I find Dance Moms rather entertaining.  I really like how the kids dance though.  They are unusually talented girls for their age.  Of course, they dance 4 to 6 hours a night at least 5 days a week, which would certainly improve any dancer.  They are very flexible too.  It does make me miss dance.  I had to quit at 23 because of the pain.  I didn't know at that time it was Fibro.  I just knew that I couldn't handle the pain anymore.  It was getting super bad at that point.  Also at that time, the dance studio I danced and taught at was closing.  If it wasn't for the pain, I could have found another studio to work at but it just hurt so bad.  The one thing I do regret though, is the fact that I didn't replace the exercise I was getting with another form of exercise.  I gained a lot of weight after I quit dancing.  It was definitely not a good thing on that.  Now I struggle with exercise and the pain.  I am working on it though, a little bit at a time.  Some day I will be able to do more than I can now.  I am sure of it.  It won't be the 4 to 6 hours of dancing I did, but maybe 20 minutes of the elliptical machine.  I can only hope.

It has been a good day.  Pain-wise, well, I have a bad headache now but I hope it won't keep me from sleeping tonight.  It is hard to say.  I do hope you are having a good Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

wonderings 2-12

I had such a wonderful day yesterday.  I had a couple of lessons and then headed to Barnes and Nobles to meet up with former students, Kelly Lynn and Star.  I have seen Kelly Lynn a few times as she is a new teacher and has many questions.  It is so exciting to see her all grown up and a teacher.  I was her first piano and voice teacher.  Star, I haven't seen since 2001 although I have spoke with her on face book.  The lovely thing about face book, reconnecting with people!  I arrived after them but not too late.  We had such a good time.  As a matter of fact the first time we looked at the time, it was 7:40 pm!  Yes, 5 hours after we arrived!  Well, we continued to talk and talk and talk.  We ended up closing the store at 11 pm.  So all in all, we were there visiting for 8 1/2 HOURS!  Talk about an amazing time.  Both girls have grown up to be simply wonderful young women as they are 24 and 25 respectively.  I am so thankful that I was a part of their childhoods.  I really am.  I have been so blessed to have worked with so many wonderful students over the last 25 years.  We three are planning a movie night together.  There are a couple of movies that we want to see so we are going to see them together.  I am so thankful I was with them yesterday.

On thing has been bothering me for the last 16 months.  Some days I feel I am doing pretty well going through the grieving process but other days I feel like I am sinking.  I am not lonely in general, I am lonely for Momma.  You might say I am homesick for my mother.  What question that constantly goes through my head is how to I want to want to go on.  Some days getting up is so hard because I just want to hide under the covers.  I find myself wishing that today or tonight, depending on what time of day it is, to die that night.  How do you want to want to get up in the morning?  How do you want to want to live a long and successful life?  I don't know.  I really don't.  This is very hard to admit for me.  I don't feel like I am suicidal or anything like that.  I do know Mom wanted me to have a good life and be successful.  She was proud that I was a teacher and loved listening to my students whether it was at their lessons, competition, or recitals.  I am not thinking of ways to kill myself.  Nothing like that.  I just don't know how to start wanting to want to live without my mother.  Will this come too after more time?  I don't have as many days with the physical pain of missing her.  I can talk about her now without crying, although sometimes I do still cry, but they are few.  Like I said, I don't feel lonely in general, just lonely for Momma.  I do do things that I enjoy and can find enjoyment in them such as visiting with friends, reading, watching TV and movies.  Once I am up and awake, I do okay during the rest of my day.  I enjoy my lessons.  I do love teaching.  I do have to write down everything that I plan to teach for the students, but I have been doing that for years so this is nothing new for me.

Anyways, Law and Order: SVU is on.  It is a marathon.  I love these marathons.  I hope you are having a good day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday 2-10

It has been an interesting day.  First, I met up with my dear friend, Maggie for lunch.  We went to the Olive Garden, one of my favorite restaurants.  Their soup and salad is awesome.  We had such a good time chatting away.  I haven't really had a chance to catch up with her in several months.  She is just so busy at work.  Maggie has a new work schedule now so we are planning to meet up once a month.  We are going to have our own little book club so I get to go and pick out the next book we will read.  I am thinking of the latest Kristin Hannah book as I love her books a lot.  The only book of hers that was really hard to read was the one before this one called, "Night Road".  It is about teenage drinking and driving and the worse thing that can happen to a family and community.  I think it really makes a person think about choices we make everyday and how one bad choice can virtually ruin your life and others.  The young person in the book was the least drunk out of the 3 teenagers (2 of who by the way, were only 1 mile from home) and they get in a really bad accident.  It is a book I will probably only read once because it is so hard to read with that much grieving in it.

I wrote out my valentines for my students today.  I didn't write the adults any because I didn't think they would care whereas my little ones would.  It has been a few years since I have given any valentines but I felt like it today.  Usually, I make a big deal out of it for mom.  Her last Valentine's Day was in 2010 and we went out to lunch that afternoon.  I bought her a stuffed bear with a balloon that said Happy Valentine's Day.  Before that year I would really go all out for Mom on all the holidays.  It made me happy to see her smile and laugh.  Sometimes we would go to a movie too.  I loved taking Mom to the movie that last few years.  Even before then, Mom and I loved going to the movies together.  This year, I will be teaching on Valentine's Day.  It will be a good day since I will be teaching.

I am working on changing my sleep schedule.  I am trying to go to bed a bit earlier so I will be up earlier.  This way, I will be able to get what I need for teaching that day and have plenty of time to get ready for lessons.  Lately, I have been staying up too late and then sleeping in later than I used too.  I am working on changing that.  I really need to.  I know sometimes I stay in bed late because of boredom and not having something to do.  I will fix that though this coming month.  I am giving myself a month to fix this new plan.  I need to set myself some new goals.  I don't have any right now.  I will have some by next month too.

I am getting tired now.  I am going to read a bit and go to bed.  I hope you are having a good day and evening.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

what day is this??? Brain fog 2-8

I almost wrote Thursday as the title to this post.  Brain fog moment.  I am having trouble this year writing the proper year.  I don't know why.  Either I write 2011 or 2013, somehow I keep missing the 2012.  I am not sure because I KNOW I don't want to repeat 2011 and I am not ready to be in 2013.  I rarely know what day it is.  I have to totally depend on my planner to know what day it is and what I have to do.  If I don't write what I need to do, it doesn't get done.  My students know that I must write down what they need or I won't get it for them.  Every night before I go to bed i must check my planner to see what time I have to get up the next day.  I try to pull any music or CDs that I need after the lessons are over for the day so I will have it for the next day.  Right now, my biggest thing is that the music must be put away.  It is really getting to be an issue as I need to start pulling the movie music for the spring concert.

Bob forgot his music today.  Fortunately, I have the songs in other books.  We also did some sight reading. All in all it was a good lesson despite him forgetting his books.  Brooke and Jillian are learning how to read music now.  I am rather pleased with their progress.  Their big sister, Aubrey, has been reading music for the last few weeks.  They are all doing so well.

Person to Person is going to be interviewing Jon Bon Jovi in a few minutes.  Kathy and I love the band Bon Jovi a lot.  I think it is both of ours favorite band.  It is a great interview so far!  I remember going to see them in concert.  I have seen them in concert about 8 times but not on the last few tours though.  They are really good in concert.  Their opening acts have not always been so good, but that is okay, they are and that is what counts.

The head has been back to the normal pain level today.  When I had the cold, it hurt way more than normal.  I am thankful the cold is over, or at least I think it is.  It seems to be over now.  I hope not to get another for a while.  Several of my students have been absent to because of flues and colds.  Most are feeling better again so I should have a full load next week.  That will be good.

I am tired now so I am going to read for a bit and then head for bed.  I hope your day was a good one.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Start of a new week 2-6

Mondays are nice in the Paxton household because it starts another musical week for me.  Outside of the extra tiredness, I am feeling back to normal, well, as normal as I can get!  The students did well today.  The new ones seem like they will stay or at least I hope so.  One is an adult and the other is a 10 year old girl.  the adult is learning piano and the 10 year old is a singer.  She has a nice voice and seemed to like the music I picked.  She brought a notebook and a binder like I requested.  I am almost out of page savers so I am going to need to pick some later this week.

I almost forgot to dry my clothes that I need for bedtime.  Silly me!  I did finally remember about 25 minutes ago.  I don't remember how long they take to dry though so I will be up until they are dry.

I am having the subdivision homeowners board of directors meeting here tomorrow.  I am rather excited about it.  I have pop and tea for people as well as some snacks, M & M's and pretzels.  That should be good.  I wanted to get some chex mix instead of pretzels, but they didn't have any so it is pretzels instead.  I have never hosted the meeting where people have actually come so we shall see if they come tomorrow.  In 2010, we were supposed to have a meeting at my house but no one came.  I was actually upset at the time, but that was a long time ago.  I know so far that at least 2 neighbors will be here.  I hope that we don't have tons of people here as I don't have that much room, but at least 3 or 4.

Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman is on right now.  I have every episode on DVD but still, I love this show.  Mom loved it too.  So far, I think the Hubel family like it too.  I have loaned them season 1.  I told them when they were done with season 1 to let me know and then I will loan them season 2.  This episode is where Dr. Quinn is pregnant.  I don't remember the exact happenings, but since all the episodes were good, i imagine this one will be too.  I remember watching this with Mom after we bought the DVDs.  Cloud Dancing has been injured in this episode.  I don't remember it too well.

Well, my clothes should be dried rather shortly, so I will get ready for bed.  I have a blood test tomorrow afternoon.  I have tried to drink a lot of water today.  I will drink some more before I go to bed.  I do hope you have had a good day!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

superbowl Sunday, 2-5

It is the Superbowl today although I will not be watching.  I am watching the Law and Order SVU marathon.  I went to see "Beauty and the Beast" 3D today with my girls.  It was a lot of fun.  I really enjoy being with my girls.  They are all so cute.  Lydia is almost as tall as Natalie.  She has about 1/2 inch to go and she will be as tall as Natalie.  I think Hannah is a bit taller than Natalie.  Sarah, of course, has several years to go before she will be as tall as her sisters.  Sarah is 8 while the twins are 16 and Lydia is almost 15.  She turns 15 this month.  We all really liked the movie.  It is my favorite.  We are hoping that they will also release "the Little mermaid" as a 3D too since it is Natalie's favorite.  I am sorry we missed "the Lion King" last month.  It was only showing for 2 weeks so the window of opportunity was very short so we missed it.  It appears the next one will be in the fall, "Finding Nemo".  I remember that movie.  It was good.  I saw it with Mom and Lily.  Mom really liked it, too.

It was a quiet weekend.  I did go to Heather B-T's church last night for game night.  We played Dungeons and Dragons again.  I think we will be playing that about once a month now.  It is okay, I am getting more familiar with it.  I cursed the bad guys again last night.  I play a cleric.  My character name is Luca.  It was Lucas when the guy played him, but now that I am playing the cleric, I changed the character to female and  changed her name.  Calli plays the game too.  She was also knitting last night.  Calli is very good at knitting and was learning a new technique, one she had never used before.  I think she was doing a good job.

The cold is almost gone.  All that is left is some extra exhaustion.  I have slept more this past week than I have in a long time.  I will freely admit, that I have been enjoying being able to sleep a bit better than usual.  It has been rather nice.  I am not sure if it is the NyQuil I have been taking although I did take some DayQuil too and I still fell asleep with it.

Tomorrow is a lighter day for lessons as Bob has rescheduled for Wednesday and Rachel for Saturday.  I just love little Rachel.  She is such a cutie!  She had her lesson yesterday and is almost ready to start a new hand position with new notes.  Rachel and I giggle a lot during lessons.  Nothing is a beautiful as a child's laughter to me and their smiles.  I love it when their whole face lights up with their smile and laughter.  I loved it when Mom smiled and laughed too.  I guess I like all laughter and smiles.  Rick is doing well.  He will be here for 2 or 3 more lessons before he will be gone again for several months.

Competition is in 2 weeks.  I can't believe it is so close.  I am anxious to see Kathy that weekend too.  I sure hope she is available to hang out.  I hope to see her  a couple of times that weekend.  I am leaving early on Friday so I can spend some time with her before going to the hotel, if she is available.

Apparently, TNT has a Law and Order marathon too.  I am watching the regular Law and Order right now.  I will alternate between the SVU and regular one.  A pleasant night for me!  I do hope you are having a pleasant one too!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

cold is going away slowly 2-3

I am slowly getting better.  I am still very, very tired, but that is to be expected with having such a bad cold.  I did sleep a bit better last night, but I am sure it is the extra cold medicine that is helping me sleep.  I am planning to, again, go to sleep earlier than usual.  I am teaching at 11:30 tomorrow.  It is Julian's last lesson tomorrow.  She is a temporary student who is learning music strictly for the musical she is in.  She is such a wonderful girl.  The musical she is in is "Mulan Junior".  I didn't even know that there was a play of "Mulan".  I thought it was just a movie.  Boy, was I wrong.  She is doing so very well with her part.  Julian is playing the part of Mulan.  I think she will be wonderful.  The play is in either March or April.  I can't remember which.  I will ask again tomorrow.  I also have my lovely Rachel tomorrow.  I was sick on Monday so Rachel couldn't have her regularly scheduled lesson.  She has to also reschedule because her grandmother is on vacation for most of the month.  I will only see her for 3 lessons this month.  She is such sweet little girl.  She is 6 and very excited about learning piano.  Tomorrow I will also see my cousin, Hayley as long as the weather holds out.  I hope we will go out for lunch/early dinner too.

I am getting tired now so I think I shall head to be shortly.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ground Hog Day 2012

I have no idea if the ground hog saw his shadow or not.  In Michigan, it never seems to matter, there is always much more winter to go!  This has been a strange winter, but believe me, I am NOT complaining!  I am liking it because I haven't been freezing as usual.  Usually at this time of the year, I have the little heater going every night but I don't because it hasn't been below zero too much.  We have had a bit of snow but not too much.  I know more is coming but I don't know when because I didn't watch the news today.  I will check the website.  Be right back!

It is going to be in the mid 40s for the next few days.  No snow until next week at this time, thank goodness for that!

I didn't go to choir practice tonight because I am still not feeling 100%.  I hope I am feeling better by Sunday, we shall see.  This cold has really been a bad one in the way that it wipes me out a lot.  I think I slept from Saturday afternoon to Tuesday evening straight through and then yesterday I slept a lot when I wasn't teaching, same with today.  I plan to rest a lot again tomorrow when I am not teaching.  This weekend my cousin is supposed to stop over when she is shopping in town.  I have a couple of packages that she had ordered here to give her.

I wonder if she wants to go out to eat after she picks up her packages.  I have a couple of gift certificates that I can use.

Anyways, not much going on.  I have had a bad headache for the past few days because of the cold.  It just makes the normal headache hurt more.

Oh my!  Breaking Dawn part 1 comes out on February 11.  I will have to get that one.  I have to eventually watch the Eclipse movie.  I still haven't watched it.  I did see Breaking Dawn part 1 though.  I can't believe we have to wait until Thanksgiving to see part 2.

I do hope you are having a good day.  I hope I am feeling back to normal tomorrow.  Having a cold and fibro at the same time is not a pleasant experience!  Ugh!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Slowly getting better 2-1

I am slowly getting better after a few days of being down and out.  I DID teach lessons today.  I am glad that I was able to teach today.  I had my Muglia girls and Bob as well as my usual few.  I think it was a good day all around.  Yes, I am very tired.  I will go to bed early again tonight.  I did sleep okay last night. I didn't wake up as many times to blow my nose as I did the other nights.  I think I will be up for a movie on Sunday with my girls!  "Beauty and the Beast" here we come!  (As long as it is still playing!)  The girls did well in their lessons.  I was surprised (a nice on though!) that the three older girls picked to play a classical piece as a part of their assignment.  They like all types of music and that makes me happy.  They like classical and don't mind playing it, they actually like playing the classical stuff.  They play it beautifully too.  Right now the twins are playing a Sonatina by Clementi.  It was kind of funny that they both picked the same piece.  It just spoke to them.  The other picked a different Sonatina by Spindler.  Both Sonatinas that they picked are some of my favorite.  I just love Clementi's music so much.  His sonatinas are simply wonderful.  My girls are going to come over in the next few weeks and help me file away my music.  I so need some help with this.  I am drowning in the music that needs to be put away.

I have several absences tomorrow.  Breanna is still very ill so she won't be here.  Brooke is in Disney World with the dance team at her school.  They are competing in the Nationals.  I am so excited for her.  Her sister, Brianne has a basketball game so basically, they are all absent.  I have choir practice tomorrow.  I hope my voice is up with it tomorrow.  I guess I will just have to wait and see!

I had sent a check yesterday for my luncheon ticket.  Silly me, I don't have to pay for that since I am on the Board of Directors.  Pattie called to let me know and also to see if I would like to sit with her at the luncheon as i have no one else going to the luncheon.  I said yes and also told her to shred the check.  I voided it out from my check book.

Oh, Sunday is the Superbowl.  Hm, you sure can tell I pay attention to football.  I wonder if this means the movie theatre will be less busy?  One never knows.  I am not sure that the movie is even playing still.  I will check right now.  Yes it is still playing.  It is playing more times at the Theatre near me and only a few times at the theatre near the girls.  I am not sure what one we will go to.  I will decide by Saturday where we shall see the movie.  Also, there is a Law and Order marathon on TNT Sunday.  wow, "Beauty and the Beast" and "Law and Order" marathon!  Great day for me!!!  Not to mention 2 lessons. Aaiyana and Rick.  Aaiyana is a make up from yesterday and Rick will have his regularly scheduled lesson.

I am really getting tired now.  I think I will read a bit and then go to bed.  I do hope you have a good evening and a good night's sleep!