Monday, February 25, 2013

The Day After 2-25

Wow, competition is over.  I am exhausted.  I had a good weekend, the students did awesome.  I tried to pace myself and pretty much I did okay.  I have discovered though, I cannot room captain anymore.  It is too much standing and walking back and forth.  I had help because I cannot do that much standing.  I will let them know right away because it causes too much extra pain.  Because I have help, it wasn't so bad but without that help, I would have had to go right home and miss the awards because of the pain levels.  I do other jobs before the competition and I like that.  This way, if I need to rest, I can go and rest.  It is important that I have time for resting.

The kids did really well while I was teaching.  Calli has Q (the guide dog) with his harness on so everyone knows he is working and can't be petted or spoken too and Acer was playing quietly downstairs.  It goes rather well.  After I finished lessons for the evening, I finished making dinner that Heather had started.  It was yummy and healthy.  Heather made sure there were plenty of veggies in the dinner.  It was good.  Calli helped me clear the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher after dinner.  She has also learned how to turn on the dishwasher.  Mine is a bit different than hers but she knows how it works.  Calli also learned to wipe the dishes before we put them in the dishwasher as we can't have any food in the sink because of the septic tank.  Overall, I think it went well.  She is a lovely assistant.  We worked very well together.  It is nice to have others in the house when I am not teaching. The quiet can get sooooo loud at times.

I have been rededicating myself to eating more healthy.  I eat more veggies than anything.  I also do make sure I have enough protein.  I am now working on eating less bread and stuff like that.  I take the CLA and Safflower Oil supplements that help with weight loss.  I have been taking them for about a month now.  I expect to have some results of my rededicated healthy eating habits in a couple of months.  I have noticed that I am not hungry as much as I used to be.  I also think this is because I now take all my medicines with water and nothing else so basically I drink at least about 12 ounces of water before I eat.  I don't find problems too much with hunger during the day.  It will be nice to actually be eating more at home with people instead of by myself.  This is definitely a win for all of us.

I am hoping to see my friend, Jennie in a play this weekend.  She is in an odd couple type play only with women as the main characters.  I missed her play last time because I had a really bad headache.  Since this one is in the afternoon, I don't expect to have too much trouble with a bad headache, I hope it is just the regular headache.

Thursday, I am planning to go to choir practice no matter what.  I don't want to miss anymore.  I am going to have to learn to function with them.  I am just going to have to.  I don't really have any choice at this point.  They are here.  I do see Dr. Rossi tomorrow.  I am asking her to change my medicine.  I am still having issues with the hallucinations at night in the dark but also because I had to go to the lower dosage and it doesn't really help all that much.  It helps me get to sleep faster but that is about it.  I do really like Dr. Rossi.  She is determined to find something that will help me.  I must say, it is a nice change because I gave up hope when the other 2 neurologists said that there was nothing they could do about an everyday headache.  Dr. Rossi said that there is something that can be done and I should expect that someday I will not have an everyday headache.  That will be an awesome day for me.

Well it is time to watch castle and then head for bed soon.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Competition Weekend

I am very tired but pleased with how well the competition turned out.  Everyone of my 3 who went did well.  I will post more about it tomorrow.  Right now, I am very tired and sore.  I am extra sore, which I expected.  I did pace myself pretty well.

More tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

getting settled 2-19

Tonight will be the first night that everyone will be sleeping here: Bill, Heather, Acer, Calli, Q, and Maisy.  Q sleeps in Calli's room and will be gated it.  Maisy sleeps with Heather and Bill so the fur babies are all set.  Acer is in his new room and Calli's was completely set up today.  She is all set.  Now on to unpacking, putting things where they belong, and all of that type of stuff.  Heather isn't feeling too well right now.  I think she got what I got a few weeks ago except that she also has ear aches and a sore throat, which I, fortunately, didn't get those symptoms.

Calli is doing her goalball exercises.  She is a very serious athlete and has goals to be in the para-olympics either in 2016 or 2020.  With her determination, I believe she will be there.  Calli does her exercise every night without fail.  Acer is already in bed and hopefully, asleep.  I  read him his book tonight because Heather just can't talk very well.  She has pretty much lost her voice.

So far, the move has gone very smoothly outside of Heather not feeling too well.  I do get a good giggle at the thought that there are 2 Heathers in the house.  I am sure Heather will think so too when she feels better.  Calli brought down my laundry for me and took up some laundry too.  She is very helpful.  Acer, Calli, and I went through one of the photo albums.  I took out all the pictures of us and labeled the photo.  I plan to put up a lot of pictures around the house.  Richard would like his baby picture.  I will take a picture of it and then ship it to him.  Andrew doesn't want me to give him his.  He would prefer that I take a picture of it and put it on face book then tag him in it.  I am moving my baby picture to my bedroom.  The hallway paintings of Mom's will also be coming down.  I will also take a picture of them before they get donated.  I am keeping the living room ones and the ones in my bedroom.  Mom painted those for me so I am keeping them.  I also have a collage of pictures of my friends to put up in my room too or in the hallway or family room or dining room.  I am not sure right now.

Competition is coming up this weekend.  Sarah is very well prepared.  She is such a nice young lady.  I really like her a lot.  Breanna and Natalie have their lessons tomorrow.  They are both pretty prepared so is Rebecca.  I am glad about that.  I am looking forward to competition.  My job was to get the pianos and it is on track so I am glad about this.  I think it will be a good weekend.  Only 1 more day before competition.

Well, I think it is time to read and relax for the night.  I do have a medium bad headache tonight but the good thing is, I didn't have it all day, just in the morning and the evening.  During the afternoon it was okay.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ah Tuesdays, 2-19

I love Tuesdays.  It is NCIS night and I loooooove both of those shows so much.  I am fascinated with detective and that type of stuff shows.  NCIS is on right now and it is almost over.  NCIS Los Angeles will be on next.  I had a couple of students today.  Bob had his lesson today instead of yesterday because he was working.  Amy had her lesson today.  She just finished her level 1 books and has now started level 2.  She is doing very well.  I am pleased with her progress.  Of course, I am mostly pleased with most of my students' progress.  There are only a few who don't practice very much.  Isaac is doing well now that he has a song for piano that he likes.  I have decided that I need to do something a little unconventional with him.  He likes to play but I think lesson type books are not his thing.  Not everyone is made for lesson books and need a different way to learn.  He is playing a song from "Les Miserables".  Isaac really liked the movie.  I knew he would.  We were talking about it during his lesson when I pulled the book out and he was really happy about that.  I bought the big note arrangement with him in mind.  I know it is a bit above his level at this point, but he is beyond the 5 finger arrangement so I would rather him be challenged than bored.  He is a really neat young man.  His father, David, is actually my older brother's childhood friend so basically, I have known Isaac since he was born and his dad has known me since I was born.  Isaac and I think that is really cool.

Maisy came yesterday to check out her new digs.  I think the little puppy likes it here.  She explored everywhere while we were all working.  Okay - I didn't do much since I can't lift too much.  I did help move some boxes so that Bill could get the filing cabinets into the family fun room and out of Calli's bedroom.  Acer was so cute.  He was using the stair climber.  He said that perhaps we shouldn't have this one go anywhere so he could do his exercise.  Acer looked like he was having a good time with the exercise machine.  Right now things are just in a jumble in the family room because we don't have the furniture moved yet.  It will get all in order soon so I am not worried about it.  More things will be moved in tomorrow.  I think beds and things like that.  I have PT at 1 so I will be gone for a while.  I ran out of bread and milk so I may have to go to the store tomorrow.  It will be much easier to actually have food in the house when we are all here.  I don't keep a whole lot because I don't use much.  I am working on eating healthier so I have salads everyday as well as a healthy soup.  That is what I do most everyday.  Sometimes I do get a burrito bowl from Chipolte.  I do like that restaurant a lot but I find that I can't eat it too much because it is not conducive for losing weight so I limit myself from having it too often.

I almost have all my tax info collected.  The only thing left for me to do is get my phone bill information.  Other than that, I am ready for my taxes to be done.  I have the info now so that is good.  I just have to drop it off.  Well, I think it is time to add things together for Julie!  Then, I will read for a bit before bed.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Start of A Musical Week 2-17

Competition will be here next weekend.  Oh my.  I am not sure if I am ready for this or not.  Natalie, Breanna, Sarah, and Rebecca are ready.  The measures are all numbered, CDs are made so all that is left is arriving and registering at the hotel.  Katie Rose is coming up to have dinner with me.  She wants to hear some of the students.  I don't have as many as I did when Katie was competing but that is okay. If I didn't have anyone who wanted to go that would be okay.  If all of them wanted to go, that would be fine too.

Becky is coming to take the last two exercise machines tomorrow.  That means that the only things that are left are Karlyn's.  She should be coming in a couple of weeks to get the furniture.  The mattress on Andrew's old bed is going.  It is old and in such bad of shape but the bed frame is in good condition.

Lydia looked at the material today and pick a few things out that she liked.  The rest of the material will be donated as I don't expect to actually use much of it.  I am keeping the satin and matching tulle material in case Calli wants me to make a dress for her.  She isn't sure at this point.  That is okay, I am not ready to make anything at this point.  I want to get an adjustable dress form for me so I can make some nice dresses and skirts for when I lose weight.  I think I have lost a couple of pounds, but I suppose I have to start somewhere, right?

Patrick, Lydia, Hannah, and Sarah were over this afternoon to watch a movie with me.  We saw "We Bought a Zoo".  it was decent, a few not so appropriate comments but overall it was decent.  Hannah and Sarah made popcorn and I made them all hot chocolates.  It was the first time that Patrick has joined us for an activity.  They have all given up sweets for lent so no ice cream, which really worked out since I don't have any money for it right now.  With being sick for an entire week really hurts but it could have been much worse.  I am much better now that is for sure.  My voice is almost completely back.  It was almost completely gone at one point.

I am getting a bit tired.  I think I am going to read for a bit before bed.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

the changes that are happening 2-16

In the next few weeks my little house will have 4 more inhabitants.  My friend and her family will be moving in.  It will be a change for all of us but I do think this is exactly what God wants me to do.  I think that is why everything seems to be going smoothly.  Wendy came today to get the table and chairs.  They were really excited about it.  I was really glad too.  My friend, Karen from high school (we were on the Pom Pom Squad together) is coming to get the elliptical exercise machine tonight.  Karlyn will be taking all of the living room furniture, the stair climber, and the twin bed frame from upstairs.  My office will be in the family now.  Things are settling in nicely.  Next week the bulk of the things will be arriving.  Please keep us in your prayers as this is a big change for all of us, especially for the 2 children.  My goal is to have the move be smooth for the kids.  They know the house well so that won't be a problem.

It has been a quiet day with a few lessons.  Brooklynn is having her lesson at 7 tonight.  She had to reschedule for a later time today instead of her regular time.  Tomorrow I will be seeing "We Bought a Zoo" with the Muglia girls.  I am going to bring a few boxes of Material for Lydia to look through.  Calli would like a dress made out of the satin material that I have.  She loves the feel of satin.  I think she would look beautiful in either of the colors that I have, peach or purple.  I have about 7 boxes full of material that I would like Lydia to see if there was something she would like.  I have wools, gabardine, and cottons.  There might be some jean material in there too.  I am not sure exactly.  If she doesn't like any of them, that is okay.  I plan to donate them then.  I am not sure where right now, but I will figure that out later.

I found the cutest pictures when Jen and I were going through the boxes.  I found my favorite picture of Andrew.  He was a toddler in the picture and he looks soooooo adorable.  I mean, I do have a really cute younger brother.  He had such beautiful blond hair with the bluest eyes ever.  When he smiles, his eyes sparkle.  They always have.  When he laughs, his eyes light up too.  I plan to scan the pictures and post them on facebook.  I also found a few other family pictures too.  Ones of us when we were small.   Ones of mom with us.  I even found one with me and my dad.  yeah, can you believe it?  I didn't think there were any pictures of us with dad.  I mean, he wasn't a very good one in the long run.  Before he wanted to leave, he was good, but once he decided that having a wife and children were too much for him, well, he became an awful dad, simply awful.  Maybe someday I won't hate him as much as I do.  I do get reminded that I need to forgive him, I have yet to be able to do that.  I just haven't.  I doubt I ever will.  I don't understand how a man can suddenly decide that he doesn't want to be a husband and a dad?  Especially because right after he and mom divorced, he got remarried.  I can't even describe how much I dislike her.  She was a horrible human being.  She wanted us to call her Mommy.  Well, I was polite and I explained that I couldn't because I had a mommy and she was a good one.  I offered other names to call her and she said no, only mommy.  Well, I ended up not addressing her at all because I refused to call her mommy.  I don't know if either one of them is still alive.  I have not seen him in 35 years and I am only 44.  Anyways, I had a great mom and that is what matters.  There were several cute pictures too.  One of my favorite pictures of the four of us is when Andrew was an infant and he was in his seat, I was sitting on the table with my hand ready to pat Andrew on the head, Richard was standing beside us and mom's hands were ready to stop me from patting Andrew on the head.  Only her hands were in the picture, not her whole self.  I love the picture.  I want to make a collage of pictures of mom. i also want to take the picture of her at 18 in the air force and have a frame for the picture and have her medals on display too.  I think that would be awesome.

I need to get a new dress form so I can make me some new clothes as I lose weight.  I want to start to wear more skirts and dresses.  I like them better than pants.  I always have.

I am hoping that the CLA and the Safflower Oil will assist in the losing of weight.  I am working on eating healthier and cutting back on drinking diet coke.   I try not to get discouraged when I don't eat properly.  I try to remember, just get back on track right away.

I also am hoping that the new vitamins and minerals will help control the pain of fibro and the other symptoms too.  It made me think this afternoon when I was taking my first medicine of the day.  I have about 10 medicines, 4 vitamins and minerals in the morning and about 5 medicines with the vitamins and minerals at night.  I take a tramodol for pain, amitrycline for headache pain, and Tylenol during the day and it only takes the edge off of the pain.  You would think that with all this medicine, it will get rid of the pain but it doesn't.  It just makes me feel like I take a pharmacy.  I know other fibro people take even more and some take less.  Then we get to the point where you take medicine to help control the side effects of other medicines.  Anyways, I hope that when I am smaller, that I will have less medicine.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday 2-15

Little by little we are getting things in order.  Tomorrow Wendy will come and take the table and chairs to her house for her children and friends to use.  I have a lot of memories of Mom and us 3 children playing games at that table.  Mom loved playing board games with us.  I still love board games.  Monopoly is my favorite along with Sorry and Clue.  I also love playing uno.  Mom and I would play that game for hours on end.  I hope that Wendy will have as many good memories with the table as I do.  In some ways it is hard to let the stuff go but in other ways it isn't.  I have the memories.  I have the pictures of us at the table too.  I have to call Karlyn tomorrow because she would like the formal living room set.  I just need to know when she can come and get it as the deadline is coming rather close.  Karen will be here sometime this weekend to get the exercise machine.  Karlyn is also taking the twin bed frame in my old bedroom.  The mattress is in such bad shape that there is no reason to keep it.  I am taking mom's old mattress since I do need a new one and hers is in such good shape.  That would be because the little lady was so tiny and barely weighed 2 pounds - okay - I know - it is an exaggeration but you get the picture.  Mom was a little lady.  She stood about 5 ft 4 and weighed about 110 pounds.  Mom always said she liked that I didn't get taller than her, this way, I would always be her little girl.  Well, seriously, I will always be her little girl no matter how old I am.  I still am even though she is in Heaven.  After my dad left us when I was about 9, I was so afraid that mom would leave us too.  Before my dad left, I was a Daddy's girl.  If I was sick in the night, I went to Dad, I needed anything, I went to dad.  It took me months (according to mom - I don't remember too much from back then) before my mom could go anywhere without me hanging on her crying don't leave me mommy.  She would assure me that she wasn't going anywhere but work or school and that she would be home.  Mom would show me what time she would be back home.  After a few months Mom said that I asked if I could talk to her.  I do remember what we talked about, just not when we talked.  I asked her if it was okay that I become a mommy's girl instead of a daddy's.  Mom said it was okay.  She also pinkie promised she would never leave me.  Mom kept that promise.  That was just the kind of mom she was. Anyways, the deadline is coming and things are coming along.  Just a few more things to find new homes for and then everything will be set.

Competition is next weekend.  I am starting to panic a bit as the students are almost ready.  Breanna's song for classical is too soft.  Thankfully, Bill made the CD louder so that should help her.  I will find out tomorrow when she comes to try it out.  Becca will have her lesson tomorrow about 3:30.  She is ready as far as knowing all the words and notes, but she is not technically ready right now.  Becca has started singing a little nasally and we really need to work on this.  I hope she also has worked on breathing.  I will find out tomorrow.  Sarah has decided to just play one song instead of 2.  Her song is almost perfect.  I expect by Wednesday that she will be ready to go.  Natalie is almost ready.  She let her nerves take over a bit tonight but over all, I am really pleased with how she is doing.  We made her competition CD with her songs all in order.  I have started to make my list of what I need for competition.  I have to have my scooter batteries, seat, and charger in my car by Friday morning.  Bill said he would come on Thursday night and take care of it.  I am thankful.

I can't even imagine what our family room is going to look like in a few weeks.  There will be about 4 computers, 2 TVs, lots of bookshelves, and file cabinets will be downstairs.  I have to totally empty the office and put everything in the family room.  We need the office to become a bedroom.  I have started going to through the boxes in my old bedroom.  We put all the military stuff of mom's in 9 boxes.  They are in the the garage right now.  I also have several boxes of material too.  Calli would like me to make her a dress.  I told her she is going to learn how to sew.  Bill agreed it was a good idea.  I think she would like sewing.  Calli likes making crafts so that is why I think she would like to learn how to sew.  She likes satin material.  I was going to take that over to Lydia, but I won't until Calli tells me if she likes that material for a dress for herself.  It will have to wait until everything is moved and settled.

I am getting a bit tired and I have a rather bad headache tonight.  I don't even think I will read too much tonight.  My head just doesn't feel well enough for it.  I did realize a few minutes ago that I am completely out of my nighttime cold medicine.  Most of the cold is gone so I will take some other medicine to get rid of congestion.  That is what all is left.  Just a bit of congestion.  Well, I am off to get ready for tomorrow.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentine's Day!!!!  I hope it was a wonderful day for you!

I saw the surgeon this morning.  Oh my, was it early!  I had to get there by 9 am and for me, that is sooooo early.  I am just not a morning girl.  The surgeon thinks the lump is probably a hemotoma like the hospital doctor said.  He said it can take a really long time to heal, like several months.  I will keep an eye on it.

My lovely Sarah has decided that she will only play one song for competition.  In January when we signed her up, her music didn't look too much for her but now, it is so she is only playing her Classical Piece.  She did very well today.  I was very pleased with her.  She is such a wonderful pianist.  I think Katie will really like her playing.  I can't wait to see Katie next week.

Breanna and Natalie will be coming to the Awards Luncheon along with me.  Breanna's mom is also going too.  Breanna is having a bit of trouble with the Last Rose of Summer.  I have a way to help her. Tomorrow I will put it in Finale.  I wonder if I can take the sound file and transfer it.  I am going to see what can be done with Finale.

Well, I need to attend to Breanna's music.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday 2-13

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  I have all my Valentines for my students ready.  Many have already been passed out this week.  I really wanted to have the Valentines all given out by tomorrow but since I was rather ill last week, that just won't happen.  *sigh*  I still have a lingering cough and my voice is not back to normal, but other than that, I am doing just fine.  I am so much better than I was a week ago at this time.  I am really glad that it is almost all over.

I ran into a doorknob this morning.  It still hurts.  I hit my arm.  Sometimes my clumsiness amazes even me.  I hope it doesn't bruise too much.

I also have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow for the lump in my leg.  I don't know what to expect.  Other doctors, I have a general idea.  Dr. G. said that I will probably have a biopsy done.  I don't really like the sound of that but who knows?  It could be nothing.  I hope it is just another strange symptom of Fibro.  I have to get up early because I have to be there at about 9 am.  Yes, that will be the hardest part!  I can always take a nap when I get home if necessary.  Naps are such lovely things at times.

I think it is time to take some cold medicine and head for bed.  I will read for a bit too.  I finished a really good book yesterday called "Brass Ring" by Diane Chamberlain.  She is an awesome writer and I really like her books.  I have a couple more on my nook to read.  I have a lot of books on my nook to read now.  I really like how you get a free book on Friday.  I don't always get it, but most of the time I do.  I also have gotten a lot of other free books too.  This introduces me to new authors.  I am very weird in that it takes a lot to get me to read new authors.

I hope tomorrow goes well with Dr. L.  I am slightly worried about that spot.  It is a hard lump.  I am sure it is nothing, but it still is worrisome.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Light Day 2-12

I have 2 students today.  Generally, I only have a few but today is slightly lighter since Samantha has Strep Throat.  Poor kid.  She has just not been so healthy this year.  She was sick over Christmas and then right after Christmas.  It boggles my mind how I used to routinely teach 8 to 10 lessons in a row in a day.  Now after 3 lessons I am wiped out.  I am thankful that at least I do get to teach a small bit.  I really couldn't do anything else.  I do things that help me remember what I need to do during a lesson because the fog can be so bad.  First of all, all students have an assignment book.  This tells me what they practiced for the week and I write down what they need to practice for the following week.  If I need to get out new music, I write it in my planner.  Right now I do need to copy a few things, but I don't have any ink right now.  I will get some in a couple of weeks.  Other things are needed first.  Second of all, the piano books I use are coordinated together so if I do forget what recital song or theory page needs to be done with the lesson page, I can just look at the top of the page and it tells me the pages to assign with the lesson book.  For voice it is a bit more complicated, but not too much more.  I have the order of songs that each student starts with.  They too, have an assignment book.  Often, I will write a note to myself in their books if there is something particular they wish to sing.  Clarinet and Saxophone have method books and they are easy to follow and again, they too, have assignment books.  Without all this writing down stuff, I would be up a creek.  I could not function for that little bit of time each day.  Before lessons and after lessons I must rest in order to have energy while teaching.  I teach during the best time of day for me.  It is a small window everyday about the same time.  Sometimes, I do have to rest between lessons too.  Rest is the key.  Without it, I could not do anything. I must keep track of my pacing.  There are days when I literally have to write down not only what I have to do but at what time I have to do the event.  I also do schedule in rests for me.  They are so necessary for me.  While I may be awake until much later at night, I am not at my best and really, I am only waiting until I am so tired that I may actually sleep for a few hours.  The quality of the sleep is not good so I try to the best I can with it.  I do wake up a lot, as many do with this illness and yes, it is the pain that wakes me.  you would think that will all the different pain medications we take that something would knock out the pain totally.  Unfortunately, it doesn't happen.

Don't get me wrong, I am thankful that I have a chronic condition instead of a terminal condition, but there are days that are painful and I have learned how to live with this.  I am very thankful that none of these conditions will become terminal but it also doesn't diminish the fact that I live with a lot of pain, exhaustion, and a foggy brain.  Sometimes, I think that people can dismiss these conditions because they are chronic and not terminal.

I have begun to taking CLA and Safflower oil gel tabs.  They are supposed to help with weight loss.  Dr. G doesn't really think that they help either way, but since several on my online support group say it helped them, I will give it a good try.  I desperately need to lose about 160 to 180 pounds.  Since exercise is difficult at this point, I have to try something.  I am hopeful that this helps.

It is time for dinner.  I have a lovely Greek chicken salad.  I do really like salads and I don't mind eating them everyday.  It means that I am eating a lot of veggies and I also have protein.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The beginning of another week 2-10

I have begun taking safflower oil and CLA supplements.  I am trying to do things that are healthier for me like taking proper vitamins and supplements.  With all the medicine I do take, vitamins get depleted faster in my body.  I have learned an awful lot from one of the online support groups.  I hope by combining holistic supplements and medicine that I will be able to control my symptoms of fibro and the stuff that goes with it.  I do not believe there is a cure, but I do believe there are ways to have the symptoms be in control.  Yes, some people can reduce their symptoms to almost nothing, but there is no cure.  If there were, all the doctors would know about the cure.  I am trying to be more in charge so to speak about this illness instead of feeling like I am always a step behind.  At least I feel like I am in charge a bit more than before.  From what I have read, you need to give the supplements a few months before they make a difference.  I really hope this helps.  I figure that I know certain foods cause me more pain than others and it is time to really work on eating healthy.  That is what I am working on.

My cold/flu thingy is slowly going away.  I feel much better than I did last week or even yesterday.  I haven't been this sick in so long.  I am rather glad I am getting better.  I hope to not get that again.

Tomorrow, Patrick and Sarah will have their lessons.  Patrick has had 1 lesson so far.  For a first lesson, they did really well.  My lovely Rachel will be absent tomorrow again.  I miss her.  She will be here next week.  Natalie is going to have her make up lesson tomorrow.  She didn't have her lesson on Friday because I was so sick.  She is competing in a couple of weeks.  Sarah will have an hour lesson on Thursday instead of her lesson on Wednesday.  That works best with her schedule.  Sarah plays so nicely.  Breanna is also having an hour lesson this week to get ready for competition.  I must remember to number all of the music for them.  It is a requirement of the competition.  I am excited to see Katie at competition this year.  We are going to have dinner, I think.

I have to remember to pass out the valentine's tomorrow.  I have some for the muglia kids as well as the rest of my students.  I picked the valentines out because they also come with pencils.  I thought that was so cool.  Brave pencils and Fineus and Ferb? pencils, I am not up on these details.  They both came with pencils so that is how I picked them.  Ooh, I probably should get them ready for tomorrow.  There, now they are ready for tomorrow.  I think it is time to get some dinner.  I am getting a bit hungry now.  I hope this week is better than last week.  At least I feel better than I did.  That is something.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday 2-9

The first of the furniture that is going has gone.  The shuffleboard went to the woman who installed the carpet on the stairs for me.  We did a swap.  Her son and his friend came over with a truck to take the shuffleboard.  The two young men were very excited to play it tonight.  Brandon, the woman's son, brought sheets to protect the wood during the traveling process.  I was pleased that he thought ahead to protect the wood.  He even went to get the wax that he needs for the board.  The shuffleboard definitely went to someone who really wants it and will take care of it.

I think I have slept most of the week away, seriously.  Today I was up at 12 noon and back in bed by 1pm.  I woke up again at 5.  I am just very tired at this point.  I do feel better and I am not coughing as much as I was, so this is a good thing.  My ears are not blocked anymore.  Of that, I am really glad about.  I believe I will be able to start teaching on Monday and be back to my regular teaching schedule.  I have Sarah's and Patrick's piano lessons to start off the week.  Natalie's mom would like to have 2 lessons next week to make up for missing this week.  Natalie is competing in 2 weeks at Michigan Music Association.  I am a bit nervous about the competition because I was so sick this week.    Sarah's mom would like to have a make up lesson for Sarah.  Sarah is a beautiful pianist.  She is such a sweet girl too.  Natalie is also a lovely girl.  I love her spirit.  She works hard and I like that a lot.  Natalie does sometimes be too hard on herself, it is a balance between being constructive critical and too critical.  As she develops as a musician, she will learn that balance.

Katie Rose, one of my former students, is planning to come and see some of my students for competition.  Katie competed for several years.  She is a wonderful pianist.  I am happy that she does still play.  We are planning to have dinner together on Saturday.  I will get to spend some time with my busy friend.  It is so cool to be friends with former students.  Katie is now 26.  I can't believe it.  Really, has 8 years gone by since she graduated high school?  Time certainly does fly.  One of the collages I want to have on one of the walls is the one I created for when she graduated high school.  Several of my students were graduating that year.  I had all their senior pictures and Mom and I made a nice collage picture for each of them.  Katie's parents live down the road from me.  They have been very helpful and supportive of me since I lost Momma.  Last night was a bad missing mom night, tonight, just the regular missing mom night.  I want to put up a collage of the pictures that are on my phone.  There are several silly pictures that I took of mom in 2009.  They weren't all taken at the same time, just sometime during that year.  I smile every time I see one of those pictures.  She was such a cute little old lady.  It was interesting how many of my students and their families didn't realize she was a major in the Canadian Army.  She was and mom did very well in the army.  I miss that mom too as well as the mom she became.  I think for some of my family it was difficult to see mom when she had Alzheimer's.  I think it was hard for Richard.  He doesn't do well with any type of illness.  My favorite thing to say to mom was "where is that pretty Momma smile?" and then she would smile.  Mom was a smiling, happy person despite the Alzheimer's.  I made sure she looked very cute at all times.  That is what I would tell her.  When I became in charge of her clothes, I picked out clothes that were mostly Disney since Mom liked Disney so much.  I remember mom had this one pair of pajamas that I just hated.  They were ripped but she kept wearing them.  I finally had to ask mom to stop wearing them because it looked like they were rags with the rips.  I had a new pair of pajamas for her so she said okay and put on the new pair.  I immediately got rid of the old ones.  I was actually afraid that someone would see them and say I was abusing her by making her wear rags.  Mom really liked the new pair and promptly forgot about the old ones.  Once a month we would go and get groceries for the month.  I always checked to see if there was something she wanted.  Sometimes it would be a really cute sweatshirt or t-shirt or pants.  Sometimes she just wanted a treat like a candy bar.  Mom had very little wants.  She was very easy to please with the treats she liked.  That was just mom.

Well, I think I will make a tea and read for a bit.  I love my nook!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday 2-8

I have officially cancelled all lessons for the rest of the week.  Wow, I have not had to do that in soooo long but it was very necessary.  I am just wanting to pass along this lovely cold.  I am on the mend so I don't see a problem teaching starting on Monday again.

The carpet is now installed on the 6 stairs to the family room.  I am very happy about that.  The woman and her son did a great job.  They are going to take the shuffleboard.  Her son will be the one to come and pick it up.  They were very happy with the swap.  Since Angela expressed interest in the shuffleboard I thought a swap would be good.  She and Brandon installed the carpet and they get the shuffleboard.  So far most everything has found a new home that needs to find one.

Ooh, I just remembered, I need to get an oil change.  With the new oils that car makers are using, I didn't have to change it until it was at 7500 instead of every 3000 miles.  It is time to change it.  I will do it this week.  I have marked it in my planner.  I meant to do this a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot.

Bill and Calli are here bringing some more things.  Calli is organizing the pantry.  Fortunately, the 4 cabinets are not full.  Actually, they are pretty empty so that is a good thing.  We will have plenty of room.  Today's load was some food for the pantry and boxes of books.  Some were Calli's.  Her books are huge.  For Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island, there are several volumes because braille books take more space.  I am really glad she likes to read.  Acer is doing really well with reading too.  Acer is under the weather too just like me.  Slowly, everything is getting done.  I have to remember to take a picture of the sofa for Karlyn.  I am hoping that Karen will be coming and getting the elliptical this weekend.  If not, that is okay, she will get it soon.  Things are falling into place.  I am pleased with the progress.

Calli was cute this evening.  She said that Bill is not ready for her to be a teenager.  I had to agree with him!  I am so not ready for her to be a teenager.  I imagine Heather isn't ready either.  Sometimes, it seems like yesterday she arrived from China and others it is like she has been here forever same with Acer.  Calli and I are the same height now.  Yes, Calli is very happy about that, no surprise there.  Acer is still sick too.  He didn't have to go to school today because it was a snow day.  When I woke up this afternoon, my driveway, front walkway, and other sidewalks were cleared.

My pain level hasn't been too high this week.  I am surprised that I didn't get a flare with this cold/flu/whatever it is.  I am thankful that I didn't.  My headache isn't so bad this week.  I think it is because of the antibiotics and other medicines.  I am watching the spot on my leg very carefully.  I am really not up for it to be worse.  I can't really tell at this time if the spot is getting better or not.  I figure I started the antibiotic on Tuesday so maybe by tomorrow I will be able to see if it is getting better.  I sure hope so.  I don't think I am up for anything else to be wrong with me.  I really am not.  This is the 3rd time I have had an infection under the skin.  One in September 2010, another in October 2012, and now.

I am watching Law and Order SVU.  It is the usual show for this day.  I have seen most of the episodes and really, often the TV is on just for noise.  I finished reading this book on nutrition and weight loss.  It was interesting and I think I learned something from it.  I will be starting a food journal starting tomorrow.  Right now, I am not eating a whole lot since I don't feel so well.  I figure that by tomorrow should be better, if not, I will wait until I am completely healthy.  I have started taking some supplements to help with managing the symptoms of Fibro.  I don't think I can lose anything by trying something new.  Between the medicine and supplements, I often feel that I take a pharmacy of pills but there isn't anything at this time I can stop taking.  I am hoping by continuing to work on weight loss I will also be able to stop taking so much medicine.  That is my goal anyway.  On one of the support facebook pages they talk a lot about supplements and vitamins.  So much of the medicine we take either depletes vitamins or makes up gain weight or it just doesn't work.  At this point, I feel like in order to take charge of my fibro, I need to read up on all this stuff.  i really like the page that discusses holistic alternatives.

Well, I know have a bad headache.  I didn't when I started writing this post, but I do now.  Time to rest some more.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

What a crazy week!! 2-7

This has been an insane type of week.  I am finally starting to feel a bit better.  If I feel like this tomorrow, I will be able to teach, no problem.  I have been on antibiotics for 2 full days now so that won't be an issue.  I am hopeful for that.  I only have 3 students tomorrow and 2 on Saturday so it isn't like earlier in the week where there were 4 or so.  I am not coughing as much as I was yesterday.  I did have to go and get some more of the nighttime medicine.  I meant to do my laundry today, but I am just so exhausted that I will do it tomorrow.

I am watching project runway.  I like this show.  Some of the fashions they come up with are interesting.  They aren't always something I would wear, but it doesn't have to be.  They are just interesting.  The show reminds me of Lydia every week since she is so into fashion and make up and sewing.  Lydia is a wonderful girl.  The luncheon we went to on Sunday was so much fun.  It really was.  I enjoyed spending time with the girls and their friends.  I finally got to meet Gabrielle.  She is a sweet girl and it is because of her that I was able to re-connect with Star.  When I was first on face book, I had Hannah, Natalie, and Lydia as face book friends.  Their friend Gabrielle friended me.  We would have little bits of conversations on face book.  The girls have a drafting board at their house that they are now using for art and design.  Hannah and Natalie are doing very well at their art classes.  All three of the older girls have decided to stop taking lessons right now and just learn on their own.  This leaves room for Sarah and Patrick to be able to have lessons every other week instead of once a month. I really like that idea a lot as both are younger and sometimes waiting a whole month they forget what they are doing or they are so confused.  This every other week will be so much better.  That is what we did when the older 3 were small.  Laura feels that Patrick gave me my cold.  I think it was just a bunch of things that added up to the reason I got the cold.  It doesn't seem to matter why, it just matters that I got it and that I am getting better.  I slept a lot today.  I really needed it.

Tomorrow, the carpet for the stairs is supposed to be installed.  I sure hope it is going to.  I really am.  It is just one more thing on my list of things to do.  Bill was here earlier today with some of their stuff.  He chuckled and said it would be an unusual thing for him, to actually have his clothes in his own closet.  I did have to chuckle on that.  I really did.  I, of course, will actually have to take my clothes out of the dryer and put them away in my room, unlike what I do now, which is leave them in there and take what I need for the next day out.  I have to wash a couple sets of sheets and fold them so that I can take my laundry bin back into my bedroom.  Silly Heathers, I have not had the laundry bin in my room for a really long time.  Also, that big pile of clothes on the dryer, yeah, they are going to have to go upstairs in my room too.  I am going to see if Calli can come and help me organize my drawers so I have room for my stuff.  I have clothes that don't fit in the drawers and I need to get rid of them.  Some will be donated, others will be tossed.  Some of them aren't good enough to donate so those Calli and I can just toss them.  Calli is a very helpful girl.  She likes to help.  I can't believe that she will be 13 next month!  Seriously, wasn't she just turning 10?  It sure seems that way.  Of course, it seems like yesterday Acer was 4 almost 5 and now he is 8.

Karlyn is going to be coming up in the next few weekends to come and get the living room furniture.  She likes it and there are 6 pieces plus two lamps.  She is aware that the lamps need new shades and the  cushions all need to be re-stuffed.  She isn't sure they would have room for the stair climber.  Karlyn is disappointed about that but the decision hasn't been completely made so maybe she will be able to take it too.  Karen is coming on the weekend to pick up the Elliptical.  She is very happy about that.  I know Lisa also wanted it, but Karen asked first so that is who gets it.  After the 14th, Wendy will be picking up the table and chairs.  Ray is out of town until then.  So far, things are really working out well.  We are slowly clearing out what needs to be cleared out and bringing in what needs to be brought in.  I think it is working well.  I want to spend a lot of time this winter deciding what pictures of my family and friends up.  The family room doesn't have anything on the walls.  Not one picture and I really think I would like pictures up.  I have a collage in mind for Mom.  I took some silly pictures of her in 2009 on different days.  I want to put them in a collage.  I also have some pictures of Mom when she was a little girl.  The youngest picture I have is when she was 3.  There are 3 pictures of her with her dad and she is making faces.  It is so Mom.  Mom was always making faces at us when we were small.  I also think that I would like some pictures of us when we were young, as well as pictures of friends.  I think it will add something to our us.  I haven't really been able to do anything with pictures because it hurt so much.  I miss Mom so much that it began to hurt to see her pictures.  Now, it doesn't or at least not as much.

I have all my valentine's done.  Since next Thursday is Valentine's Day, it was important to have them all finished for tomorrow.  This year, unlike last year, I will be able to give the students' their Valentine's before Valentine's Day.  This year I picked Valentine's that also come with Pencils.  I thought that was a nice surprise.

Well, I am getting a bit tired.  I think I will have another tea and finish watching Project Runway.  I may even read for a bit.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Midweek 2-6

I had to cancel lessons again for tomorrow.  I am finally starting to feel a bit better, but I sound horrible.  I am losing my voice now.  I am sure students will be very happy about that.  I am pretty sure I will not be singing in choir tomorrow night.  I have already said I won't be there.  I do hope that I will be teaching on Friday.  I have not had to cancel this many lessons in years.  I hope not to have to this again in many years.  I do believe I am on the mend today.  My ribs hurt really bad though from the constant coughing I have been doing in the past few days.  I did run out of tissue in my room last night though.  I meant to get more yesterday but I forgot.  What can I say?  Whoops?  So I did have to go out today to get some.  I don't plan on going out anytime tomorrow or this evening.  I have enough tea, I have my medicines, I have some food, basically, I have what I need.  I am hoping that resting 4 days in a row, I will be perked and ready to go on Friday.  I had to cancel my doctor appointment tomorrow.  I will reschedule for next week.  I couldn't go in with this cough.  Friday will be the carpet installation day.  I am really looking forward to that.  I will FINALLY have carpet on those 6 stairs to the family room and office.  I am really looking forward to having this job done.  I am not sure if the woman who is installing the carpet still wants the shuffleboard or not.  If she doesn't, then Wendy will take it.  Basically, things are really falling into place now.  I had to cancel Jen coming today because of my cold.  One - it is really unfair to have someone come to help you when you are coughing like a madman and two - I wasn't feeling up to any of this at all.  Jen and I have rescheduled for next Wednesday.  So many are sick right now too with this cold to hot to cold to hot and back to cold weather we are having.  I should have known better and worn a coat when I raced to the store.

I am trying to decide which of Mom's paintings I want to keep and where I want them.  I want to exchange them for pictures of family and friends.  I love her paintings, but I also love pictures of her.  I have several pictures that I took of Mom in 2009 on my phone.  I want to print them and then put them in a frame.  They are of her smiling and being silly.  I really like the pictures of her.  I am not a great photographer, but I think they turned out really cool and I smile when I see them.

Anyways, time for some dinner.  I am actually a bit hungry for a change since I haven't been since Sunday night.  I also need to do some laundry so I am off to do that after dinner!  I sure hope that everyone is healthier than me!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Still Sick

I am still sick.  I had to cancel lessons for tomorrow also.  I am getting somewhat better, but still coughing like a mad woman.  I am watching Castle and drinking Earl Grey tea.  It is one of my favorite teas ever.  I hope everyone else is healthy.

Monday, February 4, 2013

No Lessons for the Day 2-4

Well, I had to cancel lessons for today and tomorrow.  I am hoping by Wednesday I will be a happier camper and ready to teach.  I do have an appointment tomorrow with the doctor about the spot on my leg.  It is still there.  I don't get it.  I hope it is not an infection or anything like that, but who knows, this is me and weird stuff happens.  Nature of the lovely chronic illnesses, I suppose.  Anyways, I do feel a bit better right now and I am not coughing as much as I was so I am glad about that.  I am very thankful that the coughing isn't so bad.

So far, the downsizing is going well.  I have to take a few pictures for Karlyn.  She is interested in the formal living room set.  She knows that the cushions need to be re-stuffed so that is good.  Patty is taking the full size bed frame, headboard, and foot board.  Karlyn is also interested in the stair climber and the twin size bed frame and headboard.  I have a picture of that already.  I just have to go downstairs tomorrow when it is light out to take the picture.  Almost everything we need to find a new home has found a new home.

Well, I think I am going to make another tea and then head back to bed, again, for about the 3rd time today.  I have to get up a bit early for the doctor appointment but then I can come home and rest. Fortunately, the pain levels aren't too much higher than normal.  I am so thankful for that.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Start of Another Week 2-3

Well, I officially have a cold.  I am thankful it is only a cold as a cold starts off the same as the vasculitis does.  I do believe I have missed the vasculitis again.  I never want that one again, ever.  It was awful and very painful not to mention how ugly the rash looks.  Yes, despite being a chub, I am slightly vain when it comes to rashes.  I have started coughing now so I am hoping the nighttime medicine will help me feel better.  I can hope, can't I?

Other than my cold, things are coming along.  I posted on face book posts asking if any of my friends or family wanted some stuff that I have.  Wow, most of the stuff that I need to find a new home for has been spoken for.  Whoa, talk about timing!  Things are really working out here.  I am pleased with this progress.

The weather this week has been so insane.  I am not sure if we are getting more snow or not.  It is supposed to be colder than this week, which is understandable as it is February.

I had a lovely afternoon with the Muglia girls and some of their friends.  We met up at a restaurant for a ladies only luncheon.  Lydia is turning 16 next Saturday and it was also her aunt's birthday.  It was a really nice afternoon.  I got Lydia some makeup.  She likes makeup a lot so I got her some fun eye shadows and lip gloss.  Lydia is also our fashion girl.  She is doing really well with sewing.  At this point she is considering fashion design.  Since Lydia is a sophmore, she has a few years to finalize her plans for the future.  I finally got to meet the girls friend, Gabrielle.  We are face book friends but it was nice to finally meet her in person.  She is a sweet girl.  I am thankful that I am face book friends with Gabrielle because it was through her that I re-connected with Star.  So all in all, it was a good thing.

If I don't feel better tomorrow, I will have to reschedule lessons.  I am hoping to feel better.  I will know tomorrow.  Right now, I am going to have a tea and shortly get ready for bed.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday 2-2

I wonder if the groundhog saw his shadow today.

I have started working on what needs to stay in the house and what can go in the house.  My cousin, Zachary had said that if I ever don't want the round table and barrel chairs to let him know, he would like them.  Well, I placed a call to Tillie to pass the message to Zachary that I no longer want the table and chairs.  I have a different set that we will be using.  I may have sold the shuffleboard.  I left a message with Angela (the lady who was over yesterday about the stairs) and she is very interested in it. I am planning on having everything out of the family room that I don't want in about 2 weeks.  I need to get a hold of the thrift store for a pick up.  The formal living room set is also going to be going as a different sofa and chairs will be taking its place.  In order to keep the living room set, I would have to get new shades for the lamp (that isn't a problem - that is easy) and re-stuff the cushion.  Yeah, I don't see that happening anytime soon.  It is also rather cold downstairs for me so I don't spend a lot of time down there so that is why I don't mind them going.  Plans are shaping up.  I am happy that progress is being made.  Once the family room is mostly emptied I want to steam clean the carpets.  I have a steam cleaner so that isn't going to be a big deal.  Then after the family room is almost emptied, it will be time to move everything out of the office and put it in the family room.  The entire office is being emptied and downsized.  The photo albums will go back on the shelves that they belong on, the other computer will be put up.  Once the office is completely emptied, I will then steam clean the carpet in there.  I figure by doing one room at a time, it will be much easier for me to do this.

Once the downstairs is shaped up I will be heading for my room.  I have things in there that need to find a better home.  I no longer want ANY of the music in my room.  I have the original CDs that go with many of the books I use for voice students.  I kept them in my room for really, lack of a better place to put them.  Now, I have a better place to put them.  Natalie and Sammy said they would help with the putting away music and switching out the old cases for new sleeves.  I feel good about all the changes and things I am doing with the house.  I have been in survivor mode for so long that it seems like forever since I have done nothing in all this time.  I feel better these days.  I still really, really, really miss mom, but I do feel like I can move and not be in survivor mode.  With the new changes happening, I am not feeling stressed about it, I have a plan and I will do one thing at a time.  I also need to start going through boxes upstairs.  In my old room there are so many boxes that were mom's.  I am not sure what is really in any of them.  I know there is some military stuff in a couple of them, but other than that I am not sure.

Bill was here this afternoon just before Natalie arrived for her lesson.  Bill needed to measure how tall the office is.  He also needed to measure some other stuff too.  I have to take the music downstairs and put the ice skates away in the furnace room.  I need access to the front closet.  My job this week is to put Mom's military uniforms and stuff in boxes and put in the garage.  I also need to get my pictures out of the garage for my room.  I have asked Jen to come and help if she is available.  I am going to need the front closet rather soon.  I also need to empty some of my drawers in my dresser so that I can bring up the clean ones upstairs.  I have a list started on what needs to be done to organize the house.

Acer couldn't have his lesson tonight.  The Little Man is not feeling too well.  He has a wet cough and is just miserable so Heather kept him home instead of coming here for his lesson.  Heather said he has been working on his piano song and his vocal song.  Acer has decided to sing "Ave Maria" for the spring concert.

I have put a status on face book asking if anyone wants the exercise equipment.  My cousin, Danielle would like the stair climber.  Andrea is interested in the cross country ski machine and the elliptical.  Things are falling into place.

Time for a nice read before bed.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The First of February - EECK! Where did January Go!

Today is the first of February.  That means that in 21 days, 4 of my students will be at competition.  I, for one, am sooooo not prepared for this.  I will use the 21 days to really polish up the performances.  For my 3 singers, only Becca has competed before.  It will be the first time for Breanna and Natalie.  For the piano girl, it is the first time for Sarah.  Sarah is a very sweet and talented young lady.

Next Friday, the carpet that is missing on my stairs will be installed.  It is only 6 stairs and I have the carpet but not the padding.  Angela, the installer, will be bringing the padding.  Also, she would like to buy the shuffleboard, which is sooooooo awesome!  We need the space that it is in and since my standing isn't very good, I don't see the need to keep it.  That is one more thing done for that room.  Next on my list is the formal living room furniture.  We need the space for other things and really, the furniture set is too big for the space it is in.  The round table and chairs also need a new home for.  The chairs are not that study and while it looks really cool, the practicality of them is not good.  There will be a new table and chairs in its place.  They will be a bit smaller but that is okay.  I have other tables I can use for sewing if I need them.

It is getting colder again today.  It is supposed to be very chilly next week, back into the 20s with lots of wind chill.  It is Michigan, so it isn't like this is unexpected weather.

I have a list of things that need to be done in the next 5 weeks.  I think with help and pacing, it shouldn't be a problem to get it all done.  The first of the list is the carpet for the stairs and that will be next Friday!  On to the next project.  I need to clean out my office.  I want to have all the music put away except for the stuff I am actually at this time, using.  The other music needs to be put away.  Also, I need to get some more sleeves for CDs and switch out the cases for all the teaching CDs.  I am running out of room of where to put them so this is a necessity at this time.  Also, the original CDs also need to be placed in sleeves instead of their bulky cases because they are not all fitting in that case.  Overall, the music needs to be put away, the books and sheet musics and the CDs.

Emily is having her lesson today along with Antoinette.  Today will be Antoinette's last lesson for a while.  I am so sad about this.  She is such a nice young woman.  She says she will be back after she is done teaching dance.  I hope she comes back.  Tomorrow is a bit busier because Natalie and Acer are having their makeup lessons.  I would rather have makeup lessons than to miss lessons so I am glad they both wanted to reschedule the lesson.

I am looking forward to Sunday when I attend Lydia's 16th birthday party.  She is such a wonderful girl.  she is so sweet, talented, beautiful young lady.  It is hard to believe that she is 16.

Well, I am going to have a tea before Emily arrives.