Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday 6-26

It was a quiet day here today.  I had 3 lessons.  Tomorrow I have Isaac again.  This is a make up for next week.  I have to get up at 9:30 am again for his lesson.  I don't mind.  I also will have my monthly (in this case, biweekly) protime blood test.  I don't know why I have to have it in two weeks this time, but that is what the doctor required so I will go.  I just hoped I could have waited a month this time like last month.  Oh well I am not the one in charge, Dr. G is.

Laith had his lesson for the first time in about a month.  His mother has been ill so he has missed the lessons.  He is so silly and funny.  When he arrives, he races to the chair or the couch and covers himself up with a blanket.  I always have blankets in the living room.  He waits for me to come and get him.  It is a routine for him.  I got him and then he went to the piano.  He played his lesson very well.  Even though he didn't practice too much, Laith played his songs well.  Selma had her lesson too.  She is just flying through her books.  I did get her a fun book that goes with the series.  It has some songs she knows and a few that she doesn't but I think she will like them too.  So far she likes the book.  Selma got sunburned today.  Her arms and legs are so red.  I felt so bad for her because she isn't going to be able sleep too well with that sunburn.  I try to stay out of the sun because I don't tan well, I just burn not to mention that I get sick from the sun too.  If I am out in the sun for a long time, I have to wear a hat so I don't become too ill.

Rizzoli and Isles in on TV right now.  I really like this show.  I found it by accident.  It is on the same time as NCIS Los Angeles and I don't have a DVR.  Fortunately, NCIS Los Angeles is in re-runs so I can watch this and not miss a thing.  It seems the shows I like are always on the same night.  Not on nights I have nothing to watch, always at the same time.

Mirror Mirror came out today but i can't get it until next week when I get my check.  I plan to watch the special features first.  Snow White totally kicked butt and saved the prince.  I liked that about the movie.  She got the guy and she kicked butt.  The sword fighting was super cool.  The beast was pretty neat too.  It was interesting how she fought the beast.  I can't tell you anymore because I will spoil the movie's ending and I don't want to do that.  It is a good, entertaining movie.

Tomorrow is also physical therapy again.  I have occupational therapy for my hands and shoulder next Tuesday.  I am not sure what occupational therapy is about, I am just going to try it.  I also need to get my hands x-rayed.  I should have done that last week, but I forgot.  Whoops!  I had the time too.  I need to call and get the hours for their outpatient x-ray department.  I know I went on a Saturday before and that they also had Sunday hours.  I will call tomorrow.

Monday, June 25, 2012

a funny thing happened at the bookstore yesterday

Well, I met with Star yesterday.  I picked her up and we went to the bookstore together.  We had a nice time chatting together.  We talked a lot about dance.  Both Star and I danced for a very long time.  She through out her childhood and me through out high school and college.  I do miss dance and I would love to dance again, but with my illnesses, there is no way I could ever dance again.  Star also has fibromyalgia and her hips, knees, and feet are messed up from dance.  I can totally sympathize because my hips, knees, and ankles are bad from dance too.  So anyways, Star and I were getting ready to leave because the store was closing and this man walks up to me.  He asks me if I am married.  I said no, then he asked if he could give me his phone number and would I call him?  Oh my, what can I say?  I did say yes, although I don't have any intention of calling him.  I just don't.  I didn't know what to say so I didn't really say anything.  It has been years since I was hit on.  It was such a shock to me.  I was stunned and speechless (I know, speechless, me?)

I got my blood tests results back that Dr. A ordered.  She is my arthritis doctor.  My hemoglobin is very low, much lower than they were in November, which tells her somewhere I am bleeding again.  She is going to have iron studies done.  I have another test I need to do for the tummy doctor so I will do it this week.  I keep forgetting about it.  It just isn't at the top of my mind or list of things to do but I will do them now.

I had a busy morning and early afternoon today.  Isaac had his lesson earlier than usual because his mom had a conflict at his regular time.  Rachel and Brianna had their lessons before I went to physical therapy.  Physical therapy went okay, not great, but okay.  I am happy with how things are going but my physical therapist really isn't since the pain level doesn't seem to go down past a 5.  For me, 5 is a good number.  I usually have pain around a 5 on the scale of 1 to 10.  The pain is better and I keep telling him it is.  At night, when the pain is the worst, it is much better than it used to be.

Well, I am getting a bit tired now.  Time to do a bit of reading before heading to the comfy bed.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday 6-23

I have had a very, very, very quiet day as in no lessons or phone calls or anything like that.  I went and ran some errands.  I needed to pick up some medicine, one prescription and the other over the counter, and I needed gas.  I don't like going to low on gas so today was perfect to go and get some.  I also stopped at the usual to pick up my salad for dinner.  It was a month ago, today, that I got mad and started eating healthy.  I am feeling better, I have even noticed I am not as tired during the day as I used to be.  Hm, must be something about that.  I won't dwell too much on that.

There is not much on TV on Saturday at about 6 pm.  I have checked every channel and no, there is just not much on unless you like sports, which I really don't except for gymnastics and ice skating.  I am watching the end of Game Plan.  I have seen this before and I do have it on DVD.  It is a good movie, but I wanted one with more action and stuff.  Okay, that movie is now over and the TV is off.  Maybe I will actually put in one of the many DVDs that I haven't watched yet.  We'll see.

Tomorrow I will be meeting up with Star.  I am looking forward to that.  I was supposed to see her last week, but she wasn't feeling up to it.  She is feeling a bit better this weekend so we are going to get together tomorrow afternoon or evening.  I am not sure which but some time tomorrow.

I am rather tired this evening.  I think sometimes not having lessons or plans for a day can be more tiring than a day with lessons or plans.  Tomorrow I will take my customary after church nap and then go see Star.  Carolyn and I are hopefully going to be practicing our song this week so we can sing it for Lee.  I really like the song she picked for us and she can play her ukulele with it.  That will sound so awesome I think.  We sing well together, I think.  We just need to sing it for Lee to see if he thinks it is appropriate for the service.

Well, I am going to read for a bit now before I turn the TV back on with a movie in it.  I think I will watch something I have that I haven't seen yet.  I have many choices.  Oh, and speaking of movies, Mirror Mirror comes out on Tuesday!  I can't wait!  I am planning to get it.  I love how Snow White kicks butt and how evil Julia Robert's character is.  She is awesome, not to mention the king is really hot too (Sean Bean).

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday, again? 6-22

I can't believe it is Friday again.  Wow, already?  It did help that I totally slept most of yesterday and last night.  I had my scope at 9 am yesterday.  My friend, Heather B-T's mom drove me home and then she picked up her mom from my house.  I am very thankful for the help since I was not allowed to drive yesterday at all because they knocked me out for the test.  (Thank God for that!  I am sure I would throw up if they didn't - oh wait - I did do that once!)  I had some lunch since I couldn't eat before the scope and then headed straight to bed.  I woke up again at about 4 and then was back in bed by 5 until 10.  I was back in bed by 11 until this morning.  I did wake up earlier than usual because I had slept so much yesterday.  My ulcer is healed, the only thing left is some irritation where the ulcer was.  I am to stay on the prilosec and the xantac though.  I guess in case I get another one or to prevent another one.  I didn't ask so I am not sure why, I just know to stay on it.  It seems like I take a pharmacy of medicine daily.  However, I have eliminated some medicine so my pharmacy isn't as big as it used to be.  I suppose that is a good thing.

I have no lessons this weekend again.  It seems so weird to have a weekend to myself.  I am meeting with Star on Sunday sometime after church.  I can't wait because we have such a great time together and she has been a bit sad lately.  I hope I can cheer her up a bit.  We will probably go to Barnes and Nobles or Ram's Horn for the afternoon or evening.  We can talk up a storm, she and I.  Kelly won't be able to come with us this time since she is going to be at a family thing this weekend.

I spoke to Kathy today.  I also got to speak to Samantha and Alicia.  They are having a good summer so far and they were trying to help mom paint her toenails.  I laughed at that.  I can only imagine how two 5 year olds can help mom do that.  We were talking about MacGyver and how much we loved that show and Richard Dean Anderson.  He was (and still is!) so hot!  Anyways, we had good giggles talking about the video she and Amy made when we were in college.  It was the greatest moments of MacGyver.  It was a fun video and I laughed when I finally got to see it.  Kathy is hoping to someday take it to a place where they can convert it to a DVD and then she will also make me a copy.  I know we will laugh a lot with that video.  It was really funny then and since we still think he is hot, it will be funny now.  I really hope she does that.  I want to see it again.

Calli and Acer had their lessons today.  I haven't seen them in a few weeks due to illnesses and such but they were here for their lessons.  I have to get out the Over the Rainbow for Calli.  i forgot today.  I also need to get some new music for Natalie this week as well as copy the double trouble song for the 3 of them.  I will type the words for Brianna and put it on the flash drive for her.  Calli will have to braille it out because her notetaker had to be given back this year.  I wish I had enough money to buy her one so she would have it all the time, but they are very expensive and I don't have the money.  She forgot her stylus today so we couldn't braille out the new part to Per La Gloria.  She only had to learn 2 new lines so it isn't too much, but one of the words is really hard.  I think she got it pretty well.  Natalie is finishing up her Italian song so I need to get her another one.  I also need to copy her I'm Gonna Wash that Boy song.  I made her change the words from Man to Boy because she is only 12 and it creeps me out to hear a 12 year old sing man.  I mean, really, she shouldn't be into men, just boys.  She didn't seem to care that I had her change it.

Well, I am almost done reading the Harry Potter series again.  I think by next week I will be finished with it.  Probably by the end of the week, I think.  Then I will need something new to read again.  I have some other trilogies and series I could re-read too so I may just do that.  I might go to the used bookstore and see what they have of the authors that I like.  Either way, I always have something to read.

It is supposed to be the low 80s this weekend.  I am glad for the relief.  It has been super hot already and it is only just beyond the mid of June.  I don't want to think how hot July will be although with the strange weather we have had all winter, July might be colder than June since April was colder than March.  I do live in a weird weather state right now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goodness of Friends Tuesday 6-19

I am so thankful for friends.  I know at times I need to let them know how much I appreciate them.  I am really blessed because my friends are so good to me.  It is partly why I didn't want to move.  I like it here a lot and I am settled here.  I have my students here too.  I am not that far away from my family either so that is good.  I just feel this is where I should be so I am.

This month is flying by me.  It just is.  I have a no lesson weekend coming up again.  I am hoping to meet up with Star and Kelly.  Star was not feeling too well last week so I am hopeful for this week.  It is so nice to be friends with former students.  I am friends with several former students who are now all grown up.  I have attended weddings of former students too.  Other than church and visiting with the girls, I have no plans this weekend at this point.

I had a few lessons this afternoon.  I had my Richards' girls.  They are so sweet and are playing so well.  They started at the end of December and all three are in their 3rd book already!  They are only 5 and 7 years old!  Yeah, they are so amazing.  Her mom and I decided to go to a straight 1/2 hour for each instead of 20 minutes each because we go over all the time and they need 30 minutes each at this point. The twins, Jillian and Brooke are starting level C in the prep series and Aubrey is starting level 2 in the basic series.  All 3 girls know their notes so well.  They are just so cute.  I had a new student, Minh (25 years old) today too.  I have to pick up some books for her.  She is a beginner.  David also had his lesson.  We had an hour today because he missed last week.  He is doing well with the songs he is singing.  He has the most trouble with the Italian piece, but that is to be expected as it is the hardest piece he has.  Tomorrow, I only have 1, which is okay because I had the Richards' girls today instead of tomorrow.  I also have physical therapy tomorrow.  I have 3 (I think) sessions left.  I know I at least have 2 sessions if not 3.  I don't know if they count the initial visit as the first session or not.  It was just to see my range of motion and to test my strength level.  I also ached so much that day.  Lately, the pain has been less so I think the physical therapy has really helped me a lot.  I have been working on my home exercises too.  I guess that this is better than taking more medicine.  I also am hoping the new medicine will help with some of the pain as well as my anxiety.  I haven't had any anxiety attacks lately, but my anxiety has been pretty high lately.  It isn't as high as it was right after Mom died, but at times it feels just way too high for me.  I need to have it lower.  I teach and function much better with less anxiety.  It has been a few years since I have had medicine for anxiety but I think it is time to have it again for a while until I have it under control again.

I have my scope on Thursday.  I hope my ulcer is better.  I guess i will find out on Thursday.  I hope I don't have to have a scope for a long time.  I won't be teaching that day either so it makes it bad all around.  Thursday is my busy day and it is choir too.  I will be missing choir on Thursday night because of the scope.  I will also miss my students.  I will sleep most of the day though, if it is anything like last time.  Heather's mom is driving me home.  I am not sure exactly how she will get home from here or when she will go home but I know Heather has it all under control.  Tomorrow I will find out exactly what time I have to be there.  So far it is 9 am.  That is just so early in the morning for me.  I am so not a morning person.  I don't get crabby or mean or anything like that.  I am just really out of it and it takes me a few minutes to realize I am actually awake sometimes.  I used to come down the stairs and sit on the bottom step when I was young.  My brothers used to get in my face and ask me if I was awake yet.  I would look at them with like, huh, what? kind of looks.  I didn't really like it when they did this, but they found it amusing.  Sometimes my mom would ask them to leave me alone and let me wake up.  I have always been hard to wake up that is just me.  I am not with it in the morning.  I am much more a day person.

It is so hot outside today, about 96 degrees with lots of humidity.  I am not sure the percentage, but it feels super high.  It is supposed to be hot tomorrow and then lower 80s for the rest of the week.  It is supposed to rain on Thursday but not until then.  My grass is turning a beautiful shade of brown.  I don't really care too much right now.

I do hope you are staying cool.  It is just so hot here.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday 6-16

Wow, it is the end of the week already.  I don't remember a week going so fast.  I remember Wednesday and the suddenly, it is Saturday.  I was going to hang out with my friend, Star but she is not feeling too well and having a rough day.  Maybe next week as I won't have any lessons again for the weekend.  Kelly wants to get together too so maybe the three of us can hang out together.

I am watching RV on TV again.  I have the movie and I have seen it several times.  It is a very funny movie, very funny.  Then again, it is Robin Williams.  Kristen Chenoweth is also in it and I just love her.  She sings beautifully too.

Tomorrow is Father's Day.  I tend to ignore that day.  It is a day that I use to buy Mom stuff because in reality she had to be both Mom and Dad from the time I was young.  I actually really don't remember him at all.  I only know what he looks like because I found an old photo album that had a picture of him in it.  it does make sense that I don't remember him as I haven't seen in over 35 years.  I don't really know if he is even alive at this point, although I doubt it.  He would be 80 something at this point.  I tried to find him when I was in my 20s, but I didn't.  Last I heard, he was in Texas.  That is where the stepmonster is from.  I didn't like her too much.  She didn't like us either.  I remember right after Dad got remarried (for the 3rd time) she told us to call her Mommy.  Yeah, that didn't fly too much with me as I had a Mommy and she was in Michigan.  At the time, Dad lived in Ohio.  I do hope that tomorrow goes by quickly.

Last night I went to bed super early because I was so tired.  Unfortunately, I woke up again at 2 am and was wide awake for about 30 minutes before going back to sleep.  I woke up on my own at about noon for a change.  I woke before my alarm, which is so unusual for me.  I don't generally wake up before my alarm on a day where I need to get up early for teaching.  I was so excited about lessons today though because Camille is back!  Yes, my little one that had moved and quit because I was too far away, well, she is back!  Camille will have every other week lessons for an hour each.  I am so thankful she is back.  I missed her!  She is such a good student.  Brianna had to cancel and reschedule for next week because of Father's Day.  I was disappointed but it IS Father's Day weekend.  I am not sure when she is going to have her lesson next week, but I should find out next week sometime.  Emily had her lesson today instead of yesterday because she went to a birthday party.  She had a good time.  Apparently, they went swimming and played tag.  All in all, it was a good teaching day since I did have Camille and Emily.  I have no lessons tomorrow.  Tomorrow in church they are going to have a special something for Father's Day.  I imagine afterwards I will be taking my usual after church nap!  Other than that, I have no plans.  I did some laundry today so I am set for the week.

I am not sure how much weight I have lost but these shorts are actually getting a bit big so I am glad about that.  I am trying not to weigh myself because I can get upset over numbers and I am trying to not be upset over numbers.  It is about being healthy, not a number on the scale.  My friend, Missy had the sleeve surgery.  So far she has lost about 140 pounds.  I am so proud of her.  She had the surgery a year ago.  At first she had a lot of problems, but I think they have been worked out.  I did think of surgery a year ago, but since I have a blood disorder, I am not a candidate.  I also know several people who had the different surgeries and have had problems ever since.  I don't want to wait a year to have the surgery too because there is so much stuff you have to do before hand.  But since I am not a candidate, none of it matters in the long run.  Besides, you have to change your eating lifestyle before and after the surgery so I am just changing my eating lifestyle now.  It has been since May 26.  That was the day I changed how and what I ate.  I have done pretty well so far.  I have had a small piece of cake with raspberries in the frosting, but I only ate one piece, which is good for me.  Pretty much each day I have eaten lots of vegetables.  That was my goal, to eat healthier and lots of vegetables.  I have wonderful berries in the fridge right now.  I will have some for dessert tonight.  A bowl of blueberries and strawberries without cream (I don't have any and I don't want any) maybe a bit of milk.  I am working on drinking more milk.  That is still rather hard since I don't eat a lot of cereal anymore.  I did buy some better for me cereal since the type that I have in the house is Captain Crunch, which is FILLED with sugar.  I am starting to feel a bit better with the pain level now that I eat better.  I figure in about a year I will have lost a lot a weight and I will really be feeling better.  I do not expect all the fibro pain to go away because I will still have Fibro, but it should help some of the arthritis pain as well as some fibro pain.

Anyways, I will be heading to bed in a short while.  I am still on Harry Potter number 6.  I am not sure if I will finish it tomorrow or not, but I am not in a hurry so it doesn't matter when I finish it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

physical therapy wednesday 6/13

I had physical therapy again today.  I was able to do a few more reps with several of the exercises today.  I did the chair exercise a bit longer today than Monday but it still was really, really, really hard.  It just is one of the hardest ones I have ever done.  I had Kathy try it and she was like, you can keep this exercise.  I only have to do this for 2 more weeks.  I am going to learn a few more new exercises to do here at home.  My therapist was asking how the pain level was coming along.  He was disappointed that the pain level hasn't really gone down.  However, I did explain that the pain level and movement level has improved since starting physical therapy so that is good.  I don't expect to have the pain level down too much because of the Fibro.  I do hope the arthritis pain goes down though especially as the weight goes down too.  I am pretty tired today from the therapy, which I actually expected to be.

Tomorrow, I will get to see one of my former students, Frank!  I haven't seen him in about 1 1/2 years.  He is going to be a senior in the fall.  It is so hard to believe that he is going to be a senior.  It seems like yesterday he was starting high school.  He lives in Georgia now and he is still playing piano, which makes me very happy.  I hope he will play something for me tomorrow.  I miss listening to him play, he plays so well.  I can only imagine what he sounds like now!  After we visit, I will be taking him to his grandmother's house.  His mom is taking his younger brother, Tony to Novi tomorrow for another visit.  I so miss this student.  He was one of the few who came here after the store closed.  I know Bob and Acer (and family!) miss him too.  We are friends on facebook too.  I love facebook.

I am still working on book 6 of the Harry Potter books.  I should finish by this weekend.  Tomorrow I will be super busy with Frank's visit, teaching a few lessons, and choir practice.  Next week i will miss all lessons and choir practice since I am having my lovely scope that day.  Yuck, I am not looking forward to this one.

I can't believe this, but I am so tired I am falling asleep sitting here.  I think it is time for bed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday 6/12

Missing was released on DVD today.  I will get it when I go to the store tomorrow.  I also need to pick up a prescription.  It is about $150.  Yes, I said, $150.  It is an asthma medicine. I have 2 others to get filled too.  I so hope they are not that much money.  I will find out tomorrow I suppose.

It has been a strange type day as I had no lessons.  That is unusual for the weekdays, usually it is on Saturday or Sunday when I don't have lessons.  David and one new student that starts next week are the only ones on Tuesdays at this point.  I do hope for a few more by the end of the month.

I had a doctor's appointment with my primary care doctor this afternoon.  I had an EKG, breathing test, and lots of blood test, 3 tubes full, which I suppose isn't the most I have ever had, but still, it is a lot of tubes.  I know have some anxiety medicine since my anxiety has been creeping back up again.  I do not like that so, hopefully this will help.  I have to make sure that Doctor Gradolph gets both the x-rays of my hands and the results of my scope next week.  I can't believe it is next week already.  yuck, it is coming up wayyyyyy to soon for me.  I would postpone it to forever away if I had my way.  I suppose it is the reason why I DON"T get my way.  Anyways, I had the lovely breathing test and much to my surprise (I really WAS surprised), my asthma is not doing as well as I thought.  Yeah, I now have the above mentioned asthma medicine.  I also got my emergency inhaler refilled so I have it incase I have an asthma attack.

I am doing pretty well with eating healthy.  I didn't even have any dessert at the subdivision meeting.  Our subdivision is having a block party next month.  I am to call 10 of our neighbors to let them know and see if they are interested in going.  I will call at the end of the month.  I have until July 15 to call.  I also have to bring 4 tables to the party.  I have lived here since I was a little baby and have never gone to a block party so this is my first one ever.  It should be rather interesting.  I will ride my scooter down for a while.

I have physical therapy again tomorrow.  It shall be interesting!  I am being evaluated to see how I am doing.  I hope I can do some of the exercises I couldn't really do Monday.   Then I have a few lessons.  My little ones are tomorrow, 2 five year olds and 1 seven year old.  They are doing so well and are very cute too.  This is there last week of school so they may have earlier times starting next week for the summer.

Monday, June 11, 2012

physical therapy day 6-11

I had physical therapy today and boy, am I sore!  It is a good sore though compared to regular pain.  I will do my other exercises tomorrow morning and then Wednesday I will have another session at Physical Therapy.  I couldn't do some of the exercises as much as he wanted, but I did do the best that I could.  Some of the exercises were the same as last Wednesday, but that is okay.  I do hope that on Wednesday I will do as much as the therapist wants.  I am getting evaluated again on Wednesday to check my progress.  I just hope I won't still be super sore like I am tonight.

I am really tired tonight, I think from the exercises and getting up super early to visit with Jennie.  Jennie came over and we put my boxes that have been sitting on my dresser for about 4 years back in the closet on the high shelf where they belong.  We then went through about 4 boxes in the spare room.  We found 3 boxes full of cards, photos, invitations, and other things like that.  The pictures were pretty funny or at least the ones for the 80s with big hair.

I am going to read a bit and then I am definitely going to bed early.  I am so tired now.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grocery Shopping Day 6-9

I picked up Calli about 1 pm today.  We then headed to the grocery store.  We had such a great time, we usually do.  I didn't get as much as usual because I have plenty in my freezer so I didn't need to much.  I did need fruit though so I got strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.  Calli really likes strawberries so she had some when we got back to my house.  Calli is so much fun to take grocery shopping.  As usual, we stopped at Subway first for our drinks.  Calli gets really thirsty when we grocery shop.  I do too.  I only had a super sugary cereal so I had to pick up another box without much sugar.  I plan to mix the two together so there will be less sugar.  After we finished grocery shopping, we came back to my house to put the food away.  Calli helps with this two.  She knows where everything goes, mostly.  Calli washed and dried my hair.  She french braided it into 2 french braids.  I will have nice and wavy hair for church tomorrow.  I like my hair wavy after it has been braided the day before.  Calli and I chatted away after that while she played catch with a rice crispie treat.  That was pretty funny.  She caught the treat more often than she missed so she catches rather well.  I don't know who was laughing more, Calli or me.  We had a good time.

Tomorrow I will be getting up rather early.  I also need to get my hands x-rayed sometime in the near future.  I just haven't done it yet.  I actually completely forgot about it.  Whoops!  What was I thinking?  Oh yeah, I wasn't.  Anyways, I will get it done in the next few weeks.

Physical Therapy is going rather well.  I am happy with how I am doing, I just wish I could do a bit more.  Perhaps after the month is up, I will be able to have better endurance.  That is my goal, endurance and strength.

Well, on to reading!  I have to go to bed a bit early tonight because of church tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Midweek 6-6

What an interesting time at Physical Therapy today.  I did my stretches and my bike riding before I did other exercises.  Some were rather hard.  One of them was especially hard but I hope that tomorrow I will be okay to do it myself.  You sit on a rolling chair and use your heels to move the chair.  I went up and down the row like I was supposed to.  It was a hard one, let me tell you.  I also did some other resistance type of exercises too.  My legs are a bit sore and so are my arms, but it is different kind of pain, from using the muscles instead of the fibro or arthritis pain.  I call this the good kind of pain.  My knee was getting a bit sore from the bike riding but I was able to do 6 minutes.  I was happy about that.  I think on Monday I may go up to 7 or 8 minutes.  I did remember my inhaler but I didn't need it.  I forgot to give the Therapist my emergency info sheet.  I hope I will remember it on Monday.

Tuesday afternoon is when I have my appointment with Dr. G.  I will mention how my anxiety is getting a bit worse these days.  I am not sure why, but I have high anxiety again.  I think I need to have some medicine on hand for when the anxiety gets really bad.  I am hoping that it will go done again like it did a few months ago.  It seems every few months it gets really bad for about a month or so and then it goes down again.  It is back up again.

I had the three little ones' piano lesson today.  All three are doing really well and are almost ready for new books.  Aubrey has 5 songs left in her books and the twins have 3 songs left in their books.  Michelle (their Mom) and I have decided to keep the twins in the prep series for now and perhaps after level D move them to the regular basic series that Aubrey is in.  Aubrey is almost ready for level 2.  I am so pleased about their progress.  It is hard to believe that they actually started only in December.  It is really hard to believe that.  Allison also had her lesson.  She is is auditioning for a play on Saturday.  One of the local theatres are going to do "Spring Awakening" for the summer.  Since Allison knows "Candle on the Water" really well, that is what she is going to sing for her audition.  I asked her not to wait until next week to let me know if she got in or not.  I hope she does well.  Allison wants to be an actress and will be starting to take Theatre Classes in the fall at the local college.

I finally finished Harry Potter number 5 last night.  I started number 6 this morning.  I also did break down and buy the 50 Shades of Grey book 1.  I hope it is good.  My friends who have read it said it was.  Becky read them all and said they were great so I am hoping it is as good as she and others say.

Saturday is grocery shopping day after Brianna's lesson.  Calli is coming with me as usual.  I have to get some milk and a few other things.  I don't have a long list this time, mostly fruit and veggies.  I have enough meat for the month so that is not a problem.  Acer told me that he will come next month because Calli will be out of town and not able to go with me.  I smiled at that.  I will bring him next month while Calli is getting her leader dog.  I can't wait to meet her leader dog.  It is hard to believe that at 12 she is ready for a leader dog, but she is.

Tomorrow is my biggest teaching day.  I have the most lessons on that day.  Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday are my light days.  I only have about 1 lesson on each of those days.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday 6-5

Many of my students will be out of school either this week or next week.  Rachel is out Thursday as well as Faith.  Charlie finished last week because he is graduating this weekend.  He was the first of my students to get out of school.

Tomorrow is the 2nd day of actual physical therapy.  Before I go to sleep I will be doing all my exercises.  Maybe I will sleep better.  It is hard to say.  My legs are a bit sorer than usual tonight because of the stretches yesterday.  I don't mind though.  It is a good kind of hurt unlike the fibro or the arthritis pain.  I am looking forward to the physical therapy tomorrow.  I wonder what kind of exercises I will be doing tomorrow.  When I get there, I am to go on the bike right away so I will.  I even did 5 minutes without an asthma attack or extra pain in the legs or hips!  It was a nice thing.  Now I want one of the bikes.  I don't want the elliptical or the stair climber anymore.  I am not suppose to use them because they are too hard on my back and hips but the bike is perfect.  I use the bike that the legs are in front of you, not like the regular stationary bike.  I just checked the price of the type of the stationary bike I want.  It is only about $130 plus tax.  I plan to get it this month.  Here is a piece of exercise equipment that I can actually use and not get an asthma attack with it.  I will wait until the end of the month to see how I do with the bike at physical therapy.  I am hopeful that I will continue to do alright with it and be able to buy my own for me to use.

I am getting a bit tired now.  I am almost done with HP number 5 now.  I am so close to the end.  I should be starting number 6 tomorrow.  I figure by next week I should be finished with all of them again.

I have an appointment with Dr. G next Tuesday.  I am not sure why he wants to see me other than it has been about a year since I last saw him.  I have to get my protime done, get a new prescription for my emergency inhaler (mine is about a year or so outdated), and the blood tests that Dr. A wants done.  I foresee giving up a lot of my blood and I don't give it up willingly!  I just wish they could get it out another way that was less painful.

It is a bit cold out again this week.  It is suppose to warm up by the weekend.  I suspect we are going to have a strange summer since we had a strange winter.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday, June 4

Yesterday was a fun day.  I went to church as usual.  After church, I came home for my usual after church nap.  Then I went to get my salad for dinner.  Carolyn came over with a song choice for us to sing at church.  We are going to sing "I Will Rise" by Chris Tomlin.  I am going to order the sheet music tomorrow so I can learn it really well.  I am not sure when Carolyn and I are going to sing the song for Lee, our choir director.  So Carolyn and I were chatting away when I got hungry so I asked if she wanted to split the burrito bowl that I had bought earlier in the day.  We split it and had more fun.  Her mother called to invite me to dinner after that and to watch a movie with them so I went.  We watched more of the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman series.  It was a double episode.  It was very good.  The Hubel family is such a nice family.  They live right down the road from me.  Their children are such good kids.  They all get along well too, which is nice to see.  In my house, we three didn't always get along, but mostly (until we were teenagers) my younger brother and I got along really well.  It was just when there were the three of us, we fought.

I had my first day of the actual therapy for physical therapy.  I learned a couple of stretches for my legs that he wants me to do.  I also have about 6 or so exercises to do each day.  I am a bit sore in the legs from the stretches but that is okay, I don't mind.  I also had the electro heat too.  I had these pads attached to my back and then I had to lie down on a heating type pad for about 15 minutes.  It felt nice and I think maybe it helped a bit.  I am planning to sell my elliptical machine and save for a stationary type bike.  I actually rode the bike for 5 minutes!  Without an inhaler needed!  No asthma attack!  I forgot to bring my inhaler with me to therapy.  The Physical Therapist will like me to bring my inhaler incase I do too much and need my inhaler.  It is definitely a good idea, but I hadn't thought about bringing it.  I will on Wednesday. I am tired from the therapy tonight too, but I don't mind that either since it was good to be able some exercises and stretches.  I am planning to head for bed soon too because I am so tired tonight.  I can sleep in tomorrow though so that is great.

Rachel had her lesson this afternoon.  She is in level C in the Alfred Prep books.  She has been playing for almost a year now.  Today, she was a bit silly during flash cards, but since she answered them, I had to kind of chuckle.  Rachel likes to have stuffed animals on the piano when she plays.  Today she had by mini beanie baby on the piano.  The dog jingles when you shake it.  It is a very cute little white dog.  sometimes she will have the musical stuffed animals on the piano, other times the beanie babies.  It is interesting to see what animals she will pick every week.  Isaac had his lesson too.  He is working on "Hedwig's Theme" for piano right now.  I need to copy a couple of songs for him next week.  He has almost sung all the songs in the book we are using right now.  When Isaac turns 12 next year, we will start some of the Italian pieces.

Tomorrow teaching is very very light, I only have Bob and David.  Bob is tomorrow instead of today because I have therapy until the time of his regularly scheduled lesson so we rescheduled to tomorrow.  My little Rahul and Samuel will have their lessons on Friday instead of Tuesday for a bit.  I am not sure for how long, but whatever day works for their mom, works for me.

I am still on Harry Potter number 5.  I am about 3/4 of the way through as of tonight.  I am at the part when Harry is in Dumbledor's office after being caught with the DA group.  These are such good books.  I debated about getting that "50 shades of Grey" book.  All my friends say they are good books, maybe next week.  I do have 2 new books to read when I am finished with the HP series and one of my favorite authors, Phillipa Gregory, has a new book out too.  I noticed that when I went to Barnes and Noble on Friday when I met up with Star.

I hope your day was good too!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

June!!!! 6-2

Last night, after teaching, I went to Barnes and Noble to meet up with my friend, Star and a couple of her friends.  It was a lot of fun.  Her friends, Lydia (who is absolutely beautiful) and Veronica were really nice.  The four of us, naturally, closed the store.  After which, Lydia went back to school (she lives at Oakland University) and Veronica, Star, and I went to Ram's Horn restaurant.  Both Veronica and Star were hungry.  We stayed until about 11:30 and then we went home.  I got home about midnight.  I have no lessons today or tomorrow.  I usually have about 1 each day, but this weekend, I have none.  Tomorrow I will be getting up early for church and then I have no idea what I will do.  I am not used to having 2 days in a row without teaching or something to do.

I went to Chipotle for lunch today and got a salad for dinner.  So far, it has been 3 Saturdays since I got mad at myself and starting eating healthy.  I am very happy with that decision I made.  I am feeling better even if I haven't lost too much weight with this yet.  I am hopeful though.

Law and Order SVU is on right now.  It is a marathon as usual since it is a weekend.  There is also a marathon on tomorrow night.

I just downloaded most of the songs we are singing tomorrow.  2 of them only had the lyrics, no music with it so I didn't download those 2.  I am going to go over the music before tomorrow so I am somewhat familiar with the music as I have never song these songs before.  I do know the song we are singing as a choir tomorrow.  We have sung the choir song before.  Tomorrow is also communion.  I am not sure where we are doing communion because last time choir had their communion in the choir room.  I will find out tomorrow.  I saw Carolyn on Thursday after the sub meeting.  She and her sister, Melissa couldn't figure out why I wasn't at choir because normally when I miss, I call to let them now so they won't worry as I know that they do.  Since Barbara Jean knew I would be a the meeting, it wasn't a problem.  Barbara Jean just forgot to let the girls now.  I did tell the choir director about missing.  We use this program called Planning Center Online.  This is how we let the director know what Sundays we will be there or not be there.  Last week was an exception for me as I didn't feel to well so I had to miss church.

My left hand fingers are so sore today.  I am sure it is because I am not taking the Meloxicam now.  I have been with a bit of dizziness from not taking it.  I figure in about a week it should be better.  I have noticed an increase in leg and hip pain at night because of not being about to take the Meloxicam anymore.  I hope that the pain decreases with the physical therapy.  I start the actual therapy on Monday.  I have to see Dr. G this week when I get my protime test.  I am not sure why except for maybe it has been a while since I saw him or he wants to talk about the lovely ulcer.  I am not sure, I just know when I got my protime results last month, the receptionist said he wanted to see me so I will go and see him.  I also have the blood test requests from Dr. A from last week.  That is just way tooooooo many blood tests needed at one time.  Although, it won't be the most I have ever had taken at one time.  When I had my blood clot, the doctor took 12 vials and the Cleveland Clinic too 8 plus 2 blood cultures.  Those really hurt.  When the therapist was testing my strength level, everywhere he touched me hurt really bad.  My legs were swollen as usual so I am not sure if that contributed to the pain or not.  I did have more strength in my legs than the therapist thought I did.  Despite the pain, I do have some strength in my legs.  They are strong, it is the hips and back that causes why I can't stand or walk well.

I think I am going to read for a while.  I am still on Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.  I am at the part where they are going back to Hogwarts' after the Christmas Holiday when Arthur Weasley got attacked by Voldemort's snake.  The movie to number 5 isn't one of my favorites, yet it is still really good.  One of these days I am going to read a book, then watch the movie, then read the next book, watch the next movie until I see them all.  I forgot to do that when I started re-reading the books.  I have 2 new books for when I am finished the Harry Potter books.  Oh, a funny thing happened on the way home from the movie last week.  Hannah was sitting in the back seat right behind me and she noticed that I have almost black hair.  She pointed out that my initials were the same as Harry Potter and we both have green eyes (mine are hazel green) not to mention the black hair like Harry.  We all had a good giggle after that!  Shows how much we love Harry Potter!