Friday, April 30, 2010

I turned in the paperwork for the state of Michigan.  Only 3 more pieces to go and I am finished!  Woo Hoo!  I am excited.  I called them to let them know that they were faxed over.  I should not be charged anymore payroll tax and the amounts they have charged me with should be over soon and fixed to zero as I don't owe any payroll tax.  Difficult to owe a tax when you have no employees because you have no store!  I am almost done dealing with the state of Michigan sales, use, and payroll tax people!  I am excited!  They are very nice on the phone, but I hate having to deal with the store stuff because it makes me really sad and depressed because I lost the store and building.  I loved my business.  Now I am a stay at home daughter (instead of mom, daughter).  I am grateful for the time I have with her because you never know how much you have left because of her memory.  Fortunately, she still remembers me and knows I belong to her and I am her daughter.  Sometimes, though, she asks where Heather is and I am standing or sitting right near her.  It isn't very often though so that is good.

It is so beautiful out right now!  Gorgeous weather, possibly up to 82 degrees today!  yeah!  And, of course, rain on the weekend, naturally.  We don't have to really go out anywhere this weekend except to pick up my clarinet from McCourt's music.  It is fixed and ready to come home!  I am glad it didn't take that long at all.  Cory is a good repair technician on instruments.  I would love to learn how to fix instruments, but that will have to be another day because of taking care of mom is first priority right now.  I have all the time in the world when she is gone.  Maybe I will learn after, maybe not.  We shall see, who knows what that time will bring me.  I do hope to work a bit, maybe not full time, unless I am healthy enough for it.  That is the goal.  But it isn't anything I need to worry or even think about right now.  Now, is the time to concentrate on Mom!

In the next few weeks we are going to see Oceans, the new Disney flick.  It looks really really good and Mom wants to see it too.  I think we will wait until next week though, as Hayley is hopefully coming by on Sunday.  

After dinner, I think we are going to take a walk up the street to see how much and how far Mom can walk now.  I will ride my scooter.  I won't take her far as we haven't walked since the fall and I don't want to exhaust her, just a short one, probably up and down our street.  She is sleeping in the chair.  I am planning to nap after this is finished.

Maia is coming by today.  She is going to help me with the monthly cleaning of the house.  I have a difficult time with scrubbing and vacuuming.  I am sure most of you totally understand this one!  It causes so much extra pain that I just don't do it.  Maia said she will come over once a month a help.  She is my cousin too!  Her boyfriend lives right near me although she doesn't.  She lives in Windsor.  Kinda funny that her boyfriend and I went to the same high school, although he is older than me.  What a small world we live in now.  With all this new technology, it gets even smaller.

I hope you have a good day, ours is shaping up to be good.  I don't have any students today and I had to cancel sewing because of the paperwork that needed to be done so no students all around.  I have 1 tomorrow though!  Can't wait!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's knitting day!  I am not a very good knitter, not like my friend, Heather B-T, she has made some awesome stuff and I am still on my first scarf.  But I am doing pretty good considering I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis (in my hands and fingers), so an hour of knitting is good for me.  I can't do after an hour because the pain in my hands is too much.  Sometimes, even typing on the computer makes them hurt.  I can't wait to get my big computer out because that keyboard is better for me.  Once Maia and I have the office ready, I will be bringing the printer back downstairs and putting out the big computer.  I love that computer a lot too.  It has a great big screen that I use for graphics and photos and stuff like that.  I will be able to put in pictures in my blog of things I have made, painted, and the new look to the house in general.

We are doing alright here in the Paxton household today.  Mom ate brunch like a trooper and is now doing her usual falling asleep at the table.  This summer I plan to take the cushions on the couch and chairs downstairs and restuff them.  The cushions are all hard and definitely need to be redone.  It shouldn't cost much either.  I like the furniture, I just wish we had a hard wood floor downstairs instead of carpeting, oh well, I didn't choose it, Mom did and it is still her house.  I am going to get rid of a few things down there, like the bar stools, we don't need those anymore and the shuffleboard.  It takes up so much room and we don't use it.  Mom doesn't remember how and I have never liked it, so it is going!  I have a lot of boxes of office supply that will actually be coming up here and put into the cupboards in the utility room.  That will be a good place for them.  I will have a corner with shelves for sewing and craft items.  I don't think after putting the office supplies up here, that the craft items will fit in the cupboards.  I could be wrong as we haven't tried yet, but I don't think so.  I figure by end of summer our house will be ready and waiting for winter.  In the fall I will have the gas person from the fireplace store come and turn on the pilot light in the gas logs so that will be ready if we want to sit downstairs and play games or sew or something.  I don't plan on using that room too much, but I do plan on using my office and that is down stairs.  When I am down there, Mom usually is downstairs too because she likes to be near me at all times.  I prefer that too, that because then I know where she is and that she is okay.  It is almost like having a child around you, that's the way I look at it.  She is in the place of the child I never had.  Of course, when I was younger I didn't know I couldn't have them because of my blood disorder.  I was going to adopt, but then I got really really sick with vasculitis, and then the fibromyalgia flared even more and I decided that it wouldn't be fair to any child to try to raise them and be as sick as I was.  Now, of course, I am glad, because to take care of Mom and a child would be hard, although I know there are people who can.  I really applaud those people who can do both!  I know how hard it is with just an ill mom, can't imagine raising a little one on top of it.  She takes most of my attention and time.  Although, I am lucky, because she doesn't hallucinate much, isn't violent, and doesn't wander continuously.  I help her with what she needs and she does the rest on her own.  She is still able to feed herself, so that is good too.  Basically, I think, for a stage 6 (there are 7 stages altogether) she is doing pretty darn good.  I am lucky I still have her with me even if she doesn't eat enough.

The fibromyalgia is doing alright for the time being, my bad headache is going away!  Yeah!  My shoulder is the normal pain.  I have a little machine type thing that I use to help it get more flexibility and that seems to help a lot.  It is on my bedroom door.  Our friend, Jose, made it for me.  He was concerned that the shoulder would seize up permanently and made me the little pulley thing.  It was very generous of him, but that is the way he is.  The legs aren't as sore as they were earlier too.  I am going to need to get up earlier because my hips are really starting to complain about being in bed too long.  When they start, I am going to have to get up out of bed and get moving because that is the only way the pain stops.

Mom was up early as usual, I have no idea what time she gets up.  She was sitting on her bed when I was up around 8:00 (I of course, went back to bed!)  I am glad Bob and I moved her bed off the bed frame, it is so much easier for her.  She can sit on the bed and not feel like she will fall and if she does fall, it isn't so far down to go, she will miss the corner of the nightstand too, another bonus.

It is shoring up to be a great day here, I leave for knitting in while (with Mom in tow, of course!)  I am looking forward to seeing and spending time with Calli and Acer (Heather's children) and her Mom.  Her Mom seems to really like my Mom.  I am so glad.  They both have a lot in common and I thought this was funny, they both have the same 2 doctors, the family doctor and the neurologist!  How cool is that?  When Heather's Mom goes back to her own house (Heather and her brother are getting in ready for her and fixing up her bedroom) then Mom and I are going to invite her over for dinner here.  That will be lots of fun.  We love having company.  

Speaking of company, I am hoping Hayley will be able to stop by this Sunday.  She and her friend are planning a shopping trip over on this side of the border.  I have an order for Hayley that I know she is anxious to pick up and use the products that are in there.  I am not sure what all is in there as it is hers and I haven't opened it.  I like watching her open up the box and show me what she got.  Mom enjoys her company too.  I just love my cousin a lot.  We have a good time together.  I also like to meet her friends, usually they are very nice too.  

I hope you have a great day, we are so far and it looks like it is only going to get better!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It was bath day today.  Mom is spiffed up and looking extra cute.  I am waiting for the newspaper to send me a proof of the ad I am putting in for the next 4 weeks.  I am excited to see what kind of response I get.  I hope to get at least 2 students, that is all I ask, just 2!  The newspaper goes to 30,000 houses weekly, so I am hopeful.

Mom gained 2 pounds!  I am so happy about that!  2 pounds in 1 1/2 weeks!  How awesome is that?  If this keeps up, she will hit 100 pounds and maybe she gain up to 110 pounds, that is our goal.  She looks very good at that weight.  (I also won't have to buy as many new clothes for her because the old ones will fit!)  The change of medication also seems to have helped her sleep better, except she wakes up too early!  I mean, earlier than me, and I want her to wake up when I do, but that is asking a lot, as I don't get up until about 11 am.  I know, that is awful, but I sleep so little at night that I like to get as much as I can.  I am sure so many of you understand how that is!  I wake up quite a bit because of the pain and have to get up and walk some of the pain away.  If I could sleep through out the entire night without waking, then I would get up earlier too.  Unfortunately, I don't, so I don't get up that early.  Although I have been up earlier the last couple of mornings, I got up at 9:30 am.  That is early for me.  Tomorrow will be a regular morning around here.  Only knitting tomorrow.  It will be fun though, I like my afternoons over at my friend, Heather's (what a name!!!  Totally confused Mom at first having 2 Heathers in the same house, she is used to it now.)  Her mom is staying with her right now until she is feeling better.  She fell in her bathroom about a month ago and stayed in the hospital for a few days.  She looks so much better now.  Her bruises are completely gone and she seems to be enjoying staying with Heather and her family.  I know I like my mom being with me all the time, I couldn't imagine her not being here with me.

It was beautiful out today even if I didn't go for a walk or anything in it, it was a bit cool but easy driving weather.  Mom did well on our driving and our visiting.  All in all, a good day.  I hope yours was too!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nice day for us.  We took a drive out to Waterford (about 1/2 hour away) dropped off the instruments.  I ended up keeping 1 flute, it is a very old one and he didn't think it could be used for anything but parts, so I kept it.  The 2 clarinets (not my wood one or my nice plastic one), 2 violins, and 1 flute are all gone.  I am okay with what I got for it.  I would have liked more, but with a market like this, what can you say?  It's satisfactory.

After the music store, we went to our usual and ran into Rosemary there.  We all sat and chatted around for a bit before going to the bank to deposit the money from the instrument sale.  Katie was waiting for us, I didn't get her message because I was driving and I don't answer the phone when I am driving.  She had her lesson and it went well.  Zach is absent this week because he is on his way to Washington DC.  I hope he has a fun time.  I would like to go and visit our wonderful capitol again someday.  I spent a day there about 14 years ago with Mom when we went to Gettysburg.  It was a lot of fun, but a lot of walking.  Back then I could walk better than I can today.  Thankfully the bus seats were comfortable because I took two small naps during the day when we were driving between places.  I would like to go to the library of congress, that just seems like such a neat thing to see.  My book is in there too.  I would like to see it in it's grandeur.  His mom, Robin, is going with the school choir heading to Washington DC.

I have Charlie later this afternoon.  I don't have my instrument to play with him tonight, but as it is rare that I play with him, it isn't a problem.  If I played every week, we'd have a problem.  I rarely play my instruments with my students.  I never had a teacher who did and I like to make sure they are playing the music correctly and I don't want to have to concentrate on my playing perfectly too.  It just works better for me this way.

It is chilly out today, but nice and sunny.  Mom is a bit tired today, but I think she slept better last night and she didn't go to sleep on her floor.  She likes having the bed lowered on the floor, she said so.  

Pain is a bit high for some reason, could be because I got up at 8 am and then went back into bed at 8:15 and woke up again at 9:30 to get ready for the meeting in Waterford.  I think I am going to go and take a nap in the living room.  Yup, that's what I am going to do!  I hope you have a great day too!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mom is better today.  She is very tired though.  I found her sleeping on the floor in her room at about 10 am.  I flipped out, but not at her.  I realized she probably couldn't get onto her bed, she has one of the thick mattress that make the bed super high.  She struggles at night every night to get in, she practically has to jump to get in.  Bob and I removed her bed frame and now she will be able to sit on her bed without practically jumping onto it.  Her headboard is still there, but it isn't attached to anything, it is just sitting there.  I was very worried as she was so tired today, she slept most of the day.  I hope she will sleep tonight.  Tomorrow I will be setting my alarm at 7:45 so i can call the doctor's office at 8:00 am to get a same day appointment.  The hospital said to have Mom see Dr. Gradolph right away, so as there was no appointments today, I will get up early for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will also be in Waterford by 11 am with all the instruments I am selling.  I am meeting with Dan (he owns a music store) to price the instruments and to fix my clarinet.  It needs servicing.  I hope I don't forget it.  That would be bad.  I am excited about the instruments I am selling, I feel like a load is off my shoulders.  If only I could get rid of the 25 painted violins and violas.  I plan to do a give away here in May, and the rest will go to the auction place near my house.  Unless Dan wants some of them, they are all going.  I am not saving any for next years competition because I don't want to keep them around that long.  I am giving 2 to one of my friends for her little ones.  They are very into music instruments and anything make music.  That's how they are, very into music.

I have made some decisions about Mom.  I will enact them this week.  By Friday, all the decisions will be enacted and in place.  I feel good about the decisions I have made.  It is the best for me and for Mom.  Definitely best for us.  It's not that we won't be flexible to the situations that may arise, but they are definitely best for what we are going through and what is coming up for us.

Pain isn't too bad considering all that we have been through this weekend.  I dressed myself all by myself for the first time in months.  It was very difficult and rather painful, but since Mom can no longer help me, I have to do it myself.  The socks are the hardest, or at least the left sock.  The right one is no problem really, but the left is a doozy.  Oh well, at least I know I can do it by myself.

It has been a pretty good day compared to yesterday.  I hope your day has been good.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We just got back from the ER with Mom.  She had a CT scan, chest x-ray, blood tests, and urine tests.  Everything came back okay, except there may be something with her kidney's now.  She was very confused this morning, I mean really, really confused.  Way more than normal, it was hard for her to keep her head up, it was resting on the table and she thought it was up.  She is eating dinner now, she is doing a pretty good job with her dinner, I am happy about that.  Of course, this morning while she was super confused and couldn't hold anything, I was yelling and losing my patience.  She slept okay, I think, because she was up before me.  That in itself is nothing unusual, because she is often up before me.  I wonder if putting her back into bed would have help her.  I don't know because I didn't do it.  I don't know if that would have helped.  She nearly fell coming out of the house, but fortunately, she didn't, it was a close call.

After 3 1/2 hours of the emergency room, we were in and out.  We got in pretty quick too, I was impressed with that.  We saw the doctor right away too, I mean, it seemed like we just got in and there he was.  He said Mom needed to see her doctor right away this week for further testing.  It could also be Alzheimer's dropping too.  He said sometimes a person will do a drop and then go right back up again.  I will know more tomorrow.  Right now I am just happy she is eating something and is sitting up better than she was this morning.

Pain is a bit higher because of the stress.  I am very tired now.  I think after this Extreme Makeover show we are going to bed.  Mom is tired too, I think both from getting up early and going to emergency this afternoon.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nap is over.  I slept for about an hour.  When I got up, I didn't know where Mom was.  I was a bit nervous until I heard the little voice say, I'm up here in my room.  Then I was relieved, she didn't go outside looking for me.  She came down to help with the laundry.  Right now, she is so not making any sense.  It happens a lot with Alzheimer's.  They get so confused and then they don't make sense.  I was asking her to drink her water so she will be healthier, she answered rather strangely.  I am getting used to this but it is unnerving.  

Today was rather boring except for the two lessons.  Both were good lessons and then we went to Red Lobster for dinner.  I had the soup and the salad.  Oh, is it good!  Mom just had a bowl (not a cup) of clam chowder.  She ate the whole thing.  I will be giving her another ensure shortly since she won't drink her water.  Stubborn little thing, I can't seem to get it in her head that it is for her health and she would be healthier if she drank water.  But no, not my Mother, she has to think it is awful and torturous.  Well, I could give her worse, too bad she doesn't know that.  I tried to have her get me an ensure for her today, but she couldn't find it and it was right in front of her.  She no longer recognizes certain things, like the difference between a basket and a box.  She kept handing me the box, I was not happy because the basket was right in front of her.  I need to learn to calm down when she does these things.  I know now not to ask her to get anything because she just can't.  I didn't know that this morning.

Pain is a bit high because of the rainy weather we have.  It is gray outside, and ugly looking.  No sun whatsoever.  I am so unhappy over this revelation.  It is suppose to pour again tomorrow.  I think we may be heading to a movie or something like that.  Staying home is getting to me and we haven't seen a movie in forever it seems.  Since before Christmas that I know of.  If I am wrong, I apologize for being wrong, but it has been a while I know.

There isn't anything good on TV tonight that I know of.  Of course, I don't get the TV guide anymore because they only put in the evenings TV and we watch during the day too.  It is really annoying how they do that.  It is more of a celebrity magazine than the TV guide, and we buy it for the TV guide not the celebrity stories!  I cancelled the subscription when they changed the format.  They, of course, called, and wanted to know if we wanted it again, and I said no.  They guy goes, don't you get other magazines you don't read?  Well, I don't, if I don't read it, I don't buy it.  I don't know anyone who gets a magazine they don't read.  Do you?

She finished 16 oz of water now.  Finally, it takes all day and most of the time she doesn't make it.  I try to impress upon her how important it is, she just doesn't get it, which is fine, she doesn't have to get it, she just has to do it.  That is the important thing.  Finishing her water.

I hope your day was better than mine or at least more interesting!  I hope tomorrow is a better day.
Not much happening, can't think of anything to say.  Going to nap in the living room.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mom is still eating better.  I am really pleased on this.  She ate 1/2 her fish for dinner, 1/2 of the beans, and all the chicken soup.  I brought home the rest for tomorrow night's dinner.  I also have chicken to cook and the beef roast.  I think I will cook some of it next week.  I am really getting into cooking with the crock pot.  Mom likes it too.  Of course, now that she is eating more, I will cook more interesting food, not so many frozen dinners.  

I talked to Mike last night.  He used to work for me at the store.  He is a retired person who wanted something else to do during the day so he went to work at our store.  When I bought it, I kept him on, I mean, he was an excellent employee, so why change a good thing?  I didn't see the point of changing him.  He was great at what he did.  I called Oliver, but he called me back when I was eating dinner, so I couldn't talk to him.  I hope to get together with the both of them and Jessie and Katie soon.  It will be fun.  I did receive some bad news from Mike, he lost his wife, Joanne, last May.  That was so sad to hear.  I really liked her a lot.

I tried to have a discussion with Mom but she really couldn't keep up.  I have some decisions to make this week about what Mom and I are going to do.  I have done some research and we really don't have the money to move, it cost a lot of money to hire movers, plus we need someone special to move the pianos and according to research, with Mom in stage 6 of Alzheimer's, moving can be especially hard on her.  I don't think we are going to move.  We can afford the house right now.  Richard has offered us to live with him if it becomes necessary, so we have a back up plan.  I just don't see how moving to Windsor is going to help us, I would have to give up teaching and start over there.  I like it here and Mom is doing well in our house.  Yes, the stairs are hard, but if I change a light bulb and put toilet paper in the bathroom, the downstairs bathroom is ready for to go.  The toilet works, the floor needs to be vacuumed and scrubbed, but other than that, it ready for use.

Pain is medium today.  We had sewing so my mind was kept off of it for a while (a good thing!).  My head has been giving me hassles this week.  I am not happy about that development.  We shall see how long it lasts.  I don't remember if last spring brought me so many headaches, it may have for all I know.  I just don't remember.  This fibro fog can really get annoying.

It was really nice out today, it is supposed to rain all day Saturday and Sunday.  Yay!  Rain!  Ugh.  Oh well, if there is no rain, there is no flowers.  I hope your day was as nice as mine.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mom ate all her lunch and asked for more!  Yup!  I said, more!  So, of course, I got her more.  I went and got her a cookie, they are pretty big and she wanted a small one.  I expected her to eat 1/2 and be done with it, nope, she ate it all!  She also drank 1/2 her water all ready today!  I mean, who could ask for more.  She is also sitting up straighter and walking straighter, not so slumped over like the last few days.  Mom must be getting stronger again!  I was really worried about her, I thought I'd be burying her from starvation, but the new medicine must be kicking in.  I am so thrilled with her today.  She even helped me get dressed without too much problem.  That is a first in a week.  Yesterday, I struggled to do it myself (except for socks) and managed, but boy was I exhausted and sore afterwards.  Today, she did it with no problem.  What a day!  I am so excited by this happy news.  I have to email my older brother, Richard about this new development.  I wonder when he is coming to visit.  He is (hopefully this will continue) going to see an improved Mom, not the one he would have seen a week ago, where she was failing and going downhill fast.  Now she is on an upswing.  Okay, maybe I need to rein in my enthusiasm until this has been going on for a few days, but it is so hard.  

Mom is sleeping in her chair right now, but not as much as she did the other day.  I think boredom does it to her.  I know it does it to me and we have boredom every so often here.  I try to come up with things that will interest us, but I don't always do that.

Disney has a new movie out we want to see.  Oceans.  It looks really good.  We enjoyed the Earth movie they did last year so I think we will enjoy this one.  With Mom hopefully doing better, she should enjoy it too.  We have gift certificates that Mom got for her birthday that we will use.

Pain isn't too bad today.  I haven't woken up with a bad headache this week, although it does hurt a bit more now, but it will go down as I have taken a pain pill.  My arm isn't so bad today either, probably because I had help this morning and I haven't moved it wrong yet.  I say yet, because sometimes I forget it is frozen and try to move it and then it really hurts.

I have knitting this afternoon, I love going to my friend's house for knitting.  I don't get much done, but that is okay because I spend time gabbing with her and her Mom and her kids.  Her kids are simply wonderful.  One of them is my student and in the fall they both will be.  I just love them.  They did really well, like all my kids did, at the concert.  They had some technically difficulty with the drums during the Ode to Joy, but they continued on like the troopers they are.  I haven't been able to tell them how proud I was of them because they continued on and didn't get upset.  It was really good.

It is beautiful outside, a touch chilly, but not too bad.  Mom has changed into her spring jacket and looks adorable in her pink sweatshirt, hoodie, and spring jacket.  She should be able to shed the hoodie in a few weeks and just wear a sweatshirt with the spring jacket.  Her pictures are in too, they turned out great.  I am to give Hayley Andrew's so he can pick it up from her.  I will see her on Saturday. 

I hope your day is as good as mine is!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It has been a good day so far, except for the blood test.  Can't say I enjoy that.  At least, the nurse did get the vein right away this time.  This particular nurse does a good and fast job.  I like her.  After that we met Georgette for lunch and really had a good time.  We ate at big boy's.  I had the new burger bar and salad bar.  It was good.  Mom ate a cup of soup and finished it all.  I mean, all of it.  She was trying to get more but it was empty.  I offered to get her another cup, but she said no.  She didn't like the piece of pita bread though, I love pita bread, so I ate it.  For dinner, Mom ate all, and I mean all, of her mashed potatoes.  It must have been about a cup of mashed potatoes and she finished them.  She is working on her meat.  I am so happy about her eating today.  Maybe the new medicine is working.

I found out why she is so bent over, it is because of the weight she has lost.  She can't stand up straight because her muscles won't let her until she gains weight.  I am working on that concept with her.  The doctor told me to give her whatever she wants and feed her something every couple of hours, so I will.  I want her to gain a bit of weight and stand up straight again.  We are changing her medicine again.  Instead of her anxiety medicine 2 times a day, she is going to double up and take both at night.  She doesn't really need it during the day anyways, but at night is when we have trouble.  I won't be giving her the anti-depressant because of the change of the anxiety one, also, it was making her more confused.  The doctor thinks its because of her weight (or lack of weight) that makes her not react well with it.  She is shuffling now when she walks so I have to really watch her because she could fall.  She is at risk of a fall, I will keep a close eye on her.  She holds my hand when we walk anywhere already, even if I am in a scooter in the store.  This way I can see how she is doing.  I don't want her to fall because she has osteoporosis and a fall could be really bad.

Tomorrow I think we are going to go to McCourt's music to show Dan the instruments.  I know he won't be there, but that is okay, he usually gets back to me pretty quick.  He also said to bring my clarinet so she can be serviced.  I don't think anything is seriously wrong with the instrument, it just needs a check up.  Every few years it is important to take the instrument in and have it serviced, pads and corks checked, key alignments, keys oiled, and oiling the wood.  I love that instrument.  We also have knitting tomorrow so a busy day for sure, just like I like them.

Pain seems normal today except the head, that has been going strong all day.  I am not happy about that, but there isn't anything I can do except for take pain pills.  I don't like to take extra, but I have to when it gets this bad.  I am hoping by bedtime it will be down to normal.  As long as I stay on this path, I will be able to take care of Mom for a long time.  I do worry that I will get sicker and then I won't be able to take care of her, so far, I have been fine.  We have to change a light bulb in the downstairs bathroom and put toilet paper in it, then it will be ready to use.  I have to find the ladder so I can change the light bulb.  We have them in Mom's room, thank goodness!  Not so hard to do, just can't find the ladder to do it.  You would think this would be an easy thing to do and it would be, if I could find the ladder.

I will be moving the stuff in front of the office door this weekend because I need to get in there for some music.  I need to get Lily some new songs.  The young lady needs some new Broadway stuff because the book she is using doesn't have anything else I want her to sing at this time.  Because she is 12, I am really picky on what she sings.  I don't like to give love songs to young people because they know nothing about it, how can you sing about something you know nothing about.  When the get to 14 they can sing just about anything.  I have exceptions to that rule, but by then they are usually dating or at least liking boys.  Lily isn't there yet (I am glad that boys are just her friends and not boyfriends!)  I have lots of stuff she will like, I just need to get into the room.  Shouldn't be a problem.  It doesn't look that difficult, just heavy stuff (weight wise).

It was beautiful out today, now it is a bit cooler, and will be cooler tonight, but during the day, it was wonderful!  I hope tomorrow is just as nice.  It is getting closer to when Mom and I can go for evening walks.  I just hope she is strong enough for them.  We will start slow and then increase as to how much she can handle.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It has been a good day even though I wasn't sure it would be.  I talked to my friend, Diane, on line while I was waiting for Zachary for his lesson and it was fun.  She is so nice.  She is from the Michigan Music Association that I belong too.  She has 29 students right now!  That is awesome.  I remember having that many, I will again soon.  I can't have too many because I take care of Mom.  Zach just called, he is running a little behind.  I said, no problem, just drive safely.  That is the important thing.

I may have 2 new students starting this summer.  That would be great!  They are my friend's children.  I knew her in high school and thanks to face book, we reconnected.  I just love face book.  I have become friends with my old friends and people I knew, but wasn't really friends with.  

Tomorrow I am having lunch with Georgette, another MMA friend.  I just love MMA.  It is a good organization and really good people.  They all work hard for the students and that is what is important to me.

Mom is doing okay today.  She still is a bit bent over, but I don't get it.  She isn't as bent over as she was on Sunday, so it is slowly getting better.  I can't believe that April is more than 1/2 over!  What a fast month this has been.  I am looking forward to May when we can get outside more.  My scooter is just waiting for me and Mom to go for a walk.  We will start slow and then we will slowly add distance.  I don't want to tire her out, that would be bad.  I am hoping we can walk up to Tim Horton's like we did last summer.  That was a nice little walk.  Mom's doing okay eating, she finished everything again.  We will see how she does at dinner.  That seems to be where she has a problem finishing stuff.  I think I am either going to get me Taco Bell or Subway, I just don't feel like a frozen dinner.  I am really tired of them.  When we pick up our medicine at Walmart, I am going to get stuff for the crock pot and make something.  I love my crock pot.  I may pick up a chicken (small one) and cook it in the crock pot.  I have to buy more seasoning because we don't have any left.  It was all out dated so in the garbage it went.  I also want to get some mushroom soup.  I am going to make a potato and veggie something out of it.  I can be creative with cooking when I want, and right now I want to.

Mom is drinking her afternoon snack, an ensure.  Fortunately, she likes them, so that is good.  She has to drink a couple a day because of her weight.  I think the new medicine will help her become more hungry.  She is such a tiny thing these days.

Pain is normal today, my head is finally back to it's normal dull roar.  I woke again with a bad headache, but this time I got up and didn't continue to lay there and make it worse.  I have a blood test tomorrow morning!  Ugh!  I was supposed to have it 3 weeks ago, but I forgot.  Then I forgot to keep making the appointment, yeah, not my best time this month for remembering blood tests.  After that is when I meet up with Georgette, then I have Grace and then an appointment with Mom.  Definitely a busy day tomorrow!  yeah!  I love busy days.

It is beautiful out today with the sun shining and the little birds singing.  They were singing out my window this morning.  I hope you are enjoying your day!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

It is day 2 for Mom's tummy medicine.  She ate really well this morning so I am hopeful this will work.  She is tired, but doesn't seem as tired as last night.  She dozes a lot during the day.  She slept all night straight through too.  I halved her antidepressant.  She was so difficult yesterday that I was going to deal with that everyday, that would just suck for both of us, so I cut the pills in half.  Seems to have done the trick, she sleeps and is a bit more alert, which she wasn't yesterday.  Grace is sick today so she is going to have a makeup on Wednesday.  It is a stomach thing, so I don't think Mom or I want to be there.  Poor kid.  I hope she feels better this afternoon.  Those things are awful when they hit.  I have 4 more lessons later this afternoon, so it is a good day.

We had our annual wrap up meeting for MMA last night.  I wish meetings were more often, they are fun and sometimes the only way I see my MMA friends.  We got a lot accomplished and I think everyone was really happy with how the competition went in February.  Next year it is in Grand Rapids.  We should have the money to go since I will be saving starting in September.  I think I will ask Tillie to go again so she can watch Mom.  Someone will need to because she doesn't do well without me near by and that could be a problem at competition when I am so busy.  I wish it was Kalamazoo, only because then i would see Kathy and her family.  I am hoping to see them next month for a day trip to bring them the games we are giving them.  I know the boys will be excited about that.

It is pretty nice outside, unlike the cold weekend we had.  It is getting nicer out again, although I did wake up with a bad headache.  I am going to take a brief nap after I am done with this since my head was hurting so bad, it made me a bit tired.  I don't know if Mom will nap or not.  Two chances I guess.  So far, it looks like she has stopped wandering around the house right now.  I am not taking down the gate though because that would be the day she goes right out the door and that would be bad.  Very bad.  Extremely bad, especially if I am sleeping and don't know she is out.  I am going to get those door things later on, we don't need them right now, but I think eventually it would be a good idea.  Just another way to keep her safe.  

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mom is falling asleep at the table.  Her head is an inch away from it.  I have a headache and am feeling very crabby today.  I don't know why, I just am.  I think we are both going to take a nap after I finish this.  She was very difficult this morning to get going.  It drove me nuts.  i don't like feeling this way either and I am sure she isn't enjoying it either since she is the one I yell at.  I have yelled several times already at her this morning starting from when I woke up.  Not good, I know, but how do some people not yell?  How do they stay calm?  I'd like to know so I can do it.  We are both rather tired today.

I have a bad headache this afternoon.  I already took my medicine so I can't take anymore right now.  Mom has started her new tummy medicine and the new antidepressant last night.  I hope they work.  I am tired of her not eating and being sad.  Although, if this is what she is like with the new antidepressant, she won't be on it very long.  It was difficult to get her to do anything this morning and she is never like that.  So if this is it, forget it, she will be off it very fast.  I will try a couple more days and then we shall see.

I am heading upstairs now.  I gotta go and lie down now or my head will explode.  More later.

Here is the weekly link:

Friday, April 16, 2010

We went to the doctor for Mom today.  She got 2 new prescriptions, one for an appetite stimulant and the other for depression.  I hope they work.  She weighs 94 pounds, so that is 10 more than I thought so that is good.  She is skin and bones though, although, hopefully she will gain a bit of weight.

She is eating dinner right now, one of those smart ones frozen dinners.  We like them.  She had 1/2 finished but I told her she needed to eat the rest.  It looks like she might.

I pulled her off the serax the Windsor doctor put her on.  It was making her lethargic during the day and more confused and she ate even less than normal!  I looked it up last night on the Internet and made the decision to not give it to her anymore.  She was having too many side effects and it wasn't that effective either.  I found out it was for anxiety and agitation, well, she already has medicine for that, she didn't need anymore for it.  I also researched more on stage 6 of Alzheimer's.  For the sleep disturbances, there is no medicine to fix that, at least none anyone has found.  At least she is still talking and eating (even though it isn't much) and can still enjoy somethings.  As long as I can keep her with me, I will be happy.  I plan to keep her as long as possible.  If I have to place her in long term care, I will reluctantly do it.  I won't do it willingly.

Tomorrow is the spring concert.  There will only be 6 students in it.  After this I have to make the program.  It will be a 1 pager that is for sure.  It will be the smallest concert ever, but since I couldn't change the date too many won't be able to attend.  It will still be fun and the kids will enjoy it.  There will be a total of 11 songs so it will be very short.  Maybe afterwards, the kids and I will go for ice cream, that would be a perfect end of the day.

It is a bit cooler today than yesterday, although still nice and sunny.  I have changed into my spring jacket and put mom in hers this morning.  She is only wearing 1 hoodie and the spring jacket, better than how much I had to layer her for the winter.

I was late for Frank's lesson tonight.  I lost track of time at Walmart's.  I was only picking up a few things and dropping the prescriptions.  Fortunately, I had my phone on and not on vibrate, so I heard them call.  They waited.  I felt so horrible about it.  I try to make sure I am on time for every lesson and not miss any.  He and his mom were fine, they said they are late a lot so it is no big deal.  I can at least say I rarely miss a lesson due to forgetting, but it does happen.

Pain is normal today.  I feel relieved knowing Mom weighs more than I thought and we have some new medicine to try for her.  She ate pretty well for her for dinner.  All in all, a decent day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mom ate her donut and 1/2 her muffin without too much trouble today.  I should have some answers by the weekend.  She is drinking water without me reminding her too, so that is good.  We are going to my friend, Heather's, for knitting today.  Calli has a half day so she will be there when we arrive.  She is so cute and sweet.  She is very excited about the concert on Saturday.  I, too, am excited about the concert.  I just have to make the concert program tomorrow and then print them up.  That won't take to long.

Mom is in the whispering mode again.  Being partially deaf, it drives me nuts because I can't hear her and she won't speak up so I end ignoring her because I can't hear her.  She just doesn't get it anymore.  She is afraid people will over hear what she is saying.  Like anyone, outside of me, cares?  She has always been a freak over this issue, but is worse now that she is older.  She does this too me quite frequently and I am getting a bit angry at it.  I can't hear her.  Plain and simple, I am partially deaf and whispering or talking so soft that I can't hear makes my head hurt worse.  I expect that when I remind her that I am deaf, for her to speak up, does she?  No, she does it again, then I get mad and speak harshly, which isn't so good.  I need prayers for patience.  I just am running out right now with all these issues.  Other than these two she really is easy.  I know what she needs help with and I help her.  She doesn't get mean, even when I am yelling or speaking harshly, she does what I ask (except for the 2 issues) she goes to bed easy now.  So I don't have a lot of room to complain.  She has even stopped wandering around the house.  I still gate her upstairs, in case, because I certainly don't need her wandering outside again.  Been there, done that, not happening again.

It is so beautiful outside.  I don't even need a coat on, it is close to 80 degrees.  How heavenly.  Even Mom was getting a bit warm inside Walmart and walking in and out of it.  I am putting on her light jacket when we leave for my friend's house.  Tomorrow is supposed to be wet and a bit colder, but spring, at last is here.

We have a sub division meeting tonight.  I enjoy them a lot.  We see our neighbors, talk about what needs to be done and have a good old time.  We will be in bed as soon as we get home though because Mom gets tired there, especially with her not eating enough.  I don't expect her to get fat or anything, just gain a few pounds so that she weighs at least 100 pounds, that is what the doctors want.

Pain is normal for the day.  I expect it to be a bit worse tomorrow because of the rain, but today is alright, it is doable.  Okay, a day without pain would be the best, but that isn't going to happen until there is a cure.  So let's hope there is a cure someday in the future!

Have a good afternoon and evening!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mom ate a small plateful of chicken and mashed potatoes for the first time in 2 weeks.  We were at Tillie's and she had her bath and Teri said Mom looked like she lost another 5 pounds this week.  Well, of course I flipped.  I was not a happy camper, that puts her at about 85 pounds with clothes on.  (Since she was 90 pounds with clothes on when I weighed her a couple of weeks ago)  Tillie pointed out that if she keeps this up she will end up in the hospital.  Mom was upset by that.  She is afraid of the hospital because she is afraid that the hospital will then move her into the nursing home.  I am afraid of that too.  I want her with me.  She drank a full ensure at Tillie's, so I am happy with what she has eaten today.  I am taking her to the doctor tomorrow because the physician assistant for my tummy doctor said there is medicine to help her increase her appetite.  I will ask about that.  She does take a multivitamin now.  It is a chewable.  I wonder if this lack of eating is normal for Alzheimer's.  I haven't read anything about it, but that doesn't mean it isn't normal.  Mom has always been weird over food to begin with, so now she is just weirder about it.

She is all spiffed up from her shower and hair wash today.  I will be asking for a prescription for a shower and hair wash over here to make it easier on me and hopefully we will get it 2 times a week.  She likes getting all nice and clean and it is very hard for me to help her with that.  So I spent last week researching and finding out what we can do here and how to do it.  I figured it all out and now I will enact upon it.  Anything to take care of Mom.  That is my first priority, Mom.

Pain is high today, not surprisingly though because of the lack of Mom eating these last two weeks.  When I worry about her, I ache more.  I have a medium size headache tonight and my arm is pretty sore too.  I am also rather tired.  

This weekend is the spring concert.  Should be rather short since about 6 of my students aren't going to be in it because of illness and schedule conflicts.  I planned it a few months ago so I can't change the date especially since the store where we have it at  is completely booked for the month of May, which is when I usually have the concert.  I figure it will last about 1/2 hour.  I am getting used to short concerts, unfortunately, the length of the concert doesn't change the price of the room.  It is still $125 to use whether it is for an hour or a 1/2 hour or 2 hours.  I don't really miss the 3 hour concerts we used to have because I had so many students.  I do miss having that many students, just not how long the concerts were.  I hope in the next few years I have my student roster grow.  I am going to take some of the money we found and place an ad in the newspaper, a regular ad, not a classified.  I tried 6 weeks of classified and they didn't work.  I will see how much it is to put in a small regular ad, maybe I will be able to put it in for more than 1 week.  We shall see, all boils down to the dough, how much does it cost.  That is what matters.  I am putting it in the little C & G newspaper, we only need our area so I won't be putting in ads in more than one newspaper, just the Shelby News.  I like the newspaper, it has pretty much only local news.

It is getting warmer again!  yeah!  Sunshine!  I am so happy spring is here.  Mom loves the sunshine.  I don't know how much we will walk since she is so tired all the time.  After we fix this little eating problem, we will try to go for our nightly walks.  I take the scooter, and she walks next to me.  She really enjoyed it last year, she would get restless if we didn't go unless it was raining and then she didn't want to go (smart lady, my Mom!)  I hope to hear from Richard soon to know when he is coming to visit.  Mom and I are anxious to see him.  I haven't seen him in over 1 1/2 years, way too long!  Way, way, way too long of not seeing the big brother.  I miss his kids more than him though, I don't know if they will be coming or not.  As he is in and out of work, like so many in this country, it all depends on cost.  I hope they do, but I am not holding my breath about it though.

It has been a rather trying day, I hope your day was better than mine.  Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a better day for me.  I have knitting with my friend tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We had lunch with new people today.  We see them all the time at Tim Horton's and today I invited them to sit with us.  They are very very nice.  Mom enjoyed it too, she told me so.  She, as usual, is falling asleep in her chair, only she has her coat still on.  If I don't take it off, she won't for hours, but she wanted it left on today, so I left it on.  She is now standing for a bit, she says.  She goes back and forth between standing and sleeping all day long.  Poor thing.  Must be hard to have Alzheimer's.  I would think so anyway.  It's hard on me and I am not the one who has it.

Mom and I will be visiting Kathy in a few weeks.  I have some games I wish to give them.  We aren't going to play them anymore (Mom just can't - and I get tired of playing for her).  I think her boys will like them a lot.  I am going to bring them some monopolies, sorry, trivial pursuit, and checkers.  

Katie is sick today so she won't have her lesson.  Frank will be having his on Friday instead of yesterday since he was out of town all last week, and apparently he had a cold the whole time they were gone.  Poor kid.  Nothing like being on vacation and ill.  Those two words should never go together, know what I mean.

I am very tired today.  I may take a wee nap in the living room.  I didn't get up early or anything, I just am more tired.  My head is sore more than normal today too.  Stupid head.  That's all I have to say about it.  I have to find something better to do with my time than what I am doing.  I don't know what, but I have to find something.  I would like to find a job that I work at home doing so I don't have to put Mom in daycare, but so far I haven't any luck.  The best thing would be more students!  That would be the best.  I am debating on whether or not to take some of the money we found and use it to place an ad for lessons.  Even if I only get one, it is worth it.  I have to find out how much the ads are though.  I am planning on calling this week.  Ads might work for more students.  I know this isn't the season for a lot more students, but maybe one or two would be interested in learning.  We shall see.

We are now onto season 10 of JAG.  I love that show.  We will begin watching it this weekend on Saturday afternoon.  Then we will move onto Walker Texas Ranger season 6 and then season 7.  We enjoyed that show too, a lot.  After that, we are out of shows to watch so we will watch something we already have.  Mom doesn't remember them, so it doesn't matter and often I am doing something else too besides watching the TV (Nintendo DS Lite!!!! or knitting).  It gives us something to do together and she likes it, so why not?  I don't really watch much TV, and could often care less if it was even on, but Mom likes the noise of it.  It can get really quiet here in the house and she doesn't like that.

Julie will be here this weekend and she is going to help us with Mom's clothing issue.  She is going to go shopping with me and Mom after tax season.  She is a tax prep person, so you can only imagine how busy she is right now!  No one sees Julie during tax season, she is also very good at what she does.  I have to ask her to do the sales and use tax returns for 2007 and 2008 for the store too.  I forgot to ask how much that would be because I really need it done.  The state keeps asking me for it, like every month since I lost the store.  I don't miss the store anymore.  With Mom in the shape she is in, it is a bit better now that we don't have it.  We are paying our bills and not being late with most of them.  I am about to pay a car payment that will bring me current with the car and no more late fees!  Yeah!  About time!  I hate paying late fees, it is like burning money to me.  I can waste money easy, I don't need any help by having to pay late fees.

It is sunny and it is getting warmer again.  It is suppose to warm up as the week goes on.  I hope so, poor Mom is just so cold.  It is also getting closer to when Richard is coming to visit.  I can't wait to see him!  I miss my big brother.  It is also getting closer to when we are taking a day trip to see my little brother, Andrew.  I miss him too.  My brothers just live too far away from me and I don't like it.

I hope your day is going well and is sunny out too!  I have had enough of this rain.  Although I tell myself often: April showers bring May flowers and I love May flowers!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I was wrong!  There IS a season 12 of Murder She Wrote!  I don't know when it comes out, but it will be soon, I imagine.  Season 11 came out in February.  Even Amazon doesn't know when it comes out.  Dancing with the Stars is on right now.  It isn't as exciting without Donny Osmond.  I just love him, he is so entertaining to watch.  It could be because I am also pretty tired today.  I had 4 lessons which is normal for a Monday, but I woke up tired for some reason.  More than usual.  Mom is pretty tired today too.  Although I think the new sleep medicine isn't helping her too much and it is making her drag during the day.  That is why I didn't want prescription sleep medicine.  She is tired enough.

Not much going on, just the usual, pay a few bills, make dinner, clean up dinner, and make Mom drink more water.  I think it is just the let down after a busy day.  I was hoping to talk to Richard this weekend, but he was busy and didn't call me back.  I tried again today.  I will try later this week, he may be working out of town this week for all I know or he could be working at home.  Like I said, I didn't get to talk to him so I don't know.  I am looking forward to seeing him soon.  I want to take Mom to Seattle during the summer, but that isn't going to happen, Mom won't be able to handle it.  She had a hard time just going to Tillie's.  We are heading there Wednesday after my doctor appointment.  Then we will be coming home after dinner.  She will have an appointment next Wednesday, so we won't be going to visit that day.

I am glad spring is finally here.  It is a bit warmer today than last week but not quite warm enough for us to be able to take walks in the evening.  I can't wait.  Mom really enjoyed it last year so I am hoping this year she will like it too.  It's hard in some ways because she was so much better last summer than she is right now.  She could handle so much more.  Now she really can't.

Pain isn't so bad today for a change, especially since I am so tired.  Usually that means much more pain.  My elbows are a bit sorer than normal though.  Weird I know, what can I say?  I have a weird illness.  So many of my friends have the same one, it is nice to know people know what I mean.

It has been an okay day despite the exhaustion.  I hope your day is doing well too.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not much going on today.  I spoke to Kathy for, oh, about 1 1/2 hours on the phone!  Glad I get so many minutes a month and weekends are free because man, can we talk!  It was fun.  Mom was drinking her ensure while we were talking.  She is almost finished with it.

I had to return the cute shoes I bought her.  I noticed as I was about to cut the tags off, that they were wide and she has narrow feet.  Oops!  I will look later this month with Julie for cute shoes for Mom.  Julie is going to go with me after we figure out what Mom needs in clothes for the wedding.  She she help Elyse plan the wedding, it works out perfectly.

Mom isn't eating good again.  She is trying but, she needs to eat more.  I almost lost it at Tim Horton's for our breakfast.  She only ate 1/2 of her soup instead of all of it.  Last time she at 3/4 of it and I was happy.  I told her she only had to eat 1/2 though because she kept saying she was full.  She also ate a donut.  She loves her donuts.  She now weighs about 90 lbs.  She will get weighed when she sees the doctor again.  I have to make the appointment (I will be doing that tomorrow)  I also need to send a check into them too!  I will be writing out bills this evening after I check our bank account again.  I check it everyday so I know how much we have, what has gone through, what hasn't gone through, you know, stuff like that.

Mom is pretty tired today though, she was sleeping in her chair when I was talking on the phone.  We have to go to Border's later today for a book for book club.  I may wait and get it next week when the new coupons go out.  I have until May 22 to read the book, so time is not an issue.  I have plenty of it.

We are going to watch New Moon today and some more of the last disc of Murder She Wrote.  It is almost over.  :( :(  We have watched almost all 11 seasons now.  When we finish disc 5, we will have watched the entire series on disc.  Mom really likes that show, although I think sometimes she can't see the TV so good so I will bring down her other glasses for her.  She is stretching now, she does this all day because she sits a lot.

I got some new books for my birthday.  We went to the used bookstore and they had some oldies, but goodies.  I got six new to me books.  I have read 2 of them, but I love them.  They are some of the books that got mixed up and went into the rummage sale last year.  There was one box that wasn't for the sale (it had my favorite books in it) but somehow it went too even though I marked it NO.  Things like this happen a lot it seems in the Paxton house.  

I bought a new electric kettle because the cord got thrown out with other stuff when the kitchen was being cleaned.  That actually made me mad because that was about $23 to re-buy when I had a perfectly good one.  I am tired of buying stuff that I already have, like Mom's clothes.  She had a perfectly good outfit with a cute blouse (a high collar one because she thinks her neck is too thin), it had a jacket, vest, and a skirt.  Mom looks very nice in it and I knew she would want to wear it to the wedding.  Well, the blouse and the skirt are gone, they went into donations along with most of her blouses, skirts, jackets, and sweaters.  All her church going clothes and some of her pajama pants and sweat pants too.  Basically, she has the one pair of jeans she wearing, some t-shirts, and her new hoodies left.  I wasn't that happy about it, I was pretty upset.  I didn't get a chance to look at anything they donated because they didn't ask me and I didn't realize they were upstairs, so all in all, not good.  I am not as mad as I was, but it still bothers me when I think about it.  I will get over it, that is for sure, but I have to have some time.  Sometimes Mom wants to wear something other than jeans.  Fortunately, her dress pants are still there, 2 red blouses, and a few jackets.  I should be able to come up with something for her to wear at the wedding.  She also may want a new dress for the wedding and in that case, let's go shopping!

I do have to get her new shoes because all her old ones were heels and she can't wear heels anymore.  Those were donated too.  (That was the good part)

It is nice and sunny and a bit warmer out today.  I am liking the weather!  Hope it stays like this for a few days before the rain comes back.  I hope your day is good, mine isn't too bad right now.  More later!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Here is the weekly link:

We went to the Olive Garden for dinner.  Mom ate 3/4 of her soup.  I was impressed.  She usually only eats 1/2.  I only ordered her soup though because I didn't want to waste any money by ordering her a dinner.  She also drank some milk, I brought the rest home since I ordered a child size.  It was really big, for a child size.

We had book club today and it was fun.  Maggie and Debbie were there.  Aggie is very ill this weekend so she wasn't here and I think Katie was at work or she is still ill too.  Not sure.  I will ask on Tuesday when I see the young lady for her lesson.

We talk about so many things at book club besides the book although we do discuss this in detail.  I have liked most of the books we have read, only one I didn't like and didn't finish.  Which I consider pretty darn good.  Debbie picked the book this month.  I asked her too because next month is her last month before she moves out west.  She has a great opportunity to move to Seattle and I am glad she is taking it even though I will miss her a lot.  She is such a neat young lady.  She is now 23.  (she turned 23 on Saturday last week).  

We are supposed to see Hayley possibly tomorrow.  I certainly hope so.  I didn't really get a chance to talk to her the last two times she was here because she was on her way either to or from Tennessee and the kids were in the car.  So I am hoping I get some time with her tomorrow.  We might see her here or we might see her in Port Huron, either way works for me.  She likes to shop around here.  I don't really like shopping at all unless I am on vacation or in the book store or the Disney store or at Disney World, then, I like shopping.  I am hoping to go to Disney World in 2011 with Kathy and her family.  All depends on the funds and when they are going and all those type details, but I do hope I go, it will be a blast.  We (Kathy and I) are planning to have the girls get made up like princesses at the princess boutique.  Aggie, Jacqueline, and I did the hair and make up last time we were in Disney.  It was a blast.  Mom didn't want to get her hair done, I found out later she thought we couldn't afford it.  I felt horrible because if I had known that was the reason, I would have gotten her hair done for sure.  The twins will look adorable in princess dresses and their hair done.  The boys will be off on the big rides with their Dad.  They will have fun.  I don't know what I will do with Mom for a week unless I can bring her with me.  I am not sure how that will work.  I will figure all that out later.

It was sunny today, although a bit chilly with the wind.  I really didn't appreciate the wind, but I did appreciate the sun.  I hope it is sunny and warmer tomorrow, I am sick of rain already as it rained so much this week.  Rain makes me ache a bit more and often gives me a bad headache.  Not a happy camper with that, that is for sure.  Anyways, I hope your day was good like mine!

Friday, April 9, 2010

We went to Red Lobster for late lunch/early dinner for my birthday.  Mom ate 1/4 of her potato and none of her fish.  She said wasn't hungry and since we ate breakfast late (we didn't eat as much as usual) so I wasn't upset.  I will give the rest to her for dinner later tonight when she gets hungry.  Tillie was here and came with us.  It was fun.

Not much happening right now or for the rest of the night.  We are just watching the news.  Like I said, nothing interesting.  Maybe we will go and get some ice cream.  I don't know, we will see.  Mom likes ice cream a lot.  Mom is doing well with every time I remind her it is "take a sip of water time" and then she takes a sip.  It much easier this way.  She had milk for dinner but didn't finish it.  She can finish it later.

I picked up my taxes yesterday.  I am so lucky to have Julie do mine for me and it doesn't cost too much.  She is an expert and does a nice job.  Unfortunately, I owe, so I will be sending the check this week.  At least it isn't much.  I am saving all receipts for next year so I will be in a better position.  It is hard though to keep everything in order.

I think we are going to finish up with Murder She Wrote this weekend.  We will then have seen all 11 seasons.  We wish there were more as we both really enjoyed the show.

I have a bit of a bigger headache than usual, Darvacet works pretty okay to bring it down to normal.  I am really a bit tired today but I am sure that won't help when I go to bed.  It is a dreary day outside, no sun, just cloudy.  I hope tomorrow brings us a sunny day!

Hope you had a great day!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today is my birthday.  I am happy about that in a way, except I am now 42.  Same age as Kathy!!!!  She is four months older than me.  Mom is getting her picture her taken and now she isn't happy about it.  Oh well, it is being done anyway.  

We are back from Mom getting her picture taken.  For someone who glared at me when I mentioned it, she did a great job getting her picture taken and worked well with the photographer.  It was expensive, but well worth it because who knows when this would happen again?  So I picked out four 5 x 7's (we are getting five - ones a dup), 24 wallets, and one collage of three pictures.  They come in on the 21st.  Two weeks isn't bad for a turn around time for this.  I will let Richard and Andrew pick out what they want, you can see them on the Internet.  Isn't that cool?  I am emailing them tonight with the information.

Not too much happening right now, but more later, when we go out again in about 1/2 hour.  Mom is cold and I thought it would warm up but it didn't.  I will have to put her in her heavy winter coat, I have it handy.

It is cold out and my jaw hurts.  I don't know why, I don't think I clench it when I sleep because it doesn't usually hurt unless it is the first time I am chewing a food, then it hurts.

We are celebrating my birthday dinner tomorrow night, I don't really want to go tonight so we will go tomorrow afternoon.  Maybe we will see a movie, it's a possibility but I don't know what is playing.  We haven't seen a movie in a while so I am not up on what is out there.

It is cold and rainy here, I hope wherever you are it is nice and sunny and then please send some my way.  Hope you are having a good day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have Mom back with me.  I won't be doing that again soon that is for sure.  First of all, I decided I really like having Mom with me (most of the time anyway!).  Second, our house is too quiet with only me in it.  I don't sleep well without Mom in the house.  I start to freak over a possible break in.  Yes, I am aware that it wouldn't matter whether or not Mom is here, if someone wants to break in, then they will, but I sleep better and don't start hearing noises if Mom is here.  I don't know if Mom enjoyed her time away but she says she is glad she is back.  I think it confuses her more if she is not home and going back and forth to another house.  After we get back she asks when we are going home and while we are there she asks when are we going home.  So you can see why I think she gets more confused about where she is sometimes.  If we are home more, she doesn't ask unless she is very tired for the day.  I also don't think she sleeps well anywhere but at home and she doesn't sleep all that well here at home.  She was up 3 times last night and one time Monday night.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 42.  Hard to believe, it seems like yesterday I was turning only 30, and here it is almost 42.  Mom is getting her picture taken and then I will have knitting with my friend Heather.

I think we are done with working on the house for right now.  I don't want anything else done right now.  The dining room, kitchen, utility room, and living room are finished and that is fine.  Mom's room is 1/2 done and I want to finish it myself, the garbage is out of the room, so that is really all I need.  I need to go through what clothes Mom has left and see what fits her, and see what she needs.  She doesn't really have anything for the wedding in June.  I do have a pair of black dress pants for her, and possibly a jacket, but all her blouses are gone.  They were turning color, from what Tillie said so they got rid of them.  If they were yellowing, they wouldn't do us any good.  Her shoes need to be replaced too because all she had for dress shoes were high heels, and no, she doesn't have the balance for those!  I will buy her a cute pair of flats that she can wear to church too.  She has dress boots, they are right in the dining room right now, but I will be moving them to the front closet.  Unfortunately, one of the tragedies of the clean up was my fancy skirt that I was planning to wear for the wedding (depending on the heat of course).  I don't know for sure that I would wear it, but the decision has been made now.  It is gone.  I think they thought it was Mom's and put it in the bag, but oh well, gone now.  Maybe next fall I can go to Liz Claiborne and maybe she would have a fancy skirt for the winter season then.  I can always make one too if I really want one.  In the fall they have some really nice winter color taffeta that would look real nice as a skirt.  I haven't worn in a few years and have worn it only about 3 times, all on vacations.  (cruises - formal night)  Like I said, I have a couple of pairs of really nice dress pants.  I need a new pair of flats too so I am going to be ordering them shortly.  I have a nice sweater that is light that I am planning to wear so I am all set for Elyse's wedding.  I just have to wait until June for it.

It is so nice having Mom here again!  I just had to say it again!  I really missed her.  I used the time to think about what it is I want.  I have come to the conclusion, I like taking care of her (most of the time - nobody can be happy with it all the time, I think) and I really like teaching.  I don't want to move, I like our house, it is just the right size for us.  We have a nice (now clean and fresh looking) living room that the pianos fit nicely in and so does some of my music.  We have a nice office in the family room that the music file cabinets fit and a table that I can put my big computer on and do some writing, editing, etc.  Our family room is kinda a catch all right now and we don't use it.  We have furniture from the living room in it and a nice table with 5 barrel chairs.  I have decided I like the furniture and the table and chairs.  If we have company and we want to go downstairs, we have the space.  In the fall I will get the fireplace (gas) started - yes, I will call the professionals for this one! - so if we want to use the family room, it will be ready for us.  I like the dining room furniture even though only 2 chairs right now are usable.  I will fix the other 2 this summer.  I think I can do it.  I just have to re glue them and then they will be usable.  So I have made some good decisions - ones that I can live with.  The violins and violas that are left over from the store will be sold and 2 will be given away on this blog.  I have about 25 of them left.  I will save 2 for the Michigan Music Association competition next year and then that will be all.  Also, 2 will go with my friend, Heather, for her 2 children.  Her son is just fascinated with the violins.  He plays with one every time his sister comes for her lesson.  I am going to sell my profession violin, student violin, professional flute, student flute, and student clarinet.  I am keeping my one student clarinet and my professional clarinet.

It is raining today so the pain is a bit higher.  I feel better about what is going on with the house right now.  I feel real good about it.  I made a few other decisions too that I was so upset about, I feel real good about that.  I really do so I am in a good place right now.  I am going to start doing more writing and maybe I will get something published.  We shall see!  I hope  your day has been a good one and your tomorrow is good too!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It is extremely quiet around here today. Mom has been gone since yesterday, and I have to say, it is really boring without her.  I mean really boring, more than normal.  I have been busy checking into things that we need though, so that has eaten up a lot of time.  I had a lot of calls to make, so that really took some time.  People have been very helpful through this entire process, it is unbelievable.

I am sad without her though, I worry about her, how is she doing, is she fine, is she talking or just sitting.  If you don't speak to her she won't speak to you.  She doesn't always know to ask something so you have to do the asking.  She was up 3 times last night Tillie said.  She sleeps on one side only and I think she wakes up because her hip hurts her.  I am going to be giving her something for the pain before sleep when she comes home.  I get her back tomorrow morning!  Yeah!  I get Mom back!  I want my Mom!

I got some sleep last night, but when I went to take a nap, my other cousin, Hayley, arrived to pick up her box.  She is just passing through on her way home from vacation.  She said the had a great time, so that is very good.  She got some more craft stuff in the mail.  She is very very very very talented, I don't think she realizes how talented she is.

Well, with all the cleaning out it was bound to happen, one of my formal skirts went to the donation box along with a couple of Mom's good blouses.  I am very sad about this, and yes, upset because had I seen what was going, I would have stopped these things from being in the donation bag.  Now I have to get another formal skirt for the wedding and Mom a formal outfit for the wedding since her formal suit is now gone.  She looked very cute in the outfit too.  They found some money in Mom's room and that is what we are going to use since we can't afford to use our monthly money, these things cost a lot of money, but we need to have the outfits for Elyse's wedding this June.  I am not putting her in a t-shirt, dress pants, and a jacket.  The pants and the jacket would be alright if it wasn't a formal wedding but definitely not a t-shirt.  That is just tacky.  Besides, it is a formal wedding.  I can't wait for it.  It should be a lot of fun.  Mom is looking forward to it too, at least when I remind her about it.  She smiles a lot about Elyse getting married.

Pain is slightly higher today because of the rain.  My left arm, shoulder, and wrist are sore.  It is rather annoying if you ask me.  I have a bigger headache because of the weather too.  Ugh, that is all I can say about that.

It down poured this morning but now it has stopped raining and will hopefully not start up again until after my lessons.

I hope it is sunny where you are and nice and warm too!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mom is gone for a few days.  It is so boring without her.  I am supposed to enjoy this, but I am not.  I want Mom here with me.  She entertains me, I entertain her, we entertain each other all day long.

I ended Easter Sunday with a tummy ache.  Yup, a tummy ache and a bad one.  Not a happy camper about that let me tell you.  I still am not feeling 100% today on top of being lonely without the Mom person around.  When I am not feeling well she is very sympathetic.  I need some sympathy today, I really don't feel very well.  My head is bad and so are my legs.  I need a new body.  Know what I mean?  I know some of you do know this very well.

This will be short.  I will stop whining now.  It is beautiful out today!  Nice and sunny, wish I was enjoying it!  I hope your day is better than mine!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I cooked the Cornish hens for dinner and they turned out okay.  I should have taken them out of the freezer on Thursday though because they were still slightly frozen on the inside.  I followed most of the directions, cooked at 350 degrees but because they were frozen, I cooked them for 2 hours instead of the hour and fifteen minutes.  We still had to microwave them for 3 minutes though so I wasn't happy about that.  I cooked the scalloped potatoes in the crock pot for about 2 hours and they were good.  You are supposed to cook them in the oven, but we have only one so how was I supposed to do that?  We didn't have a veggie because we also had really good rolls that we baked after the Cornish hens were done.  It was a nice dinner.  I am a bit bored right now because there isn't anything to do here and I want to take Mom out shopping for new jeans.  Hers are so big on her it is pitiful.  They look terrible too.  Tillie found some money in Mom's room that I am going to use for new shoes for the both of us and new jeans for her.

Tillie is leaving tomorrow morning.  I have to teach early so I will be leaving before they will.  I have to be at the Muglia's by 11 am.  I am glad I have them tomorrow!  I have them once a month and just love them.  They are really nice girls.  The whole family came for cake and ice cream for Mom's birthday yesterday.  It was a really nice party and I am glad so many were able to come to celebrate Mom's birthday.  Who knows what next year will be like and what shape she will be in.

I have come to a conclusion about Mom and long term health care.  I am going to keep her with me as long as possible.  I don't want her in a home unless she absolutely needs it.  I can get people to come in and help with care when we need it, but that is my final decision.  She is going to have to get really bad before I place her in a home.  It is best for us.  She likes being with me and going to lessons, when she can't I will get someone to stay with her for the short time I am away.  As long as the medications are working properly, that is all I need for her.  I have made some other decisions about her too that will be implemented later this week after I get the info I need.

It has been such a busy week in the house, I don't mean necessarily busy for me, but our house was in a tornado because it was being cleaned.  It is so beautiful now.  I talked to my cousin Maia, and asked her if she would come and vacuum once a month for us and I would pay her.  She said sure!  I would rather pay someone I know because I know she could use the money too and it helps us at the same time.  Maia and I will be good friends, I can feel it, not just cousins, but friends too.  I like most of my cousins but I am friends with a few of them too, you know what I mean.

I dread tomorrow night without Mom.  I will leave a light on downstairs again so I can sleep.  I don't particularly like sleeping in the house alone, but I will do it since, well, Mom won't be here she will be with Tillie having a good time.  (I hope anyways!)  Tillie has to go to the library this week and she is taking Mom, Mom loves libraries even if she doesn't read much anymore, she just likes the library.  I think it is because she has such good memories of going with us as kids.

Pain in the legs is kinda bad today, don't really know why.  My arm is sore too.  I dread dressing the next couple of days too because pain is going to be really high because no one will be here to help me and that will be bad.  I am bringing a change of clothes with me on Wednesday so I can have some help from Mom.  It is such a drag to have trouble dressing!

I hope your Easter was wonderful and filled with joy and love and that the Easter bunny left you something nice!  The Easter bunny left us M & M filled eggs (two of them) and a bag of nestle eggs and Mom got a little stuffed bunny!!!!!!
Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am cooking today!!!!!!!!!  Write this down in history!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Mom's second birthday party!  I know she doesn't really remember the first, but that is okay, I remember it for her.  I have the camera ready and everything for it.  I only forgot pop so Tillie had to go out so she is going to get some.  I am excited about this like I was for the last one.

Mom's room is half done, I'd say more than half, but Tillie says half and she is in charge so she would know!  I am only an innocent bystander in this project.  Our dining room no longer looks like boxes everywhere and stuff all over.  Our table has the spring table cloth on it.  Basically, everything looks wonderful like a whole new house.  hard to believe what we have been living in.  So nice of cousins to come and help!  I really appreciate it because I just couldn't have done what they have done.  Not at all, I just couldn't.  You know what it is like with fibromyalgia and how you can only do things in baby steps.

I almost forgot to put the roast on for dinner!  Fortunately, I remembered and it is cooking now.  I love the pork roast kits you can buy, all the veggies are there and a nice cut of pork.  We are having Cornish hens (I think I have already said that) tomorrow and I am excited to cook them.  With the kitchen as nice as accessible now, I want to do more cooking.  It is a scary thing, Heather wants to cook again!  We have a freezer full of frozen food I have to finish first.  I love my crock pot too!  It is so easy to do.  I just sit at the table and cut up the veggies, then I toss them in the pot add a bit of water and bam! it is done and in a few hours we have our dinner.

I will be by myself for a couple of days.  Tillie wants Mom to go home with her so she is going to go with Tillie.  I will miss Mom, but as it is a Monday and a Tuesday, I will be busy with teaching.  I may even do a craft or two!  I will be at Tillie's early Wednesday for Mom's appointments.  She has a doctor and her bath appointments.  Thursday she is getting her picture taken at Walmart.  Since it will be right after the bath, she will be spiffed up.  I think I am putting her in a pink sweatshirt she  was wearing yesterday.  It is really pretty and she looked very nice in it.  Today she has a green one on.  She now has about 10 hoodies in her collection, we (they) found some when they were working on her room.  She looks very cute in hoodies.  I will post a picture when we get them so you can see what I mean.  I know everyone thinks their Mom is the cutest, but really, I have the cutest little old lady for a Mom.  Really.  I do.  She is the best even if she isn't all there anymore.  What is left of her is wonderful.

Well, off to teaching!  Have a great Easter and wonderful Saturday!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Today was a slow day.  Took a nap, got the ice cream, spoons, and plates for the cake and ice cream party.  We pick up the cake tomorrow morning before lessons.  

The living room is empty except for the 2 pianos and furniture.  It looks great.  They did a real nice job.  The only rooms left are finishing Mom's room and the family room.  We took the stereo out, I am going to donate it.  They moved the DVDs to the dining room and put a book shelf in the living room that now has the toys and the pirate ship and soldiers.   The pirate ship is a collectible and only for looking!  No one gets to play with them because they are pewter pieces and pewter breaks easily.

We went out to eat and I think I ate too much.  Oh my!  It was really good though.  We go to this little restaurant up the street from our house.  Tillie treated us.

I will end this now as I don't have much to say.  Looking forward from tomorrow though!  Mom's second party.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our tornado is almost over in the house.  Most of it is almost clean, I am glad it is almost done.  I can't wait to see the finished product.  The only room in the house that hasn't been touched is mine and it doesn't really need it.  I am missing one of my hoodies though.  It is probably in the bottom of the dirty clothes basket.  I will look after all of this craziness.  Then I will do all my laundry and put it away where it belongs and then I will be able to walk in my room!  What a concept.

Pain is a bit high right now in the legs and head.  I guess it is just the way things are going right now.

Not much going on right now.  More tomorrow.