Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back from exercising.  Yuck.  I now ache more than I did before I went.  At least I expect to ache more now, it is no longer a shock to the system.  It's kinda rainy out today.  Not very nice weather for today and it is suppose to be like this again tomorrow.  Oh well, sunshine brings heat and it is (temperature wise) nice out, not too hot or cold.  Not much happening here today, I have two students, my boys!  I like teaching them because they are both self motivating so they are easy lessons.  Both are out of school now for the summer and are very happy about that.  Not that I blame them, I used to love summer vacation too.

We are going to go and visit Kathy in a few weeks I think.  that will be fun.

Have a great afternoon.

Monday, June 29, 2009

It is supposed to storm again today.  I hope we keep our power this time.  Not really into losing power again!  We have to throw away a lot a food in the fridge from last weeks episode.

Not much going on here.  Mom wants to move to Canada.  I am not sure.  I am worried about their health system as being chronically ill, I need doctors.  I now once you get a doctor there is no problem, it's the getting of doctors that is the problem.  I am going to speak to my cousin Tilley about it.  She lives in Windsor.  She has wanted to move for a long time now and I am the holdup.  The bottom line is we will lose the house eventually as we are short for bills every month and sooner rather than later we aren't going to be able to make the mortgage unless I can get a job (and be healthy enough to work - if I could stand and walk I would be fine - but I can't).  I am looking for a job, but haven't found anything yet.  It has been 9 months since I last worked at a job.  I am at least awake for about 10 to 12 hours a day now, unlike the fall when I was up only 7 or 8 hours at a time.

I will be hopefully talking to Richard today.  I haven't spoke to him in over a week and I have emailed him too.  I hope he answers soon.

Not raining yet, so we are going to run errands!  Have a great day.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

We went to see Imagine That movie today.  Was it ever good!  I laughed a lot through out the movie.  Mom, I think, was awake for the whole movie (she falls asleep easily if she isn't moving).  I remember having imaginary friends and trying to get my brothers to talk to them.  I am glad we finally got power.  After the big, huge storm on Thursday we were without power til about 10pm on Friday.  We went and saw Transformers 2 yesterday.  Not that good of a movie.  Imagine That was soooooooo much better.  There were several inappropriate scenes that children just don't need to see.  One was the two dogs humping, we got to see that twice, and the other with the mom high on marijuana brownies. Yeah, really added to the movie.  So keep those scenes in mind if you have small children.  

Today is actually a beautiful summer day, not too hot, not too cold, just right.  I think we might take a stroll! (okay - I will scooter, Mom will stroll)  Well, I can't think of anything else to say, so have a great night!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Very hot out today, and it is only going to get hotter.  I wonder if I am the only one who aches a lot more in the heat, not just the cold.  I really can't be.  There has to be more of us.  I am not looking forward to summer, not one tinsy winsy bit.  My arm is not too bad today.  Tomorrow I get my eyes checked and also get my monthly blood test.  I hate the blood test.  They have a hard time finding my veins, so you can only imagine how fun that is.

Katie Rose found me on facebook, and then I found Danielle Smit.  I haven't talked to them since they graduated high school 4 years ago.  It seems like yesterday that they graduated.  I looked at some of Danielle's pictures and boy have both of them grown into beautiful young women.  Hard to believe they are finished with college already.

It is way too hot to go for a scooter/walk today with Mom.  I hope this finds you doing well.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today started off with a scary moment.  Mom was lost, only I didn't know it because I was sleeping when she left.  Yeah, she left the house went to the top of the street and didn't know where to go.  Fortunately, a neighbor was outside and noticed that Mom was upset so she brought Mom home.  Mom left the door open and called up to me, so this is what I woke up too.  A lost Mom (well, she was found by then)so scary.  I have asked her not to go out without me.  Oh yeah, she was in her pajamas at the time.  The neighbor made sure I was home before she left.  Thank God for good neighbors like that.  I can only imagine what would have happened if I woke up and she was gone.  I don't know what to do with this.  It is very scary that is all I know.

We did go and exercise today, but my brain wasn't on it.  All I could think of was what if I lost Mom today and someone not so nice picked her up?  She was extra tired to because she didn't want to do as much as she usually does.  I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Not much happening today.  I taught one lesson which is always a blast.  He bought a new book with a cool new song in it.  It is so nice when they find things they want to play.  I enjoy picking out music for my students but it is also neat to see what they are listening too.  We are going for a scooter/walk tonight.  It is not as hot as its gonna be so I want to get in as many as I can before it is too hot.  Mom simply melts in the heat.  It isn't pretty.  Poor Mom.  Tomorrow is exercising day, ugh.  We had to turn on the a/c yesterday evening, it was very hot upstairs and Mom was melting.  I don't think the blower is working right, but it is working enough so I am not calling anyone to get it fixed.  We really can't afford it.  I hope it lasts through out the summer.  We shall see.

April sent in her questionnaire!  I am very excited about that.  I will add her comments into my story.  It really can't be called a book yet, as there are only about 4 pages to it right now.  I will work on that tomorrow too.

Well, off to the scooter/walk!  Have a great evening.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We just got back from exercising.  I actually dislike exercising and only go because I have to.  I know that I feel a bit better if I go.  Not right after, but it does help keep me limber which is why I go.  I am sore after going every time, but I have discovered that if I take a pain pill before I go, it helps a lot.  I was able to do all the machines I usually do and one new one.  It is getting hot out.  I like spring and fall best.  Winter is too cold and Summer is too hot.  I can't win at this weather thing.  We are probably done with the scooter/walks for the summer.  Mom can't handle the heat well either.  She gets overheated really easy.  

Today is Father's Day.  Usually Mom and I go to a movie and dinner to celebrate her Father's Day, but we went on Friday so we could exercise today.  I think we will go out to dinner again today though, it's not like she will remember that we already went.  I think she will like that. 

Pain level is normal for today (well, normal for me, which is medium high).  My arm is not burning today badly, it is more of a dull roar burn instead of the really burning feel.  I am happy about that.  Today is a pretty good day.

Time to watch a movie with Mom!  Have a great day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I had two students today.  It was nice.  To think I used to have 10 on a Saturday, now I have 2.  I need 8 more.  Hopefully by the fall I will have more.  The two I have were fun and are great students who work pretty hard (for the most part they do now).  We went for a scooter to Tim Horton's this afternoon and then went to Barnes and Noble.  I actually walked out of there with nothing, that's right, I didn't buy a thing!  Shocking, I know.  Me and no books!  But there wasn't anything jumping out at me.  The Newsweek and Time magazines looked boring on the cover and people didn't look interesting either.  I finished reading the new book club book.  Was it ever good!  I really enjoyed reading it.  I loaned it to Aggie, Katie will borrow it next.  It was such a great choice.  Maggie really picked a good one.

On the pain front, (sounds like war zone talk) my arm is still burning.  It has been burning on and off for about 1 month now.  Usually it just hurts a lot, but no, now it has to add a burning sensation to it.  Whatever!  My knees are quite sore today to.  Must be because it is going to rain.

I spoke a bit to Richard today.  He is celebrating Father's Day today, because Sunday he will be on a plane to Toronto for work.  He lives in Seattle, so it is a bit of a hike.  I could hear the kids in the background playing.  I have the world's cutest niece and nephew.  The are almost 10 and 8 and wonderful.  I absolutely adore them.  I miss them terribly.  I don't think we will be able to visit them at all this summer.  (Especially since Richard is working out of town!)

Hopefully this finds you doing well and having sunshine (like we are for a change!)

Friday, June 19, 2009

We went to see a movie today, we saw The Proposal, what a great flick!  It is so funny!  I laughed so much.  The main male lead had the same name as my younger brother.  I thought that was hysterical!  Sandra Bullock is so funny, how she can keep a straight face during some of the scenes is amazing to me.  I would be laughing too much to do it.  I guess that's why she's the actress and I am a writer and a teacher.

It looks like rain again.  Yuck!  I hate the rain.  I ache more when it rains and get bad headaches from it.  No students today, but have (at this point anyway) 2 tomorrow.  Sunday is Father's Day, so Mom and I celebrated it today so we can exercise on sunday, otherwise we will have to skip it, and she doesn't want to do that.

I should get one questionaire back by Monday!  I am excited about that.  I can continue writing on my project.  

I hope this finds everyone having a good day and feeling fine.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It is so beautiful today.  We are going for a walk/scooter as soon as Oprah is over.  It is an interesting episode.  It is a re-run, but still a good one.  I haven't seen it before.  They are talking to different homeless families and people.  Ones that live in tent cities, which is the scariest thing.   One family were middle class just last year, and now they live in shelters.  Another couple have lived in tent city for 1 year.  How scary that that can happen to anyone.  I know that if our interest rates go up, we will be in trouble.  With my limited income on disability and mom's social security, we are barely making it now, I can't imagine what will happen when rates go up.  Very scary stuff.  

We went to exercise this early afternoon, I was able to do most of everything that I usually do.  I was smart and took a pain pill before we went so that helped my arm which still hurts more than usual.  The rest of me doesn't hurt as much as it did on Tuesday.  Mom enjoyed exercise, she loves going.  I don't, but she does.

Hope this finds you doing well.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!  That is what I am singing today.  It is rainyish and yucky.  At least I am not as sore as I was yesterday.  Mom is shredding more paper today.  He he he.  I have one student today so I am excited about that.  The book we picked for Book Club is really good.  I am almost done then I will be loaning it to Katie.  I think she will like it too.  I spoke to Richard again last night.  He has a lot on his mind.  Not sure what he is going to do.  I will follow with what ever he decides.

not a good day for a scooter/walk better luck tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad pain day today, achy all over.  Not sure why.  I did go to exercise but I only did about 1/2 of what I usually do.  Even my jaw is achy.  I think I will be going to bed early tonight for sure.  I didn't do any writing today.  I meant to, but I just am not feeling up enough to do it.

I spoke to Richard yesterday.  As usual, it was all about the lawsuit for the store.  If only they would have accepted the shortsale last summer, none of this would be happening.  They also would have gotten about $100,000 more for the building then what they got.  Stupid it of them in my opinion.  we sent in our compromise and now they want copies of our last 2 year taxes.  Will this ever end?  I hope so soon, I am so tired of talking about it to my brother.  I would like to speak with him on other subjects, but it is all that is on his mind I guess.

I didn't go for a scooter/walk today, we just ran out of time.  Hopefully if it isn't raining tomorrow, we will go tomorrow.

Have a great evening.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Medium pain today, mostly in my left arm, again!  I also printed the beginning of the newest book, all three pages.  I am waiting for more interviews, however, I know there is more I can write without them.  I am not really happy with what I have written so far.  I know I can do better, so that is what I will be doing tomorrow.  Mom is reading them now.  She says they are not as bad as I think.  After I re-write (which is so much of what writing is about) I am going to email them to Kathy and get her opinion.  She is a good writer and editor.  I am looking forward to camping with her and her family and possibly meeting up with Andrea Price and her family.  I think it will be fun.  I just have to convince Kathy.  that will be hard since I know she doesn't really like camping.  However, I think if we go together, she won't have as much work as she does when she goes by herself with her family.

Mom got a little lost today.  I can't have her go for walks on her on again.  Fortunately this time, there was a nice man who drove her home after noticing that she was lost.  I thought she was okay going around the neighborhood by herself, but apparently not.  Can't have a lost Momma, that would be bad.  We went for a scooter/walk after that and she showed me where she got lost.  It is amazing that with her memory, she can remember that!  I am thankful she was with someone nice, probably a neighbor, but still, this could have turned out badly.  I had to ask her not to go out without me again.  that was sad, she was always to independent and now she isn't.  Sometimes it is hard to deal with, but then at least she has some memory left and it isn't all gone like my cousin Wilbert.  He doesn't know who he is or anyone else either.  I haven't seen him because we don't have our new passports yet and he lives in Canada.  I keep forgetting to get the new applications.

Have a great night, until next time.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A quiet day today.  We went for a scooter/walk to Tim Horton's.  I know I said we would only be going twice a month, and yet we have gone three times since I said that.  We will be cutting down, it's just such a habit.  I will break it though.  We really can't afford to go everyday.  Twice a month will be plenty.  

We went to Verizon to lower our minutes, I was thinking that we don't go anywhere near how many minutes we get.  Boy, am I glad we went.  Apparently, the higher bills we have had is because we have gone over our minutes, we ended up adding 300 minutes.  What a shock.  I also discovered that I have Internet and insurance on the phone, yeah, they're gone now.  Good thing we went.

I am having an okay pain day, not too bad.  My arm is still giving me some hassles, but other than that, not too bad.  We didn't go and exercise today.  We will go on Tuesday even if I have a bad arm.  I have to get back into it.  Can't skip too many days/weeks in a row.  Besides, Mom likes to go.  I'll go even if she is the only one exercising.  It makes her feel good.

It is very pretty and nice today.  I hope everyone has enjoyed it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

We had book club today!  yeah!  It was fun.  We read the Heretic's Daughter this month about the Salem witch trials.  Next month's book is about the same subject by another new author.  Only Katie and Maggie were here though, Jessie and Katie weren't.  I will have to tell them what to read next month and when it is.  Aggie was absent too, she had her birthday party today!  Her birthday was late last month.

Mom is shredding paper.  She keeps asking me if I want the paper, I keep saying, Nope I don't want it.  It is getting kinda annoying.  The whole pile is garbage.  It isn't her fault she can't remember that, but it is still annoying.  We have so much paper around it is unbelievable.  I keep meaning to get rid of it.  Maybe tomorrow!

It kept looking like rain today, so we didn't go for a scooter/walk.  I wanted to but the weather looked bad so we went out to dinner instead.  Red Lobster, yummy!  We have enough left overs for tomorrow nights dinner too.

My hands ache today so this is all for now.  I hope everyone has a great night.

Friday, June 12, 2009

What a beautiful day!  it was soooo nice outside today.  We scootered/walked as we passed out some teaching flyers.  Funny thing though, it seems I forgot to put my NAME on the flyer.  I added it in pen.  Silly me!  What fibro fog day did I do that?  I can't remember when I made the flyers.  Tomorrow is going to be a great busy day for me as it is BOOK CLUB!  I love book club.  it is so much fun, we talk about books, and then digress, and then the book again, then we digress again.  It is just a fun time.  I hope to hear from the families whose house I passed the flyers out too.  We will do another neighborhood next week on Monday.  School is out around here now so it is prime time to pass them out!  Mom is having a good day too.  I have cut back on her medicine and completely dropped her patch and there is NO difference.  So basically, she is calmer and less agitated without the medicine and patch.  From what I observe, she is pretty steady right now.  She knows she has a memory problem, which is good, I just don't tell her how bad it is going to be.  She would get so upset over that.  Right now, she is alright, she enjoys things even if she doesn't remember later what we did.  We may see a movie this weekend.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Finally, I can write again!  We haven't had Internet at home for about a week.  Not been a great week.  Not been totally bad, just partly.  My arm is still hurting a lot, so I haven't been exercising at the gym.  Mom is doing well this week.  We had a quiet day here at home.  We shopped at Walmart and went to Barnes and Noble.  I love those stores.  They make life much easier.  If tomorrow doesn't rain, we will be passing out more flyers about lessons.  No calls yet, still hopeful though. 

Not much to say for a change, have a great night!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mom isn't feeling well right now.  She is having chest pains, I think it is gas, that's what they told us last time at the hospital or it could be the prolapse valve, that pains her every so often.  I will be watching her like a hawk tonight.  Poor Mom, me on her tail all night.  This happened in March too.  That time we went to the hospital and she was there for 3 days, and not very happy about it either.  She is not a good patient, not at all.  By the time we got her home she was so confused about everything.  She forgot where her room was.  I don't relish going through that again.  Hopefully we won't.

On the up side, it was nice out today.  We were going to go scooter to Tim Horton's but we had to go to the bank and a few other places too, so we drove.  I had one student today, Katie, she is so cute.  She's 16 and a good singer who works very hard.  No students tomorrow though.  We will passing out flyers to our neighbors.  Only 6 students needed.  That's all!  That isn't asking for too much is it?

My arm isn't so bad today.  I did walk up earlier than normal because it was burning again, that and my right leg.  It didn't matter where I lay, something burned, right leg, left arm.  What can I say, the joys of Fibromyalgia and arthritis.  

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My arm is very sore today, so much for a great two days in a row.  Oh well, that was pushing my luck.  We dropped off the paper for the lawsuit from the store today.  The offer in compromise.  Comerica finally sold the building so it is officially gone, too bad they are still sending mortgage payments!  I haven't figured that one out yet.  

I was supposed to go and exercise today, but my arm was too sore.  We will go on Thursday or Friday.  I hope to meet up with Katie there.  Mom was a little dissappointed that we didn't go, but she is such a good sport when I am not having a great day.

My two students were wonderful as usual.  I know, I know, I am very biased and think I have the best students in the world.  I will be passing out flyers tomorrow if it is nice out.  I just have to charge my scooter.  I need 6 more students!  That's all, I don't think I am asking for much, just 6.  

Anyways, have a great evening!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I am having a good pain day.  My arm has finally stopped aching bad and is just at the dull roar.  It rained this morning, but then the sun came out and dried everything out.  Didn't have time for a walk though, I had to teach a lesson instead.  I'd rather be teaching anyway.  It is a lot of fun and I love it.  I will be passing out flyers tomorrow if it doesn't rain.  I just need 6 more students!  I hope I will get that kind of results with the flyers and article in the newsletter.

I got one response from one of the email interviews, she will be sending it out this week.  I am very excited about that.  I will be working on writing tonight since my arm is behaving.  I couldn't write too much over the weekend because of the arm.

I hope everyone has a great night!