Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday - a day of rest????

It has been a busy day so far.  I had a meeting with the music association I belong too.  It wasn't too long and it went well.  Unlike some of the old ones that would last for hours and had much gossip (which I hate!) in them, these are efficiently done.  We go through the minutes and boom, we are finished.  I like that in a meeting.  It was about the competition in February.  We used to have them in March but now they are in February.  I prefer them in March but I can't remember why they are in February now.

I came home and got Peony out of her crate so we could go and get gas.  It was needed.  She was so cute and pretty well behaved on the trip.  I drive a bit extra to a place that pumps the gas for me.  It is about 5 or so miles away instead of just the one right down the road, but since I can't stand the smell of gas, it makes me nauseous, I go the extra miles to have them pump the gas for me.  Peony loves car rides so she doesn't mind the extra miles either.

I worked on some music when I came home and now, on to my post.

My head is a bit more sore than earlier today now.  It is so nice out, with the temperature just beautiful and the sun shining.  The clouds are puffy white ones and they look wonderful when I see them.  However, along comes my headache stuff.  I get so discouraged with them at times.  I really do because they never seem to end.  The daily one I have completely given up hope on the doctor ever being able to stop it or break it.  The bad ones are better so I have hope that maybe they will one day not be so bad and be able to have more days in between without bad headaches.  I sure hope so.

Well, I am going to lie down for a while.  My head is just not happy with me at this point.

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