Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Life of Hope

It is weird in a way because with all the health issues I have, I am hopeful that someday there will be a cure for this.  That someday we will all be free of pain and free of all the other symptoms we have.  I just know that we will.  When, well, who knows?

I find it easier to live being hopeful despite my high anxiety because when I focus on hope and living well, I am in less pain and less fatigue.  I also have a beautiful way to lessen my anxiety by hugging and cuddling Peony, our gorgeous doggie.  I love her so much.  Between Maisy and Peony I have really learned how dogs or pets in general, can really lower anxiety and provide so much love.  I miss Maisy, I loved her so much.  I am thankful for all that she taught me.  I believe that she is in Heaven playing away everyday with many other furry friends of ours.  I also believe she has met my mother, who was my biggest support when I became ill.  She stood by me and really believed me when no one else did.  I could tell her exactly how I felt and knew that she would believe me.  I miss her an awful lot too.

I have had a good weekend so far.  Last night, I went to spend the night at my friend's house to watch her children.  I simply adore her children.  They are very good kids and generally get along okay.  I do have rules that they have to be nice to each other but generally they are good.  The oldest, Angus (15) and I ended up staying up until 1:45 am watching a movie.  Oh my, I am so tired from it.  I did enjoy the movie a lot.  We also watched the first Hobbit movie, which I have seen before, once but it was nice to see again.  I really enjoyed watching the movies with Angus.  Rose (9) and Hayden (10) ended up going to bed late because I didn't realize what time it was.  Tasha (13) was upset because she went to bed on time and didn't get to stay up later.  I said it was my fault they went to bed late, not them so too bad.  She was not happy about that but she did go to bed.  I love these kids.  I had to leave earlier than I would have wanted to because I had a lesson at 2 and it was over an hour drive home.  I hope to see them again rather shortly.

The kids are coming this weekend!  I am so excited!!!!  How exciting!  It will be great!  I wonder if I will end up with 5 again meaning the neighbor girl across the street, Bella, (Rose's friend) will come and spend a night too?  It doesn't matter.  Either way works.

Well, dinner will be done soon.  Peony is sitting under my chair and I love rubbing my foot against her fur!

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  1. I'm so glad I came by this way tonight. I have had you on my mind so much lately and it's good to see that you are well, and hopeful. When all else fails turn to hope right? Have a great week and enjoy the beginning of summer.