Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer is almost over!!!!!

I am so glad that summer is almost over.  I don't do well in extreme heat, like today or the extreme cold.  Fall and spring are much better for me, especially fall.  I sleep better in cooler, not cold, temperatures.  Last night I had the fan on all night long as it was so hot in my room.  It really hasn't been too bad without a/c.  I really can't complain.  This summer has been nice without too many days too hot.  Today just happens to be one of them.  I am cooler right now with the lovely fan directly in front of me.  I will move it into the living room when I teach this afternoon.

Little man and I have had a good afternoon so far.  He and I went to a store and he got a new toy.  He is very excited about it.  Currently, he is playing on it downstairs.  Little Man is one thrilled boy.  I love that he is thrilled with the toy.

Miss Missy and I have been reading Harry Potter together.  She has been putting this off for months.  I kept telling her she would like it but she kept ignoring me.  Well, one day last week, I pulled out my first book and started reading out loud to her.  She went and got her braille copy and followed along.  She is now on the 3rd part of the braille copy of the first book.  Miss Missy loves the Harry Potter book!  I am one thrilled girl about that!  I knew she would if she would just give it a chance.  She just had to give it a chance.

I have been waking up earlier lately.  I don't know why.  It is kind of weird.  About an hour to and hour and a half earlier.  Very, very, very weird.  I have no reason why either.  I have been going to bed about the same time.  Perhaps because it gets warmer in my room earlier?  I don't know.  Miss Missy is glad that I am up earlier no matter the reason.  Of course, this often means I need a nap in the afternoon.  I have no time for one today.  I have lessons right during nap time.  I will be busy so that is okay.  I think I take more naps when I don't have as much too do.

I am rather achy today.  It is because of the weather.  That much I know.  It is suppose to cool off a bit tonight so it should be better then.  I will be happy about that.  My right elbow has been pretty sore lately.  Right at the trigger spot.  It hurts on and off and has for months now.  Sometimes, it hurts so much I can't even lift stuff with that arm and it is my right arm.  I am right handed.  Naturally, when I went to the arthritis doctor, it didn't hurt much that day so she didn't see it in action.

Well, I am going to read for a bit.


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