Sunday, October 25, 2015

Almost Halloween

I seem to be posting about 2 or 3 times a month now.  A far cry from when I posted everyday.  Life is just so full now with teaching part time and having a house full of people.  I like it though, a lot.  It is so much better from when I lived alone and was grieving so deeply.

Another year has past since the dear Momma has passed away.  It has been five years now.  Sometimes, it seems like a lifetime, others, like yesterday.  I will always miss her.  I know that now.  My friends who have lost a parent or parents, have told me this.  I met up with my friend, Jen, on Monday.  She lost her Dad a few years before I lost Mom.  She still misses him a lot too.  It has gotten easier as in I am used to her not being around anymore but not easier in the missing her part.  I suspect it never will get easier in that part.  I still find myself looking out and thinking, what a beautiful day, if only Momma were here.  I did pretty well on the anniversary itself.  I was pleased.  I took my friend, Donna out for a drive and we had ice cream in honor of Momma and her love of ice cream.  She really loved ice cream.  I mean, it was her favorite food, ever.  We stopped into McDonald's and got a cone for each of us.  They are big cones too!  It was nice to talk to her about Momma because she misses her too.  Donna and Momma were good friends.  I just wish Donna had known her before the Alzheimer's kicked in but such is life.

This week has been a good week.  It flew by.  I can't believe it is Sunday again.  Time flies around here.  I have a new student this Saturday.  A singer.  I am excited about this.  Mondays are completely filled at this point.  I can have about 3 or 4 more students and then I am completely filled.  Saturday is completely filled also.  I can only have about 4 a day because of exhaustion problems and they can't be in a row because that also causes much exhaustion.  Monday I have breaks in between lessons.  Saturdays I have a break too.  They are very important.  I can't over exhaust myself because that is how I end up in the hospital with headache problems or bleeding problems.  I don't know how I get bleeding problems from exhaustion but I have before.  Mostly, I get bad, uncontrollable headaches from exhaustion.  I do have a few more than I used too, which is awesome.  That means more bills get paid.

This weekend was a lot of fun.  Friday, C and I watched the 2nd of the Harry Potter movies.  I gave the audio description for her.  It was hard because of all the dialog.  There wasn't as many lulls in the dialog to explain what was going on.  Then Saturday, I had 3 lessons: P.J. (my autistic boy) - piano, Isabelle - voice, and Hannah - voice.  I took a nap after that.  Later that evening, C and I watched the 4th Harry Potter movie.  We couldn't watch the 3rd one because I no longer have it.  I loaned a former (she was my student when I loaned them to her) the 2nd to 7A movies and she didn't return the 3rd or 6th movie.  I was not happy.  At this point, no Harry Potter movies will ever go out again.  I do hope that eventually they will have audio description on them and re-release them.  I doubt it, but it would be nice.  I am not sure when we will see another one but one never knows when C has no homework and is available.  All depends on her schedule!  She is such a busy young lady!!!!  Today, A is back from camp and our friend AE is here also.  He went to camp with A.  AE's siblings will be arriving sometime soon.  I haven't seen them in a few weeks.  He has a great family and we are very close.  I often will go and watch the kids overnight.  It is a lot of fun when I do.  I want to go see a movie with their mom, Elle soon.  I want to see the movie, "The Intern".  It looks so funny.  I love Anne Hathaway. I just love her in every movie I have seen.

Halloween is Saturday.  I don't particularly like Halloween.  I don't like the gore or scary stuff.  That is just me.  A will go out trick or treating while C will pass out candy.  I will hide inside as usual and read or something.  I just don't do Halloween.  I won't go out at all if I have my way.  I don't know if I will or not.  Momma loved the costumes on Halloween of the little kids so she loved passing out candy.  Me? I stayed inside and listened to her go on and on.  Sometimes, I would come and look.  Christmas is more my speed.  That is when people are generally nicer to each other and think of other people, which I like.  I also love buying presents for my friends and family.  I know what I am making my students this year.  It will be fun, I hope.  I am excited about it.  I know what I am getting my family too and my friends, the few I exchange presents with.

Well, this is pretty long now.  I hope this week is great.


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