Thursday, April 28, 2016


I am using my phone to type this blog post. My computer has died. Completely. I can't afford a new one right now but once I can, I will be. I have missed blogging. So what has happened since my last post. Hmmm. Well, I got super sick at the beginning of April and actually had to cancel lessons for six days. I am still not 100% over the sinus infection but I am somewhat better. Three of my students went to competition in February and came home with many first and second place trophies along with one third place trophy. I was very pleased with the outcome. Christmas was spent at my aunt and uncles house. My brother was there too. He made me mad but I did calm down and didn't leave. I wanted too but I didn't. He was being a jerk and sometimes I am way over sensitive. New Years was fun. We had friends over. I lasted until right after midnight and then I was out like a light. In December and January I went to physical therapy for a pinched nerve in my back. It is healed now. I have some trouble with a muscle that goes from the front right side and wraps around to the back but the excersizes seem to help it too. I also stand much straighter than I did.

Peony is adorable as always. She is a very good companions d I love spending time with her. I have had more issues with concentration again. Thankfully my lessons are spread apart so I can rest I between or I would be in deep trouble. Focusing is also continuing to be an issue. Nothing new for either of them but I am losing words more than ever now. It drives me crazy. I can't think of the proper word that I have used a million times. It makes me feel stupid at times. I know I am not and it is just Fibro but it gets to me.

Well, my mind is about to stop thinking of what I want to say. I am glad that I now know I can post from my phone.


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