Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Amazing What I Can Now Hear 11-6

I got hearing aids today.  To say that I can hear things I never heard before or haven't heard in years, is amazing to me.  I was very nervous about these because I get headaches so easy that when I had tried them before, I got such bad headaches.  I took them out right away and vowed to never try them again.  So far, so good, no bad headaches.  It is rather weird to describe what I sound like.  I don't like how I seem to echo in my head, I am hoping that will stop or I will get used to this.  The pianos sound weird right now too, I am also hoping that will change too or I will get used to it.  This hearing through a computer is so very strange.  I am at 70% of where I should be because the hearing aid will gradually move me up to 100% percent.  They are run by computers now.  I can have my hearing aids hooked up to a computer and then they communicate to each other.  It is so strange to me.

When I was in the office, a truck drove by the window I was sitting near, I HEARD the truck go by.  I have never heard that before.  Last night Will was teasing me about being able to hear the background noises in the TV shows and movies.  I had to actually ask what background noises was he talking about?  I have never heard them.

Heather BT said that it also has changed my speaking voice a smidge.  We didn't expect that.  She thinks it is because I have to speak so loud so I can hear me and that raises up my squeaky little voice but now that I can hear me better, my voice has lowered a bit.  I also don't speak as loud since I can hear myself much better too.  I even heard Acer when he was talking to me from upstairs in the hallway when normally I would have to say, Acer come down to talk to me.  It was amazing to me.  I have been nervous and anxious about this for no reason.  I have the other two appointments for the check ups scheduled now.  i totally forgot that I needed a total of 3 appointments so I only made the 1 appointment.  Now I have the other 2 so it is fine.  I just have to check and make sure that it isn't on a day I already have an appointment since December is a busy month with appointments.  I think I have 3 in December and 1 in January so far.  They are all just check up ones, but I just have to make sure that I don't double book myself like I have been known to do.

I think it will be an adjustment with singing too.  I haven't done much singing since I just got them this afternoon so tomorrow will be a test with the singing I need to do.  Natalie and Isaac will be singing with me so it will be interesting.

I had planned on watching Law and Order but I think I am just too tired tonight.  I do need to get up early tomorrow and go to Sarah and Hannah's tomorrow so I think I will just go to sleep.  I am almost ready for it.

I think I have a really loud computer keyboard too because when I am typing, it is loud, really loud.

I also hear Maisy snort more now than I did before.  She is such a cute dog.  I could just hug her forever if she would let me.

Next to take care of are my eyes as I need new contacts and need to get my macular degeneration checked out too.

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  1. Im glad they are working for you its like a whole new world opened up! My mother had no luck with multiple hearing aids and later found out it was because she has meniere's disease. Theres only so much a hearing aid will do. One day at a time with the other issues :)