Monday, April 20, 2015

back to blogging and the anxiety filled week ahead

My desktop computer has died.  Yup, it breathed its last breath last month and well, needless to say I have been at my wits end with it.  Everything was up to date on it, pictures, my bank account, my music catalogue, and oh my.  Well, I have this beautiful little laptop that is one year older than the desktop and it still works.  That is what I am currently using.  I am dreading updating the catalogue though because it was up to date on the big one and not this one.  If only it would start up once more so I can copy the catalogue and pictures.  Alas, it won't.

Anyways, that was then, this is now.

My students are going to perform for the big Earth Day festival this weekend and my anxiety is rather high about it.  We have never done this before.  I am excited about it too, but nervous at the same time. We had the last rehearsal yesterday and things went okay.  Nothing spectacular but not horrible either.  Each knows what to work on so I feel that Sunday will go well, it's just that my anxiety is high.  I am working on trying to stay calm and I am doing okay with that so that is good.

Spring is finally here!!  We FINALLY seem to be done with snow.  I am so tired of snow and cold.  I got a sinus infection about a week and a half ago but it is almost gone so that is also good.  I was out for 5 days.  I just couldn't do anything but sleep, including teaching.  Yup, I was that bad.  I think I slept for 5 days straight.  We had rehearsal for one of the days and Bob pretty much ran it for me.  I just couldn't do it.  I couldn't.  I was so dizzy and foggy not to mention I felt horrible.  I am on the mend and boy am I glad about that!

So, other than the Earth Day festival, not to much going on around here.  Peony is doing well.  She is such good company when I have high anxiety.  She really is.  Peony is such a beautiful dog.  I love her so much.

I do hope you are enjoying your spring!!!

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