Sunday, May 31, 2009

We saw Terminator today.  It was alright.  Star Trek was definitely better, so was the Night at the Museum.  Mom fell asleep in the beginning because she was sitting still.  (She does this a lot - sit still for too long, and asleep she goes)  I nudge her a couple of times, then she woke up. We went to Olive Garden after.  That was good as usual.  We didn't go and work out today, I am in too much pain for that.  Maybe we will go tomorrow, but for sure on Tuesday.  We usually meet Katie there and work out together.  She is so fun to be around.  My arms ache like crazy today, I had a hard time paying attention to the movie.  Could be why I thought it was alright.  I didn't know that my arms were going to do this to me or I would have skipped the movie!  

At least Mom seemed to really like it.  She is very easy some days to entertain.  With her memory problem it is hard at times to find things she can do.  We tried playing games but she doesn't remember how to play them and explaining it doesn't do any good because she won't remember.  Movies and TV are good because she doesn't have to remember anything, and she knows right away if she likes it or not.  Sometimes she doesn't tell me that she doesn't like it, and then I get upset.  I try to be very patient with her.  She helps me a lot with things that I can't do.  If I tell her what to do as she is doing it, she can do things.  She also likes to be outside during nicer weather like we are having.  I think we will go for a walk(scooter).  It is really nice outside today.  Not like the rain the weatherman predicted!   

Tomorrow is the first day of June, already.  Although some times it seems like takes forever for the day to end.  I am getting better at living again instead of passing time.  Still have my bad days though.  I do think they are getting less and less.  They don't seem to last all day anymore, just mainly at night now.  If only my head would shut up sometimes!  But they don't do they?  If I get 6 more students (I am passing out flyers this week into the neighborhoods close by) Mom and I will be alright and we will not lose our house.  I think I should be able to get 6 more students, I am praying about that is for sure!  I wrote an article for our subdivision newsletter, so maybe I will get a couple of students that way.  Either way, the bottom line is I need 6 more or we will eventually lose the house or my car, or actually both.

I am off for a walk!  Enjoy the rest of your day!

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