Saturday, February 1, 2014

the snow begins again in February!

It is the first day of February and it is snowing a lot again.  We are supposed to be getting about 6 or so inches of snow when all is said and done along with some possible rain.  Yeah, rain.  On top of the snow.  Everyone is home now.  Bill is out snow blowing the snow and Acer is about to practice piano.  Heather BT and Calli just arrived home too.  Maisy and I have been holding down the fort for the day.  I love our days together, the Maisy girl and I.  She is such a good little doggie.  We snuggled together this morning in my room and then sat next to each other here in the music room at the computer.  She is a very good companion.

Surprisingly, I am not aching as much as I expected today with the weather and all.  I do have a bit more of a headache than usual, which I expected, but other than that, it is just the regular aches and pains.  I am surprised about that.  I expected more aches and pain in this damp, cold weather.  It is a happy surprise though and I am not complaining!  I am more tired than usual, which I expected because of the weather.  I may be heading for a nap shortly, not that that is unusual for a Saturday afternoon.  Often, by the time Saturday rolls around I am very tired and need to catch up on my sleep.

All 3 of my lessons cancelled today.  I was very disappointed.  Megan is going to make hers up though tomorrow so I am really glad about that.  I also have Becca's lesson tomorrow, which makes me very happy too so all in all, it isn't a horrible weekend as far as lessons go unless the weather gets bad tomorrow and they all cancel again.  According to the weather forecast, it is supposed to be warmer tomorrow and no rain or snow.  I am glad about that.  I am hoping for another make up with Ally tomorrow too.  I have messaged her mom so we shall see what her schedule is like for the day.  I know they are very busy.

I hope that this month's weather is much better than last months, that is for sure!

Competition is in 3 weeks now.  I am getting rather nervous for some of my students.  Sarah H is perfectly ready.  Acer helped her with the one place she races and she will be working on it this week.  The duet is what I am most worried about.  Both know their parts but have not practiced enough together.  I am hoping that they will get together this week.  It is in 3 weeks!  Acer is, of course, very ready.  Isabella is almost completely ready as well as Sammy.  Sammy is ready so that is good.  I have 6 going this year.  I had hoped for more but that is okay.  Whoever wants to go is fine with me.  The only thing I expect is for you to practice and do your best, which I must say that my students do do.  They do work and practice for competition.  I am not quite ready as my job is almost done.  I was to get the pianos this year.  My job won't be complete until competition because that is when the pianos will be delivered.  I also work at the awards ceremony too.  I double check the names with the trophies that the students come down the stairs with.  I sit in my little scooter and that is what I do.  It should be an interesting weekend.  It always is.  My kids usually do pretty well so we shall see what happens this year.

Well, I am seriously thinking that a nap may be in order soon.  I am tired but not super tired but tired enough for a nap.

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