Thursday, January 30, 2014

Finally, a brief warmup!

It is a balmy 25* today.  Believe me, since it has been (with the windchill) below zero for most of the month, this IS a warm up.  It is supposed to be around this temperature the entire weekend with the chance of more of the white stuff, snow, coming down on Saturday.  Ugh.  The kids are finally back in school today.  The have had 8 snow days so far this month.  Combine this with weekends and the holiday, I think they have been in school about 10 or so days so far this month.  I know Calli was convinced last night that there would be another snow day.  I am sure she was a rather disappointed young lady this morning when that, in fact, did not happen.

I have been staying in and keeping warm as best I can but last night cabin fever got to me.  I had to go out despite how cold it was.  It was about 16* so it wasn't too bad.  I picked up Star and we went to the bookstore, she too was getting cabin fever.  We had tea and some giggles.  We both read some stuff too.  I totally forgot to get my Sarah and my Mary their gift cards.  I will for next week.  I get paid on Monday so that will be good.

I asked Heather BT and Acer to come and listen to Sarah play her piano piece for competition.  I knew if anyone could hear a mistake, it would be Acer.  I was right.  There was a slight part where she raced her music.  We are talking super slight, but thankfully Acer heard it.  He let her know and then they went down to the electric piano and he found the proper speed and she played it again.  Sarah now knows where she races and will take care of the issue.  I am so proud of her.  She plays with such heart and passion.  I am proud of Acer too for helping and it isn't just that he helped, it was the way he helped.  He was kind and compassionate, not mean.  Acer was talking to her in a helpful, understanding method, which is great.  He will make a great mentor one day.

This very cold weather has made me ache a lot more than usual but I do expect it in winter.  I hope that February brings better weather for us.  This extreme cold has had the kids out of school for 8 days so far this month alone.  I do hope that they don't have anymore snow days because they already have to lengthen the school day as it is.  Too many more and they will be in school even longer.  This would also mess up my teaching schedule so that is why I don't want anymore snow days.

I have had major IBS issues these last few weeks.  Oh my.  It is awful.  I finally took some over the counter stuff.  I hope it helps.  I am exhausted and sore from it.  I do hope this bout is over.  I need some rest from this stuff.

Heather BT and I are going to give up our beloved soda.  She loves Mt. Dew and I love diet coke.  We both really need to for health reasons.  Diet is so bad for you on so many levels and Mt. Dew isn't good for you either so she and I will encourage each other and drink more water and better stuff for us.  That is what we are doing.  We figure if we do this together, then it will be easier to encourage each other.  I had to agree with the encouraging part.  That has always been my failure.  I have tried to give up diet coke before and failed miserably.  This time, however, I will not announce that I am doing this publicly on face book like I did before.  I am doing this on the quiet side this time.

I have set the date and time for the first book club meeting.  I have the first book announced.  I am quite excited about this too.  I haven't had a book club in a long time and I really hope it goes well.  I will have some refreshments and treats (like a tray of veggies and dip and maybe healthy chips and salsa) ready.  This should be a fun afternoon time.  Kathy might even be able to come!!!!  I sure hope so.  She won't know until closer to the date because you never know with a family of 6 like hers!  I am just hopeful that she can.

Well, it has been a rather nice day here with my lovely Sarah's lesson and then 2 more in a bit.  Isaac is a young man who just turned 13 and Natalie is a young lady who is 13 almost 14.  Natalie is going to competition also this year.  This will be her 2nd year competing.  Isaac has a commitment on that weekend so he is not going.  I am going to play words with friends for a few minutes before Isaac arrives.  I plan to have a nice tea and read in my room this evening after dinner and lessons.

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