Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Anxiety and the day off

Yesterday was not a calm day for some reason.  I do not know why, but my anxiety was through the roof.  I was so anxious and I had no reason for it.  I had 2 lessons that went well.  Tasha was here to help with my room and boy do my drawers look wonderful.  The pile of clothes that was next to the chest of drawers is gone and overall the room looks better.  Everyone was home except for Little Man who is at camp and will be home by Sunday.  So, you see, there was no real reason for high anxiety.  It just happens that way.  I don't get it but such is the life with high anxiety.  Today is a bit better, which is good.

I have had a bad headache for the last couple of days so that could explain the higher anxiety, I suppose.  I don't know.  I don't keep track of these things anymore because when I did, there were no real patterns emerging so I stopped keeping track.  I suppose I should start again just in case there is a pattern now but I don't think about it.

Calli had her first piano lesson in a few years.  She is actually quite good.  With the brain damage she has, she did brilliantly.  Calli is playing the symphony no 5 from Beethoven.  I didn't even know I had that song so it is cool that I do have it.  We aren't sure if this is where she should be, but we will know in a few weeks or so.

Peony is learning to "stay".  She just did it for Heather BT.  I am so proud of the little fuzzy doggie.  She is such a smart little girl.  We are going out in a few minutes to pick up my medicine.  I am impressed that all of them are ready as one of them had no refills and had to be approved by the doctor. Well, it must have been right away!  So great for me!  I am so pleased with her overall.  I just love that dog so much!  Calli asked today who I thought was cuter, Peony or Maisy.  I couldn't answer because both are so beautiful in their own way.  I thought Maisy was beautiful and I think Peony is really cute so it is a tough question to answer.  I know that Calli likes Peony better because she doesn't poop where Calli can step in it and she is friendlier to Q (Calli's guide dog) than Maisy was.  Peony loves Q whereas Maisy didn't.  I love how Peony loves Q.  It is so fun to watch them together.  It really is.  they play so nicely together.

I took Peony with me to pick up my prescriptions.  She loves car rides so I take her with me a lot.  Now that everyone is home, she doesn't get to go as often, but that is okay.  Peony still gets to go and that is all that matters.

Outside of Calli, I didn't have any other students today.  Sam was ill and Allison was unavailable.  Peony and I hung out while the others were out.  It was cool.  Peony was very biting today.  I am not sure why.  Sometimes, she gets like that.  She is learning not to bite but boy is it a long process for her.

Tomorrow night I have tea with my friend, Star!!!  I can't wait to see her!  It has been 6 weeks since I have physically seen her.  I have not seen her since Calli became ill and I had other duties to take care of and she was working on her show but tomorrow, we will have tea together!  It will be fun!

Well, I am rather achy tonight, especially since I forgot to take my Advil last night.  It was not a good move on my part. Whoops!  I won't do that again.  I took some earlier but I still ache a lot from last night.  I find if I don't stay on top of the pain, it takes several days to get back on top of it so I am in for a few days of extra achiness.

Off to read more in my book, "Bunheads".  I was a dancer when I was younger so I find this book very interesting.  It is about a ballet dancer in a company in New York and her struggle to get to the top and find love.  I loved ballet although I was into musical theatre.  I do not have the build for ballet, I really don't plus you can't sing in ballet and that was bad since I love to sing.  I was definitely a Broadway girl!

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