Thursday, December 26, 2013

Recovering from the Holidays

I am rather tired tonight.  I foresee going to bed really early as I am exhausted.  Clearly, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day have knocked me out but they were so worth it.  I spent Christmas Eve with Kathy and family.  The kids loved their gifts and so did Kathy.  I loved what she got me and what her parents got me.  (gift cards from barnes and nobles)  I was home here with Heather BT and her family for opening of presents in the morning.  Calli and Acer woke me up with sleigh bells at 9 am.  It was a pleasant way to wake up.  It was much better than the alarm that I would have had to set.  I spent the afternoon/evening with my aunt Michelle and uncle John along with my cousin, Jayson.  He seemed to like what I got him.  I did stop briefly at Lia's to give Tilley her gift and get mine and Andrew's from her.  Andrew was unable to come to Christmas after all.  That is a whole other story that I just can't handle getting into again.  It is too upsetting.

I had a good couple of days.  Tomorrow I will see Anne and David for lunch and that should be fun too.  I have 3 lessons tomorrow too.  I will hopefully see Star for tea tomorrow night.  That is the goal anyway.  On Saturday, I have just 1 lesson and then lunch with the student and her mother.  Tonight I have 2 students.  I am waiting for one right now.  I do hope she comes.  She and the following student are doing a duet for competition so I am hoping they can practice together tonight.

I was so proud of myself for getting things turned in for competition ahead of time!  Yes, I was early!  Right that down in history!  It has never happened before and I am so glad I was able to be on top of things this year.  It makes it so much easier for me.  Tomorrow, my Sarah will have an hour lesson to make up for some of the ones she has missed.  She is really doing well with her competition song.  I am really pleased with her progress.  Sarah is such a lovely pianist.  She really is.

I have a bad headache today, probably due to the excitement of the last couple of days.  I took some pain pills and I think I will be able to get through the lessons and then I will have a tea before heading for bed.

Maisy is resting beside me.  She is in her "scratch my sternum and my chin and my tummy" position so in between typing, I am scratching her.  She is such a good girl and good company.  I have decided that for me, as long as I can help it, I will never be a dogless household again.  I will always have a little dog in my house.  They are such great company and really help lower anxiety.  I can give them so much love and attention and they give me such love and attention.

Well, I am really getting rather tired.  It has been a long couple of days for me and today was pretty busy with a few lessons so I am going to have a tea and then bed.

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