Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Brrrrrrr! It is sooooo cold here!!!

We have about 10 degrees out today.  Oh my.  It is very cold but not as cold as it was after New Year's Day.  It makes me ache more when it gets this cold, like most others I know.  Yesterday, I braved the cold to go to Barnes and Noble bookstore to get the newest book by Sarah Addison Allen called "Lost Lake".  It is Star's favorite author.  I like her too.  I am finishing up a book right now though before I can start that book.  I just finished a really, really good book called "a Deadly Inheritance" by Alison Weir.  It takes place in the time of Richard III and Elizabeth I.  it was so good.  I just cannot say it enough.  That is how much I enjoyed it.  I have read several of her books and I loved them all.

Tomorrow I am meeting my friend, Wendy for tea nearby at the local Tim Hortons.  They have renovated the inside of the store and I am anxious to see it.  I can't wait to see Wendy.  She is such a good friend.  I have known her since the 7th grade.  We knew of each other but we didn't really get to be good friends until a few years ago.  We go to tea every few months and catch up with each other.  Wendy's daughter, Alyssa is a senior in high school this year.  It is so hard to believe because it seems like yesterday she was in junior high.  Kids grow so fast.  Just look at Acer and Calli.  Calli is growing to be such a young lady.  She will be 14 in March, already.  Acer just turned 9.  Wasn't he just 4 yesterday?  It sure seems that way sometimes.  My niece and nephew that I haven't seen since summer of 2008, are now 14 and 12.  I bet they have changed a lot too.  I sure miss them.  Richard said he would send for me but he never did and probably never will.  I am hoping as they grow up that they will seek me out and want to see me.

I am helping Acer with his spelling.  He procrastinated so he is on a time limit so he is a hard worker now.  I don't mind helping when he is working hard, it is when he is not working and fooling around that I don't like to help.  Acer is doing very well in school this year.  His spelling has majorly improved too, of that I am glad.  I think it is important to know how to spell well.  I am not a great speller but a dictionary is my best friend for writing.  If I can't spell a word, I will look it up or ask how it is spelled.   He has now finished his 4 sections of spelling for the day.  He did a great job, once he got down to business.  Acer has decided to continue working on some spelling so he can play longer when his best friend, Hayden, and Hayden's little sister, Rosie, comes over.  I love how he wants to keep going.

My student, Alyssa, has come and gone.  She did very well for her lesson, which is actually normal for her.  She plays beautifully.  Alyssa has played since September.  From day one she has really played well.

Tonight is a relaxing night since I am not going anywhere.

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