Monday, January 20, 2014

Thoughts about Fibro 1-14

Sometimes I just want to scream.  Today is one of those type days.  I have a headache, which is actually the norm for me as I have one everyday.  I am just TIRED of having one everyday.  I think I am just tired of fibro in general today.  I know everyone gets tired of stuff at times too, today is just my day to be tired of it.  I think if we got days off from pain, it would be different, but we don't.  Never, not one day.  At least that is it for me.  It is just annoying.  I try really hard not to let it get to me and to have a good attitude but today I am failing except for when I am teaching because that brings me up all the time.  I am going to tea with Star tonight so that will be good.

I keep reading how it is going to be harder to get some medicines.  I don't take lyrica or cymbalta or anything like that but for those who do, wow, on top of massive pain everyday, they now have to fight to get their medicine?  How is that right or even fair?  I know that people abuse prescription drugs but most of the ones who have fibro do not and they are going to make it harder to get our medicine.  I take tramadol for pain.  I have tried lyrica and I gained 80 pounds on it so I am not interested in taking that one again that is for sure.  Cymbalta didn't do anything for me and neither did sevella.  I am also at the point where if the medicine has a side effect of weight gain, I flat out refuse to take it.  I have so much weight to lose (about 100 or so pounds at this point) that I cannot afford to gain anymore weight.  I just can't.  It will cause even more problems than just the fibro.  I have lost 41 pounds at this point.  I will get weighed in April again.  I don't weigh myself a lot because I don't want to be tied to the scale.  I know how I get and I am not getting into that trap again.

I belong to a couple of face book support groups of fibro.  I really like them because they talk about alternatives to medicine.  One of the things I take is Magnesium for pain and over all health.  I have noticed a difference in overall how I am feeling.  I believe it has helped a lot.  The pain has decreased a bit from using the magnesium.  I want to get some spray and use it at night when my hip is really bad.

This was written a few days ago.  Today is better but I do get so tired of the headache that never ends.  I am going to read for a while and relax before heading to bed.

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  1. I'm so sorry Heather. It would be lovely if we could take a vacation from our pain wouldn't it, but there it is every single day taunting us and sometimes making us miserable to be around and to just be. I have days like that too. It's hard. All I can say is that I pray tomorrow will be better, I'm holding you tight in my heart, sending all the best love and light that I can find. ;j