Friday, May 23, 2014


I have 3 doctor appointments in a row next week.  What WAS I thinking?  On Tuesday I see the Eye doctor, on Wednesday, the ear doctor, and on Thursday the endocrinologist.  I will be wiped out by Friday.  I must remember to start bringing my planner to doctor appointments so I don't do this again.  I am looking forward to seeing the eye specialist as I have never have seen one and I have macular degeneration in both eyes.  I also don't think they are seeing as well as they should either.  I will wait and see what the doctor has to say.  The ear doctor is just the 6 month check up on my hearing aids.  It shouldn't be a problem at all.  They work fine and I believe they are now turned all the way up.  The endocrinologist is a new doctor for the prolactinemia.  He will let me know whether or not I need a MRI for the tumor on my gland, which causes the prolactinemia.  He will also deal with my thyroid, which doesn't work at all.  All in all, it will be an insane week but I am glad the week is finally here.

There is no school today so all the kids are home.  I do hope Emily is still coming for her lesson.  It is a holiday weekend and I haven't heard otherwise, but still, I worry because it is a holiday weekend.  Last week, Emily had an hour lesson.  She is doing very well.  A little shaky on her concert song, but it will still go well.  I have the program finished.  I never print before Saturday because of changes that can happen at the last minute.  I have really nice paper I am printing the program on.  Since there are only 16 numbers, there is only one act and no need for a fancier program.  Just a simply one pager will do.

Maisy had a bath today.  She really does well when she is getting her bath.  Maisy is very patient and let's Heather BT bathe her.  She looked so cute.  I have two pictures of her that I need to post on face book.  She has curly fur.  I never realized how curly until just now when it was wet.  It looks so cute.  She is just a cute girl to begin with.  So, I learned how to bathe her, in case I need to in the future or for when I have my own little dog.

Megan just finished her lesson.  She is singing, "I Enjoy Being a Girl", for the Spring Concert, which is Sunday.  I know it isn't the best time to have it but in reality, is there ever a weekend that everyone will ever be able to make it?  No.  This was the best for us since April and May were so crazy busy.  I still have the majority of my students attending so that is good.  I am happy about that.

I have noticed in the last few weeks that my diet coke habit is getting bigger.  I find myself drinking more of it.  Well, time to cut that down.  I am also trying to work on only eating when hungry, not just cause the clock says it is time to eat.  This is a toughy for me so it will take some work.  I have continued to lose weight, but I need to make sure it continues in the proper direction, down, not up.

Painwise, it is a normal pain day.  My headache is the same as usual, nothing more than usual.  I am more lightheaded than usual for some reason.  It might be the getting used to the new medicine.  I don't know.  My right leg still continues to plague me at night.  It is going to for a while more, I think.  At least it is only that leg and not both.  That would be bad.  One I can deal with, two is horrifying.

Well, Emily should be here soon.

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