Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday - the day before taxes are due! 4-14

Tax time is almost here!  I usually have someone do mine since I did get audited several years ago.  My friend, Julie, is a tax expert so she does them.  I usually also have to pay, but that is to be expected as the small amount that I earn teaching does not withhold taxes.  As usual, though, I can't pay until next month when my disability comes in.  I am sending in my tax forms now and the voucher next month.  There will be a small fee I will owe, but that is okay.

Julie was surprised that I hadn't told her about the major changes in our house.  I don't know why I didn't tell her.  I think because everything happened during tax season and well, during tax season, Julie works 80 to 90 hours a week so no time for chatting.  Now since tax season is winding down, I will be able to have her come over and visit.  I am looking forward to that.

Maisy and I spent a bit of time this afternoon together while Heather was upstairs resting.  She isn't feeling too well today.  She gets some awful migraine headaches and she also has some awful back aches.  I do wonder if she has fibro too.  Maisy split her time between the two of us.  I like it when she does that.  Then I get some Maisy time in too.  I never really believed how having a little furry friend like Maisy can really help with pain levels, but it does.  I know, I should have believed it.  I was a sceptic but now I am not.  When I am in a lot of pain, she makes me smile and she gives good snuggles.  I think I have found everywhere Maisy likes to be scratched.  I think I could go on and on about Maisy.  Yup, I am pretty darn sure I could go on and on and on and on about Maisy.  Q is a very good dog too but I don't spend a lot of time with him because he is Calli's guide dog so he must be with her at all times.  Q goes everywhere with Calli including school.  He goes into the classroom right with her.  Q is very helpful to Calli.

I am meeting a friend of mine from high school on Friday.  I can't wait to see her.  I last saw her 2 years ago but we were at the class reunion and we just didn't have the time to visit.  She has since moved closer to me and now takes care of her mother.  I certainly know what that was like as I took care of my little mother as best as I could.  It is kind of nice to be able to say, I was able to keep her at home and take care of her.  When I first got sick at 17, she was there wanting to know what was wrong.  When the doctor discovered I had scoliosis and needed surgery, Mom took me to where Dr. Mok wanted me to go.  Mom never left a stone unturned when she was on a mission for any of us.  When I got my first 6 month long headache, she was there trying everything she could to help me at least function enough to stay in school and dance.  It was hard as I was about 22 and a junior at Wayne State University but we managed.  When I went from dancing 6 to 8 hours a day to practically bed ridden, she was there.  So for me, it was very important that I take as good of care of her as I could.  Was it hard?  Of course it was at times but you don't stop doing it because it got hard.  It was hard on her too.  I can't even imagine what it was like for her and what she went through but I was there the best I could for her.  She was my mom and no matter how much we used to fight when I was a teen and young adult, she was my mother and I loved her.  We battled a lot because we were so much alike in so many ways.  We also were both extremely stubborn.  However, I must say that Acer is the most stubborn person I have EVER met, EVER.  I do believe that in the long run this will help him so much, but boy oh boy, at times his parents do have a time with him.  I did tell Frann that if she needed to talk or vent, she could talk or vent to me.  That is important.  You have to have an outlet for when you get frustrated.  I had Kathy and that helped a lot.  It really did.  I am so thankful that I was able to take care of her and keep her with me.  I will be glad about that forever.  I will also miss her forever until we are together again and we will never be apart.  I do look forward to that day.

This week seems to be a good week.  My little Rachel is absent again because her grandma is out of town.  She is such a sweet girl.  I think she is amazing.  My two little boys will be going out of the country for 3 months starting the first week in May so I only have a few lessons left with them.  Laith is done with lessons.  He has moved so I am now too far for him to come for lessons.  They have moved to about 30 or so minutes away from me.  I am hoping he will continue to stick with playing the piano though.  He is quite good.  I have my two little Muglia's tomorrow.  I now have the two little ones every other week since the older 3 have stopped lessons.  In 2 weeks is the concert.  I have asked the older 3 to play in the concert anyways because I want to hear what they are working on themselves.  They have several books that I have brought them to play out of plus the ones that they have bought themselves.  It should be a nice concert.  I no longer have any graduating seniors so it will just be a regular spring concert.  I think Calli is going to announce again as she likes to do this.  She is a big help at concerts.  Acer also takes the singers into the library and he warms them up.  Sally, one of my newer students, thinks it is kind of cute that Acer will do that.  Acer has been doing this since he was 6.  He figured out how to play the warm ups that we use for singing and now that is his job at the concert.  The best part is that he likes to do this.  If he didn't, that would be different and I wouldn't ask him too but since he does, it is good.

Well, I have had a rather lazy day today.  I think the biggest thing I did was take a shower and get gas.  Other than that, I can't say I did a thing.  I did not work on the cataloguing that needs to be done, I did not work on my room that is filled with boxes that need to be gone through nor did I pick up the stuff that landed on the floor when Bill took 2 books out of a pile.  I just didn't feel like doing it so I didn't.  I will, however, get back into the groove tomorrow and work on what I need to get done.  I am down to 25 books that are listed without their songs being listed.  I started with 38.  I have also noticed that there are a few books that have the wrong number on them.  I will be fixing that also.  For the rest of tonight, I plan to read and do nothing.  I am getting up a bit earlier than usual for my Muglia lessons but other than that, it is a regular Monday.

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