Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Blinked 4-6

I think I missed an entire week here.  I must have blinked or something.  It can't be Saturday already, can it?  To top it off, Saturday night?  Where did the day go?

I celebrated my birthday (which is Monday) with some of my lovely students and their families.  At first I was worried no one was coming and then they all arrived at the same time!  The Muglia, Weiss, Mulcrone, and Kippert families were there as well as Samantha.  I was very excited about it.  I didn't expect any presents though.  That was a beautiful surprise.  The Muglia's gave me a beautiful Hello Kitty bag with a hello kitty water bottle, a hello kitty book, and a beautiful picture made by Hannah.  I got some nice smelling soaps from the Weiss family and flowers from the Kippert family.  All in all, it was a beautiful day.  Acer also made me a beautiful card where he Brailled out Happy Early Birthday and then he decorated it with lots of stickers.  He is such a creative child.  Both he and Calli are.  I would say that today was a big success.  I spent some time with my students and their families and then came home to a nice dinner with Heather, Bill, Acer, and Calli.  We had hamburgers and they were very yummy.  It is nice when the 5 of us can sit down and eat dinner together.  Tomorrow will be a relaxing day.  I have to go to the store for a few items but that is about all I need to do.  I want to work on numbering some music tomorrow too.  Maybe I will even be able to change some cases for the CDs like I have been working on.  Acer likes to help with that job.  He does do a good job.  I also need to get some stuff copied for a couple of students this week.  I need to copy the Star Spangled Banner for Nick.  He really wants to play that song.  I have it in his level so copying it won't be a problem.  I almost can get to the file box.  I plan to empty it and then put a file for every student in it so I will be better organized with the music.  It is a process, but I am getting there.  Little by little, our house is starting to be organized.  I figure by the end of Spring we will be mostly put together or around that time anyway.  Outside of the music, my biggest job is to go through everything in the file cabinet in Acer's room.  I need to see what is in there and if the safe deposit key is in there too.  I know there is some social security info and some social insurance info but other than that, I am not sure.  This just reminded me that I needed to download the application for a replacement social security card.  I will take care of that this week also.  I didn't get a chance to go to the Secretary of State Thursday or Friday so I will need to go on Monday as that is my birthday and I do not want to have to pay extra for being late like I generally end up doing every year.  It is rather annoying because I forget.  It isn't like they don't send it early enough, they do.  I am the one that messes up.

There is a new fibro blog directory.  I have been invited to join.  Bill is going to help me with what I need to do about being added to the site.  It should be good because I will also be able to read a lot of new blogs about people with fibro.  That is always a good thing.  We need each other because we totally understand what each other means for some of what we go through.

I took a bit of a tumble on Thursday night.  I am not sure how I did it, but I did.  Basically, I landed (hard, of course) on my knees and my hands, especially the left hand.  Calli was in the room with me so she tried to help me up.  I rolled over because my knees were shooting pain up and down my leg from landing on them, just for a few minutes because I also managed to knock the wind out of me.  Then I got one of the dining room chairs and Calli held it steady so I could pull myself up.  She was such a big help.  I am really surprised though, because I thought for sure this incident would send me into and flare, and it DIDN'T!  I know!  Shocking, isn't it?  I am very grateful that it didn't though.  My knees are very sore, of course,  My left wrist is a bit sorer than usual but other than being a bit more sore all over, I am okay.  It also reminded me why I have to work so hard and making sure I eat healthy and lose the excess weight.  This could have been so much worse because I am so big now.  I will find out on Wednesday when I see Dr. Aloot if I have lost anymore weight.  I have been working very hard on portion control.  It is hard, but I am doing pretty well with it.  The other day we had a really yummy dinner and I didn't have more even though I really wanted to.  I didn't deprive myself, I really didn't need more as I was not hungry anymore, I just wanted more.  Calli and I do the same thing now.  We eat our food and then drink our milk.  We wait 5 or so minutes after drinking the milk to see if we are still hungry.  If we are, then we will get 2nds, if not, we won't.  This strategy has really been helpful for me.  I also find that I don't eat as much overall.  If I do eat more than I need, I feel rather sick to my stomach.  I also find that if I eat too much sweet stuff (like candy or ice cream), I also feel sick so this is a good plan and it is one I can stick too as it isn't depriving myself of anything, nothing at all.

My headache has been okay most of today.  I believe the new medicine may be helping because there are times at night where I don't have a really bad headache.  I still have issues with the early morning, which means I miss a lot of church.  I am hoping to be at choir on Thursday.  It has been a while since I have been there and I do miss it but it all boils down to how I feel.  Lately, I haven't been feeling well enough to go.  The thought of singing for 1 1/2 hours with a bad or a medium bad headache is not something I would like to experience.  I know that by the end of the rehearsal, I will feel so much worse and then driving home would be a nightmare.

Well, I believe it is time for a bit of reading before heading for bed.

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