Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday 4-16

I must have slept very strangely last night as my neck and right shoulder are a bit sore.  I will get some heat on it when Calli comes home and I can ask her where the heating pack is.  It isn't a huge deal.  It only hurts when I turn my head so I am trying not to turn my head.  I did take some pain medicine to see if that would help.  It has a small bit, but every small bit adds up.

I don't have as many lessons today as I usually do because Amy and Sammy cancelled and Megan rescheduled to Thursday.  I can't do anymore lessons on Thursday because it would be too much.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my biggest days and I can't add anymore lessons to those days as I get so exhausted from them..  I am trying to be more conscience of my schedule and plan better.

It is really nice out right now.  The sun is shining and everything is so pretty.  Heather bought some plants for the house yesterday.  She has some plans for the outside.  I firmly am leaving that part to her since I do not have the green thumb that she has and I am not that interested in getting one either.  Mom loved gardening and so does Heather.  I, on the other hand, do not like gardening.  I do appreciate a beautiful garden and I love flowers.  I just don't like to grow them myself.  I did receive a beautiful pot of geraniums for my birthday and I love them.  Heather does the taking care of them for me.  She says not to water them too much so I leave it up to her.  The flowers are red and simply gorgeous.

Maisy was so cute this afternoon.  She came down the stairs with Heather and then she came over to me.  She put her paws on me so I could pick her up.  My back doesn't hurt at all anymore picking her up.  I am strong enough now.  Maisy gives such good little snuggles.  I just love that little dog.  I really do.  I now understand how people feel about their pets.  I have always liked animals but since I never really owned one, I didn't quite understand.  Now that 2 dogs live in the house, I understand.  Anyways, Maisy was at the door when Heather was getting ready to go and pick up the kids from school.  She was ready to go to the car.  Heather and I chuckled about that.  I think Maisy would have really given her a hard time if she was left behind.  Maisy loves car rides.  She gets so excited.  When I have Maisy by myself, I take her with me too.  If I have to leave her in the car, then I don't take her because cars heat up so easily and she could be sick in minutes so I only take her if I am going to drive thru type of places like the bank or panera.  I don't not want her to become ill and have something happen to her because I left her in the car.

Outside of the neck and shoulder pain, everything else is the regular amount of pain.  My headache is just the regular headache and same with the other pain that I have.  I am rather tired today but that really isn't anything new either.

Well, I am off to do some more of the cataloguing.  I have accomplished a bit but there is more to do.

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