Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday 4-10

It was rainy again today so I was a bit more achy than usual.  I have a bit more of a headache than usual too but that is to be expected because of the rain.

Wednesdays are my busiest days for teaching.  Acer says it is too much and I need to cut down because he feels it makes me more tired.  He doesn't like me to be too tired.  It is so sweet that he is concerned about how I feel when I teach a lot.  Tonight Heather and Bill had an event to go to so I took care of the kids.  Calli helped.  I put their dinner on plates (I didn't realize Calli had already put bowls on the table and glasses - next time I will look better) and got their milk.  Calli heated up their plates while I went to teach a couple more lessons.  Michelle (the mom) is so understanding and it didn't bother her in the least that I needed to do this.  I checked on them once between Jillian and Brooke's lessons and they were fine.  When I finished with Jillian's lesson, the kids were done with dinner.  Calli had put her plate away as she usually does and I took care of Acer's.  Acer quickly got ready for bed and then I went up to read a couple of stories.  I love reading him stories.  He really likes to be read to.  Calli was also there too as she likes to hear stories too.  I told Acer that he could have either 3 stories and no music or 2 stories and music but he had to decide.  He couldn't decide after the second story.  So I told him that I would give him to 10 to decide.  At first he said music and then he changed his mind.  I caved.  He got both.  I mean, he did do what he needed to do and didn't give any arguments or anything like that so I read one more story and Calli put his music on.  He went to sleep pretty fast.

Maisy is such a cutie.  She doesn't bark a whole lot during my Wednesday lessons.  She seems to really like a few of them so that is a good thing.  I think Maisy has adjusted pretty well with students coming and going.  She still has a bit of a problem when men come over but that is getting better too.  Overall, she seems to have adjusted to her new digs rather well.  I do think everyone has adjusted pretty well too.  I like how Heather and I have divided some of the jobs in the house such as she does the laundry and I do the dishes.  She and Bill also do most of the cooking, which is good too.

I left a message with my neurologist today.  She told me to double my medicine at night to see if that seems to help the headaches more.  The new medicine is working a bit but I think this new dosage will be better.

Well, onto reading and then bed.

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