Sunday, April 6, 2014

ice cream day

Today was the ice cream celebration for my birthday!  It was lovely and several of my students and their families came.  I was quite excited about it.  One of my friends, Elle and her family also came.  It was a nice and joyous time with friends and students.  I received some very nice gifts too.  I got several gift cards that I truly appreciate.  I really need new sheets so that is one of my plans for the target and visa card.  I am not sure what color I want or if I want a color or not but that remains to be seen.  I just need new sheets so I can get rid of my old and stained ones.  If I can, 2 sets would be cool.  I also got a Tim Horton's gift card and a Starbucks gift card too so that is awesome!  Faith made me a blanket and a necklace (which I am wearing, the necklace I mean), Hannah drew me a picture.  She is an excellent artist.  Mary made me a bracelet that I am also wearing too.  I got a Hello Kitty basket with a Mickey Mouse dressed in a Lions football shirt holding a Lions blanket.  It is totally cool too.  I love all the gifts and I received beautiful cards too.  I will display them on the piano this week and next for the students to see.  They like that when I do that.  I was pleased with the turnout.  You never know because things creep up and families get busy but it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon.  Tilley and Lia were there also.  I was pleased with this too.  I hadn't seen either one of them in a while.  Tilley wants to know when I am coming over next.  I said I am not sure but I will definitely be looking now.  I know I will see her on Mother's Day but other than that, I don't know.  I have several Sundays coming up that I am off that I can go and see her so I will.  All in all, it was a nice afternoon.

My headache has been a bit worse than it used too.  I am not sure if it because of the change of weather now or because the medicine is failing.  I am not sure.  I will find out when I go to the neuro again next month.  If they continue to get bad, like they are, I will have to call and change the appointment to an earlier time.  I have several appointments in the next few months with doctors.  I have one this month with the arthritis doctor, in May with the neuro, and June with the Hematologist.  I am glad that I have a 2 1/2 month break until I see him again.  My blood is actually doing well and right now, I am not bleeding anywhere, which is good because all last summer by hemoglobin's were way down.  That basically means that somewhere in my body was bleeding.  We couldn't find out where, but somewhere.  Now it seems to have cleared up.  I don't know why, but hey, I am NOT complaining, not me, not this girl.

My leg wasn't as bad this morning as yesterday morning.  It was not so bad last night until around 4 am.  I had Calli plug my clock in at a different place so that I can see what time it is in the middle of the night.  I needed the plug it was originally in for my phone and the other one on that plug is for my nook.  So thankfully, the young lady did this for me.  She is quite helpful around the house.

I did have 2 lessons today after all, one with Acer and one with Calli.  Acer missed his lesson on Friday because of an activity so he had it today after I came home.  Calli is working on some music for the cantata at church so we went over that for her.  I love both of their voices and when they sing together, something magical happens.  It really does.  It is quite beautiful to hear their voices blend together.  When they are really working well together, they can give me chills.

I am going to see what is for dinner now.  I am getting a bit hungry.  Then I plan to go and read for a bit and relax.  I have some games to play on my nook.  I am playing words with friends.  I really like although, I am rather terrible at it, but I do enjoy it.  I have several games with my friends all over going.  Tonight is all about relaxing and hoping the headache goes down so I can get some sleep tonight.  Last night, my entire head was sore and it was so bad at times.  I think that is why my leg wasn't so bad for a while because my head took over.  It does that now and again.  More than I would like.

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