Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday 4-2

I can't wait until Sunday.  I just can't.   This Sunday I am celebrating my birthday with my students at an ice cream place near by.  A few of my students started this after my mother died when I had commented that I had no one to celebrate my birthday with.  Hannah, Natalie, Lydia, and Sarah were like, of course you do!  You have us!  Wasn't that just the sweetest thing ever?  So ever since then we have been celebrating my birthday together.  My real birthday is next Tuesday on the 8th, and I will be here at home with a few lessons but that is okay.  I will have celebrated it with most of my students as to my surprise, most are planning to come!!!  I am so excited about this!  I have the best students and their families are the greatest.  I am very, very blessed this way.  It is a great way to celebrate, I think.

It has been a better week this week than last.  I was starting to get a cold on Wednesday last week, when, wham!  It hit me hard on Thursday and I had to cancel all lessons for Thursday and Friday.  Basically, I was in bed for both days all day and all night long.  I couldn't help it.  I just was.  I was much better on Saturday when we all went and celebrated Star's birthday with her.  We went to tea at Barnes and Noble and then she came back to the house to hang out.  Acer was very excited about this as he showed her all his stuff and then they played together.  Calli was also happy to hang out with Star.  They both really like her and they know that she really likes them.  Star made us dinner too and boy was it tasty!  It was vegetarian as Star is a vegetarian and it was simply wonderful.  Bill had some for lunch yesterday and he said it was so good.  She is a very good cook.  Then I took her home and came back to go to sleep.

Sunday was just a quiet day here at home.  I got things ready for teaching, I took a nap as I was still tired from the cold, and just rested a lot.  I still have the endings of the cold but it is almost gone.  My head is still a tad bit stuffy but I can breathe out of my nose no problem now.  Thankfully, it didn't get to be a bad one, just a couple of days one.  I have been lucky about that this year because last year or was it the year before?  I can't remember, one of the two, I got several that were week long colds and they were miserable, simply miserable.

The other "event" that is coming up is a master class for my voice students.  My friend, LaKedria is going to give a class to all my singers.  I have never attended a master class so this is rather new to me too.  I am so excited though because she gets invitations to teach all over the country and here she is coming to my little studio to teach my students!  Talk about awesomeness!  It is pretty awesome!  This will be next Saturday.  So far all of my students but 1 are planning to attend.  I think we will all learn something good.

Pain wise, it hasn't been too too bad this week.  I think the extra pain medicine in the cold medicine does help with head pain a bit.  Despite the cold, I didn't get a super bad headache with it so I was happy about that.  I still am having major problems with my right leg.  It just gets so sore at night.  I even have to get up and walk to the bathroom and back whether or not I need to use the bathroom.  I have to walk that far to get the pain out of the leg so I can go back to sleep.  It is very annoying and sometimes upsetting to me as it wakes me up and it hurts so much.  I even have to go and get some Advil (of which I am not supposed to take because of the coumadin - but Tylenol doesn't cut it) in the middle of the night sometimes.  It gets that bad.  I suppose if I could take more tramadol that would help but I can only take 2 with lunch and 2 at bedtime.  You would think the bedtime ones would last but they don't always.  It isn't everyday that I do this but it is close to everyday.  It just gets so frustrating to me.  I shouldn't complain though because it could be both legs and it is only the right one but sometimes I just need to vent.  I do get so tired of not sleeping through the night.  Thankfully, I know I am not the only one and that I have friends that totally understand what I go through because they do too.  That makes me feel so much better, knowing I am not alone in this.  It is comforting know that I have friends who also are going through the same things, although I wish they weren't too.

Well, on to reading before my lone student, Isabella.  She is a pianist and she is sooooo good.  I love hearing her play.  I have told her that I could listen to hear her play all day.  She smiled and said, I don't think my hands would let me play all day.  Her dad agreed with me.  She is just a lovely musician who plays with such passion.

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