Monday, April 28, 2014

When New Pain is Not Fibro 4-28

Last Thursday morning at about 3 am, I woke to some very, very, very sharp pain on the right side of my chest.  It was simply awful.  I knew it was new and different.  I knew it was NOT fibro.  There are no muscles in that area where it hurt to have fibro pain.  I had an appointment with my arthritis doctor that morning so I went as scheduled.  I hadn't planned on saying anything because well, this was my breast, not my arthritis but when she asked if there was anything new, I told her.  She instantly became concerned and asked to see it.  There seemed to be a bit of a discharge, clear, but she saw it.  I didn't but she did.  I was told if it did not stop within 24 hours I was to call my doctor immediately for an appointment.  It didn't stop so on Friday I made an appointment for Monday.  It DID finally stop on Saturday night so that was good.  As for the discharge, it stopped on Thursday.

So this morning, bright and early, and I mean bright and early for me (9:30 am) I got out of bed to be at the doctor's for 10:30 am.  Well, Dr. J examined me and I now have to go for a mammogram and an ultrasound.  She didn't make any diagnose or guess to what it could be, for which I am thankful.  I don't know if it is anything serious or not, but she is not saying anything until the studies are done.  I really appreciate that about her.  She gets the tests done, then she diagnoses what is wrong.  I really like this doctor a lot.  She did feel some fibroids and there was some pain when she examined me but the pain could have been fibro because if you touch my sternum or my ribs or anywhere around there too hard, it hurts because the lining of my lungs are always inflamed.  It is just the way they are.

May 14th is my appointment, thankfully at a relatively later time.  It must be done at the local hospital because it is a study that must be done.

It was a nice week, last week.  I had most of my lessons, which is nice since I had sooooo many absences for the month of April that it was a tight month, financially speaking.  I had a beautiful Easter weekend with Kathy.  I saw her on the night before Easter and on Easter Sunday.  The Saturday night was just her and I.  We went out to dinner and laughed and giggled the whole time.  It was lovely.  We went to Red Robins and lets just say, boy did I eat enough for 2 meals.  We had cheese sticks, cheese burgers, fries, and oreo shakes.  Yup, definitely too much food.  Then on Sunday, I went to her parents' house with her and her family for dinner.  Her mom is a great cook so dinner was really good too.  Kathy's kids seemed happy with the bag of candy I bought them.  Acer and Calli were happy with their I-tunes cards too so all in all, children were happy.  That is the main thing, happy children.  This weekend, Bill, James, and Heather cleaned out and organized the sun porch and the garage, or at least 1/2 of the garage.  It looks so nice with the stuff on shelves and everything.  Now we have to go through my boxes to see what we really need to keep and what I don't need to keep.  Because of tax purposes, I must keep some store stuff for 7 years so we are in year 6 after losing the store so in December of 2015, the boxes can be shredded and forgotten!  I can't wait.  No more store stuff.  It seems like a million years ago that I owned a music store.  I don't miss it anymore.  I don't even miss the busyness of it.  I also don't miss the 15 times I was in the hospital from November 2007 to February 2009.  I only owned it from February 2006 to August 2008 so it did take a major toll on my health that I had not expected.  I am much better now in the way that I can rest in between lessons, and I am so much less stressed over employees who wouldn't do their jobs or listen to how to do their jobs.  I am just glad it is finally over and will be even more when the last of the paperwork can disappear.

Yesterday, I went to Windsor to see Tilley.  It was mostly a nice visit.  A few complaints from her but not too bad.  I am glad.  The plan for Mother's Day is to have a potluck at her house.  It should be rather fun.  Andrew is coming too.  I haven't seen my brother since September so I look forward to seeing him.

As far as Fibro pain goes, nothing out of the ordinary right now.  It seems the breast pain has taken over the leg pain right now or at least during the day.  I still have leg pain at night.  I find one way I can uncramp my leg is to actually get out of bed and then climb back into bed to lie on the other side instead of rolling over.  Rolling over makes my leg hurt worse so this is better even though it is rather annoying  to have to get out of bed to lie on my other side.  Oh well, it IS better than the extra pain though.

My headache pain has been a bit increased due to the weather, I think.  I see my neurologist this Thursday.  It sure seems like I see all my doctors in one month.  I think we will be starting some other medicine because this stuff isn't really helping at all so onto something new.

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  1. Not sure if this would be helpful or not, but look up costochondritis. It is common in people with fibro. Good luck! I really enjoy your posts (sorry you are going thru all this, but you know what I mean! I like your writing style!) ((hugs))