Thursday, April 17, 2014

The never ending saga: Pain

Today is a high pain day for some of the joints and my headache is higher than normal.  It is because of the tramadol incident with the doctor.  I have some now, not from her, but I have some and that is what matters.  I should be back to my normal pain level by Saturday just in time to have a nice Easter Sunday with Kathy!!!!!  I am so excited to see her and her family!  I bought the kids their candy gifts last night. i didn't get much because I know they will get a lot more from the Easter Bunny.  I got Acer and Calli their gift certificates earlier in the week so that is good.  I am glad about that.  I don't get them candy because they get so much and I wanted to get them something else so I got them I-tunes gift cards since they both have ipods or iPhone.  It should be a good weekend all around so I am really looking forward to it.  I am not sure exactly what is going on on Saturday except a couple of lessons as far as I know but that will be fun.  This week has been a lot of absences because of vacations and things like that.  Last Saturday, both my students cancelled so that was bad and then Monday one more cancelled because she was still on vacation.  Fortunately, Memphis, from earlier in the week has rescheduled so I am pleased about that.  With tomorrow being Good Friday, I am not sure about cancellations either.  I hope my little boys don't cancel.  I have had so many cancel this week already, I don't want anymore besides, I really love my little ones.  They are so cute and are working so hard.  I love all my students.  They are a really good group right now.  It is a good thing.

We have contacted the city hall and the chief of the animal control shelter and so far, no go on the dog. So far, they all say that the guide/service dog counts towards the pet count although by the FHA law it shouldn't be.  I don't know.  Right now, I am just happy that Heather BT shares Maisy and I get daily hugs from her and that I can play with her everyday.  Whether or not I get my own at this time is up in the air.  I am waiting for an email reply to my email that I wrote a few days ago.

Lessons went well today.  Sarah started on "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" from Frozen.  She is such a sweetheart and plays piano with such passion.  Isaac loves his solo for the spring concert and since we have now moved the date, he can attend, which is awesome because he and Acer are singing a duet that is so cool.  It is "Catch the Spirit".  I love that piece.  I really do.  Ally has chosen her clarinet solo, "In the Forest".  She is a beginner and is doing really well.  She is starting to get some of the beginning technique down pat.  She loves her song and that is good.  It is difficult to practice something you hate so I am glad she loves her song.  Ally also has to play something not from her book or something they haven't gone over in the book so her solo for the concert will be just perfect.  I am glad we have over a month until the concert.  With this extra pain, I just really feel like I am in a fog more than I usually do so I am so not up to date with music for the students or what I need to do to get ready for the concert.  So far, only 1 person cannot be in it.  There will never be a day where all my students will be able to be in a concert so I am not worried about that.

Well, I am tired and I think I am going to either read or lie down for a bit.  I just don't feel too well tonight.

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