Monday, December 7, 2009

6 lessons this afternoon!  I was really really happy about that.  We are all getting ready for the Christmas Concert next week.  I am going to do what I used to do for the concerts, I have the kids write up small bios about themselves and put it in the bulletin.  It is fun to do.  I have a really cool CD ROM that has a lot of Christmas pictures.  It is quite cool.  I love the disc a lot.  I just have to find it.

My upper back is a bit sore today, might be from the long drive yesterday or not.  I slept pretty okay knowing Mom was blocked from different places in the house.  She didn't try to move either of the gates we have up so I was really happy this morning about it.  She also didn't move the chair I forgot to push in it at the table so she couldn't go into the kitchen either.  She stayed mostly upstairs, where I want her to be.

Harry Potter #6 movie comes out tomorrow!  I am getting (I think I can wait!) it for Christmas from Mom.  I am not sure if I can hold out until after Christmas.  I do know I am getting three more things from Santa for Christmas so I shall try to hold out on Harry Potter.  I will be working on the ornaments tomorrow so I can have them stuffed and the bells put on them on Friday.  I need to sew most of the bells before Friday because Lydia needs my machine to finish her top on Friday and it would be most unfair to use the machine on Friday instead of her.  Sewing days are all about the girls after all.  I plan to finish my sewing part by Wednesday latest.  I need to be ready for stuffing them by Friday.  I think Hannah and Sarah will be helping me.  Sarah can stuff them and Hannah and I can put the bells on them and finish the seam.  Then all I will have left will be to paint the names of the students on them.

I am pretty tired tonight.  I think we will be going to bed a bit earlier than usual.  Mom is tired too and a bit cranky tonight.  She is driving me nuts.  She constantly thinks other people are in the house when there isn't anybody here but us.  Then she cries, a lot.  I am running out of patience this evening.

I hope you are having a better night than me.

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