Monday, December 28, 2009

Yesterday was a good day at my Uncle's.  My cousin, Nicole was there too with her two little ones.  My uncle has a 2 1/2 year old named Jayson.  he is adorable.  Colby and Shay looked like they had a lot of fun playing with him.  Kinda weird to think my uncle is a dad to a toddler again at age 61.  Definitely weird.  His wife seemed real nice too.  Andrew was there too.  He seemed to like hanging out with Mom.  

Mom did well for the trip, she gets a little restless after dark, but I expect it.  We left around 6 ish.  The dinner was good, better than Christmas and Christmas Eve.  Michelle is a real good cook.  Mom ate most of it, I was impressed.  Sometimes she doesn't eat very well, but mostly she does good.  She seemed to enjoy visiting with everyone.  There wasn't too many people there so she wasn't nervous at all.  

I am glad that the holidays are mostly over, I am anxious for the new year to arrive.  I think New Year's day we will go see a movie and to dinner.  I found the gift cards, I put them in my chest of drawers so Mom won't hide them anymore from me.  She hid them the day after Christmas and we could have used one when we went to Red Lobster's with Kathy.  But I am glad I found them that night.  I plan to use one on New Year's Day.  After New Year's I will start the process of looking into a home for mom, she won't need it right now, but eventually she will.  I will also start looking at where I am going to live.  It would be great if Richard and his family moved back here, I would move in with them but I don't think that is going to happen.  Richard hates Michigan.  I love it, but he doesn't.  Of course it does depend on where he gets a job.  The kids got the Christmas presents.  Hope they like the candy!  I made some for them too.

Well, this is getting awfully long!  Pain is alright today.  My head is its normal pain, my knee is a bit bad, but not too bad.

I hope you are having a great day!

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