Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I had my monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) blood test this morning.  Ugh, she had to dig a bit to get it started.  I can clear a room of nurses just by signing in.  Such a useful talent - he he he.  At least it was only one poke this time.  I wasn't up for more, that is for sure.  

We should be getting our new roof soon, since I just paid the down payment on the bill.  Roofs are very expensive, at about $7100 for ours.  I was not happy that we needed another one already.  We got a new one in the early to mid 90's that apparently didn't have good work on it.  This one should last us until Mom is in a home which I had hoped would hold out until then (the roof I mean).  

It is supposed to rain then possibly snow tonight.  Since it is December, I am not minding the snow, come January and 80 degree weather can  come back.  Yes, I know, I live in MICHIGAN and that doesn't happen.  I am a dreamer what can I say??  I have a few Christmas presents left to make and then I have a couple of gift certificates to purchase and then I am done!!!  Yup, done!!!  I got Mom 2 DVD's and 1 season of Walker so she is set.  they are sitting in the Christmas box but she doesn't know that they are for her.  I am getting Army wives (yes, I picked it out.  Can you imagine a woman with dementia Christmas shopping?  I don't think so!) and we are going to the used bookstore this week to pick out a few things for me and then she is done with me.  I am getting Tillie a bookmark and making her an ornament.  I know she said NOT to get her anything, but oh well, too late.  Already made the plans.  She will have to deal.  Besides, she reads an awful lot and could use a good bookmark and everyone can always use more ornaments, especially the hand made type.

Mom is falling asleep next to me in her chair at the table.  We sit at the table a lot because the chair is comfortable for me and doesn't cause any extra pain and also because the TV is on the kitchen counter and not in the living room.  With 2 pianos (for teaching), there is no room for the TV in there.  Also, we have cable and that is only on one TV so we can't watch any others anyways.

Well, I am off to sew, sew, and sew while the hands are fine!  Have a great afternoon and if you get snow, enjoy it!  it is Christmas time!!!!!!!

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