Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday 3-31

I spent the afternoon with Kathy and her family at her parents' house.  Her mom is a really good cook.  I did control myself and not go crazy.  I made sure I ate more veggies than anything else.  I also had some spare ribs.  Kathy's mom makes them and they taste amazingly awesome.  Trust me on this.

Not much extra pain today like yesterday, just the usual amount of pain.  I just ached so much yesterday.  It is so nice to live with people who understand about this.  Neither Heather nor Bill ever say anything about what time I get up or how much I try to sleep or when I nap for a long time, like yesterday.  I slept for about 3 1/2 hours in the afternoon.  I did have a bad headache this morning, but by the time I actually got out of bed it was back to the normal headache so that was good.  It just is annoying that it is bad in the morning because that means I miss church a lot and I mean a lot.  I have pretty much given up on being about to be there on a regular basis.  I usually missed at least 1 time during the month before but now, I miss all of it.

Easter is such a beautiful season in that it causes me to reflect on things a lot.  It makes me think of what sacrifices my mom made when we were young to the biggest sacrifice of all, Jesus on the Cross.  It boggles my mind that God loves us so much that He allowed Jesus to be whipped, tortured, and then hung on a cross to die for our sins.  I mean, you hear people say that they would die for people in movies and in books, but He really did.  Jesus DID die for us.  Although I am not Catholic, I do like the idea of giving up something during lent.  I have before.  I didn't this year because I didn't realize it was lent until it was about 1/3 over.  Yes, I didn't know that Easter was early this year.  Perhaps I should pay more attention to these details.

Maisy and I had a good snuggle when I came home.  She is sitting behind me right now waiting for Heather to get home.  She was happy to see me but she will be even happier to see her momma, Heather.  Maisy is such a joy to hang out with.  She has this really cute habit of taking her paw and putting it on you if you stop paying attention to her.  It really is adorable.  She is one happy girl.  I would say overall the kids and the dogs have adjusted rather well to the move.  Acer and Calli are both full of life and really bring sunshine and joy to my life.  Life here in the house is never boring with the kids and the dogs around.  Calli's dog, Q, of course, goes everywhere with Calli so he is with Calli at her grandparents house.  I wish I had more time with Kathy today but I will take anytime I can with her.  She is very busy and lives a couple of hours away from here.

Well, I am going to watch a bit of TV before reading and heading for bed.  I have a busy morning tomorrow.  (okay - stop laughing, I did say morning!)  I have Physical Therapy at 10:30 am before I go to the Muglia's for the piano lessons with Sarah and Patrick.  Bob will have his lesson at 3.  Isaac and Rachel are absent.  I am not sure when Rahul or Sam will be having their lessons.  Often their mom wants it a bit earlier than they are scheduled for.  Natalie is having a make up lesson tomorrow because she was sick on Friday.  That is if she is better.  If not, then I won't see her until Friday at her regularly scheduled lesson.  Sammy and Gabby are coming over to put music away this week.  I am very excited about this job.  It has been so long since I have had all my music put away and not all over the house.  I will then know what I have again.  It will be easier to find music again too.  Right now, if it isn't in the cabinet, then i have no idea where it is.  Most students have copies of music unless it is their own music.  The Muglia girls do have some of my original music but they do take good care of the music so I don't mind loaning the music to them.  I am excited to be getting the music room in order.  Every week the students see a new part put together.  I have to get the legal size hanging folders from downstairs because a few of them have ripped and I can't use them anymore.  I will post pictures this week.  It is really an exciting event in the house for me.  I think all the small changes are good ones.  I like the pictures we have put up and the rearranging of the furniture too.

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