Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday 5-17

The Fellowship of the Ring is on TNT right now.  I love these movies.  I have no idea how many times I have seen them.  I love the extended versions best because they really allow the movie to tell the story.    It is at the point in the movie right before the secret meeting.

It has been a light day today.  Not like yesterday with no lessons, but there were absences.  Acer has started working on some theory to teach him how to compose music.  He already does write music but I think at this point some theory background was needed.  He did very well with the first lesson.  He knows the primary chords, the I, IV, and the V.  He also knows the proper names of them, the Tonic, Subdominant, and the Dominant.  I did introduce him to all the names of the chords in the scale, but he only needs to know the Primary 3.  He immediately could transpose all of the chords to every scale he knows.  Yes, he is a very musical young man.  I think that as long as he is interested and can understand what we are doing, then we will continue.  He was excited when I told him that we would also be working on writing small pieces.  Acer was also excited to learn that the book we are using is the same book I used in college.  Music is such a part of him, not just something he likes, but it really is a part of his soul (like it is mine) that I believe he should learn whatever I can teach him.  I don't think there is an instrument that he has heard that he doesn't want to learn how to play.  He loves so many types of music too.  I am very happy with what he is doing in his lessons.  He does both piano and voice.  Acer does practice most of the time like he is supposed to but sometimes he does not.  After all, he is only 8, just because musically speaking he is older than 8, in everything else he is only 8.  This summer we are not going to have a summer concert like we have had the last couple of years.  We are going to have some community service concerts instead.  I would like Acer and Calli to both sing "Homeward Bound" together.  They sound so nice together and when they sing together, something wonderful happens.  It is hard to explain but they love to sing together and it shows.

I am very tired again today.  I have not been feeling so well these last few weeks.  I think I am still exhausted from being in the hospital.  i didn't expect to be feeling it still.  I am a bit achier than usual again today too.  I hope for a better day tomorrow.

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