Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday 5-6

I had a busy teaching afternoon.  It was the last lessons for my two little guys.  They are headed to India for the summer so I won't see them until fall.  I got big hugs from Rahul and Sam.  Rahul knelt on the piano bench and pretty much launched himself into my arms.  They are such precious boys.  Brooke Anne had her lesson too today.  She is usually on a Thursday but today worked better for her.  She is a really nice young lady.  She takes singing lessons.  Currently, she is working on an Italian Art Song, a Broadway, and a Hymn.  She likes to sing songs that she can sing in church too.  Isaac did not like the new song I picked for him.  I was rather disappointed but when we tried a few others, he did like 3 of them.  I will copy them for him for next week.

Heather and her nephew, Brandon have been working out in the yard.  Heather is a wonderful gardener.  She has bought some plants that she and Brandon were planting today.  Miss Maisy was outside enjoying the nice weather too.  I briefly went out to get some stamps and to make a deposit but I didn't spend too much time outside.  I did open the window to let the fresh air in and I did enjoy that.  I am just not a sit in the sun girl.  I get sun sickness so easy especially with the medicine I take.

The best thing of the day (besides when Acer and Calli come home) is that my lovely little Rachel is back!  Yes, that sweetheart is back!  Her grandmother brings her for lessons and she has been out of town for about 6 weeks so that has been how long it has been since I last saw my little sweetheart.  Rachel is such a nice girl.  She played very nicely too today.  She is really doing well with her note names.  I am so proud of her, well, I am proud of all my students.  I have found some theory things that I think Acer will enjoy learning.  Since the young man likes to make up his own music, why not teach him the tools he needs to make more music?  That is what I thought.  We will start next week as the young man will not be available for a lesson this week.

Castle is on right now but for some reason, I am just not really into watching it today.  I have a lot of brain fog tonight.  My head is beginning to hurt more now too.  I think it is time for this girl to head for bed.  I have to go and pick up a gift certificate for Dan and Mary tomorrow.  They wish to get a certificate from gamestop so I will go and get it tomorrow before lessons.

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