Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

I remember as a little girl that in school we would have a Maypole and we would dance around it in celebration of May!  Momma would get flowers for us too.  It was a day for flowers in our family.  It is an old custom in Great Britain.  Also, if you would get up before dawn and gather all the dew you can and use it on your face and hands then your face and hands would get softer.  I, of course, never got up early enough for something like that.

In 8 days, my younger brother, Andrew will be 44 years old.  I am not sure if I will see him near his birthday or not.  I hope so but I won't know for a few days.

Calli and Acer's cousin is visiting us.  He is a very nice young man who goes to Wayne State University.

The Spring Concert was on Sunday.  5 students were sick and 2 didn't show up.  I saw the ones who didn't show up on Monday.  Their mom totally forgot about the concert.  It was shorter than they have been but that was okay.  Everyone did really well.  Lydia was upset she couldn't play because she jammed her finger playing football so no playing the piano.  She will have a change to play it another time.  Instead of a regular summer concert, we are going to play for some nursing home or retirement homes.  I think the kids (and adults) will really like it plus the concerts are only about 45 minutes long as that seems to be the best length for them.  I just need to start calling some places to see where we can perform.  We also do not take any money for this.  I know some people do charge but we don't.  First of all, how do you teach students about community service if you take money for it and second, how on earth would I divide the money.  Either way is just not good so it is best that we don't charge.

I am glad that the concert is over and that it went well.  I will say that should I ever end up in the hospital the week of the concert, I will reschedule the concert as i didn't expect to be as exhausted as I was.  I did have a bit of a panic on the Saturday but I was calm by Sunday.  I did have some help from Star so that was good.  I finished the printing of the programs at about 9 pm and I folded them on Sunday.  I had the performing CD ready for Bill also.  I had text the parents asking them to bring pop or cookies for the concert and that worked really well.  We had plenty of pop and cookies.  The reception went well.  I took some pictures that I will post on Face book this week.  I just haven't done it yet.  I will though.

Yesterday was one of those days where I was just so frustrated with being ill in general.  It wasn't anything specific, just in general.  I was just having a tiring day of being sick.  I wanted a day off.  That is all, just a small vacation.  I just needed to complain a bit so I text Kathy and she let me complain for a while and then I was done.  Sometimes just a little complaining works wonders.  Today, I am fine (well, as fine as I get).  I am still pretty tired but I expect that as I get stronger from being in the hospital.  I think my legs are shrinking from the releasing of the extra fluid.  I am hoping so anyways.  I have been on the medicine for the swelling since Monday.  I am hoping it works really well.  I have been having issues with swelling since I was in my 20s.

I have been reading to wee hours in the mornings again.  I am really trying not to do this and go to bed at my regular time but it doesn't always happen.  I bought and finished the new Kristin Hannah book.  It was really good.  I finished it Sunday night.  I am now reading bunheads, which is also a really good book.  It reminds me of when I lived to dance and sing.  It is kind of funny to think that for so long I trained and worked toward being on Broadway but now I would rather teach than perform.  I have come to terms (as best as I can) with this.  I love teaching and I am so thankful that Karen got me started and that my mom helped me with lesson plans and stuff like that.  Mom was so proud that I was a teacher.  She also was behind me when I was training for Broadway.  Mom used to drive me to auditions so I could relax or go over what I needed to do.  She used to keep track of time for me so I was left to warm up and get ready to give the audition my best.  She also went to most of my competitions too.  I was lucky that I had her support even when we were fighting, which was a lot in those days.  I am sad to say that I didn't realize back then how lucky I was to have a momma like mine. I did finally learn, but oh, some of the things I said.  Momma and I had a heart to heart talk when I was about 26.  I asked her if we could talk.  I had questions about things that had happened when I was a child.  We talked about all of the issues we had and were having.  I asked for forgiveness for what I had said and done and she asked for forgiveness for what she had said and done.  That was the turning point in how I looked at my mom.  It was about 6 months before I became terrible sick with the fibro and it never went away.  I do know that Momma wouldn't have changed a thing in helping me even if we didn't have the heart to heart talk but I am glad we had the chance to clear the air between us.

Well, on to reading more about bunheads!!!  (ballet dancers)

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