Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A possible furry friend for me!!!!

The time has come, for me anyway, to have my own fur baby.  I am worried how Maisy will take this new fur baby, as I love her so much, but hey, I have more than enough love in my heart for them both.  I have seen a fur baby on Petfinders that is near us and I plan to go and check it out tonight with Heather BT.  She has also seen a pet at the local Humane Society.  I just called the Humane Society and the little guy was adopted.  I shall keep a lookout for some more.  I had a dream last night that I had 2 dogs on my bed at night.  Maisy and another although the other was nameless and faceless.  I have a few people to contact to ask about where I may find dogs similar to theirs.  Jessie has a small dog and I want a small dog.

Well, enough about the small critters!  It will happen in good time.  I mean, with the experience I have had with Maisy, I think I am ready to learn more.

I had to take my hearing aids in today.  Apparently, there are some wires that have come loose inside so they are not working really well at all, which means I am back into the deaf world again or at least a hearing loss world.  I have about 30% to 40% depending on the frequency, hearing loss.  I am thankful that I only have that much as I damaged my ears when I was a child.  You see, I didn't want to get in trouble for not wearing a hat, so I didn't tell Momma about my ears hurting.  Well, I had ear infections and they were blocked for about 8 months.  Yup, I am lucky I got any hearing back after that experience.  Believe me, I never did that again.  of course, I had permanently damaged my ears at that point but I did learn my lesson.

Anyways, today has been a pretty good day for me despite the bad headache I have had all day.  I have had it for a couple of days now.  I never really know what it is from so I just chalk it to the Fibro.  I mean, what else can it be?  I have had so many tests that have come back normal so that is why I think the headaches are just fibro related.  My legs have been sore lately, especially the right one at night.  I know it isn't just that sciatica or however you spell it nerve, it is the entire leg.  I often have to get up and walk to and from the bathroom to get it to stop hurting.  Well, last night, the left leg started.  ugh.  It never ends at times.  However, I am determined that this will NOT get me down!  Fibro will not win.  I will.  Because really, I could be in worse shape than I am in.  I really could.  Yes, I have limitations, yes, I have pain that never ends, yes, I have lots and lots of anxiety, but over all, I could be worse so I am thankful that I am not.  That is just how it is.  I try to live within my limitations, sometimes I succeed and well, others I don't.  Today is a day that I did.

My next students should be here shortly.

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