Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lent already

I love the lent season and how people start remembering other people again just like during the advent season.  I just wish it went on all year round and not 2 times a year.  I love the Easter Season a lot, although I will confess that Christmas is my favorite.  I also get to see Kathy again on Easter Sunday so that is also another awesome thing.  I only get to physically see her a few times a year as she lives 2 1/2 hours or so away from me.  Someday, we will live next door to each other again, even if it is in Heaven and many, many years from now.

It has been a rather quiet day today.  I have 2 lessons only since Mary and Dan are having their tomorrow since their mom is still out of town today.  They are such good kids.  They really are.  Since Christmas, they have both been just improving by leaps and bounds.  it was as if playing Christmas music somehow locked the notes into their brains and now they can read the notes like they have been reading forever.  It is beautiful.  They both play very well.  I have hopes of them playing duets soon too.  Dan is very happy playing the Star Wars theme while Mary is playing a fun song too.  She chose the Mission Impossible theme song.  They both still have their classical music to play too, but I like to add other pieces in to make it more interesting and now since they have both gotten their notes down pat, the sky is the limit.  I am quite pleased with them.  Julia will have her lesson tonight.  She was out of town last week and absent the week before because of work.  She is a relatively new student but we are having fun with lessons and she plays very well.  I really like her.

My hearing aids are not working.  They start to work for about 30 or so minutes and then they stop.  I have called the ear doctor and they will call me back tomorrow.  I am not sure if I just drop them off or if I have to have an appointment.  Now that I am used to them, it is weird to go back to not hearing.  I am sure that once it is fixed, I will get used to them again.  I just am bummed that they are not working. I wasted a lot of batteries the other day thinking it was the batteries that weren't working when in fact, it was the hearing aids.  Whoops!  I will buy more when needed.  I still have a lot left so that is good.  It is just weird to go back to the quiet world again after hearing so much more the last few months.  I find I have to turn the music up when the students sing to the CDs again and I don't like that.  I am glad that they worked during competition.  That would have been a nightmare!  But, alas, they did and so it was good.  Sometimes, I think I worry more at times, about things that might happen as oppose to things that did or do happen.  Anxiety!  What a crazy thing to have.  So anyway, I am just waiting for the office to call me back to see what I need to do.

My lessons are over for the day so I can relax now.  I am glad that I mentioned book club in passing to Julia, my last student.  She is an adult piano student and she plays very well.  She is working on a piano solo version of "El Shaddai" and also is playing a sonatina by Clementi, my favorite composer.  I am so glad that she is interested!  This is great!

Maisy has been a barking girl today.  She barks a lot in general, but I still love her soooo much.  I am open to the thought of having my own dog, although I do love Maisy and that won't change.  I will just have 2 dogs to adore instead of one.  Heather BT found one on petfinder, but she doesn't do well with children so I can't get her.  Oh well, there is one out there for me. I know.  Until then I will just love all my love on Maisy.  Speaking of Maisy, she was so cute on Saturday during Ally's lesson.  She was sitting on the chair in the living room.  She had one paw on the arm rest and was looking like she was chilling.  It was so adorable!!!!!  I had to take a picture of her sitting like that.  I need to post it on face book.  I love taking pictures of Maisy.  I have many.  I think I took about 30 of them last month.  She does need to have her picture taken a lot because she does such funny things and I must take pictures of them.

We had pizza for dinner and it is a new place.  It was really good.  We are thinking that we have finally found a new pizza place.  We had a place and then it went out of business.  We were very sad to see it go out of business too.

My headache isn't so bad today as it was yesterday.  I did break down and go and get a pop because I had to.  The withdrawals from caffeine are doing me in on top of the already bad headaches I get.  My thumb has been hurting too for some strange reason.  I don't get it but hey, with fibro, anything can and will happen.  I just try really hard not to let it get me down.  I won't let it win!

Well, time to go and have some tea and read before bed.  I like to read for about an hour or so before I go to bed.  It is a good way to de-anxious the day plus sometimes Maisy comes in the room with me and that is fun too.

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  1. I think caffeine withdrawal is horrendous! I also like reading or watching something rather mindless before I go to bed to keep the anxiety and nightmares under control. geesh, I sound like I'm three years old.