Friday, March 21, 2014

hmmmmmmmm 3-21

It has been an exhausting week with bad headaches thrown in for good measure.  It is officially spring and the snow is finally melting!  We actually have grass again!!!  I knew it was there somewhere!  I am looking forward to the warmer weather.  Today it is sunny out and around 40ish degrees, which is a far cry for the 18 degrees I was used to.

I got such a beautiful surprise early birthday present!  Star bought me the movie Frozen!!!!  I was moaning on Tuesday (the day the movie came out) that I could not buy the movie until Friday as I would not have the money until then.  Well, Wednesday we went to tea and she surprised me with it!  I was so excited that I was bouncing in my chair.  I immediately texted Kathy, my best friend, and my housemate, Heather BT, that is how excited I was.  They both texted back, Awesome.  I was just so excited.  This was the best thing ever.  So this weekend, I am going to watch Frozen.  I am not sure if the kids will be watching it with me or not, but I am watching it.  I love this movie.

I have been having trouble with my legs, particularly with my right leg for a bit now.  I am not sure why, I just am especially at night.  I thought it was a nerve but it isn't.  It isn't the side of my thigh were that nerve is, it is the shin area.  Very strange to me.  Very strange.  My left leg isn't so bad, just the right leg.  My legs and feet have been extra cold these past few days despite the warm up.  At night, I have several extra blankets at the foot of my bed to combat this issue while sleeping.  It seems to help a lot, thankfully.  My right calf also seems to hurt an awful lot too, especially if it is touched.  I wonder about blood clots since I have a blood disorder that can cause them even if I am on coumadin.  But I am working on keeping them nice and toasty warm so that is all I can do.

I had my two little boys today for their lessons.  Ryan and Nick.  They are so sweet.  Nick is 4 almost 5 and Ryan is 6 almost 7.  Both boys are doing quite well.  Nick is about to learn some notes on the staff while Ryan is learning to move his hands up and down the keyboard.  They are the cutest boys.  All my students are awesome.  I asked Nick if he wanted to be in the concert and he said yes so he will be in his first concert this time.  I am really glad he wants to be.  His song will be short, but as he is small, that is okay.  Nick will be one of the first students in the concert so that is okay.  Ryan will be near the beginning too as he is small also.  It is hard to believe, but my used-to-be little ones are now my middle ones.  They no longer need to be in the front but in the middle of the concert.  It is quite an experience watching them grow so fast and fast they do grow let me tell you.  I may only see some of them once a week but they grow fast.

I am going to rest and read this evening after dinner and doing dishes.  I may go up to bed earlier than usual.  I do need to go to the store sometime this weekend for a few basic things, bagels, peanut butter, and a few other things but I decided I wasn't going to go tonight after all.  I am too tired and I really don't want to.  I know that sounds lazy, but I don't mean it to be.  I am just that tired.  I have one more lesson, dinner, dishes, and then reading before bed.  I do get up earlier on Saturday than during the week except for every other Monday because I have a lesson at noon.  I don't mind as it is only on Saturdays and I can do this.  If necessary, I can take a nap after my lessons and often I do.  I really like my Saturday at 12 noon student, Ally, she is a good clarinetist.  We just started on high notes.  Her face was so cute when she realized she wasn't actually squeaking but playing real notes.  I am looking forward to tomorrows lesson to see how she is doing with them.

I have been procrastinating about starting the book club book not because I don't want to read the book, I do, but because I have a terrible memory these days so I am going to read the book closer to book club.  This way, I will remember the book much better.  I am reading a really good book that flips back and forth between the Esther in the Bible and modern times.  It is so good.  This is actually the sequel and I love it.  I love to read even if I can remember books like I used to.  I used to remember books so well but now, with fibro fog, it isn't so easy to remember what I have read after a few weeks.  I may remember I have read it, but not what I read.  That was why I ended up reading the 50 shades books 2 times.  I forgot that I didn't particularly like them.  They were okay, nothing like the hype of them.  Definitely not something I would recommend or want to read again.  Now the Anne of Green Gable books?  Wow, those are simply awesome and I would definitely recommend those to anyone over the age of 11 since some of the wording is difficult to understand.  There are new words for young ones to read but that is okay.  You can always learn new words.

Emily will be here in about 5 or so minutes.  She is such a nice little girl.  I really like her.  Then again, I don't have a student I don't really like.  They are all good kids with something that makes each of them stand out.  Emily is really coming along well with her piano playing.  I am quite pleased with it.  It seems that somehow during the Christmas season music she and 2 of my other students, Mary and Dan, really got their notes down pat.  I don't know how or why but something clicked and they now read notes pretty easily.  It is really nice to see the growth that they have made since reading notes was something that they had struggled with so much.  Now it is not a struggle for them and they seemed to be enjoying playing more.  I like to see that happen.

Yesterday, my friend, Candy, did my hair.  She is getting back into hairdressing.  Candy washed, dried, and curled my hair and I liked the way it looked.  I have some cards from her and some coupons to pass out if anyone asks me about where to get hair done.  I will share some of the things that she posts about her salon on my face book page to help her get some regular clientele.  I hope it builds rapidly for her.  Sometimes, I still have issues washing my hair because my left arm does not like to stay up that long but lately that hasn't been an issue, thankfully!  I can even dry it right away, which is something I couldn't do either.  The frozen shoulder seems to be unfreezing a bit or at least enough where it allows me to do what I need to do.

Well, dinner is over, kitchen is clean, dishes are in the dishwasher washing, the stove is clean, and I am ready for sleep already and it is only about 7 pm.  Nighty night!

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