Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another possible storm? Seriously?

I am officially tired of winter.  I try to be happy with every season, but this winter, well, I am not.  I must confess.  I am very tired of winter and snow.  I am tired of the 100 plus days of below zero temperature and the snow.  Did I mention the snow?  Anyways, spring is around the corner so I am a happy camper about that.  I am such a spring and fall girl.  I really am.  The temperatures are a warmer but not too hot like summer and the flowers are coming in spring.  So yes, I am dreaming of spring.

Yesterday was a bit of a busy day.  I had a couple of lessons and then I had the first meeting of book club.  It went very well even if there were only 3 of us.  I love the first book.  We had such good discussions about it.  It was "a dangerous inheritance" by Alison Weir.  She is a historian from England and does such great work.  It is set in 2 time periods, the first in King Richard III's and the second Elizabeth I's.  I highly recommend this book as it is so good.

After book club, I dropped of Star and then headed to Calli's goal ball tournament.  I loved watching her play.  I really did.  She is so good.  It is a very interesting game and I enjoyed every minute of it.  The roads were not too good when I went home but I knew that because it was snowing when I took Star home and headed to the high school the tournament was at.  Calli's team played again this morning and won a game.  I let her know how proud I am of her.

Today is a quiet day that I really need.  My head hurts pretty bad today and my anxiety is slowing coming down after being up all last weekend.  Lots of time with Maisy has helped it go down.  She is sitting down next to me on "her" ottoman.  I put it there for her to sit on so I won't have to bend over so far to pet her.  I know, I know, laziness at its peak but it works for us.  She can see out much better from there than she can from the floor and I know she really likes the seat a lot because she sits there even when I am not in the room.  Yesterday, she was such a good girl for book club.  She really was.  She did, however, pee in the house from excitement, but Star and I cleaned it up rather quickly.  It happens.  Maisy is a little dog after all and she does get excited.  Maggie has 2 dogs too so she knows all about them and it didn't bother her one bit.  Maisy did bark a bit at Maggie at first but then she stopped.  She barked at Star too until Star petted her a lot.  Then Maisy stopped.  It was like, oh year, I know you, you are my Star.  I like you.  Star also has a dog.  A big border collie named Aztec.  He is such a character!  He really is.  I have only seen Maggie's 2 dogs a couple of times but I remember that they are very cute and a bit bigger than Maisy, who weighs about 18 or so pounds.

Maisy and I went out this afternoon to get a bagel and a drink.  She loves car rides.  She also knows when we are going to Tim Horton's or rather when we are at Tim Horton's.  She gets up near the window waiting for her timbit treat.  They give out plain tiny donut holes to the dogs that go through the drive through.  Sometimes, not always, Maisy gets one when she isn't even in the car!  She waits very politely and then takes the treat and goes and sits in her seat (the passenger seat is hers) to eat it.  Maisy loves them a lot.  Right now the lovely girl is sleeping next to me.

My hearing aid batteries are not working right now.  I tried about 6 pairs before I got some that sort of worked, but now they have died.  In a few I will take them out and put them upstairs since there is no point of wearing hearing aids that have batteries that don't work in them.  I have to call the doctor's office and get some.  I may just pick them up tomorrow at the store when I go and get my bagels for the week.  I also need to get some blank CDs too.  I think that is all I need.  I picked up my magnesium already so I am all set with that.  I won't be in the store too long, just a few minutes.  Oh, I just remembered, I need some sheet protectors too.  I can pick those up tomorrow too.

Painwise, it isn't super bad today except for the headache.  My right leg gives me such trouble at night though.  It really does.  I have to get up and walk sometimes for it to stop hurting so bad for a while.  I am not sure why, but I am thankful it isn't both legs, just the right leg.  I am really tired today too so I think I am going to take the Maisy girl and go take a nap.  I am just really exhausted still from competition last weekend.  It takes so long to recover from it.  It really does.

I hope your day is going well.

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