Monday, July 13, 2009

I am very annoyed today.  I went to get my coumadin (blood medicine) refilled, once again they gave me 30 pills when I need 60.  I had this problem a couple of months ago, and then last month it was fixed.  Now they won't fix it.  They have shorted me 2 weeks worth of medicine.  Claiming that the insurance won't pay for it.  I happen to know that I have been getting 60 pills a month for the last two years!  Don't give me they won't pay for it.  Then I looked at the refill for my stomach medicine, they shorted me there too.  I mean, I am taking it 4 times a day, not 2 and I KNOW that prescription said 120 pills.  I am soooooo annoyed by this I could spit.  No wonder I am out fast this month.  I called the doctors for new prescriptions which will fix the problem for next month, unfortunately, I am royally screwed for this month.  I will have two weeks with no medicine.  That could be really bad.  Between my blood and my stomach I could be in the hospital again.  I am not up for that.  So I am having a bad day now and with a new student today too.  That is the other annoying thing.  I asked a student for my music back last month!  I still don't have it and I need it.  The student isn't taking lessons anymore and has about 4 books and CDs that I need for the new student.  This is NOT my day.

I hope yours goes so much better than my has.

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