Thursday, July 30, 2009

I had to go and get my biweekly blood test today.  The nurse did it in one shot this time!  Yeah!  Only 1 poke.  I get excited over one poke.  Like all Fibro people, it hurts to get a blood test done.  It isn't the needle that hurts as much as the tourniquet.  That is the one that hurts.  

I met with a new student this afternoon.  Her name is Grace and she is 15.  Seems very nice and serious about lessons.  She is going to take voice and piano!  I am trying something new, both lessons in 45 minutes instead of an hour.  We will try.  I am sure with her help, we will work it out.  Mom came with us (I can't leave her alone anymore)  As usual, Mom was quiet during the interviewish meeting.  Grace will start in September when she starts school.  She is homeschooled.  I hope to get a few more and then I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

the weather is good today, not to hot, not to cold and it doesn't look like rain!  My arm is not as sore as Monday, but because that is the only arm they can get blood from me, it hurts more than yesterday.  My chest is a bit sore today too.  Silly fibro, if only it would go away.  I am kinda tired too because I had to get up earlier than usual.  I can't wait until tomorrow when I see the Muglia girls for sewing.  Thursdays are so boring as there are no students or anything fun to do.  At least, I met with a new student which brightened the day.  Now we are bored over here.  I think we take a scooter to get a lottery ticket.  That will liven us up.  Nothing like fresh air, as Mom would say!

Have a great afternoon and evening.

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