Saturday, July 25, 2009

I had three students today.  Originally, it was supposed to be 2, but Rachel called and wanted a lesson, so of course, I added her!!!  She usually is gone for the summer.  She will be back in 3 weeks for regularly scheduled lessons, so I am grateful for that.  We had a nice dinner at Olive Garden, Mom and I.  She is doing alright today, not much in the tears today.  Thank God for that!  I have a hard time dealing with her tears when she is teary.  Pain level isn't too bad either.  Nice day outside.

A funny thing happened to me last night, I was sleeping (sort of) and I felt something run across my ankle.  I flew out of bed so fast it was unbelievable and flipped on the light.  I'm searching the room for a furry critter (we don't have any pets in the house - so you know I mean a mouse) I didn't find one.  I looked downstairs and didn't see one either.  I haven't seen any signs of a mouse in the house, so I figured it must have been my sheet or something like that.  (Or I am hoping anyway.)  So I lay back down.  I couldn't sleep, all I could think about were mice!  So I raced (as fast as I can - which is pretty slow!) to the bathroom for some of my fibro spray.  It has mint in it and mice don't like mint.  We used it to get rid of the mouse we had a few years ago and it worked.  so after I sprayed I could go back to sleep.  Trouble was, I wasn't tired anymore!  So I lay there for a few hours before I fell back asleep.  I have since double checked the house, and no signs of a mouse anywhere!  I hope I sleep tonight.

Have a great day!

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  1. It was just your sheet -- just keep telling yourself, it was just your sheet!!

    I would have been totally creeped out too!